BY Rio

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Today, we went to Lemery, Batangas to visit our Tito Boy there. It's basically for a break from all the work, and as for me, a break from the summer class I'm currently taking. We had to battle the heat of the sun as we traveled with our Toyota Altis. My cousin, aunt, uncle and a family friend became my company for the day. We greeted kuya Wilfred (tito sa pinsan) a happy birthday and celebrated it over a cake bought by tito Boy himself. Chocolate cake, yum! It was a tiring day for all of us, indeed.
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I attempted to finish taking a bath and dressing myself early this morning. Wow! Whaddyaknow? I actually failed. Obviously, I already suck at getting up early since high school. What happened? I don't know. The usual happened: commute to school and back home. It's extremely exhausting--I repeat, EXHAUSTING--but I'd rather spend my summer at home rather than in the dorm because hey, it's summer! It's still a vacation, so I chose to spend it seeing my mother everyday. Aww! For dinner, mommy, MJ, kuya Delio and I had Chic-Boy at Shopwise. If only the store had originality...
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Half day for the day! Normally, we don't have laboratory class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I really spend only half of the day at school on these days. Seatmate Milcah was absent. She said she had to "fix her heart" in Manila. Uh, okay? After class, Thea, Raiza, ate Kianne and I went to McDo to eat lunch. It's only recently that I've been spending a lot of time eating fastfood. I know it's bad but what can I do? Tell McDo to stop being so delicious and affordable? Right. Thanks to these people that I enjoyed the noon.
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I just remembered a simple but meaningful thought: one day from this week, a jeepney driver tapped my shoulder. I got shocked with his action, only to know that he was warning me of a fast car coming my way as I was about to get off from the jeepney. I was moved at that single action. It meant a lot, just because I felt glad to know that fellow citizens are still benevolent to others. Anyway, it was still a typical day for me. Smoke-belchers gave me a blow, and I enjoyed the laboratory exercise we had: Javascript.
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So we celebrated my friend's birthday today. It's Chin's birthday! And we partied like rockstars at her crib. Like yeah, we looked like complete morons. We uploaded videos of ourselves. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody famous would discover us. He'd discover us for the wrong reasons. Hahaha. And of course, since Chin is a photographer--self-proclaimed--we took countless pictures of ourselves with her camera. In short, we were completely exhausted! We were laughing our hearts out but it's those times that I truly cherish. Although our other batchmates weren't there, it's still a night to remember.
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So I bought this cake for my friend 'cause she asked me to. And then I figured it's for her since it was her birthday yesterday, and her mom had actually mentioned about the fact that it'd be good if I bought Mernel's cake (that's the brand) for them. So I thought that's what they wanted... But then I gave the cake to my friend, only to find out that it wasn't for her. Her mom was going to give the cake to a friend. And to think that I even thought twice about putting a dedication on the cake.
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Today, it's been exactly 11 years since my father passed away and left us. Oh sure, he'd left us PHYSICALLY but not TOTALLY because I can still feel his presence all the time. We visited his and lola's graves to bring flowers. We went to lola's grave since it's mother's day tomorrow and to save ourselves from the hassle of going twice to the cemetery, we decided to go to both then. I can't believe how fast time flies. When the semester's ongoing, the time seemingly slows down. But then a day goes by so fast without me even noticing...
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Happy mother's day to all mothers out there! And of course, to my mommy as well. I gave her a mother's day card. At one point, I kinda felt it was so simple-- too simple, to be precise. After all, a piece of paper folded in half wouldn't sound anything so awesome, right? But then as I saw mommy's tears forming up as she received the card from me, I started realizing how much the thoughts count more than the gifts itself. I saw how much she appreciated every gift I give her and that's all that matters.
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So today, it's raining hard. Storm signal number 1 was put on our place, so we kinda know what to expect. Too bad we still have classes today despite the storm. Ugh! The storm's name is "Bebeng". It kind of reminded me of a former maid of ours whose name is almost similar to that of the storm. Nothing important, I just ... well, I've realized how much help she gave me and my mom when she was still working for us. We had extra hands for work unlike now that it's only the two of us at home. Thanks anyway. :)
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I haven't been through half of the day but I'm already bummed. No classes today! I should be happy, but I'm not. Obviously, I went all the way to our university only to find out that we don't have classes because our professor hasn't recorded our grades from our previous exercise. My friend even told me she remembered me since she was more concerned with me and my safety. Aww! I was more concerned with my travel fare. It was spent for nothing! Great, just great. I should've just gone back to bed and continued my good night's dream today.
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Lecture and laboratory class today. I should start paying attention to how kind our professor is. He's the most considerate professor I have ever met in our university!
