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I'm thinking of something very relaxing and beautiful to write about. What if you were in the most calm place no noise, no televison, no radio just think about being there. I just want you to relax take a moment and clear your mind, what about stepping out of your body for just a little while and looking back at yourself, you can say what a body nothing but a shell. The body and mind is very important. Remember just writing whatever comes into my mind. What a mind racing here there what can I say, not only strange things seems to come up, well this is the end of this story.
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Roses are red we all know but, do really know it by looking at the redness of the bulb and the long stem with thorns sticking out of it. Wow God creation is so wonderfully made. See there's a lot of things that could be said about beautiful things on this earth. Have you ever thought about how pretty the stars and the moon is? some maybe others can relate to this question. I like writing sometimes words can be hard to find. Lets get back to the rose. Think of a deep red beautiful rose yes a beautiful rose.
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Today was a wonderful day, everyone was in a good mood. Everything at work was going on schedule what a day. The weather was off the chain well I mean ok weather, hows that. People were coming out like it was seventy degrees outside. What a day, lets talk about in my work place for a moment, the cash register was clicking the people were loud and babies were loud. I should say the childrens were running all over the place, what a day but, it was a good day. I look over my computer and the sun light was coming thru the window what a day.
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Now is the time to come together and remember the time that it is. Things are out of control in this world but, everyone is still striving to make it. Families are separated children are coming up missing do anyone really care. What is going on that all of us can't help one another out when we can. If you see someone in need it's not up to us to judge or to put down but to give. Yes, they maybe on drugs or even have a habit or two. Take time out and let them know that Jesus Loves Them and You do To. Just Words Of Encouragement
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Just started on my January 100 words thingy and guess what happen, computer just lost my page, must of hit a button I should'nt hit. Well everything is going to work out some kind of way. Today woke up prayed read a lesson in my sunday school book, that was great for me. Then I took a shower and got dress for Sunday School. Sunday School is a very interesting learning experience for me. Reading the chapters with others and discussing what we all read. I love going to church and participating in the class. It's a self check up.
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This is how we do it, just keep writing until your fingers get tired. Don't you think things could be better if you stayed up on your work. Stay on top of your work just keep falling back not going forward. Everytime you think that you're a head you are so far behind. Trying to catch up on everything what is this keep typing just keep typing ok. Don't stop yet you're not finish yes I am what are you talking about just off the wall stuff. Hay your not quite finish yet keep going I said keep going ok.
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How can a person ever get anything done if everybody is making so much noise. Telvision on people talking how can you think. Well everything is not all that bad it could be worse. Wow what is going on with me can't seem to get my words together everything is coming all to close. Hello somebody can you help this is really getting out of control. Wow just a little bit more, not getting there looking at something on my key board that should'nt be there ok their is nothing on it, keep writing so that you will finish this.
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This is my 8th one on this day, wow finally caught up,still not ahead yet almost there. Why not finish this typing thingy, not so far from it girl keep typing ok. Just wanted you to know that you're doing a wonderful job with this. But, you have to watch how your typing. Just typing and typing it'a going on and on and on. Hay what time is it very very late I see. Come on lets get ready for be because it's so late. Your not there yet little ways to go almost there not almost there uh.
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Attended class to day and papers were given out, guess what mine I did not get back. Wow this has been a wonderful day not. Every time I turn around I'm missing something it's ok. My classmates are so understanding and helpful. So now it's picture time. What in the world is going on with me today. I'm trying to type this and get it done as soon as possible. Here I'm agsin trying to get this done not finish yet, almost not there yet. Wow this can be very funny writing and typing word in a block. this one.
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It's time again to get busy writing my 100 words, wow this is so amazing. Why do it seems as though every time it's time to write my mind goes blank,blank all well. It will all come back to me as I continual to type and write about anything I want. What you say about those apples. Not enough words yet getting there but not their yet. My English composition class is so interesting she really cares about her students that attend her class. Just wanted to give her the props she deserve she really helps her students yell.
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Today was a wonderful day,everything going just great. I would like to try too write a poem at lest in one of my 100 words, what you think? Why ask uh! Well here we go again writing, writing, writing. Never get the chance to really put down some words that maybe if someone read the words they would'nt understand a thing I'm saying. Look at it this way just writing I understand that but, I learned that what you write is what you're thinking at that time. Still not there yet so hang in there it will be over.
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Started out real well and then something happen, guess what? just joking with you everything is ok. Lets do a little oh where, oh where, is my little dog he's out there some where. Somebody help me find him. Just joking there's no dog. Not finish yet keep typing don't stop. Here we go again. OH! I forgot my history class is off the chain, what I mean by that is it's so much material to comprehend and learn wow. It's so interesting and knowledgeable things I never learn back when. I really wish that i had the information then.
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Why is it so hard for us to help one another in this daily life on this earth. It seems as though everyone is just looking out for themselves. Why is it that the birds can take care of their own, and people of all nations don't or won't. Why? I ask Why? Everyone should look around them do we see that things are getting better or worst. Why? Can't we see that our brothers and sisters , aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather not alone father and mother needs help. Everyone of us is crying out for help in our own way.
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Why? is the sky so blue. How? don't know why? because when you look up it seems as though there is no end. Why? is the sky so bule When you think about God Creation for us. It is good. The sky is a wonderful place to be, up in the clouds so high and so beautiful for anyone eyes to see and enjoy the softness of it all. Why? is the sky so blue. just think about it, the sun, moon, stars are a part of the sky they can't be separated from one another that a good thing.
