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Ashes to ashes dust to dust sounds like dirt, we started as dirt and we will return to dirt. This is just the physical body we are talking about. It is hard to consider life without a body! Is our body just a tool to carry us around? Then our body has less value than the you within. Describe yourself if you were blind. Appearances have little value when one tries to see the you within the body. The you within may manifest or mask itself in the outward appearance, how to know? There is one that really knows you.
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A simple adjustment may be all it takes to open some time. Never again clutter your days with so many menial and unimportant tasks that you have no time to accept a real challenge when it comes along. This applies to play as well as work. A day merely survived is no cause for celebration. You are not here to fritter away your precious hours when you have the ability to accomplish so much by making a slight change in your routine. No more busywork. No more hiding from success. Leave time, leave space to grow. Now! Now! Not tomorrow.
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CVN72 will be home for the next six months or so and the water will be ever present. The sea provides a calming effect at least the couple times I have been upon her. Sure there is a difference when the mission is greater than educational and tensions mount as less friendly waters float this great vessel but the water must always provide a visual that no matter how great a force this ship can exert there is a greater force that all must respect. Son I am proud of you! Calm seas and following winds as your experiences unfold.
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The wire feed through the tongue with some difficulty but after a few tries it passed the bolt that was holding it up and made it to the other end. Four small parallel hole created a small slit that allowed the wire to enter the cabin. Back along the floor to the galley and into a small wooden junction box then out to either side into the tail light assembly. White, ground; brown, parking/brake; green, right turn; and yellow, left turn is the color code for the different functions the lights would perform. Today ended a month of no progress.
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Slowly they came just drifting occasionally down and blowing about. Then gradually the pace picked up where there was a steady flurry. By the time I got to church there was a pretty good ground cover and after there was a measurable depth. When I got home the walk was covered with about a half an inch. It kept up all day although it really didn't get that cold. I went out and took a few pictures of the flag with the winter white background to complement the photo I took last fall with the bright yellow leaves. March snow!
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I have been taking at least a picture a day since the beginning of the year and in reviewing them I realized that some that I thought where or are rather mundane actually are rather fun to view. My work schedule has caused me to take many indoors after work of simple objects. Others have been simply taken to fulfill the resolution and have turned out fairly unique like the self portrait taken in a cheap mirror without a flash and capturing a great image of me looking directly into the picture with a wry smile holding the guilty camera.
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Fractal geometry helps determine the value of irregular shapes. There is an equation that determines weather a value will go on into infinity or be contained within the Mandelbrot set, that is, those that do not go to infinity. I heard of this for the first time tonight and I am fascinated with the concept. It defines mathematically irregular shapes and their infinite possibilities. It was characterized as a finger print of God, I thought how amazing this discover is. The endlessness of it portrays our ignorance, for our knowledge is but a set of points within an infinite amount.
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"There is a wood lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And many miles before I sleep, And many miles before I sleep." (Frost) What is the wood that has held your gaze, thought or limited attention? Has it been unexplored because of places to go and things to do? Has the tasks of the moment been preventing the ability to accept something new and to venture into a new area with any depth? We must take possession of freedom. An effort must be consciously made to create the time to explore new things that come along.
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There is a certain amount of discipline to writing one hundred words everyday. While the amount is not very much the actual getting it done is or was today rather demanding. Work kept me busy for over twelve hours and there is no access to word perfect to even sneak in a fleeting thought through the day. At home a meal and a shower and a brief moment of mindless entertainment, a Steve Martin movie on the network, with my feet up does not allow all that much time to think let alone type in thoughts. I got it done.
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The shipping department really messed up an order and the production supervisor was very upset with the people responsible with the loading of the truck. I was gone this morning when the truck was to be loaded and the lead man, who is capable of doing the job, was not productive and did not utilize the people he had to get the job done correctly. A different sense of urgency on his part from the supervisor. Now the production supervisor want me to be responsible for the loading of the trucks. I guess my sense of urgency corresponds with hers.
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Finally. Warm and breezy the wet clothes flapped in the wind. The line has not been used since the middle of November when I enjoyed the line dried sent on my clothes. Busyness and finally the cold closed the clothes line down for the winter. I risked putting them out today because the blowing dark clouds threatened rain but the clothes were already wet so what was to lose if it sprinkled. Anyway there was enough blue in the sky to make Dutchman's britches so the risk was diminished accordingly. There really isn't many things better than wind dried clothes.
