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My favorite food would have to be a big, fat, juicy, medium cooked steak with of course a bake patato on the side with lots of butter. My most favorite place to eat that big, fat, juicy steak, would be at my dads cooked by him, of course. With the right spices and seasonings added to the steak and cooked to perfection makes out to be a wonderful, scrumptious dinner. Sometimes I even like a little salad with it, with thousand island dressing. Of course that all depends on how big and fat the steak is that I am eating.
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I've been trying to figure out all day if the ground hog seen his shadow for this ground hog day for 2012. I also heard that if the ground hog didn't make it they would use a bear. Being from Norman, Oklahoma I would say we have had a real mild winter. This is OKLAHOMA tho so the wheather can change in a blink of an eye. From a heat wave to a full blown blizzard. I really don't think it matters either way because of that. And I just found out that the bear did not see his shadow.
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Rain rain go away; come again some other day. Is what a lot of people say when it rains tho as a kid I can remember I couldn't wait to go play in the aftermath of the storm. Building dams in the overflowing water, floating boats, or splashing in the puddles. Today as an adult I like the rain for other reasons. Just a simple break from the sun is sometimes nice and being lazy. A lot of times when I go out during the rain I see something cool. Today while out I seen a big, beautiful road runner.
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Not too sure about what to write about today. The rain from yesterday has left a bitter chill in the air today. By sun down the air was so chilled it felt like it cut straight through the bone. Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday and my brother, his wife, and all my nieces and nephews will be over for hamburgers, hotdogs, and football. My dad will be in the middle of things with his electric wheelchair, wanting to go outside to smoke a cigarette, with one grandson hanging off the back. I sure hope the wheather is better tomorrow than today.
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The house is full of people, kids buzzing around playing with toys and running in and out of the house. The burgers and dogs are on and the table has been set with all the sides and condiments. Today is the 46th Super Bowl Sunday and its between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Not being too much of a football fan unless of course its my kids playing and since there are no Miami Dolphins no where in sight of this Super Bowl I will have to just sit back and say Go New England Patriots!!
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It is a beautiful, gorgeous day here in Oklahoma. The bitterness in the air gone; warmth is back, the sun aglow, and no nippy air to speak of. the most perfect day in february for some pre-spring gardening or to even take your truck down to the car wash for a good soak, even tho there is rain in tomorrows forcast. Now that the sun is on its way down to the other side of the world, the coolness of February has returned, the kids are done playing outside, and now its time for some dinner and some television.
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My mother told me when I was young that if by the time I was 30 and could count my true friends on one hand I would be lucky. Being a military brat I moved around a lot as a child from Mississippi to Alaska. I have been popular in some schools and not so much in other schools. I am 36 years old now and am currently a student again, I do know many people varying in ages and some of them better friends than others. I can count my true friends on one hand; I must be lucky!
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whew! Today is hump day. I think I just might make it through another week. Half way there anyways, right? Seems as the older I get, the faster time goes by. Seems like not too long ago it took forever for a birthday or a Christmas to roll around and the closer they got the slower time ticked and tocked. The more I age tho, the faster it flys. Don't blink, whew! there went a day, looking back on a week feels as if it slipped by in a nights sleep. We're already on the eighth day of Febuary 2012!!
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I got my first tattoo for a bithday present when I turned 19. I was visiting a friend in Kansas City, Missouri and we had been partying all night due to being my birthday well we went the next day to see one of his friends that owned A-1 tattoo and was offered a tattoo. After looking and trying to decide, I decided on a bull skull on my right ankle. Not for "hook um horns" or for the Texas Longhorns but because my dad has always said while growing up, "mess with the bull, you'll get his horns."
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The second tattoo tht I got was a series of three different ones. On the left side of my neck I got two stars. One for each one of my sons. I got a bigger star for the oldest son, which is seven years older than the youngest one, and a smaller star for the youngest. I let them pick out what colors two for each star. My oldest son picked out green and red and the little guy picked out green and black. Of course that being almost four years ago, their favorite colors have changed. Those silly boys!
