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I took a hiatus for four months and I can't believe how much I missed 100 words. Ha, did anyone miss me? There was a routine to my day and for over a year I wrote 100 words every day and submitted online. It didn't matter if anyone read them. Writing was something I did for me and I'm back. I just reread the last month of entries and even though I was gearing up for the busy season of work I managed to write something and I liked what I wrote. It is very easy to do. Just write.
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This time of year I watch and listen as the apples ripen on the two established trees outside the bedroom window. These trees are almost thirty years old and still produce a bounty crop of fall apples. They are best used for apple sauce or pressing cider. As they ripen they start dropping from the branches and early in the morning I hear them hit the ground. Most days I try and collect the ones that have fallen and use them in the juicer. The best drink of the day, fresh apple, beet and carrot juice, all locally grown here.
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This is my favorite time of year in the garden since most of the hard work is done. The Friday market is finished and I completed four months of offering vegetables to my CSA (community supported agriculture) members. I love the fall and the warm, sunny weather that has continued into October. No rain to speak of and the sun ripens the rest of the tomatoes along with the sugar pumpkins and the rest of the winter squashes. Acorn, spagetti and hubbard, along with a french heirloom winter squash called Galeux d'Eysine. A wild, warty, weird looking, yummy winter squash.
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Two years ago today he drove out of the parking lot and instead of turning right to go home, he made a left and reached out for help. He wasn't aware that he was emotionally bankrupt. Nothing made sense to him anymore in his life. The job, his marriage or children. A midlife crisis. No one could tell him he had a drinking problem because he'd deny it. A family intervention wouldn't work either. He needed to feel the emptiness and realize he couldn't do it alone. There is help if you seek it. The truth will set you free.
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Up early to start my day. Is waking up at 4am that necessary if I'm not going to work? I tell my body to go back to sleep but my brain starts turning. I make a mental list of what needs to be done. The list is endless and I don't have to do it all in one day. I take it slow. If I'm waking up at 4am I might as well be productive. Checking emails and FB is mindless. Writing 100 words or completing another writing project takes more effort and concentration. Just make a commitment to write.
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The flow of life is working. Our attitude has changed and the feeling of helplessness has been lifted. Since January we've been trying to make a decisison about selling or keeping our home. A number of people contacted us to look at it but only one young couple were serious enough to pursue it. Now, it's official that they bought the farm and our reality will change. It'll be for the better but the uncertainity of what's next is looming. We've both believe this is meant to be. Having that faith that God is providing keeps us going. Blind faith.
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They met gathered in the living room once a month to play music and sing songs. Who knew that it would turn into a concert. A real performance with chairs for the audience and someone selling tickets at the door. But slowly people started to show up and by show time close to 100 people paid admission and sat down to an entertaining performance of five talented musicians. If you have a dream to play guitar or sing don't stay in your bedroom and play to yourself. Get out and share it with others. You'll be amazed when you do.
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My annual eye exam happened and luckily with insurance a $5.00 co-pay is all I have to pay. I started wearing glasses at ten years old and hated it. The kids calling me four eyes and teasing me until I was old enough to wear contacts. Then I did that for years but now the idea of putting plastic in my eyes feels so wrong. I kept most of my glasses from my childhood but recently went through some belongings and found them. One pair had a broken arm and the other a cracked bridge. Tossed them out.
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In the early morning hour as I type away on the laptop, the pets are fast asleep. The dog at the foot of the bed and the aging cat curled up next to the pillow. This is our routine as I wake earlier than my husband, who happens to be sound asleep in the other room. Outside the window the deer are munching the apples that have dropped overnight and the dog doesn't even lift his head to their sounds. He's fast asleep, twitching his legs, dreaming what dogs dream. This is a peaceful morning on a cool October day.
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As I did some errands yesterday in town, making a bank deposit, dropping off an invoice and stopping in the the thrift store I realized how many trips I make in a given week. All the details that need to be done and no one else will do them unless I paid someone. That's not an option. The mundane but necessary things like buying stamps at the post office, going grocery shopping, picking up dog food, buying lottery tickets, taking the recycling to the dump and getting the mail. What would happen if they didn't get done? Would it matter?
