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Fresh month, fresh day, fresh start! Absolutely a fresh start – I even made a directory for October 2004 so that I can put all these articles in that directory. It is an achievement to have finished September 2004 in spite of many days of delays due to busy-ness and laziness of my existence. At the end I am satisfied that my first ever attempt to get discipline back into my life has been successful. I intend to keep writing, for only by habit one develops sharpness in this art of imagination. Imagine, I do! To word, I need to!
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The stark difference of culture shows up when an Indian goes to buy a car or a muffler. There, I tricked an average American in thinking I'm talking about a muffler of a car when I was talking about the scarf for a man. Are you confused yet? OK, let's start with car. In India, we never bargain for a car. You walk in dealership, look at model and the sticker price, pay the sticker price, paste a huge haughty smile on your face and drive away. On the other hand, when you buy vegetables in India, you always bargain.
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An Indian walks into a departmental store in the US. Since it is wintertime, and he needs to cover his head and neck from the freezing wind, he walks up to a clerk and asks where he can find a muffler. Puzzled, the clerk remarks that they don't sell auto-parts. Even more puzzled, the Indian looks on at this sales person in total disbelief for her answer didn't make any sense. After a bit of tug-of-war push and pull of words, the Indian gives up on any hope of help from the clerk. Only did he know it is scarf!
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So while we're at it, on the culture shock USA for the Indians, here is one more story. The biggest pronunciation irritation that an Indian faces is when he finds out that the folks in the country speak differently than the folks in the city. And then the uptown people utter differently than the downtown people. And yet, the Americans call us, the Indians having an accent. Do we really. Well yes, we do. As an Indian, I learned to say my ‘p' and ‘t' all over again. Not to mention the difference between a ‘v' sound compared to ‘w'.
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Audio books are so much fun! I have discovered them recently and have enjoyed "reading" them while I go for a walk around the neighborhood. Our house is in a community of mainly starter single-family homes. Lots of young couples and their toddlers make up the street traffic in the evening after work (and dinner). It is quite a pleasant sight – but gets a bit boring after one goes for a walk 100 times on the same circuit. Listening to the audio books as I walk allows me to entertain my self while I get my daily dose of exercise.
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Drinking water is good for health. They recommend about 4 liters per day is what an average human being requires in an average climate. I live in the desert, however, due to the climate controlled buildings and vehicles our lives are mainly spent in "average" climate. Applying the principle of 4 liters per day in my life was a bit of a challenge in the beginning. However, as I kept forcing myself into doing it, I eventually got it. Now, I have a liter bottle on my desk, and I push 4 of those babies every day down the throat.
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At first I was skeptical about a visit to a chiropractor. My elder brother, being an orthopedic surgeon did not have a positive opinion on such methods. What the heck, I'll give it a try, after debating with myself. The time I visited the chiropractor for the first time, I had a neck ache and a rotated hip. I must say chiropractors are taught how to see the inner structures of human body with their fingers. They probe the back and neck and figure out how much adjustment is needed – a few cracks, twists n'turns, and voila, you're straight again.
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Skepticism. Yes, I am skeptical. The fact that I write so much everyday (isn't 100 words a lot?), I need to see a proof of somebody reading it. I don't mind what opinion they have of my style and content of my writing – I just want to know that somebody else in this is reading it. If you happen to read this paragraph, and are very kind to drop me a line of e-mail I would be obliged. Please enlighten me, and remove all my doubts and skepticism, for I am longing to hear from you, oh my reader!
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Number 10 – that many articles I need to write. If you're reading my series of articles you may wonder what's up with this guy. But you know what, I'm a busy man. I went to Northern California and lost touch with writing. Before I blink the whole week is gone and I'm lagging behind by almost 10 days worth of work. The will shall make it happen. Northern California has wonderful weather around this time of the year. I truly enjoyed the trip –especially meeting all the family members of my fiancée. Voila, my 1st 100 words coming your way.
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The day in Phoenix area has been cloudy. It has been perfect in terms of temperatures, but not seeing the sun is not something we the Phoenicians are used to. Hence, a few of my friends have complained in the course of the day about not enough light. These are the same people who have complained about too much brightness during the summer months. Now what they what is what only the almighty knows. Anyhow, this is a good sign that we have been going into the winter months. That means fashionable clothes, hot foods….and long hours of love making.
