BY Melissa

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So  yesterday, I had a STUCO meeting but of course no one seems to be taking anything seriously. I feel that the less everyone else commits, the more I do and the worse I look. I want to make a good impression by showing the others that we can do it and pull off this  event by I can't do it alone! I need everyone's cooperation and committment in this but so far that seems to keep failing and I'm running out of time. Why is it so hard for people to commit and follow forward?! Why?

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On top of having the Trivia Event coming up, I have State to worry about and I can't keep up with anything. Maybe I am spreading myself thin but I can't let my science teacher down nor my Upward Bound Director. I have to just suck it up and hope for the best! Right? Well I know that I must not give up because people are counting on me and I can't let them down not for one bit. I signed up for this challenge and well I plan to follow through on it no matter the price of it.
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The weekend has arrived but the stress has only gotten worse. I don't know how my parents manage the levels of stress they each undergo. I can barely sleep at night knowing that so many things need to be done yet I can't keep my eyes open for a chance to complete even a sentence. I've been running on low energy that I almost dread school to the point that I can hardly get up for class. Maybe its Senioritis talking? Or maybe its the sleepiness that's kicking in? Or maybe, just maybe my subconscienceness is telling me to stop!
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Since the previous entry, I've been able to sleep better and have a better attitude on things. I know that I can't be everywhere and do everything and expect to give the best performance. I have realized that I just need to breathe and take a break whenever I feel like my head is spinning. I should also be looking on the bright side and not so much on the negative side. But shouldn't it be better to think realistically rather than think that absolutely everything is possible? Right? I mean I know that I can believe everything is possible.

