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We have enough. There always seems to be enough. When we feel need it often is because we look at others and in our limited view of things it may appear that we have less and that we work so much harder for the little we have compared to thier little work for so much more. Did it not cost the same? The day for the poor is the same for the rich. Abundance does not provide one with more days nor poverty provide fewer. It seems to me that some of the wealthy often time receive less for the cost of their day than the poor.
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Ground Hogs Day! Why is there such a day? It seems rather strange that people would stand about a hole and wait for a little critter to pop out and predict the future. I suspect that it is similar to seeing the first Robin return to the area and then declaring that spring will be here very soon. The mild weather this winter has been easy to take and I am glad that we have not been frozen by extended sub-zero temperatures. I would seem that if we can get through January then we are on the down hill slide.
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Drizzling and right on the verge of snowing. I stepped outside and could not take the steps because they lead into a puddle. I walked to the side of the concrete walk to a path well worn because of the puddle and down this slight embankment then as fast as I could throw my drink I slid with a failed attempt to recover. Forward I went breaking my fall with my hands, my head was saved but right on my belly I landed soaking my shirt and pants getting dirt on my face and skinning my hands. Welcome to today.
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There is a sod farm and upon their acres this cold day were Canadian geese which go south, but then maybe this is south, for the winter. A mild winter, lack of significant snow cover, open, that is not frozen, water and the ability to glean the surrounding corn fields obviously has provided a pleasant place to winter these beautiful birds. When the late autumn chills come and the reports of snow and cold to the north abound the cooperation of the geese provide noise and formations in the sky as they bound southward. This year here is the destination.
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Home is a sweet place to be. There always seems to be a comfortable place to relax and the surroundings take away the stresses of the day by their familiarity. To be able to dress in unimpressive clothing and flip a leg over the arm of a chair, to get a snack and eat it where you wish and not worry about permission or decorum provides a freedom not available even in the home of a good friend or even in a motel room while on the road. Home is a place that allows one to truly escape the world.
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You didn't provide the price advertised in you mailer. I will do my taxes somewhere else before I redo them on your site to try and get the price. You printed my user ID and that alone should have linked the advertised price to my return. Your follow-up email to mine indicated I did something wrong accessing your site in order to get the price. I'm the customer! I spent the entire afternoon working through the questions and then I got slammed. I should have been made aware of the price before all the work I put into your program.
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He looked at the clock, it read :57. He turned the alarm off and got out of bed. The shower and shave the night before lessened the things to do in the morning. A scrub of the face, a hair brush through what remained on his head made for quick tasks in the bathroom. He had learned to lay his clothes out, not that he dressed to impress but again it was a routine that made the morning flow. Down the steps, into the kitchen, pour the grounds into the maker for that first and best cup of the day.
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Mint Melt Aways, an apple, orange, some peanuts and raisins, a ham sandwich and a few leftover fortune cookies is the diet for the twelve hour work day that has been the routine for the past couple of weeks. This project has been a big one. The forty people that make up the shop normally, has increased by one hundred temps that were hired to help cut, drill, assemble and pack. Spanish would make communication a little easier but then it is not complicated work and the agency has provided someone to help inform these industrious souls of their task.
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How do you get along when you are in a place that does not speak your native language? Working with a number of individuals that speak Spanish better than English causes me to pause and consider if I would be able to work where the boss spoke a different language than I. It surely would put one at a disadvantage. The way it seems to work out is there is a couple of guys that are bi-lingual and they are called to communicate when needed. I suppose I should learn a few word when I can and become more valuable.
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Our society is a litigious one which promotes an attitude of winners and losers , that is if something goes wrong then someone must be blamed. In the work place there is a desire to prevent blame from being attached to you and effort is made to blame someone else if anything undesirable happens. It would seem a better approach would be to encourage everyone to work toward the defined end goal and eliminate the blame and work to constantly improve by discovering any flaws absent blame and working to eliminate them by implementing solutions. Overcoming the finger pointing is difficult.
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The poverty level is $15,260 for a three person household according to the government. Having just completed my taxes, which I have made the most simple by taking the standard deduction, it gave me pause to consider that maybe the standard deduction should be the same as the poverty level and the code should have everyone only claim this deduction. By doing so the government could get out of the business of influencing our live by making things tax deductible. I have never quite figured out why there is an incentive to be up to you eyes in mortgage debt.
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Took the day and went to the 98th Chicago Auto Show at The McCormick Place. It worked out great as we got there a little after the ten o'clock opening and got into the parking area without delay and then on the shuttle bus that took us under the center. I guess the car I liked the best was the Ford 500 because it is a very practical car that sits high enough so that one doesn't have the feeling of climbing up off the ground when exiting. After the show we went downtown and ate at The Weber Grill.
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Dick Cheney shoots a lawyer unfortunately he lives. Ok a bad joke but I can not believe the amount of time and energy that was spent talking about this accident. I am glad the Vice President can take a weekend to go hunting and quite frankly I could care less about his hobbies. It seems to me that if the press is spending this much time talking about the incident then what are they not telling us? Something worth while surely must have happened that we could have learned about instead of all energy about a hunting trip in Texas.
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There are few things better than an extended conversation with one's son. Especially when they are very upbeat and positive about the future. To feel excited about what they are doing and feeling very much proud of their accomplishments creates a sense that efforts expended during the growing up years have paid off and the questionable times that assuredly are present in all parent, child relationships were times of transition and growing for the child but also for the parent. It takes a certain amount of faith that all will work out and of course patience for insights to bloom.
