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You know that the things that really make up the present have commanded an awful lot of time when time passes so quickly. The fact that the present has come and gone before the realization has been made is another indicator that time is a figment of our collective imagination. There have been times when the moment has left, the future has come and the past has gone before the past has left. When this happens there is only one thing to do. That is to slow down and take a break from the chaos that has entered one's life.
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The nice weekend that we were looking for did not appear. It rained pretty much all day and after church I took a needed nap. I think it was the time change and the fact that I did not go to bed at my regular time. Anyway the rain and the temperature kept me from applying polyurethane on my project but I did spend the better part of the afternoon working on the latch and I was happy with what I accomplished. If I can get a little more done through this week then I can put on some paint.
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This present life is only an incident to be lived as a preface to sharing the timeless life. This world is only a part therefore train oneself, do not be "taken in" by this world, do not give one's hearts to it, nor conform to its values, but remember constantly that this is only a temporary residence. Today when all the emphasis is thrown upon making the most of this life, and Christianity is only seriously considered in many quarters because of its social implications, this point of view is comparatively rarely held. How then should this life be lived?
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To many people God is a vague benevolence with about as much moral authority as Father Christmas. God, by His very Nature, must mean instant destruction to all evil. God is the incredibly active and powerful Source of all Life, Love, Goodness, Truth and Beauty. The means of living in spiritual union with such a Power lies in Christ. Without special privilege, power and defense, Christ defeated Evil! He allowed Himself to experience in Person the ultimate consequence of Evil. Risen Christ is the free but costly bridge built for man by God. How then should this life be lived?
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Live this day as if it will be your last. Forget yesterdays defeats this is it, Doomsday, all you have. The saddest words you can ever utter are, 'If I had my life to live over again...' Take the baton. Beginning today treat everyone you meet, friend or foe, loved one or stranger as if they were going to be dead at midnight. Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness, understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of reward. Your life will never be the same.
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"How do you do it?"Standing at the desk her question just causes him to smile and look intently at her. She just shakes her head and goes back to her frustration. He makes her laugh and she thinks that he just does not care. But it is not apathy for he cares very much about the results and sometimes that seems to elude her. He understands that a result will happen with or without the exhibited frustration. She believes that she has more control than she does, he knows better, for him the results are less important than the attitude.
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Imagine you are in a weightless environment surrounded by seahorses. What if we were to sing instead of talk would there be less arguments? The new rule is that a blanket must be taken to work for nap time. If on Sunday it was discovered that during the past week you did not share and your name was put on a list for all to read would you share more? Do ducks like being in the water or on land when it storms? Are they prejudice against geese or seagulls? Imagine being a seahorse and something very big floats by!
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The latch is a fairly simple design and something that is used often and taken for granted but when it is installed in an application that is different than the garage door it was intended there is a certain amount of thinking and accommodating that must be done in order for it to work properly. I picked the cast off unit at a thrift store for a dollar. The pull cables are from a vinyl coated dog leash then I invested another seven dollars in the cable clamps, set collar, hex key and a three quarter inch flat drill bit.
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I call her everything but her name. I do however very the names I do call her with names that begin with the same letter as her given name. One time it will be Alice, another time Angela, or Agatha, anything but the one her mother gave her. I think she just tolerates it because I do this with all of T's friends. T probably has clued her in. Have you ever wonder how you got the name you do? The story goes I was named after an evening show's main character and not for a couple of the disciples.
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I do not know why I fall for these statistical impossibilities. Play the game and you could win twenty dollars in gas. I go online and go through the BS to enter the code. I think it really is a way to get people to sign up for Yahoo. Who knows but I fall all the time. I guess the enter the code promotion keeps the hope alive that you may win unlike the old promotions where you look under the cap and it says sorry. There is a delay in finding out you are a loser. Think about it.
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There is a prairie that forms two sides of our property. The department of natural resources took this spring day to manage the one hundred fifty plus acres by doing a controlled burn. They burn about sixty percent of the land in order to keep the native grasses healthy and to continue what nature would have done during the time long before the town grew up around this rare tract of never cultivated rock prairie. There is a den of coyotes that make this their home and they enjoyed a feeding frenzy as the field mice scampered from the fires.
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The window was open all night and the breeze that came in was very refreshing. After a number of months with the closed-up house and the stale air the fragrance of the spring growth was welcomed. It truly is the little things that make life enjoyable. To have an afternoon walk without the weight of a jacket, or to view the blooming first flowers and subtle changes that an evening shower and warming sun has on the greenness of the ground must make anyone aware thankful that again rebirth is coming to the land and that the sun is higher.
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April thirteenth, thirty years ago the United States Mint officially reissued the two dollar bill. The reason I know this is because a special Aunt took the new bill and had it and an attached thirteen cent stamp postmarked by her small town post office. It was a gift that I framed and have had hanging on a wall for these past thirty years. I really have never given it much thought but the other day I noticed the date. A reminder of not only the date of issue but also of the positive influence of my dear Aunt Dorothy.
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Maundy Thursday he sat in church writing sins on the little colored slips of paper in the pew then slipping them into his shirt pocket. On Good Friday the sins were to be placed in a trash bag and left on a cross during the service. Friday was a short work day and provided an chance to get laundry done. The sins on paper got washed in the new shirt and left a multi-colored stain on the pocket and nothing but a rainbow colored clump of paper was left in the pocket. Rainbows reminds us that God keeps his promises
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Paint applied to fenders. Fill gaps and sand wood spacers. Pound nails into a scrap board to keep spacers up so both sided can be painted then dry at the same time. Polyurethane the top and sides. Go to Circuit City and purchase a car stereo for T's car. Look at the plasma TV's while they install the stereo. Adhere and cut masking tape then paint borders on left and right sides and top. Measure the center of spacers, pre-drill holes then glue and screw spacers in place. Attach fenders. Put tools away. Watch a little TV. Type on computer.