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Today school is in full session. I have so much to prepare before I go to State and also with the Trivia Event. Also I have to pay about $30 toward my AP tests and pay for my class. I wouldn't be so stressed if it wasn't the fact that I had to pay for these things on my own but it's not  because my parents don't want to. Its mainly because I want to pay for these things because I hate having my parents pay for things when I can work at it and earn the money. Right?
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Today the sun to rise high in the sky of course I dread waking up because ah yes another all nighter. An all nighter filled with endless amounts of homework piled on after antoher never seeming to stop! Tedious work that requires my mentality to stretch to ranges that are unreachable at times yet my teachers want this goal to be obtain to reach the fullest capacity of one's mind. I understand their logic behind it but why does that have to apply with repetitive assignments that all seem the same, always asking for the same thing and never ending.
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Today I spent the day with my fellow Youth Council group which always brightens up me week every month. I get so excited and estatic on what to anticipate on learning about Oklahoma City and how great it is and how new developments are being made to make life even more easier within Oklahoma CIty. I can't wait to see Mother Mary who showers us with her motherly ways and her pleasing smiles that arouses us all to join her. I can't even imagine her not smiling because that's who she is. She loves her life and I admire her.
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It's finally here! State! It took so long just to arrive to the location and it wasn't easy unloading all of our boards. I try to remain positive and optimistic yet there is always a couple of students that are so lazy that they refuse to help others. And trust me those boards are not so much as light as a feather. And then I try to help one with her own board and she nearly pushes all the weight of this 20 pound board upon me and trust me I can barely lift up my own school books!
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Last night was the first night we stayed at the cabins which was pretty cool considering my roommates. We all get along and none of us hate the other. After cooking up hamburgers, we decided as a class to play Sardins which is very difficult yet fun in the dark. We played about an hour and half till we were becoming tiredsome and decided it was time to head back to the cabins and rest up for the big day that lies ahead of us. Once I woke up, I knew I have to put my game face on today.
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So today we went to the award ceremony and we had a blast yet I didn't win first or second that seemed to not have bothered me as much. I was more happy for my best friend who earned everything she deserved for her hardwork, she even got published! Of course with all this success well some had failures which of course this girl seemed to have driven into her mind that her project wasn't as great as she hoped which is understandable but come on stop complaining and winying about your own project and be happy for the rest.
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Finally it feels so good be home once again. My mother keeps telling me how much as missed me but I know she only did for a lack of an assistant to help her clean the house. I mean I doubt anyone even noticed I was gone because no one seemed so happy to even see me. I mean my own mother only misses me because I'm the only one who listens to her and cleans for her while the rest of my 3 siblings sit around or leave without so much as fixing their own bed. Gosh so lazy!
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Not surprised to come back with loads of homework. Arg! I have three days to catch up on for Calculus which isn't as easy to do since I plan on taking the AP test in May. Not mention english which seems to compile of busy work that even the teacher admits she gives us completion grades on so why doesn't she just not assign it right? Oh well that's high school college I know that the professors don't care even if you go to class cause no matter what they are still getting a paycheck in the end.
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It's a Tuesday! A sense of pride and relief overflows within me because only three more days till SPRING BREAK! I can't want to finally sleep in but I must focus on my upcoming tests in several classes for Wednesday and Thursday so I can't give up now. I have to study so much for government and the worst part is that the teacher even though she is sweet and great teacher is pregnant and she hasn't exactly been "teaching us" this semester, it's mostly been us teaching each other. Hopefully we taught ourself well to understand what's going on.
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Wednesday and it's crunch time! I feel confident that I did pretty well on the first part on the Calculus test. Hopefully tomorrow I do well on the second part. I must get back to studying because I have a long night ahead me filled with government and Calculus. Must keep retaining information. Gosh why does government have to contain so much information? I mean the Constituition is important yet how are we support to succeed on the test when we don't know what the heck it's over and what the heck is going on in that class. Oh Man.
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It's Thursday! And tomorrow no school for a whole week! Yippie now I can spend time with the family and with my adorable dog, Misty. And maybe work on my tan a little. But I also know I need to start hunting down AP books for government and start studying for the ACT. So I'll try to relax yet study in between this much needed break. Anyways, besides studying, I also have to go to OU to pay my housing dues within this week. Oh great, college is coming up around the corner before I can even blink an eye.
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It's finally here! SPRING BREAK!! I can't believe it. Even though, I don't have much plans over the break at least I can take a vacation from school. No more assignments except for a simple worksheet for Human Geography and that's it. This also marks the time when only about two months remain til the final day of school. I have so much that I want to do like read and sleep in. Mostly sleep in and watch endless shows. Why can't spring break be longer? What harm will it be if we had this type of break every month?
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So I have to admit that I have fallen into the new trend that is affecting all of human kind: that's it I have fallen in love with the Hunger games! It all started with a silly competition between my dad and two other sisters on who can finish the series the fastest. Of course being the big reader in the house, I took this challenge and dominated in less than three days. I showed them didn't I, but I really did enjoy the series although the first book is by far the best and the third book comes last.
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Today I spent most of the day reading the second book in the Hunger Games series. I love how the author uses Katniss as the narrator and not by third person. I feel that by using Katniss (the main character for those that aren't into the Hunger Games) as the narrator allows the reader to gain an insight to her thoughts, her concerns, and her thinking methods. The author does a great job in portraying Katniss as not only as the hero but simply as the girl who was willing to save her sister by risking her own.

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I am in the middle into the final book in the Hunger Games series and I can't wrap my mind around the ending. I have to admit I am a little bit disappointed in how the author chose to conclude this story. I can't seem to stop thinking about because something doesn't satisfy me. I know that its an happily ever after ending meaning it ended nicely but still I feel the author went another route somehow. So I began to research more about the meaning of the ending and as it turns out I'm not the only who's disappointed.
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It's a Tuesday and it's still Spring Break which means a day of relaxation! So I kickback and hang with my grandmother and my sister, Rosemarie. We've been trying to communicate about the occurrences in our lives but things keep intervening like school and work so we haven't exactly been aware of the other's situation but this week that's all going to change. We no longer have any distractions so we spend the day talking about the good old days especially my grandmother who tells stories of her past and childhood. We listen and laugh while we reminisce the days.
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Since classes aren't in session, I've been able to watch endless hours of the television and also sleeping in to about 11 o'clock which is by far the definition of complete laziness.  The hours seem to be tick tocking away as we speak and all I've managed to accomplish is watching the reruns of Jersey Shore and 16 & Pregnant. Every time I watch these shows, I feel as if my brain cells are slowly dying away but I've amples of things like never drink too much and its better to wait and not rush into this like relationships.
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Today I decided to go outside and work on my tan in the warmth of the sun. I  love not having to be so overwhelmed with deadlines and tests that seem so tedious and exhausting. I plan on making the most of this Spring Break by relaxing as much as possible and in doing so I've decided to read another series that I found on my nook. I found a book called Switched by Amanda Hockings which seems intriguing and suspenseful. I begin to wonder that from all the craziness, I need to just take a breather and smile.

