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Another new month and another beautiful day outside. I think it reached 75 degrees today here in Oklahoma. Pretty warm considering it is March first. We watched a film today in English over global warming, sure made me think of the weather here in Oklahoma and how our seasons seem to be turning into one great big summer day. Here in another month it will probably feel as if you are getting into your hot oven when you walk outside, like it usually does in the middle of the summer time, only it will be mid April instead of June.
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Got pulled over today taking the little one to school this morning. We were running a little late because he had to fix his new haircut into his fohawk and it just wouldn't do exactly how he wanted it to do, so after eating and brushing his teeth, ten minutes later and ten minutes running begind we finally left. Due to moving after the school year started, I now drive him as a transferred student across town. After realizing how late we had left I went faster, made us later and now I have to pay a ticket...Oh lord.
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What a beautiful Saturday. Took the little one to a knife show this morning, it wasn't much of one, but it made him happy for a while, he loves knives, and has quite a collection himself. He has a great deal of swords also, being a first degree black belt, that is what he is into. Then I took my mom down and got ten bags of mulch so I could help her work in her humugous flower bed this weekend. We have weeds to pull, bulbs to plant, flowers to move, dirt to add, and mulch to spread. ugh!
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Another day working on the flower beds with my mother. One of them is about 20 foot long and 10 foot wide then we have two smaller ones on each side of a bench in front of a window. We finished the two smaller ones and half of the big ones. I mulched what was done and put some lights around the curve of the big one, and it is starting to look real nice. The two smaller ones I mulched and put some butterfly lights in them. My first time getting those lights, and they're awesome as can be.
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Yes, you guessed it, another day working in the flower beds. The weather is warm, yet getting very windy, and it is said that rain is going to be moving in, in the next couple of days. I also went over to help my friend mow and weed eat her yard, she just didn't tell me before I got there that it was knee deep in the back yard. whew, after it was all said and done, it was like I mowed that yard five maybe even six times. It was a great deal of work, was happy to help.
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No yard work today. I got a break thanks to school. It was also so windy today that everything was flying around like loose kites. I met my friend from school today to eat before class and one of the waiters wanted to introduce himself to her, so he sent our waiter over and he said, "Yeah he wanted to come say hi, but was kind of embarassed cause your mom is here now" WOW. Even tho I am old enough to be her mom, it was kind of a slap in the face, yet I laughed about it tho.
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Another very windy day today here in Oklahoma. No, no flower bed work today either, and tomorrow it is supposed to be raining. We need all the rain we can get before the summer takes off and the drought begins, so hopefully it rains for a couple of days or even off and on for a week would be nice. Ok, maybe not for a week, but it sounds good considering I know what it will be like in another month or so when the temps start reaching towards the 100 mark and no rain in sight. Let it rain!!
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Not to sure of what to write about today. It is raining and cold outside, yep you guessed it no flower bed work today. It was cold going to school, with wet jeans at the bottom of the legs, made for unpleasent, uncomfortable learning. Spring break is right around the corner tho, and I'm sure the weather will be nice again even before then. I'm very tired today, being the rain or just from having a lot to do today, seems like getting in the house, changing clothes, and getting warm has made a big impact on how tired exactly.
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It's Friday, Friday, Friday. Friday night in big town. The kids want to go do this and go do that, hate to tell them I've got some work for school that I need to get done, even if it is Friday. The little one goes to karate from four to seven that will give me plenty of time to do some of what I need to do, of course that is if the eldest doesn't need a ride here and there. Maybe I will put aside my work for the day and catch up on it tomorrow, chance of rain.
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Was going to take the little one and his buddy to go see John Carter at the new i-max 3D movie theater last night but they were sold out so he wants to try again for tomorrow. I did do some work on my homework last night, yet there is still plenty to do. The house is full of company tho, both kids have friends over and it is almost time for dinner, sounds like a good hamburger night. It is raining and getting colder outside, so all of the kids are of course in the me!!