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Driving around Seattle yesterday with my friend to sell vintage clothes at the consignment stores on Capital Hill and the U Disctrict. My friend had bags of clothes that belonged to her deceased mother and it was hard for her to let them go. One dress they'd give her $4.00 for it. She stood there emotionally attached to the dresses and funky hats but wanting more money for them. You can't haggle with the clerk, not cool. Within a few seconds she accepted the price and took her money. Ebay would work as well just more work. Everything sold.
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Big news of late. Our region is expecting rain. We've had something like six weeks without any percipitation and everyone keeps talking about "how dry things have been?" In the Pacific Northwest summer is now August and September. This has been the warmest Indian summer that I've experienced in fourteen years of living here. The blackberries were abundant and I picked and put in the freezer pounds of berries. I made blackberry cobbler for every potluck and dinner occasion. Nothing like warm cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream dripping down the sides. Each bite an explosion of taste.
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Her story was one courage and inspiration after years of alcohol and drug abuse from the time she was fifteen until her mid thirties. If you lived through the 60's and 70's could chance you're in some program of recovery. The body can't take decades of abuse before things start to shut down. It all seems fun at first but then it stops working.

Her dreams and aspirations of becoming a singer were mired by her using. Finally, next week she'll be attending an annual west coast showcase for singers/songwriters. Never too late to live your dreams.
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On Saturday October 13th a group of twenty amateur and professional photographers met at the local coffeeshop for the annual worldwide photo walk. I heard about it from a photographer friend who was the group leader in our area. After a group shot we walked towards the marina and spent the next two hours wandering around the town. The rain held off as we photographed wet leaves on the ground or the scenery. If you train your eye you can see anything. Observing is most of it. These days anyone can point and shoot with their phones. We're all photographers.
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I was at class at 9:30 this morning and within a hour I felt like a different person. My heart rate was up, the endorphins were pumping and any negative thoughts I had were gone. This is the benefits of exercising and despite not liking groups I'm doing this. It doesn't matter if you're running on a treadmill, riding a bike outside, walking in the woods, swimming, kick boxing, doing yoga or pilates, jump roping, crewing, playing soccer or basketball or any other form of exericise. The important thing is to do something. Get out and move your body.
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She told me she wasn't driving but I didn't question why. I figured if she wanted to tell me she would. The only thing she said is "she's taking the bus to work." And I replied, "that's cool." A few days later my husband ran into her and she confided to him that she got a DUI and lost her license. My heart just sank. With her husband gone to Alaska for work, she's trying to manage two boys on her own and now she can't drive. I want to help somehow. She's too sweet of a person for this.
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Later in the day I stopped by a friend's and she was trying to put together a new desk purchased at IKEA. Someone has taken the time to coordinate all the steps in putting together this $35.00 dollar desk. Crazy directions with tiny screws in a plastic bag and particle board sides for the desk drawer. I have nothing against IKEA, they offer great selection with affordable prices to furnish your home or office. What's disappointing is this generation will never know what "real wood" looks like. The texture of an antique kitchen queen or an oak ice box.
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Sipping a cup of ginger tea and listening to a Nora Jones cd while surfing between emails, Facebook and my eBay listings. Not a bad day to be indoors and getting a chance to catch up on paperwork and bills. It doesn't take me long to get distracted between writing 100 words and surfing the web. I'm constantly preoccupied with a video to watch or some political statement to read. I have to ask what sort of things did I do before the computer? Was I more productive, happier or content? Would my life improve without all this technology? Umm...
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Last night I was in bed by 8pm and read for a bit then sacked out. I might be fighting something since everyone around me is hacking some dry cough or complaining of something. The change of seasons and moving indoors creates a cesspool of germs. It didn't help to be out last night sitting in the auditorium of seventy people. Someone sniffling, another blowing her nose. A cough that sounded like a fog horn. Ugh, If this is only October what's it going to like in January? I slept for eight hours and this morning I feel like myself.
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The song "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger has the classic line 'wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.' That line is so poignant. When I woke this morning I thought about my past and crazy behavior I did through my teens and into my mid twenties. All the partying and craziness which at times was fun but the darkness took over. At some point it stopped working and using people, places and things kept me from loving myself. The biggest thing I learned since then is "love yourself." Be kind, appreciate the gifts you've been given.
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Every day I'm reminded of a fatal crash that occured almost a year ago on a cold and rainy November night. A memorial site of flowers and other trinkets sits at the base of the charred tree. With alcohol in their system and driving at a high speed the didn't have a chance. This summer two signs were placed on either side of the road which read:

Don't Drink and Drive. In Remembrance of (their three names)

Their ages nineteen and twenty years old. Too young to be stricken down. Too sad it has to happen.
