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Iím not a writer. I am really a runner. I like words though and I like telling stories. This is the first time I have tried something like this. I kind of like that I havenít put any expectations on myself. Itís just me and my stories for a month. So here goes: My yard is a leaf magnet. I look up and down the street, mine is the only yard already an inch deep in leaves. Thankfully I have borrowed the ďBarracudaĒ Leaf Blower, with mulching function. Two days and five hours out in the yard.
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I am very aware that my car is in fact a grandma car. It is a boat. Itís a maroon Buick Le Sabre. I love it! Her name is Chloe. Each time a friend climbs in, they comment about how much leg room there is and how comfy it is. Today there was 30 minutes to kill before my next meeting and someone at the table called a coffee run! There is no need to decide whose car to take. Chloe seats six with seat belts. In fact all six of us adults jump in and head to Starbucks!
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I "tweeked" a muscle today. It hurts so much. I'm not sure which is worse: the constant pain or the shooting throb. Really, I just sat down at my desk and some how tweeked it. It is all I can think about now. I have tried a little massage. I have tried two ibuprofen. I have even tried a chai tea latte. Unfortunately, it still hurts. I could blame it on spinning class or I could blame it on old age and tense muscles. I think it was just an accident that I will have to patiently wait to heal.
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What a weird day. A stiff back and neck from the tweaked muscle. An odd feeling of abandonment. A super excitement for a new endeavor. These are three very different feelings all in one day. I like that God created us with feelings so dynamically different. In the midst of some feelings, I usually don't remember this. Like when I feel intense anger and think steam would come out of your ears if it could. Honestly, I prefer the times when I'm so excited my heart races and I want to throw your hands in the air and just run!
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I LOVE AUTUMN!! The crisp air partnered with the colorful leaves and hot drinks. This afternoon myself and some friends went and did something I love to do. We went 'Hammocking'. This is in fact an activity or sport as I see it. It is very fun and relaxing. We headed to the woods and hung our four hammocks close enough to give another a push if needed but a part enough that we could be in our own little hammock world. What do you do in a hammock world? You can read, sleep, listen to music or just think.
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Often on weekend afternoons, I find myself at my international friends' house. We often talk about the differences in cultures and words and life in general. Today the fact that an election Tuesday was coming up started the conversation about Presidents versus Kings. My friends made the comment that I could one day be President. Of course this is a goal that many children hear spoken to them in school as the loftiest goal imaginable. I told my friends, I would never want to be President. The responsibilities and stress that come with that job would not be for me.
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Why do people like watching television shows about court rooms. There are shows like Matlock, Night Court, Law & Order, Judge Judy, and even a whole channel of Court TV. The court room is a fascinating place. It is a serious place. A place of big decisions. A place of full honesty or pure lies. A court room is an environment where people can feel heard or misheard. I observed a legal meeting today. It wasn't even a real trial or hearing. It was about zoning. The observation I walked away with was that in this room you chose words carefully.
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Today I am thinking about 'motivation'. It's a word I think all of us need in our vocabulary at one point or another. Already this morning, it was the source of how to get out of the very comfortable and warm bed. It was a scheduled phone call with a friend overseas. I value that, so it motivates me to get up. What motivates me to do certain things? There is some kind of motivation behind everything we do, from cleaning the house, doing the jobs we do, to paying our bills, to making coffee. What or who motivates you?
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Today's entry I want to title Godly Mercy. What is mercy? Mercy is giving someone something they don't deserve. This is totally God's game! He excels at giving mercy and as followers of Christ we should too. I think acts of mercy differ from situation to situation. In one situation the merciful thing to do would be to give money, give clothing, give something tangible. In another situation, albeit a little tougher, the merciful thing to do is to be honest and discipling to those involved. I fought myself in that situation today and used it to show Godly mercy.
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Blogging is all the rage these days. Everyone has something to say to the world and "the Blog" has become that avenue in which they can do it. Mother's blog. Runner's blog. Techies blog. The word blog is both a noun and a verb. Some friends and I recently started a blog. It is a group effort focused on one topic. We created the blog because we feel passionate about this topic and we want others to be able to learn and interact via our blog. What a great tool! Blogs allow people to speak up, speak out, be heard.