There have been cheaters in our class, and he still doesn't scold them nor give them a penalty. I feel awful since it's so unfair for us who don't cheat and then there they go, abusing our professor's kindness. Isn't that too much? I bet their conscience is bugging them nonstop.
And then in our laboratory class, the power lines crashed again! No electricity means no laboratory! Yey, early dismissal!
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My batchmate and I went to the mall after class. It's totally out of the blue since she had planned on going to this mall which was way nearer than the one I suggested, but we ended up going to the latter. The look on her face was priceless! She was so worried about the travel fee because it was much farther but I decided to pay for her. It wasn't much, since she also ended up buying me snacks later.
Thank you, friend! It was a nice surprise considering I didn't have enough money since I bought this eyeliner.
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Well, it's Friday the 13th today! I bet everyone's been writing madly about this day. Well, it only happens seldom in a year. I'm not exactly frightened with the whole "bad luck" thing. It's also a good thing that nothing unusual happened to me, my family and friends. No signs of bad luck now. But something quite unlucky came up when after classes, I got stuck in this heavy traffic. It wasn't anything new since it was always like that on a Friday. Good thing I got past that and was able to go to Church with my family. Yey!
05/14 Direct Link
Our internet connection is back on! Thank you, Smart Bro people! That's our internet connection network company. I was already getting bummed by playing nonstop PSP (I'm loving The Sims 2 - Castaway. I know it's kinda late but I still love it) and watching TV.
I may sound like a bum kid but I'm not. I actually have summer classes (which is going to end by next week) so I cherish moments like this where I'm all lazed up at home with nothing to do but relax. Plus, the summer heat is annoying! Thank God for those refreshing softdrinks!
05/15 Direct Link
I'm a bum today. I'm feeling "blah" and whatnot.
Obviously had nothing to do so I decided to start drafting my final project in the subject I'm currently taking this summer. It's still early, I guess, but would it hurt to start early? It might even be something I'd be thankful for one day after I finish it and pass it.
Later, I found myself thinking random stuff. I thought about my past, my present and my future. All of them included one person, and I don't know why. Do I still have feelings for this awesome guy?
05/16 Direct Link
Here I was, cracking my head out trying to figure whether we had class today or not. Turns out we don't, so yey for being a bum again today! And so we went to my aunt to give her a copy of the DVD of my debut so she can watch it, and maybe feel bad for not going. >:)
We went to McDo afterwards, and whaddyaknow? I saw my old batchmates there. And I thought, "hey I've just been thinking about him randomly these past few days." FATE REALLY HAS ITS OWN WAYS TO SURPRISE ME ALL THE TIME.
05/17 Direct Link
As I sat by the jeepney, random thoughts dominated my mind. Was it for real? I didn't quite expect the feeling to be so true or so real. But there I was, with my mind completely in a daze as I thought about his face.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about the guy I saw yesterday. I'm actually talking about a professor. This is so absurd! How could I possibly have feelings for a mentor? I could not fathom how.
This is wrong. Perhaps I shouldn't continue this. I should just forget everything and carry on.
05/18 Direct Link
As my batchmates went to sign up for our presentation tomorrow, I opted us who were left behind to go with them. I thought, "Me going here wouldn't be complete if I didn't see him.". And so we accompanied them.
They went in. We also did. It turns out that he wasn't in the room; he was nowhere to be found. Where was he when I needed him the most? When I needed to see him the most, just to know what this feeling is.
I'd gladly take the time tomorrow to do the same thing and succeed.
05/19 Direct Link
Another family member had flown back home to America today. Well, everyone wished him a safe trip and hoped he had a good stay with us. Who wouldn't? I mean, my mom would cancel all her appointments just to satisfy his needs. It's all just a give-and-take situation. But of course, we love him. And it's officially the end of my summer class today, too! No more inhaling of smoke pollution anymore! But I'm definitely going to miss seeing those lovely faces and wrecking my brain out trying to answer that piece of question. Start of official vacation!
05/20 Direct Link
Come to think of it, when you're over with your obsession with K-Pop, you agree with those who don't care. They're not haters, but they just don't value it as much. I used to be so obsessed about them but now, that sensation has gone. I don't know why. One minute, I'm fascinated and the next thing I know, I don't care anymore. Yey.
05/21 Direct Link
Have you heard? This certain religious American group had just predicted that today's the end of the world! Particularly at 6:00 P.M. today.
Seriously, it freaked me out. Some people seemed to believe, so how could I not? Besides, this was the first time I heard something so "predicted" and seriously scary at the same time. But just when some believed, a whole lot more didn't. So I felt relieved, because my conscience also told me the same thing. It won't end, just have faith in God.
