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I have a rabbit, rabbit situation. I always tend to write it here but I never get to say it in person. I always think that the person who I say it to would look at me like I'm light in the head. You know, like light in the loafers. I love that expression. It's so descriptive. Fairies are like that. Yeah, they are. We went to the farmer's market today. so that means that we don't have to go tomorrow. What shall we do? There is never enough time to do, but there's always time to do it over.
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It's already the second of the month. This month will fly by. I don't know why that is. It's the first night of Chanukah. I love that we have a tree in the living room and we are going to light a menorah in the dining room. That's adorable. I love that idea. I wonder what Danee is doing. She's the most Jewish house that I've ever been to and she abandoned the Shomer Shabbos life. I miss that. I bet her kids do too. I'm shocked that she sent her bad boy away to sleep away school. So sad.
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It's another day. I'm writing about yet another Monday. Lovely, isn't it? There ought to be a law! Maybe there is. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. That's a great saying especially if you have no knowledge of said law. I'm listening to my Flash Briefing on the Alexa. First up, I like that shite. Let's satisfy some curiosity. Did you ever watch Breaking Bad? I did not see one single episode. I don't know how they can glorify making meth. It's a bad concept. I'm cold. I need to get busy. Enough of this. Gotta run!
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Today was a day when my cold came out from hiding. I was feeling puny. I worked a solid five hours and then came home and passed out. I was going to go to an opening at the art fair but I was feeling so poor that I came home and went to bed instead. Did I eat anything? I seem to remember eating a little something. I did, but I can't remember for the life of me. It's okay because I have to move on. I have to write 100 words for today (Wednesday) and then get to life.
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Sleeping for 12 hours made my cold seem like its going away. I know for a fact that it's less than it should be. I don't like feeling under the weather. This is my annual sickness. I get this every December. What is it about the month that makes me ill? It's that it's very stressful! It's time for the art fairs. I'm not going to Art Basel because I didn't get a free ticket and there's no way I'm paying $50. I did get a freebie for Design Miami and the Scope and Red Dot along with Art Miami.
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Oy, Thursday means it's my Friday. I am going to work on the newsletter some more. I hate that project with a passionate hate. I am drinking coffee with oat milk and suddenly, I don't like it. It's yucky. It's far better than cow milk which I have a total aversion to! I ate cheese yesterday like a mofo. When I go to the doctor on the 20th, I better have some better numbers or I'm not going to be a happy camper. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. I am taking probiotics and they are finally working. Yay!
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You'd think I would be ecstatic to be off all day. But no, I have to go to Bascom Palmer for an eye appointment. I have been waiting for two months for this appointment. I made this day because it was the only day that I could get for both of us. And, of course, as soon as we got there, they sent him to the third floor and I waited on the first floor. Now I know why they take so long. It's like each person has a job to do. I saw the doctor and got new glasses!
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I was living large today. I started out the day at Art Miami. I read the hours wrong and got there at 10. It was probably for the best because that's how I got parking so easily. I just had to stand and wait for an hour. I went through the art fair at a rapid clip and then I went over to the Art Context. That means that this year, I used my VIP card for all three events. I think that's a big first! I liked it. Then I drove to Holly's place in South Miami. More fun!
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Age is not slowing down Van Morrison. That's what they just said on curiosity dot com. They keep giving out a bad URL. Should I tell them? I'm going to Art Basel and Design Miami today. I'm too excited about that shite. I love to look at art, especially bad modern art. Cause that's what this all is. For lease Navidad was a sign I saw. Bipper is another one. I loved that. Charlie Brown Christmas album is classic. That's just so beloved. I just tried to ask my Alexa to play it but it thought I wanted a video.
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It's not easy being green. That used to be Kermit T. Frog's theme song. Helen loved that. I miss Helen something fierce. It's amazing how much one person can affect your life. Helen was my best friend and she was an elderly lady. Can I make a young friend and make them my confidante? I don't think so. It doesn't exist any more. Today's kids have no empathy. They never learned how to express that part of themselves. It's such a beauty thing. There's nothing beautiful about it. It's the way of the crumbled cookie. These are the breaks, yeah.