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I had the opportunity to talk with an individual that was estranged from his son for over twenty years and was recently contacted by his son. He was rather timid to talk to his son and was vague as to his present situation. He does not have a very high status job. I gathered that he seemed ashamed about were he was in his life. I tried to encourage him. It seems that we often feel that we are not good enough wherever we are at but wherever we are at I think is where we are suppose to be.
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Snow, sleet, hail, a lot of rain, thunder and lighting and even sunshine came on this day which also saw a tornado warning and a spotting. It is an amazing thing to experience all this weather in one day and then to spend the day driving about in an area that was unfamiliar. Slow and easy was the plan for driving and there where occasions when the rain came down so hard I wish I could have pulled over but there was no place available. To think what things would have been like if temps were just ten degrees cooler!
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Yesterday the day only saw a moment of sunshine but today there was the most beautiful sunrise. There was not a cloud in the sky. The air had been cleaned by the storms yesterday. The sun came up slow and steady. It became quite light before the actual sun broke over the horizon. It might have had to do with the clearness of the very cold air. Last night there was a dramatic drop in the temperature towards evening as the last of the rain and snow coated everything then gave way to a freshness of a throughly washed land.
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Watching individuals not only not working but disrupting others, then creating an atmosphere in which their actions are duplicated by a growing number of people around them is only less maddening than supervisors who can't see or won't do anything to correct this theft. Go up to this worthless slug and tell them they have a choice to make, one, they can get paid for the time they were here today if they never come back or two, they can punch in again and start getting paid from this point. The moron would probably feel ill treated by such action.
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Small talk is fairly easy to do and when it is considered it really is an extended, "hi, how are you doing?", with, often times, not a sincere desire to know the truth about their well being. The more familiar one is with someone the small talk often becomes harder because there has already been that quick catching-up done fairly recently and so then where do you go from there? A quick excuse to move along? Occasional acquaintances seem to create a desire that a meeting or call should be made that rarely materializes. Or am I just being male?
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An eaves trough prevents them but there is only a drip plate on this section of the three season porch and so the fourth season allows them to appear. It is rather unique when one considers that the conditions have to be just right for them to form but the conditions vary in different places of the roof so that becomes conducive to there formation, also, the sun needs to be out or there is not the solar effect to help create the different temperatures in the different parts of the run off causing their formation. Dripping, sparkling, wonderful, icicles!
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They ran out of items and the production line shut down. I had four hours of work but when I returned there was no more and so I and the rest of the people too determined to get their eight hours in had to find things to do. It really is hard to look busy and shift into a slower speed when it has been full bore for the past couple of weeks. Luckily enough people took off to enjoy the afternoon but I thought I would stay around and clean up the area and help in anyway I could.
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I took a new way back to the plant today, I avoided the toll road because on the way down the State Troopers were setting up roadside checks and actually had four people pulled over when I went by in the morning. I figured that the best thing to do was to let them have their fun with out any possible participation on my part. It actually only cost me an additional fifteen minutes plus I saved the cost of the tolls which were more than I could have made in that time. Looks like I found a new way.
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I am glad that she seems to be really into her school work and that her grades are reflecting her effort. She has really worked hard at it and it may be because she seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If all goes well which I am sure it will she will be able to graduate a semester early. The first couple of years were full of drama, her word, that frustrated her but now I think she has got a grip on how to deal with those around her better. She had steak, I had chicken.
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My hips ache. I have been working the blood through them by tightening and relaxing different muscles and this helps. I think I got chilled this afternoon and the cold has just not left my body. A long hot shower and an aspirin with an extra blanket on the bed can only help. I have been doing a lot more bending and twisting than normal so I am sure that has a lot to do with it. I feel better because of this but I think I over did it today. I need to get in bed right now, goodnight.
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A dress is rather a special thing to a young lady and when the right one is found there is no putting it off, it must be bought. A rather uncomfortable feeling for a man as he waits for the dressing room door to open, there among the women buying their clothes. High heel shoes and racks of pretty thing are not all that hard to bear however the occasion should be done with as soon as possible. The door opens and beauty appears and of course the dress is pretty also. Soon we will be on our way, thank-you.
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"Issues, everyone needs one". Stick person has gone out on a limb, as it were, because he has decided to take up a promotional campaign with the release of his T-shirt. A simple logo with a simple phrase divided between the front and back of the shirt. White lettering on a black shirt graced with a self-portrait of him hanging off the second S. and at a great price. The initial offering was ten dollars per shirt but I understand that the second offering will demand twelve dollars and I am confident there will be takers. Issues is moving forward.
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It is good to be appreciated. Many things can get done with a Thank-you or Good job that is difficult to get done otherwise. People want to belong and want to feel they are part of something bigger than themself. A smile and a kind word will do more to improve the atmosphere than any single effort. Some people create tension wherever they go and some people cause a calm and draw others to them. One has many friends and the other is distant and unknowable. It does seem however it takes both kinds of people to accomplish most things.
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Forty Days is how long it took a letter to leave my home and travel to a point where the USPS was assigned to take it then return it to me stamped return to sender. Forty Days! Thank goodness the message was a personal note and not some time sensitive business matter. But the note was important as it expressed a thought to a very important person that the time we spent together was of value and I wish that we could have had more of it together. A department switch and the FPO must not be able to forward.