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It's Friday!! In other words, one more day until I see the Hunger Games at the movie theaters. I haven't been this excited since Breaking Dawn came out in that I read the series too. I mostly love reading the romantic things that authors write about. I just get so sucked in because the male characters usually show chivalry which annoys me how ignorant some boys my age are. I guess I love how the male characters seem to do whatever they can for the one they love. I mean is it so wrong to want this to be real.  
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Today my family and I are going to the movies to see the Hunger Games at the Warren Theater. My sister had to purchase the tickets in 2 days in advance. Also the only viewing that was available was like 11:30 in the morning, we barely woke up in time to the theater. All of us didn't want to miss a minute of the showing not even the previews. Once the movie began, our eyes remained glued to the screens. We didn't even want to get up to use the bathroom which so how much we enjoy the movie.
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With the day being so sunny and warm, it was a perfect day to wash the car which needed a wash badly. My car hasn't been wash since the beginning of the school year in August!! My mother was constantly nagging at me to clean my car which is sad because I have never been the type of person to be messy. I'm always organized to the point where my closet is color coded from blue to black and gray. I'm surprised I didn't do something about my car a long time ago but I guess I haven't really noticed.
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It's Monday!! This sucks! It felt like Spring Break came and went. It seems like Spring Break was just a day but really a week and an extra day. I hate having to go back to those tiredless nights of studying and doing homework til one o'clock. I was just catching up on my sleeping and now back to falling behind on it. Now onward to sleep deprivation and being cranky toward all of human kind. Of course I try not to be too cranky but there are some days where I yell at my dog for just being silly.
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Once the final bell rang, I was out the door. I rushed to find my brother to leave and go home. I was in such a rush because I had to be Oklahoma City Community College by like 5 o'clock to take my accuplacer test in order to be considered into the Bridge Program for Upward Bound. So as I take the test, the first one I have to take is reading comprehension which I have to admit, I was able to focus. But I managed to finish and now on to math. Oh great its just like the ACT!

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Afterschool, I had to work at Central High School as a tutor which I am so happy to get the chance to work. I love tutoring the kids there because everyone has a different story and background. The kids in some weird way instead of me teaching them well they teach me something everytime I'm there which is corny I know but its the truth. These kids seem to maintain some sort of special powers over me that intrigue me to know more about them. Its actually funny that I can every kid's name by memory which is shocking.

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Today was another day at school. Today we recieved our robes for graduation. I have to say actually wearing it for the first time kinda kicks me into reality that the school year is coming to an end. This gold colored fabric has made me reminisce about the old days when I was just picking up my freshman schedule. Those were the good old days! As I check back into reality, I've come into the realization that this is it. These last few weeks are the end. The time has come for me to move on and assimilate into adulthood.
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Today, I went to my sister's award ceremony at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. My sister, Rosemarie was to recieve the Outstanding Sopohomore Award which I'm very proud of. My sister is actually one of my role models. She is smart and active within the community. She does her greatest academically and seems to never fail. I don't understand how she does it because on some nights she arrives home at midnight and she still manages to stay up to do homework and study for her exams. I admire how much dedication she has toward school and the community.
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So the Trivia Event is today and I am pretty nervous about it. The time has finally come where my hard work will pay off. I really just want everyone to enjoy themselves and for everything to run as smooth as ice. I would hate if something goes wrong because then I would feel as if that would be because of something I could have foreseen. But I must remain positive right? I mean what can go wrong if the event isn't until like hours away. So I must go and pick up the food donations, so wish me luck.