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I am not sure exactly if it was the rain or the fact that we lept ahead an hour last night "causing us to lose an hour of sleep", that has made me so tired and to have slept most of the day away. Regardless it was a wonderful combination today and hit the spot. My bed was so comfortable, cool and inviting, the light was dim as it could be, being cloudy and rainy, which of course, also made a rythmic pattern of mesmorizing sound, and all that was on tv was good nap movies. Perfect set up, goodnight.
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Beautiful day today, I think it hit eighty degrees, unfourtantly we didn't get out there to finish the flower beds. We are having a mary kay party to help my neice out on her career with selling so I guess as long as the flower beds are done by then we will be ok, we have two weeks. Tho, we did get all the bulbs planted so that they can start to grow, we just need to finish pulling the weeds out and move a couple of plants and then mulch the rest of them. Sounds easy enough, I suppose.
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Ok dude, school today was awesome, I felt as if I learned quite a bit, which is always good, if it doesn't put your brain on overload. Tomorrow is a day off and I've got a huge list of things I need to do. First on the list is have some coffee with my friend Corey, then I will come home start the laundry, and yes, you guessed it, get back to the lovely flower beds, that have now been put off for a good week. After a nap maybe, I will then pick up the little one from school.
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Spring break is right around the corner, with tomorrow being the last day of school for the week for me. Then when Friday rolls around that will be the last day of having to get up super early, and that will just be to get the little one off to school, then he will begin his spring break as well. It was supposed to be rainy off and on for all of this week then clear up by next week, so therefore we haven't gotten the flowerbeds done...yet. I promised my mother that we will during the spring break.
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Whew!! Today was my last day of school for the week and it was awesome, now my spring break has officially began, all except having to get up super early tomorrow to get the little one off to school, I will be having a week of sleeping in. I have a rhetorical analysis due on the 29th so I will also get a jump on that over the spring break. Last year I took the little one to six flags over spring break, this year however we are going to float the Illinois river in July instead of six flags.
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Friday night in big town, I am doing nothing except reading and maybe some homework. Tomorrow is St. Patricks day, I may do the casino thing for a little bit tomorrow evening, being a Saturday night and St.Patricks day tho, may cause for a very busy casino, which I don't care for too much. I just don't care for all the people swarming around, brushing up against me and the minimal machines available to play. Then on the other hand seeing everyone dressed up in their green and lepercaun stuff might actually be pretty cool to be part of.
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Tonight I have decided to try my luck at the casino. I sure hope the luck of the Irish is on my side tonight. I am going to meet my buddy Tim out at Firelake Grand Casino in Shawnee Oklahoma, and I've got a little bit of money for a few "green" apple martinis and a little bit of money for a little gambling. With it being Saturday night decided to go to a bigger casino simply cuz, I do not like the clausterphobia of so many people around me, so off to a bigger casino. Happy St Pats Day!!
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Went to the Firelake Grand Casino last night, and yes I had a blast. It started about seven in the evening and it was a thirty mile drive. After getting there first thing was first, I got an apple martini, it was nice a cool in there, even with all the people it wasn't smothering. I then looked around for a good machine, met a live leperchaun, got a lucky debloom and played a few machines. My buddy Tim and I both won, he won pretty good then on our way out he bought me a purse at the giftshop.
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BOOM!! CRACK!! RUMBLE!!! Is what I was startled awake to this morning. It was thundering so loud that it rattled everything in my house. The vibration of the thunder could've measured up to the start of a small earthquake. It was nine in the morning and it was so dark outside, before looking at the clock, I thought it was just around dawn. After getting up and looking outside, I could tell that it was going to be a drizzy, nasty and rainy day all day today. Well it is now almost ten pm and it is still raining outside.
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Because of all the rain that we have had, the grass is so much greener, the trees are all blooming and growing leaves, and all the spring flowers are in it! It is so pretty outside, and hopefully this will be a little bit more of a wet summer, not like last year where by the end of May everything was almost completly dead. The grass was turning brown, we were on water rationings and the flowers were croaking. By the time it was June staring into July the leaves even began dying and falling to the ground.
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Spring break half way over, and the clouds and rain have yet to let up. It got nice for a couple of hours wise, yet it was still wet as it could be and of course that didn't last long and bam it was pouring rain again. Made it for a good day of switching out the winter clothes for the summer clothes, and of course to read a good book, which by the way I finished one yesterday, now I must glance around for another one, I do have plenty of books to choose from. Thank God.
