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March has come in like a lion. A roaring lion. I woke early to snow falling and cold temperatures. For the Pacific Northwest snow in our region is not the norm this time of the year. As the morning progresses the snow has turned to sleet. Just a dark, gloomy day. The bone chilling kind of weather that makes me want to seek out a Finnish sauna and bathe in the warmth of hot steam. Two people I know have built one on their property, both made by a Finn who lives here. They know how to survive a winter.
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I guess my body only needs five hours of sleep and I've accepted it. No sense in fighting my sleep rhythms so I've been getting up to do some work on the computer. Checking emails, Facebook, reading various newspapers and blogs and do some research for a project I'm working on. Ideally, I'd like to start my day by meditating but haven't done so yet. My intentions are good but can't seem to just do it. It would be the perfect time in the early morning hours to sit, close my eyes and clear my mind. Writing is like meditation.
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It would surprise you to find out he is an accomplished Hollywood screenwriter when you see him around town. Though now retired he still dabbles in writing but he'll be the first to tell you "he's out of the business." His body of work is impressive and has had a number of screenplays turned into successful movies. Now he can be seen walking every morning for his exercise and picking up trash as he meanders through town. Some mornings he brings along kibble to feed the three feral cats who live near the overview. He's got some stories to tell.
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You won't be able to convince him to join Facebook. I asked him two years ago and his reply back to me, "I like faces and I enjoy books but I don't like Facebook." His mind was made up long before social media became the way to connect via Tweet, Skype, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, a blog or texting. He's not cynical just practical. He'll tell you why he doesn't want to be one of the 845 million active Facebook users throughout the world. Just make sure you have time to listen because he can talk. Mark Zuckerberg is the Antichrist.
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Does anyone remember running around as children playing in the woods, building tree forts or climbing trees? Running around with the neighborhood kids until our parents yelled for us to come in at dark. Riding bikes, playing kick the can or tag, collecting lightening bugs during a humid summer night. Or going to the local pool and swimming all day and coming home exhausted. In the winter we built snowmen and ice skated at the local pond. Where I grew up we were outdoors year round. The weather was just the weather. We dressed for it and I loved it.
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I'm up in the early hour with an almost full moon peeking through the curtains and I glance outside the window to see snow falling. Upon closer look two to three inches have covered the ground which is unusual for an early spring snowfall. The right combination at the high mountain levels produced enough moisture to reach us at the lower levels. Plain and simple we have snow in March. I'm glad I didn't plant my peas outside and will wait until the time change happens this Sunday. Longer days with more light into the evening hours produces happier people.
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A group of friends celebrated her birthday at the local coffee house with a surprise visit from an accordian player strolling and serenading her with the infamous birthday tune. Afterwards a round of applause from those enjoying their coffee and appreciating the impromptu music played in public. She wasn't embarrassed by the attention given during the gathering. Some gifts to be opened, birthday cards and the owner brought a treat to enjoy. I've known her for twelve years and this was the happiest I've seen her. Showered with love and admiration from a community that she calls home. Happy Birthday!
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What if you were to rely on your own instincts and make sound decisions based on common sense? Seems easy to do but how many actually adhere to it. The government can't. Just look at the issues in the news. Two parties that battle against each other and each believes they have the right answer. Over and over I'm watching the insanity and it doesn't make sense. I'm not interested in the political system and maybe that's part of the problem. I'm letting issues important to me get made by men who are power hungry. They can't decide for me.
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If you take a moment to listen to someone and hear their story you'd have so much to write about. Everyone has a story to tell. A piece of their family history. Truth about something. I've always been told that "I'm a good listener." I'm the fly on the wall and I'll see or hear things that most people miss. I've overheard conversations while walking down the street, sitting at a bar or shopping in a store. I don't need my imagination to make something up. My writing is an observation of the world around me. Take the time. Listen.
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Up early at 5am. This is a snippet of Saturday. Spent two hours on computer. Had a conversation with my husband. Helped him load cut rounds of fir into his truck and trailer. Showered, dressed and packed a lunch along with laptop and off to work. Luckily a slow day but caught up on more computer work and edited photos. Bought four scratch tickets; spent $20.00 and won $50.00. Kept the money. Came home, walked the dog in the woods. Thinned plant starts for garden. Got ready for an evening out with a good friend. Bed at midnight.
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He's staring at the phone, waiting for the text to come through. Sitting and watching this electronic tool to send forth the response he's been waiting for. The distinctive bing the phone makes when the message goes through. Why not mute the phone but decides against it. As he moves from the bedroom to the kitchen the phone is glued to his hand. He can't stand that he's put so much attention to this one text. Why not just call her back? Is she being passive aggresive with him? The not knowing is driving him crazy. Just send the text!
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Susanne was reluctant about meeting Jen, who's always late. She told her she would stop by after her appointment and they could talk. When Susanne arrived at 4:45pm, no sign of Jen but the door was unlocked and she went in. The cottage was warm so she must have started a fire in the wood stove. Jen probably took the dog out for a walk. Back outside Susanne bundled up against the cold and started walking down the road. In a distance she could see Jen with her dog, dawdling along on their walk. No concept of time. Late.
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We've seen an increase of .30 cents a gallon for gasoline within a month. Yesterday, unleaded gas was $4.09/gallon and we have an oil refinery sixty miles from my where I live. This is price gouging and there's nothing I can do. I pay the price at the gas station because I need it. I don't have a gas guzzler, I own a Honda Accord but spending close to $55.00 to fill it up. That hurts. I know the rest of world pays upward of $10.00/gallon or a litre. We shouldn't be complaining at all.
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My belly is grumbling but what do I expect I've been awake for two hours already! Something tells me I should still be sleeping. Wish I could and the husband still is. The dog and cat both are. Outside, the rain is pelting on the side of the house. It has been constant for three days now. This is still our winter and we're expecting more of the same. No end in sight and it will be affecting moods and overral outlook. It takes a toll on everyone but for me I'm maintaining a positive attitude. It won't get me.
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Ahmet knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that he was in love. But as a Turkish man he figured what Western women would be interested in him? He learned English by watching reruns of Dallas and thought all Americans lived like the Ewings. He emulated J.R. and wanted to marry a woman like Sue Ellen, live in a mansion.