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What does it feel like to look at another person? what are you thinking about when you're looking at that person what are you thinking about him or she. Wow,what am i'm thinking about when writing my 100 words. This is not a easy task, maybe it is maybe its not. What could I do next in typing my 100 words. Hello is there anyone hear to listen or to read what i actually type or write. Hello this is so hard maybe not, you are repeating yourself girl friend no i'm not you're just tripping not so girl.
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Just starting to write my 16th day, well up to date with this uh! My teacher talks about voice. What a way to go with this writing thingy. Talk about writing in class. Just writng what i have heard and typing it down. One of my goals is what my topic is going to be and thinking about what i'm writing, because i know that someone esle is going to read this one day. Just maybe this going to workout just writing and reading something that i've written. Now this is almost over typing this 100 words wow wow wow.
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Well hello sunshine how are you doing? Fine I see that your bright yellow ray of sunshine just glimming on my face. How you doing sunshine it's another day in the city, bright and early in the morning just shinning, letting your brightness come upon everyone that in your present. Sunshine what a day to start a day off. Well everything is going to be alright in the morning. Oh! were is my sunshine it's somewhere around,you may not see hear or feel the sunshine well it's here. The sunshine is so beautiful to see and enjoy why not?
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help Help help help help help help help help help Now what do you get out of the help word I hope something because it look like to me that someone needs help or crying out for help. Oh where are you in this help thingy.. Someone have to know, why not think about help because thats what we all need uh! Little bit of help won't hurt nobody. Once again I say help someone because they need help not because but just because. Hello someone answer the call for help it works for me why not for you yell.
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Just thinking about my experience going to the dentist the other day. Wow guess what had to get a tooth extracted, you talk about a awkward situation that was me. Everything was going pretty well when all of a sudden the doctor comes in and tell me that she has to num my tooth about two times and that did it. Then here comes the big part of it all opps there it is, it's out and I ask is it out yet, she says yes it is you did good. The main thing is the after affect with this tooth.
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Here we go again for the third time. Something happen last week the was mind blowing. Whitney houston past man they still have'nt said what she died from. Her and her daughter was real close, I can relate when losing a parent especially a mom there's nothing like your mom around. But God will give her strength and guidence in her daily life. I was looking what was said about whitney daughter not being around etc. Man people sure do talk about things they don't know anything about. I was always taught get the information from the source thats it.
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Well pretty much up with this 100 words thank you Jesus. Still have to continue on typing so that I can finish this. Let me tell you about my day today well tooth ached a bit and could not talk clearly because of the mouth. My daughter been very nice waiting on me hands and foot, that's so nice because I can remember when she had her mouth worked on man she is a strong women. I'm like a big baby when getting worked on inside my mouth. You would think anyone would be uh!. Just have a little more.
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Everytime you think about doing your homework someone always put on the television and by the way turn it up very loud. Oh! it's the thunders game and know one wants to go into another room of the house. Well guess I'll sit here and type my 100 words for today. Everyone esle is out of the house except for my oldest grandson and you can imagine what kind of night this is suppose to be typing and the game is distracting me oh well it will all be over in a minute thunders up by eighteen points go thunders.
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wow I thought that I finish the month of February, well guess not. Why? is it so hard it's really not so get use to it. No way I missed a whole week in february. Now it's some serious time to write so that I can get though this. Man what a adventure this has been for me. Just typing away saying what ever i feel what ever i'm thinking at the time. What a way to go with this 100 words it's really a way to get things off of your mind so i'm going to continue on writing.
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everytime i would get to writing something happens the computer starts acting up skipping and jumping around. What a game it plays with me uh! I still believe that all of my february was finish but some how it was'nt. I know that a picture of me suppose to be up have'nt gotten one up yet. Need to use some bigger words it's about time don't you think so, need to grow up on the words. I have about six more days to get in for the month of february this is not easy won't you try it for me.
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No pain No gain, it's a shame that one can go out there way and try their best and it still don't work what a way to go. Trying to get this all done but thete are obsticles in the way trying to learn the keys on my lap top not there yet. Hoping that I get through all my classes this semester. Man it has really been a hard task for me. My main concern is math but I have to do what i can do it's not easy for me in that area. I'm going to hang in.
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Just keep writing just keep writing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just keep typing just.
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Yellow, yellow, yellow, black, black. Pink, pink, pink, orange, orange, green, green. what about the colors what do you think about colors white,yellow, orange,black,gold, red,pink,brown,gray. these are the colors to work on and with. Lets talk about seasons what are the seasons to you winter,spring,summer,fall oh well things could be or look better uh. I'm going to look on the bright side of it all let the good times roll. I'm almost finish with my words but everything is not coming up roses. This may sound strange but not to me.
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Just don't won't me to finish this that is so wrong just maybe I will. Well Here i go again, I'm trying to get this done but it won't let me i'm so sleepy tired from a long day. Work for eight hours then school. Lets get this done girl you're almost there man what is going on with me and this 100 words I can do this you know and i know it, lets go with this ok lets get it done don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop keep going keep going don't stop don't stop don't.
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Haray last one lets get this one done did'nt get a chance to finish what i started with the other things i had to do it's late everyone is sleep but me what a way to go lets get this done you can do it. Well here we go with this is it keep typing don't stop just type something anything that comes to your mind. Come on now lets get this party started right. it's going to be alright keep typing this keep typing don't stop almost there just continual on going with this and your almost there.