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He was born with a perfect body. He grew and was strong. He could run and pedal his bike seemingly without end. When he was six he rode his one speed twenty inch bike over twenty miles one day and then fifteen the next. He took a martial arts course and was a belt away from black when he cracked his arm. Fear seems not to be in his life. The ability to go a step farther shows itself. His arm was really torn up when he flipped his four wheeler. He just recently broke his teeth in a fall.
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Have you ever thought the reason you woke screaming your mothers name was that she was trying to tell you something? Sound asleep and in the middle of the night and you wake up to your own screaming. The day after Easter, the resurrection. You have not been to church in how many years? The relationships that you have are less than they could be. Screaming you mother-s name who has been in the grave for these past many years. I say consider where you are and how you relate to the people who are seemingly important to you.
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Freedom is the ability to wake and decide weather the day is going to be a good day or a bad day. It did not happen today. The circumstances of the day overwhelmed me. I gave up my freedom to choose my attitude to the events that transpired. After being mad all day I came home and was mad some more. I was mad when I ate. I finally got up and went for a drive. I was mad it took so long to get out of town and finally to Sugar River where the tensions eased. Into the sunset.
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The work I did on the tear drop tonight was fairly productive. It was more of an engineering time as I figured out the problems and solutions to the hatch support. I started out one way and ended up flipping the idea upside down and I think coming to a better conclusion. The first problem was to find two lengths of pipe that would slide together without much slop. Then how to attach the pipes so they would pivot under the hatch. I made a prototype and will let it rattle around in my mind for a day or two.
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If our work was a trucking company the leaders would have everyone come in, get in their truck and have them take off. The direction the employee chose would not matter and they would get very little direction as to where they were to go other than to drive. At about three o'clock the employee would get a call on their cell from the boss and be told where they are suppose to be. If the employee is not there the boss would ask, why not? followed by a comment like, you should have known we were going west today.
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The wood I was saving to make a pair of fenders has been sitting. I had kind of forgot about it. The front of the Tear has been waiting for a material that I could not decided on to finish it out. I was going to put something there that would bear the inevitable road debris that would hit it. I could not come up with a solution and wanting to get the front finished I took this left over bendable stock and fitted it into place. I now need to pick a color to paint the front and rear.
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I need to get this project completed to the point so I can get it registered and take it out to the park. Today would have been an excellent day to drive out to Sugar River and enjoy the quite and relaxed living that a night at the park can bring. The wind has blown gently all day and to hear the pines rustle without the city noises would have brought about peaceful state of mind. A simple meal, a good chair, along with clean scented air would have been a nice way to spend a weekend. Future perfect tense.
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There is value in sitting and looking. Not only can one see the things glossed over but the pace of life but it also provides on opportunity to think of different ways of doing a task. Sometimes the consideration is complex enough to demand a little more of a thought process and the chance to sit and think of a solution is the best use of time. Often it is considered to be a non productive use of time to just sit. Just sit. But the reality of it is the relaxed viewing of things seems to help provide insights.
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I found a coin. At least I think it is a coin. I was looking through a tin of washers that was given to me by JDC when he was moving quite a while ago. It was a container that his grandfather-in-law had accumulated over the years and he did not want to move it so he offered it to me. I have used items from it from time to time and I found myself again looking through it. The coin is iron and round with oriental characters in relief around a square hole. I wonder what the story is.
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Qing Dynasty. Moving siding, down spouts, soffits, windows and all the material associated with the siding and window business from their building to the company space. Of course then all things in the warehouse then have to be moved to their space. Load and unload then load and unload between the two docks. twenty-four skids from our space but only eight skids from theirs, their's being three times longer. A couple more days and the job, already three days in, will be done. The solitude is better than the road as there is the fixed quitting time to go home.
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Have you ever watched a pair of squirrels build a nest? It's fun! They work hard running up and down the tree branches. They find a twig and chew off the small branch and carry it to the nest in their mouth, some of them as long as their body. It was fun to watch one with a long branch try to navigate down a branch and get this long stick around the other small branches that were in the way. If you see a bunch of leaves scattered under a tree, look-up because they drop a lot of them.
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There is really a short amount of time to get things done. It seems the weekends are the only actual time I am able to work on things. I am just too exhausted after the work day to accomplish much and I find that when I sit down at the end of the day it is had to get back up and get going again. If I made a list of the items I want to accomplish after work it may motivate me. I need a focus and a reward. I will have to consider this approach and implement it.
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I completed the move of the warehouse. It took all six days. There must have been about twenty-five loads I moved one direction then the siding company had me moving their product on the return trip. There was little driving as far as the truck was concerned however the amount of time I spent on the forklift was where the most work was. I enjoy forklift work and it was nice to be working in the solitude the work afforded. There is a lot of drama at our production facility and it has been nice to be away from it.
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I put out grass seed yesterday. It looked like it was going to rain. It did not but today it has been a steady rain. The flowering crab-apple came into full bloom and I got the most beautiful picture of the pink blossoms framed by the white pine needles of the tree I was standing by when I took the picture. The rain had the effect of intensifying the colors, darkening the bark and the greens and making the pink blooms stand-out. The water droplets were visible on the pine needles. I hope the blooms stay for a while longer.
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I found a solution to the mounting of the tail lights so they seem to fit the design of the TD. I manufactured a very simple bracket that will look good with a little paint. The running side lights found their home in a space just above the frame, front and rear. I was debating on mounting them higher but settled on this position because I did not want them to distract from the curves of the body. I need to make sure that all the lights work properly, get a license plate bracket and light then get it inspected.