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Love making. How do we make love? Is it manufactured in the factories or some artisan is working in his own little shack putting this thing together called love. The usage of words is rather confusing – and has been ‘mis'used by many to make up funny illustrations of leaders of our warring world. For example, I remember a cartoon of Bin Ladin with George Bush in which they are making love, and the caption of the cartoon read ‘Make love, not war'. Funny? Yes. Deeply thought provoking? Yes. Serious? Yes. Why in world do we have to fight anywyas? Duh!
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I don't vote (yet) in the USA. But I wish I did. For I would vote for sanity – meaning Democratic candidate John Kerry. He has style. He has finesse. He has substance. He has experience. And he has power of critical thinking. The current leadership is void of any traits that any sane person would seek in the leadership. A true leader is the one who is not blinded by his beliefs – who knows how to adapt to the changing climates while marching towards the ultimate goal – that is of welfare of his countrymen. May the sanity prevail this election-year.
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The boyish charm of President Bush says it all. True, he can't debate. But he speaks from the heart. His voice reaches the ears of the American people. He has that smile that is very innocent and appealing. He is focused, and he is determined. He has led the country through the most difficult times in the recent history. Like Washington, Bush is defending our country while it is attacked on our own soil. People say he led us to the war. No they are wrong, for we were already at the war. Let him lead us to the victory.
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A true prolific writer is the one who can write about a variety of subjects – the one who succeeds, as a writer, is the one that reaches to the hearts of people and appeals to them on the subject matters. Conversely, a journalist's job is to present the matters as they unfold. Journalist should not attempt to cover the events to appeals the hearts of people. Let people interpret the series of events as they happen – if they are good or bad, let the viewers and listeners make those judgments. As a journalist, you must not insult your customers' intelligence.
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Middle of the month is the perfect time to take a break. But I can't, since I just took a long vacation to Tucson in south Arizona. It used to be a little town 10 years ago when I moved down here, but now it is a big city. All the amenities of a big city can be found in Tucson – including some good ethnic restaurants. Pizza – I call it ethnic food. A good Italian pizza is very very difficult to find in this pizza crazy country. Some good fresh ingredients, freshly chopped vegetables, wood-fired oven. Ummm…bring it on! Toasty!
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Some human acts are taboos of human society. Sex, farting, etc have been like social stigma of the human society. While these things are essential for human existence, the very mention (let alone performance) of such acts is looked down upon. OK, so if I eat health protein, and a few gases are generated in my stomach – I must push them out. They're better out than in my stomach. Guess what…I'm healthier that way. So shouldn't the human society promote a healthy person? Shouldn't human society promote healthy expansion of its numbers? Have sex and fart while you do it.
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I walk in the morning for about 40 minutes or so. While doing so, I listen to French learning audio lessons to help me learn the language. These lessons are each about 30 minutes so I get to finish one per day. It also gives me 10 bonus minutes of the preview of the next day's lessons. Thus I get to learn what's coming the next day and hence when it does get repeated the next day, it bears good roots in my brain. It is a good method of learning a language because that's how we learned our mother-tongue.
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The mouse gets to me. The mouse on my computer, that is. It moves, it stops, and then it does its own number – completely independent of the ruthless reign of my fingers. Isn't that a bit too much that the machines proclaim their independence in such a preliminary phase of their creation. I feel frustrated and I lift the mouse and drop it again on the table. In hope that this persecution will finally yield a more manageable and mellow mouse. Nope, the results are just the opposite. The mouse calls out an all out mutiny against my will. Umph!
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Ideas, excitement, and the upswing of the mood – these are the words that describe my present state of mind. When new ideas emerge, the imagination of the adventure that it affords and the new avenues that it opens – all these things are of utmost value to keep the interest up in life. I know I'm blabbering at this moment, but there is a reason for that and the reason is that I have this brain busting with ideas and heart exploding with excitement. I feel I am unstoppable – so journey of life, here I come to explore, achieve and redeem.