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The tattoo I got on the back of my neck is a tribal three leaf clover. Why not four leaf clover you ask? Well in numerology my number for myself eqeals three, so I decided that had something to do with my luck. So deciding on a three leaf clover instead of a four leaf clover was pretty simple to choose especially when I seen what it looked like after it was done being drawn up. The there clover leaves intwine with the tribal bands makes it almost look 3-D. I would say its the only one not colored.
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A butterfly on the right side of my neck was the next tattoo that I got. The guy that I let do it does good work, but that day he was off a little or something. It's not bad, bad, yet not what I expected and since he messed up a little on it I would definately like to get it redone some day. I got it for my daughter. She would be nine years old this past December 30th. That date is also the day I decided to change my life and go back to school in year 2009.
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"Love is rare, Life is strange, Nothing lasts, & People change" is what I have tattooed around both right and left wrists. I love that saying because I feel like through life nothing tells it better than that. When I got that tattoo I struggled between that saying and "If you trust you don't worry; If you worry you don't trust" but after pondering a bit it was clear to me and still is that love is rare -for real, life is strange -for real, nothing lasts -for real and people do change -for real, and thats the way life is.
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Today I'm going to write about the last tattoo that I've got which is appropriate for Valentine's Day. It is a tribal heart in the palm of my hand-the left palm. I got it for "the heart that I hold" which at the time I was going to also get a tribal hole on the right palm for "the ones that fell through" Well there is no name in my heart and because your palm is nothing but scar tissue it has faded tremendously, but still shows. Until I get a name put there guess it means I'm openhearted.
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"Remember I will always love til death and beyond, honestly, loyally, and faithfully" were the words texted to me late last night from my ex, I suppose for Valentine's day. This is someone I haven't spoken with since early summer, of last year. With today being such a beautiful, beautiful day, with tempetures right near 70 degrees, I guess I was in a pretty good mood, cause after I picked the little one up from school and washed Mr.Ed (my truck), I reread the text, and let it be known that I was doing fine and appreciated the text.
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Another beautiful day today, so much so that all the flowers around Norman think it is spring. Seems everywhere I turn there are daffodils and tulips blooming. As the day progressed today I noticed that my window was escaping more and more to let the nice air pour in. With it only being the middle of February and as warm as it is, makes me wonder what kind of a summer are we going to have? Another scorcher like last summer, I bet. Sure would be nice if the summer would be as mild as this winter that we're having.
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Not as nice of a day here in Norman today, pretty cloudy and overcast, looks like it may even rain. Which isn't a bad thing if it does rain don't get me wrong we need all the rain we can get. I can deal without the coldness that it may end up bringing though. One thing that is totally awesome about today is that it is Friday and the start of my four day weekend. Whoop Whoop! Think it even sounds like a casino or maybe even a bingo night, because the little one will be gone all weekend too.
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Well yes it was a casino night last night. My friend and I met another one of my friends out there and being a Friday night they were busy, busy, busy. Sometimes when I go to the casino I get into my own little world. I get trapped into all the sounds, the smells, even the different people. And if I'm winning then I get into a certain zone that I can't even explain. I am zoned into the game and winnings not the sounds, the smells, or even the person that is playing the machine right next to me.
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"who wants to go to the skate park?" My youngest son yells as he is coming in this afternoon from spending the night at his friends house last night. It is a gorgeous day out today, and right now that is one thing he really enjoys doing with his time when he isn't at karate or online playing those war games through the xbox with his friends. So with it being such a nice day out today, I guess I am going to get dressed and head down there to the skate park with the little one, want to join?