From the moment Samantha walked into the carpet shop near Taksim Square in Istanbul, Ahmet was in love. He greeted her, offered her a Turkish coffee and started showing her some of his favorite carpets.
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Samatha returned to the carpet store for the next week while she was visiting Istanbul and every day Ahmet offered her a Turkish coffee. It was the fall of 1984 and Samatha had decided to take her savings from the summer waitressing job and travel to Turkey and Greece. She was immediately reminded of the movie "Midnight Express" which she had seen but that didn't deter her from her plans. There was something about the history of the two countries and some longing she had to see it for herself. With a backpack along with a camera off she went.
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On those numerous visits to the carpet store Samantha noticed the group of Turkish men playing backgammon and drinking coffee. As an Eastern woman she wouldn't be included to participate but as an American woman she boldy asked Ahmet if she could play a game? He obliged not knowing what to expect. Samantha was competitive when it came to playing games and backgammon was her favorite. She learned to play her freshman year at college and spent many hours in the dorm playing against men and women and was good. As she sat opposite Ahmet her first roll were sixes.
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Today, I have a clearer picture than ever before. The more you let go of habits and old behaviors you start to see the possibilities. I wasn't aware of it initially but when I decided to stop drinking I thought my life wouldn't exist. Here's the catch. Your life does exist without alcohol or any other substance that is used to help a person "cope." The initial buzz may be fun but think about all the shit that happens as a result? The wasted money spent on drinking, hangovers, broken marriages, car wrecks or DUI's. Is it all worth it?
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As Samantha and Ahmet spent time together she found herself falling for him. She wouldn't go as far as saying she was falling in love but she had feelings for this man that she only met a week ago. They were both the same age and like her he had just graduated from college. Ahmet's interests varied from political science to photography and he wanted to travel. His dream was to move to the United States. His cousin was studying at MIT in Boston, where Samantha grew up. When he found this out he said "it was destiny they met."
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Finally, the arrival of the vernal equinox. The spring equinox when the sun is positioned directly over the equator of our tilted Earth -- will occur at 1:14 a.m. Eastern time. Though the weather has been cold and dreary and woke up to snow yesterday, I'm still optimistic that things will improve. The birds, especially the robins are securing a nesting spot and their mating ritual has begun. I've seen pairs playfully dodging throughout the cedar trees, momentarily stopping to rest and starting all over again. The cycles continue with movement, change and growth. Stop and listen to spring.
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He would wait for the right moment to give her the gift. Samantha was expected to arrive later that morning and in the meantime he took the time to wrap the present he had picked out for her. There had been other women he had liked and enjoyed spending time with. Working in the carpet store he met many western travelers.