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The two men sat across from each other and just talked. Not about sports, the latest debate or women but about meaningful and thoughtful ideas. Both were polite and took the time to really listen when the other was speaking. They spent hours sharing about spirtuality and God. It couldn't of been scripted. Without realizing spirit was present in the room. The conversation was spontaneous and from the heart. They have sincere desire in knowing truth and aren't afraid to learn as much as they can. Walking the talk in life takes daily practice. Neither one of them can fail.
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The house is going to be demolished in a few days but before the bulldozer razes the place the owner put a call out to sell the appliances and remove ceiling fans, doors and windows. When we got there the back deck had been dismantled and all the appliances were sold. Various mattresses, a floral pattern couch and loveseat were the only thing left. It was slim pickins. I felt like a scavenger though not much was left. At least the owner gave people the opportunity to come in and remove what they could. Why waste a perfectly good house.
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The phone call came in the morning and while working Jessica glanced down at her cell phone and saw her sister's name flash on the screen. No, she wouldn't answer it. Not in the middle of work. It had been months since they spoke. At this point Jessica wasn't even sure why they had stopped talking. Someone was mad at the other and they retreated to their corners to sulk and figure out why. At mid fifties you'd think they would realize that everything that has happened in the past is over. Done. Kaput.

You only have now.
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In the time that I've been writing 100 words I can't believe how much I've learned from other peoples entries. I've read many entries about new music and read books that you've suggested. I've googled places that have been mentioned and read countless blogs. There are nuggets of information that have been invaluable to me. I'm more open to receiving new things than I've ever been. You never know where it'll come from. The main thing I'm trying to do is slow down and accept all the gifts that are freely given every single day. I'm forever grateful. Thank you.
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Througout the day I have stories running around my head. Sometimes I stop to jot down some notes but most times I think I'll remember but then I sit down to write 100 words and I can't remember. I'll be doing the most mundane things like washing dishes or pulling some weeds and an idea comes to me. I really need to start carrying a pad around with me. Most times I don't think about pulling out my iPhone and writing notes in that. It doesn't work the same with me. I need some paper and something to write with.
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Not sure where the past few days have gone? More like the past five days. I logged on and realized I haven't written five days of entries. Kind of a blur of activity. I know I had things to do and work that needed to be done but I didn't take the time to write. I can't see myself trying to take on any other writing projects. This is all I can manage and I'd like to continue the best way I see fit. Writing a paragraph isn't that much. Just 100 words of what's on my mind. Tha's all.
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As a couple they wanted to make their first meal special. It had to be since their mentors were traveling quite a ways to visit. Their vision is living sustainable by growing their own food and living off the land. They love to glean and find ways to use every speck of food. Nothing goes to waste. And they never have to go to the grocery store for much of anything. Today's dinner was prepared with everything they grew or raised. Two roasted chickens, spinach salad, stir-fry vegetables of brocolli, squash and onions, pressed apples, beets and carrot juice.
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As I woke in the morning I resisted turning on the tv to watch the news of Sandy making her way up the East Coast. Having experienced Hurricane Gloria in 1985 I remember how terrified I was preparing for the worst. Now all the federal agencies are taking precautions and informing people to evacuate all coastal areas and NYC is shutting down the subway system. Wall Street will be closing from trading. This storm won't hit land until later tonight but watching the news from the West Coast I can only imagine what people are going through. Be safe everyone.
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Today in the store I asked the young clerk how her day was going? She cheerfully replied "I'm living my dream!" I've known her a few years now and she wasn't sarcastic. As she was stocking the shelves I grabbed a few items and made my way to the counter. After paying I walked out thinking what a change that interaction was. I'm sure she's grateful to have a job with a decent income and I could only guess she loves what she's doing. The simplest interaction like today left an impression on me and I wanted to share it.
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Constant day of rain didn't damper Halloween. Our costumes were whimsical and we got the laughs we were hoping for. The best costume is a friend who many years ago purchased a camouflage hunting outfit but never wore it hunting. He wore it at the party and was covered head to toe in a leaf colored pattern. We called him shrub which everytime we saw him we all laughed. Kids still came out for trick or treating and candy flowed. One of the better Halloweens for me. It was a fun party with good food and friends. Plus no hangover.