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The vitamins that were suggested are to supplement a normal diet. The theory is that the foods we eat are nutritionally deficient causing the same in us. By increasing the levels of nutrients the ability to keep healthy is increased. It is called health care as opposed to disease care which defines most of the medical profession. The body stays healthy. Consciously working at mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health maintains this vessel we now occupy. It makes sense not to take one's health for granted but to work at proper nutrition and balance in all areas of our life.
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I proudly fly our flag in support of those who sacrifice time away from this great country and from family to serve our greater good. The mission is important. I live safely here in America thanks to the efforts of the great men and women who have gone before us. Now many young people have taken up that banner and to them I say Thank-you! I am proud of the ongoing work of our service men and women. The ability to work within a huge organization and make freedom a possibility for many who have not known it is inspiring.
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The timing was perfect. Just as I drove into the drive T calls and lets me know of this issue she is having with L and she knows that it is better to get her point of view in before L. It is a teachable moment as she is begging for mercy. The funny thing is that she can predict L comments almost to the letter. I hear the story from her and from L. Referee is what I do. I tell T she could do better in the future and having heard the story I respond better with L.
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They have been around for a little while, I have heard them singing in the morning for about a week, but today was the first time I was able to get the camera out to capture the wonderful sight of a returning Robin. When they get here, then spring is not far off. The snow that is predicted for tomorrow causes me to feel somewhat sorry for these first brave robins but the winter birds have dealt with the snow with just a little help from backyard feeders, only on the bitter cold days do I feel sorry for them.
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It snowed today but the accumulation was not what they predicted! This cold weather has got me frustrated because there are many things I want to do out in the garage but I am just tired of the cold. Earlier in the winter I was out working when it was in the teens and now with the temps in the thirties one would think it is a heat wave but the stuff I want to do demands sixties degrees. There are a few things I could do but I need some motivation and a warm sunny day would be nice.
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He is impressed with the F18 Super Hornets. The jet blast deflectors, JBL's is awesome when it comes up and they put the jet to full throttle before they catapult it from the flight deck 0-180 in 3 seconds! Even cooler watching them land on the arresting gear, a giant cable that makes them stop from very fast to zero. He said about his job "I have been running into the rotor arc as the Helo blades have been spinning to chock and chain the 'bird' when it lands and takes off. I can't really explain how cool it is"
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A tour of the RV's from Finnegans' was held at the Forest Hills Lodge. We went through a number of them and were impressed with them. The Carriage Cameo LXI fifth wheel is a nice RV with a layout that would make traveling a treat. I liked the very light wood work and L shaped kitchen counter that kept the living space somewhat separate without the feeling of being in a boxed area. The slides add a lot of square feet to the livable space. To spend an extended amount of time seeing our great country would be very fun.
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Tonight it was kind of fun talking to an old friend that knocked my front teeth out thirty plus years ago. We started with a conversation about the motorcycles that he collected and then ran through an number of mutual friends and people that we each should have known listing the trials the years had presented then the accomplishments of a few who had gone beyond the region and made seemingly "something" other than the predicable with their life. It is strange how a chance encounter can bring back so many memories. Life goes on with or without our participation.
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You can achieve your grand dreams a day at a time, set goals for each day. Not long and difficult projects, but chores that will take you step by step toward your rainbow. Write them down if you must, but limit your list so that you won't have to drag today's undone matters into tomorrow. You can not build a pyramid in twenty-four hours. Be patient. Never allow your day to become so cluttered that you neglect your most important goal - to do the very best that you can. Enjoy this day and rest satisfied with what you have accomplished.
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Never allow anyone to rain on your parade and thus cast a pall of gloom and defeat on the entire day. Remember no talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character are required to set up in the fault finding business. Nothing external can have any power over you unless you permit it. Your time is too precious to be sacrificed in wasted days combating the menial forces of hate, jealousy and envy. Guard your fragile life carefully. Only God can shape a flower but any foolish child can pull it to pieces. Never allow anyone to rain on your parade.