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"For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate." This is a verse taken out of the Bible in Romans 7:15. The writer is actually talking about his inability to follow God's perfect instructions because by nature he is unable too and keeps failing. This is called sin. I have that condition. We all do. I think I have actually said almost that precise phrase. How do I escape this inability to measure up? I can't. I never will. It is fixed with grace.
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It's Saturday morning and I am awake and showered by 6:45am. Today I am wearing my crazy print color pants with my knit green wig. I am the captain of the second scream team, for the half marathon that J and S are running this morning. If there is anything better than actually running in a race, it's being on the cheer squad. With fine tuned coordination of maps, texts, and three assigned teams we were able to cheer them on in eight locations. I love encouraging runners as they pass. Like my sign said, Rock What U Got!
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It was a National Rodeo last night. I took in all the sights, sounds and smells. The smell of manure in the air combined with Justin boots and Wrangler jeans made me think to myself,"These are my people". I love the western environment! However, I never really portray it. The closest I get is somewhat vicariously through relatives. I was reminded of what this select group looks like. It was a predominately Caucasian, blue collar, Conservative crowd who most likely own at least one horse. They still love America, honor the armed forces and start a rodeo with prayer.
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Normally, running in the rain is not my favorite thing to do. It makes my clothes stick to me. it makes my hair wet and tangled. It makes my socks wet and squishy. Yuck! However this afternoon I headed out in a light mist and watched as it became a constant drizzle that formed drops off the end of my cap's bill. The course was one long hill up and one long hill down, repeated twice. I felt sluggish today, from lack of training but I was outside and it was warm. Myself and my thoughts pressing in to succeed .
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I realize that some people don't speak to God. They don't speak to Him because they don't believe in him. Others may have become angry at God, and stopped speaking to him. Some only speak to him at church in a loud yelling voice. However, I think God is an excellent listener. He hears when I complain to him. He is big enough to take the times I scream at him. He truly loves the times when I praise him. Speaking to God come easy to me because I have faith that he is there and that he is listening.
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I am drawing a blank about what to write today. I will have to think of a topic to write one hundred words about. It could be about the rain today and being the only one with an umbrella. I could write about the dining room at the conference and the fact that it feels like we eat all the time. I could write about the fervent praying we did last night and this morning in response to amazing worship. I could write about a community mourning a miscarriage of some friends. Apparently there is lots to write about today.
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The issue of Human Trafficking seems to have come into sight of many people's view. Both Christian or non Christian circles are against this moral issue of devaluing human worth. I heard some statistics today that were shocking. Every minute, someone is trafficked across a country border. Trafficking can encompass sex for money, child labor, and slave labor. It involves girls and boys. Most of those who steal people were themselves hurt or trafficked when they were younger. I abhor the act of trafficking. I think the cost of a human is too expensive to buy. This must not continue.
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I like to invent games. Life should be fun, so why not make up a game to make it even more fun. This skill comes in handy when working with children and you finish the curriculum early. What do you do? I make up a game where I tell them to do random actions. Today was a seven hour road trip. How do we pass the time? We play the Ipod game. Start with "A" songs and work your way through the alphabet. You really get a good idea about the Ipod owner's music likes. Games are fun. Let's play!
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You can't beat a lazy Saturday. Nothing on your schedule. Sleeping in for as long as you like. Whatever comes up, you can focus all the time you want into it. Today started with waffles for breakfast. Then on to cleaning the kitchen sink and the interior of the refrigerator. While in the cleaning mode, why not head to the bathroom to give it a good scrub down. Boy did it need it! The smell of bleach is now permeating the house. The lazy Saturday activity this afternoon was grocery shopping. It was two stores, one list, and some extras.
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Can I write one hundred words about being sick? Yes! I think I can. Of course I spend a week at a conference with 300 other people and their colds and coughing and germ filled hands. I only had to make it 5 days, then I was home free. I arrived home and the next morning I wake up with an achy body, congested nasal passage, low grade fever and the need to sleep and sleep. The timing stinks. I have work, church, meetings, visitors on my full schedule for the upcoming week. I start eating the garlic and vinegar.