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The thunder and rain had nothing to do with the reason the electricity went out this evening as we just put dinner on the table and was sitting down to eat. Seems everyone knew it was going to be out for a while because everyone started getting out candles, lighting them, and placing them on the table. It wasn't yet quite dark outside yet so the candle light cast off just enough light. After eating I was trying to rush to put the dishes in the dish washer, to make the light that was left useful. Then the lights came on.
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Dear Lord - today has been one of those days. I was late for school, my order wasn't right after leaving the fast food place, and I just couldn't explain what it was I wanted to say good enough or in the right way to get my point made. I know, I know, if I would've been on time I may have been hit by a drunk driver, if my order was right it would've been made by someone who didn't wash their hands and if I could have gotten my point across then everyone would be smart. Thank you lord.
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After writing my essay today, I hardly have anything left to write about on my 100 words. Let's see it was like 75 degrees today, and I heard from my buddy that works out at the Norman weather center that winter here may just be over, they can't seem to find any sign of winter anywhere. Wouldn't that be something, winter over in February? Does make it pretty nice, for this time of year considering how cold our winters usually are. I even had to turn on the air for a bit in the house today. Hope tomorrow is nice.
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Wasn't quite sure to write about, so when asked for suggestions I got "your animals" and Lydia said, "a trip I always wanted to go on" Well my beautiful Siamese, Chloe died two days before Christmas. She had epilepsy and was on medication daily to keep her seizures under control. They started when she was a kitten, and progressively got worse as she got older. She was a precious angel. I couldn't have asked for a better cat. I had her for a year and a half, when she a seizure that she couldn't overcome and didn't ...continued next day
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continued....make it to the vet. I knew it was a bad one and that she would't live through it. Where ever she is, I know she is waiting on me. So if I could go on a trip anywhere it would be wherever she is. Even for one day would be awesome. Every now and then I dream of her, usually when she was a kitten, after waking up I wished I could go back to sleep to dream of her more, cause at least I'm there with her, seeing the hearts fly from eyes as I pet her.
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I honestly am not sure what to write about today. The morning and most of the afternoon had gone real well, yet this evening has kind of soured, and now a lot of negativity has landed upon my shoulders, towards everyone, it seems. I really hate it when I feel like this, so I thought if I took a time out and wrote my hundred words today, maybe, just maybe I will just calm down about it. I already feel myself lightening up, and even since I have sat down my oldest son came in here just made me smile.
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Any suggestions on what to write about today? That's what I thought, the echo of silence is bouncing off the walls, no reply anywhere. How's the weather you ask? Today was beautiful, nice, and warm, yet a little windy, but of course, this Oklahoma that we are talking about. Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. How was church today you ask? Church was great, as usual. How are the kids you ask? They are great, I took them to the outlet mall over the weekend and let them buy a pair of shoes. I bought a pair too.
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Today should have been the day that I started studying for my math test next week, yet I could not seem to get passed the first problem. We are graphing. I think that pretty much says it all. My weekness in all math would be solving the equations for graphing, not the plotting itself. So tomorrow will be the day where I must pull it together enough to go over all the sections of chapter three in the math book so maybe I can at least come out ahead on this math exam that happens to be next Tuesday. Ugh!
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With this month coming to an end, I have decided to go ahead and do March's batch also. Nothing too spectacular happend today, went to school, got a junior bacon cheeseburger at Carl's Jr for twelve cents - thanks to the coupon I got forwarded today via text message, and I have started studying for my math exam, which is on Thursday. I will need tomorrow also to study if I plan on passing it with a decent grade (which is an A). Yes, I can handle getting a B, yet would not be too happy. So have a good night.
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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012, the last day of this month and happy bithday to all the leap year babies. Today was a perfect day for a leap year birthday, here in Oklahoma, anyways. The sun was out, the wind was warm, and not only were the flowers in bloom saying hello, all kinds of people were out too, playing at the park, walking their dogs, some even just working in their flower beds. Myself I only got out for the neccessary trips, I have been doing homework and studying for my big math test that happens to be tomorrow, goodnight!