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Eighty-two. She has been going for a few years now and the members wrote a charter to become an official congregation. She signed the charter. The mission church has developed into a church that will and can support itself. But then she has missionaries in a lot of different parts of the world. A granddaughter spent time in Germany now one is in Russia. And four grandsons in different parts of the world spreading the subtle influence this lady has had on their lives. The ability to influence the world around her has not diminished with her years. Well done!
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Dust and dirt were in the air today. The old warehouse got a cleaning today as the last of the inventory was moved to the new location. Sweeping the floor raised a lot of dust. There is only a couple of skids, the transport of the forklift and the job will be complete. The new building has a drive up ramp that allows for some toys to be stored there. A brand new Sportster, a red Corvette and a convertible Saab have found a home at the top of the ramp waiting there for a sunny day. Hooray for capitalism.
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I hurt. I need a new pair of shoes. I have a new pair that have been in the closet but they are too narrow and when I wear them I get a pain on the top of my foot. They are one hundred dollar oxfords and I hate that they do not fit right. I guess I will have to break into the piggy bank and go get a new pair similar to the ones I am presently wearing, Knapp oxfords that have been the best shoes I have ever worn. I guess I have a goal this weekend.
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I am having a real hard time today thinking of anything to put down on this page or should I write screen! Have all my words been used up? Come up with an original thought Clause. It really should not be that difficult but today it seems that it is. Has this little project come to be a routine that only shows my discipline to pound out day after day the required number of word or have I reached the point when a focus must emerge? Surly this may become more productive if a ongoing line of thought took shape.
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I got to take her out today. It has been in the garage since November and finally the weather and my time allowed me to pull it out so I could blow it off, tighten up the frame bolts and apply a little spot putty and sand. I have been working on this for the last eighteen months and this summer will be the one where I get to take her out and enjoy the dream and effort I have put into her. I can hardly wait! I figure a couple of months and I should have her road worthy.
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Laundry day this week has provided a slight breeze and enough warmth to again begin hanging clothes on the the clothes line. This morning while dressing the unbeaten stiffness of my jeans and the more subtle brightness of my white undershirt and of course the fragrance of the wind was a reminder why this little extra work is far superior to the beaten clothing of machine drying. The clothes fold better, the creases stay in the jeans longer when folded directly from the line in the yard.. The spring has just begun and this weekly task is a simple joy.
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It is good to be ahead. The ability to have a consistent income and not be behind in the expenses of living provide a more relaxed attitude and keeps the mind free from the chore of trying to mange bills and expenses under time pressure. This can be reached with an ongoing effort over a length of time of keeping expenses lower than income. I believe a lot of people deny the reality of the limitations of their money. It really does not take a whole lot to get along once needs and wants are defined however it takes time.
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I have been going down to the park along the river to eat my lunch. They have just put out the picnic tables. Today was a beautiful day and there was a number of others who had the same idea of enjoying the river and space away from the work place. My motivation is two fold. It allows me a nice place to eat lunch but it also makes sure that I do not get called away from the lunch room to deal with anything that might arise. I found a nice watch on the way to the picnic table!
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There is a packing issue with our product. There has been a few shipped units get to the customer and not be the correct product. The other day there was a phone call that created a major stir within the management because the main supplier that subcontracts our product called on behalf of a end user and questioned our ability to provide the needed service that they demand. The conclusion of a conversation was that all prepackaged product must be opened before shipment to determine the correctness of the shipment. Tonight again we found another error however prior to shipment.
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Encouragement, wind, a nice mid-day drive, worms on the blacktop, laughter, fake teeth, time pressure, invoices, stickers, packing labels, banding material, a beautiful girl, prom dress, new shoes, hamburger helper, vitamins, daily grid log, Mickey D's, exempt log, Andy Griffith and Opie, Dell, E-mail, My Family, Thomas a'Kempis, American flag, low tire, air compressor, recycling bin, keys on a stick, pallet jack, Amerock, fork lift, chock, security gate, lighthouse, wiring, Canadian pallet, stretch wrap, broom, ship upright label, greening grass, tooth brush, mailed card, stamp, scissors, noise, flip book, pen, camera, cooking utensils, plate, daily thoughts in one hundred words!