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The lure of writing goes away for a while, but then how can a true writer stay away from it? I have managed to hide myself under the load of work for 10 days, and am lagging behind in writing my 100words a day – but then again, the true writer within me awakens and shakes off all the laziness and is prepared to conquer the goal. The goal today is to crank out work for 10 days, thus I shall be writing precisely 100*10 words. Do the math. It isn't that difficult. It shouldn't be! So 1000 words it is…
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Touch is powerful. This morning after I woke up, I realized that my fiancée wasn't sleeping next to me – sense of unfulfilled night descended on me – her warm skin not touching my body left me with something missing. She was sleeping with the cats in the guest bedroom. She told me she couldn't fall back to sleep. I laid myself next to her, under her blanket that she got from her mom, she moved a bit to make room for me – and aha – that warmth of her skin, the warm bed she prepared for me….Touch of her body….Warmth of life…
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Friday evening before leaving work, I make plans within my mind. Plans to spend the weekend. How to make it productive and fruitful – the time just for me. However, the cleaning and other chores never get accounted for, and they are the ones that always take precedence over everything else. Thus things fall off from cracks, and I get a chance to collect them through the next week while I'm at work, and make another plan for them the next weekend. The cycle goes on, and so does the prettiness of life….If everything went according to plan, what's the fun?
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They say smell is the strongest of all senses. I have felt that first hand. Many a times, I walk by houses, and smell the food being cooked. That smell takes me to various restaurants, countries and places that I have visited, physically and in dreams. Smell of Indian curry, however, is my strongest reminder of all. The sound of pressure cooker whistle and sautéed onions and hot masalas, smell of cooking curry, the joy of basmati rice and curry, followed by an afternoon nap. What bliss! All that comes to me in one quick dream – and I walk away.
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Morning yoga is the most recommended for of exercise – if you ask me. It starts out slowly with some basic steps and stretches, and can be extended to the most complex and twisted stretches. This leads to the awakening of all the body parts and senses. It makes you alert without even a sip of coffee. A dependence to truly look forward to. Think of gentle music, chirping birds, dim lights and the sound of nothing so personal to you but your breath. All that becomes so dear and personal that you do mind sharing those moments with anyone else.
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Talking about sound, I just heard the siren of an emergency vehicle. That also reminds me of things that I have been used to seeing. No, it doesn't remind me of hospitals and sickly patients. It rather reminds me of numerous films I've seen – the action films with lots of fighting and then ending with a scene of the hero and the heroin surviving the almost death experience and then wrapped up in blankets. Next, the heroin punches annoying boss in the face and then she and her love depart to a place where only they can see each other.
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Face massage. I get my own personalized simply by ordering my hands to quite what they're doing and get to the job. It works every time. I start with a little rub on my forehead, and then gently work my way down to eyebrows. I spend considerable time there, following the path my thick eyebrows take from center of my face towards the ears. Next rubbing my eyes and then the bones around my nose leading to the bones of my cheeks. Next, the most pleasurable experience is to start twisting my ears with my thumb and working behind them.
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Getting rid of the fat around the stomach is the toughest part for a man. I can attest to that. It is not so much I complain about getting rid of that fat, but of the fact that how quickly it rebuilds there. Just one weekend of indulgence, and those love handles appear from nowhere. Alright, what is more invigorating? My spending those hours and hours on the treadmill like a hamster or chugging down that pizooki at the local restaurant. I wish they at least equalized each other. Why haven't we evolved to digest our current food so nicely?
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Speaking of hamster, we recently saw some really cute ones at the local pet store. It was the grand opening of the pet store in our neighborhood and they were giving good "deals" on buying a hamster and a see through cage. Till that point I hadn't seen hamsters so closely. That day, I even got a chance to hold one in my hands and gently pat it on its back. It crawled back into the little tunnel I had made with my two hands as if to retreat back into its own igloo in its cage. Cute, they are!
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Having goal in life helps. It is something I look forward to. I actually have many goals – and I work on them all at the same time. At time it seems like riding horses going in all different directions. But then I get the rein of my life in my hands, grip it tight, and lead all my horses to be under my control. It is the self-assurance that everything is good and everything is right. Things are under control, and a sense of security dawns upon me. I feel good and confident. Things aren't simple – but persistence is. Work!
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I am painting a lion. It is sitting on my easel for a long time and now I must finish it. His posture is so relaxed that I want to put the painting someplace where I'm working hard. In the painting the lion is just staring into the infinity while taking a summer afternoon nap. Oblivious to the presence of people gazing at him, he just assumes the role of the celebrity that is quite used to having admirer around – even while during their private hours. The painting is relaxing because it shows serenity and calm on the fierce animal.
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Talking about persistence – here I am, finally down towards ending my October obligation to website. I feel now that it is my duty to complete the month. This morning when I woke up and realized that I hadn't completed it, I went straight to work and started typing random words. At the end of it, now I'm here, looking back triumphantly on to my achievement of 100 words a day (actually only the first 19 days, and then rest in one morning…). It is not the means but the goal that matters. And I say proudly, I achieved it.