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I have met someone who has never heard of pizza. I can understand not knowing anything about grits. Many people born in the northern northern United States have no idea what grits are. I can also understand if someone has never heard of some random television show from the eighties. Maybe they grew up in a house with out t.v. or were born in the nineties. However, I was shocked that this Nepali refugee had never heard of pizza. As they have lived here in the U.S. for a year, they now share the American love for pizza!
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I have a love hate relationship with rain. Rain makes it darker than normal during the day. Rain means wet pant legs all day, until they dry in time to head back out in it. Rain floods the basement sometimes. Yes, there are days that rain stinks. However, I love the sound of rain on the roof on a lazy Saturday morning when I have no where to be. I love that the rain in the summer makes the autumn leaves brighter in color. I love getting to wear my rain boots every once in a while.Let it Rain.
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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have spent many Thanksgivings in many different places in my life. Sometimes with family and sometimes with friends. The thought of Thanksgiving makes me think of family. Memories from the past. Memories of sharing a table together. Eating turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie! Memories of family projects, movies, games, hiking. The times that I wasn't with family, I have been with friends who are like family. I am thankful for those times as well. Sad to be away from my real family, but glad to be surrounded by people. Thankful!
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American Thanksgiving is today. I'm thankful for a loving family. Thankful for salvation through Christ. Thankful for a nice house and always enough food to eat. Thankful for a normally healthy body. Today I have a cold. Thankful for all the friends I have made over the years who are spread out all over the world and are probably not celebrating Thanksgiving. Thankful for the opportunity to visit all the places I have been to. Thankful for a yard to plant things in. Thankful for relatives visiting. Thankful for God's love and faithfulness in my life. I am so thankful!
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Black Friday has almost become a holiday to some people. This year was the first year my mom had tried it. I have been out only a handful of previous times. Our goal was only to pick up two vacuums, and head home to finish a movie. We arrived to the Super Center at 10:15pm and it was mass chaos. Every parking space in the proximity was full and some spots even made up. Everyone was hunting for a spot. I looked at mom as I dropped her off to head in. "I'll meet you in the shoe department."
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We made it inside the Super Center only to be met with a wall of people. They were done shopping and waiting in line. Many with two carts piled high. I tried to head in one direction but was basically made to keep in the stream of people headed in. Is there a store layout engineer?? I strongly am skeptical. I actually found mom on a random isle, no where near shoes. She said the items we were looking for were already gone. We people watched for a little while and then slowly made our way back to the car.
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I just went to see the movie The Help. Yeah, I'm kind of late seeing it and I haven't read the book yet. The movie was well done and had me both laughing and crying. I hate racism. It makes me angry. I am perplexed at how it remained so long in the United States. It is warped in that these families can have "the help" basically raise their kids and hug and kiss on them, but then think that they would contaminate a bathroom just by using it. That is crazy! We are all created in God's image, period.
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Gratefulness, Gratefulness is what I long for. Gratefulness is what I need. Gratefulness, Gratefulness is what you want from me. Take my life and form it. Take my mind transform it. I'm yours. I'm yours. Oh Lord. Faithfulness, Faithfulness is what I long for. Faithfulness is what I need. Faithfulness is what you want from me. Take my life and use it. Take my mind transform it. Take my heart and form it to your. To yours. To yours. Oh Lord. A song like this can refocus my days and my thoughts to truly who I love and live for.
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Routine is one of my favorite things. I think for the most part the human race in general likes routine. Actually, even animals like routine when it comes to feeding them. This website calls for us to routinely write one hundred words each day. Why does routine feel so comfortable? It is because we know what to expect. So much of our lives we can not control or happens unexpectedly. When we routinely do something we have control. Routine many times comes coupled with discipline and habit. Keeping and starting a routine makes it become a habit. Discipline breeds habits.
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People really fascinate me.I may have said this before, and will probably say it again. People are intriguing. I work at a part time job that serves the public. People of all sizes, beliefs, ages, colors, backgrounds, experiences, etc... All viewing the world through their own lens of experience and world view. I often try to put myself in their shoes and look at things through their eyes. This is very tough at times, especially when they make bad choices or say stupid things. People just want to be accepted. Acceptance is the fuel behind most things people do.