And it didn't. Thank You, God, for guiding us.
05/22 Direct Link
We had a family bonding/get-together today. It's an annual activity so it seems like a family tradition. Actually, I guess it is.
I brought the camera for nothing in particular. I had no purpose for bringing it, in other words. And then my mom backed me up by saying, "She wanted to take pictures because you guys are going to leave soon." She was referring to my aunt and uncle who were going to leave for Canada this coming week.
They are going to be missed, that's for sure. But that's what's good for them both.
05/23 Direct Link
Today is the epic day I get to see Adam Levine and his band perform in our country! Alright, I'm talking about Maroon 5. So this made my day. My whole summer, I think. All I needed was to see his hotness in person and live.
Too bad I didn't get to see his presence that much because we were kind of situated rows away from the stage and all I saw were countless heads banging along to their music. At least I still got to enjoy that moment and with Adam! I think I just fell in love.
05/24 Direct Link
Can't get over that hang-over from yesterday. Sound redundant, eh? I obviously have to get my sanity back.
I stayed at home today. In fact, I can't get over that much that I had to stay in bed all day. It's nothing significant, really. And so I bummed my whole day sitting in front of the laptop with the TV on. I felt like singing Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" while having the time of my life being a couch potato. After all, I'm sure I'm so gonna miss this once classes start again for the nth time.
05/25 Direct Link
What day is it? It's our "Triosary"! Unfortunately, I forgot. But first, let me explain what the quoted word means.
I have a group of friends (smart friends, if I may) and our group is named "Trio" 'cause we're three. We formed the group on July 25, 2009 and so every 25th of the month became an automatic "Triosary" ("Trioversary" for anniversaries) and make it a point to celebrate as much as possible.
I'd like to apologize for not being able to remember ASAP to the two of my ever so smart friends. They really are a blessing.
05/26 Direct Link
Besides being a bum, what's new?
My family and I had dinner with a family friend who also happens to be a municipal official. I don't necessarily know his position but it seems kinda high to me because my family honors him way too much. They also seem to spoil him though.
We had Chinese food at Zong restaurant tonight. He noticed the Fossil watch he gave me and even complimented me for being "more beautiful than before". As if I wasn't used to jokes and tomfoolery.
After, we had Breton-style crepes and frappes for dessert.
05/27 Direct Link
Last Friday of the month. I can't believe classes are creeping in way too fast!
I could take being a devoted bum as an automatic career. There was nothing I could do at home but BUM. Yeah, I just used the word as a verb.
The night went the usual way: mom, aunt and I visited the Church to pray. We do that every Friday. It's also something that I appreciate so much because I feel so blessed to have a family who keeps their faith so strong. I really feel their love and strength so I'm thankful.
05/28 Direct Link
And today, my aunt and uncle officially flew off to Canada to make their lives even more productive and efficient. It's an awful lot of sacrifice (since we're going to miss them hugely) but we had to do something eventually. Besides, life there is cool, I've heard.
My family and I accompanied the two to the airport where our goodbyes came off as something quite rushed. I didn't even get any official hug. Just a touch, which I suppose I'm going to treasure for the next 2 years 'till they visit here. Mom took it the hardest and cried.
05/29 Direct Link
I've always said this and I'm going to say this again: I really do want to look more like my daddy. My mom thinks I'm blessed just because I resemble her more. She emphasizes the fact that she still looks youthful despite her shocking age. PS: Nobody can guess her right age.
Well, I've got one reason. I think it's reasonable enough: I want to become a living memory of my daddy. His mini-me (even though I'm a girl). His proof that he has an offspring in the world. I want him to be remembered in me always.
05/30 Direct Link
And so the battle for the online registration begins...TOMORROW! Okay thank you, ICS administrators for delaying so much but not moving the start of classes! Didn't benefit me anyway (talking about the online registration delay).
I felt a bit relieved that it was moved tomorrow but then remembering the thought of the humongous server delay when the online registration comes is no relief! It's tomorrow. Just a few more hours and it's gonna be almost hell again! I'm not kidding. All students like me feel the same whenever it's time for this. I must admit I miss it.
05/31 Direct Link
I just had this epic dream. IDK if it's a nightmare, but it goes something like this.
I was married, and then one day, I was with my family in an island. And then as we were roaming around, a guy approaches me out of the blue. Turns out he was my husband. He was with his father.
He warned me about cheating on him. True, I was a cheater IN MY DREAM. And so my family and I became more cautious. A few minutes later, he caught me successfully and his dad shot me with a gun.