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Whew! Is this rain ever going to end? Seriously, seems like it is never going to clear up, the little one was like can we do something outside today? If it ever quits raining I can only reply back to him. He is suppose to be going to a wedding down at lake texoma this weekend and will be leaving tomorrow with his dad. I sure hope it gets a little nicer for them. Well low and behold this evening it finally quit raining and the streets have dried up some, perfect for a little golf cart traveling. Lets go.
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Its early, early Friday morning, the sun has yet to come up, yet it doesn't seem to be raining, which is a good sign. I am fixing to catch some news on the weather for the next couple of days to see if I need to pack jeans and sweats or shorts for the little one to go to Lake Texoma. I am down to the last couple of loads of laundry, coffee sounds great, and I am trying to get most of my major work done before Tyler gets up and leaves that way I can just calmly relax!
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Today was a sunny, cloudless, calm, and beautiful day. I took Mr. Ed (my truck) down to the car wash. I washed his bottom floor mats off, vacuumed the top Ed Hardy floor mats and all the rest of him then drove him through the new car wash not too far from my house. They have free vacuums so thats probably what drew me from going to my regular place, which by the way they do an awesome job, anyways, so I ran it through the new car wash and thought it was going to be a good job...not!
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Sunday: the last day of spring break week, trying to figure out how I will spend the day. Should I re-wash the truck? Its been dry for the last couple of days, so the grass (in my yards case the weeds) is probably dry enough to mow. The little one will be coming back from Lake Texoma sometime today, should I take him to the skate park? I have worked on my rhetorical analysis, so I don't feel too pressured about that. Today may just be a good day to go to church, watch movies, and of course, nap!
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Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Try getting that through an 18 year olds head. My son Roman, thinks because he graduated last year, a year early, that he wouldn't have to do anything this school year, except for party and hang out with friends. That was all fine and dandy for maybe a month, then that got old to everyone here in his family except him, of course. Now it has been almost a year and I'm affraid that he is set in his ways of not working and lots of partying.
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Just had sat down to dinner tonight, we had baked chicken, maccoroni and cheese, and some cream style corn, when the little asked me, "Hey mom, what's your favorite color?" I reply as I am dipping some cream corn on my plate, "Red, dude." "Eeew, why red, why not blue or green?" he asks I reply, "Truth is I might not like every shade of every color,tho I like at least a shade of every color there is, yet red is a color that I like every shade of" After thinking about that for a minute he says,"oh."
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Today I got to experience buying a lawn mower. So off I go to Lowe's, and bought one. Well after getting it home, my dad starts saying stuff like, "That doesn't have a bag, it doesn't have big rear tires, and it's not a Craftsmen." This was after I had to go back to Lowe's to get the hardware that wasn't in the box. So I ended up having to take that mower back to Lowe's and going to Sears to buy one with a bag, big rear tires, and of course a Craftsmen. And yes it works just fine.
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So the little one mowed the yard with the new mower and I edged around the front driveway, sidewalks, and curbs. Boy I tell you what we have not any rain for a week, yet the ground was so wet still, almost muddy once you got passed the grass. It has taken so long that we have only been to work in the flower bed for an hour today and we have clay like dirt so it was almost impossible, we managed it tho, seems that flower bed gets bigger and bigger ever time we work in it...didn't finish.
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The month of March is coming to a close, and it's Friday night in big town here in Oklahoma, not that that means a lot to me, yet to some people it is a night of clubbing, movies, partying, and dates. Tomorrow tho, is the day we have a Mary Kay party, and we have been cleaning, preping foods, and stuff like that for this party. We were out buying snacks and stuff for the party, and we came across a gardenia tree. All I can say is that tree smells so good. It is a tropical tree, smells great.
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The last day of the month today, and I thought I might write the psalms quote for the month. "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." The Mary Kay party is finally done and over...we made it through it! It wasn't as big of a turn out as we had hoped for, being a lot of the people had to work, etc. A few people showed up tho, and it turned out to be a good experience for my young niece. Awesome.