The Germans loved spending time in Turkey and he even thought he might move to Berlin but Ahmet's family convinced him to work in the carpet store another year. That job could be his ticket to America.
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What if the people you meet are in your life for a reason? I believe in past lives and for me it makes sense that our relationships are based on things that we need to learn in this lifetime. Plain and simple is love. Nothing more than that. It doesn't matter how much money you make. The kind of car you drive, house you live in or clothes you wear. Your job or career. What matters is how you love and how you treat others.

Show respect and kindness to every person you come in contact with today.
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The month is winding down. One more week then Spring break; a much needed time for my husband and I to get away. We'll be heading to the East Coast to visit my step daughter and her family. A baby girl born almost a month ago and we'll see their new home and new life they've been making for themselves. They are missed by so many friends and family on the West coast but computers and phones keep us connected. I've seen photos, videos of my first step-granddaughter within hours of her birth. I can't wait to hold her.
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I'm sitting and waiting. Usually the other way around. All set for an overnight visit to see a friend. My bag is packed and sitting outside on the porch. Both cat and dog taking care of by the neighbor boy. Everything checked off the list. But still waiting....

Um, he wanted to leave and I said "yes, I'll be ready." And I have been ready and still waiting.

How I hate to wait. Can't do much about it but keep busy and wait until he's finally ready. In the meantime I can write my 100 words.
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We spent part of the day helping out a friend who needs to clean out the home owned by her mother. Since her mother passed away eight years ago and her sister can no longer live by herself it is time deal with it. A cozy one bedroom house overlooking the lake but over time it has been neglected and rundown. Apparently, the neighbors called it the "crazy lady's house." It is the perfect fixer-up house with some elbow grease, new carpet, paint and windows, it'll be sweet. For now the dirty work is throwing and sorting out stuff.
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Something is not right when you get a text message saying someone is dead. There should be some protocol what is appropriate with text messaging such things? Over the weekend I'm with my husband and friend and up comes the sound of the text. "bleep." I look down at the phone and see this. "Don't tell mom or dad but cousin Kathy was found dead in her apt. Aunt B hasn't been told yet." WTF, what do I do with a message like that? Turns out my 56 year old cousin died of natural causes while sitting in a chair.
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After our tax return came my husband and I decided to use the money to pay off credit card debt. I made a call to the credit card company, told the representative I was paying off the balance and wanted to make sure no other costs or interest charges would accrue after this payment. Turns out the company would add a "small interest charge" and I had a fit. After talking to a supervisor I was told the fee would be waived and I would get a refund of about $35.00. Glad I didn't back down and spoke up.
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The lies are deep within the family system and the level of control keeps them from having any meaningful relationships. A psychiatrist would have a field day with each family member sitting in a chair and pouring out their feelings. That is if they had any feelings. As siblings they had two parents, who loved and took care of them. But something was lacking. It would be revealed over time, the opportunity to find the truth which would set them free. Peeling away each layer of sadness, fear and self doubt. They would no longer hold on to the past.
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If Fluffy Bunny reads the other entries on this website what is your purpose of writing the same word over and over and submitting it as your 100 word? This has happened before last month and I sent the person an email directly and they were surprised other people were reading them! Yes, some of us read the other entries. Don't waste your time. If you feel like writing then write something. Wake up and look out the window and write about what you see. Write about anything but the same stupid word over and over to complete 100 words.
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Once through security with a minor patdown and my palms swiped without an explanation I am at the mercy of the airline. As we wait to board everyone around me is zoned out on their phones, texting, reading a Kindle or playing video games. The mindless tv on with no one watching. Speakers placed throughout the waiting area with no way to mute or shut it off. My body just wants to sleep in my own bed but I will scrunch myself in an uncomfortable position while flying across the country. Is it worth feeling like a zombie? I hope.
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I'm savoring this entry which is my last one to complete a year on this site. I need to give myself a pat on the back for sticking with this and not knowing where it would take me. I've gained so much discipline from writing every day for 365 days in a row. Some months were easier than others. The hardest was December when the site wasn't up for the first week or so. I had to play catch up but it was all doable. I appreciate everything I've gotten from 100 words especially the regular writers which I enjoy.