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So many of my 100 word entries are ended with a single word. It's because I usually being to write and just write until I hit the limit. That's because they say enter your text below. Remember: EXACTLY 100 words. No more, no less. The funny thing is that not only do they not keep up with how much you have written but they don't even monitor the number of words. You can go over and I believe even write under. Oh well, what's the point. Oh yeah, what I do to make sure that my entry is exactly 100.
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Now I have to test my theory. Does this site accept entries that are less than 100 words?
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OMG, I just wrote two sentences and it saved as an entire 100 word entry. That didn't just happen. Does that mean that I could write 110 words and it saves just as if I had written 100 words? I have been following the rules all this time and it was simply a suggestion. I wonder if the new improved 100 words dot com will address those issues. I am so disconnected from the goings on at this website. But I am truly shocked that I wrote two sentences and it was accepted! I will now write over the 100 word limit to see what happens.
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Okay, so one day I wrote two sentences and the next day I went over 10 words and both days were accepted. This site is for shite. What the hell? If you're going to say exactly 100 words, then make the thing count 100 words and not accept the entry if it doesn't conform to the standards. Oh well, how much do I pay to write these words of wit and wisdom? Not much. Oh yeah, nothing! I wrote to the tip jar and it was returned. I sent in $1 and it was accepted but no acknowledgement. Oh my.
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I am a big behind. I haven't written on over a week. So I have to go back and write nine days worth of 100 words. That is a shonda to the neighbors! I am going to write. It's the way of the crumbled cookie. It's Saturday and I have to gas up the car at Costco. That's the big thing on my agenda today. I just spent an hour on the phone with the cable company trying to get my connection fixed. It took a whole fucking hour! What the hell? Oh well, it's working now. That's what matters.
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Its' Sunday. Whoopie! Here comes Christmas. This is the week that I have to go to a board meeting. I don't like that. Mainly because I have to write the minutes, which make me more mental than anything else. I'll make it through, I just like to awfulize about every little thing. I am writing more and enjoying it less. That's the way of the crumbled cookie. I like that. Absolutely there is no more pot. I am not smoking any more. I'm not smoking any less. I quit all types of smoking. That's a good thing. I like it!
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Can you start a new tradition? Why not? I just sent a merry christmas greeting to be are on Facebook. Let's see if I get anything in return. I haven't heard from him in years and it's longer since I have seen him.It's a conundrum wrapped in an enigma. I can't even describe how I'm feeling. It's a weirdness that I can't put my finger on. I suppose it's because I am quitting the pot. It's a good way to start the new year. I'm glad of it. It's a good time to be alive. Have a good day!
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It's Tuesday and I need to get real. I'm writing more and enjoying it less. That's what happens when I write every single day. I have to get over it. Maybe for new year, I will discontinue this writing every single day. What good is it doing me? I don't know. I suppose I'm getting more comfortable. Writing comes naturally. I just write whatever pops into my brain. That's the ticket! I am going to write and write and write and then I'm done. I don't know what else to do. That's a good thing. Not knowing is the best!
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Oy, December 19. The end of the year is fast approaching! Soon it will be New Year's Day. If I keep writing, I'll be done soon. Soon it will be the end of the month. I have nothing to say. I have nothing to write. These are the breaks. Break it down. I can do this. I just have to hurl about 60 more words. That's nothing. I have to get ready to go to work. That's something. I don't want to do that either. I'm in a mood. I just sprayed myself with cologne samples. They are yucky. Ew.
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I gotta run into the shower and get ready to go to work. I have to stop by the post office first. That's so doable. I can do this. It's okay. I'll be okay. It's the way of the crumbled cookie. I'm in a mood. That's all there is to it. Writing while in a mood is not a good idea. I have to get over it. Okay, I'm over it. That was quick. I just need to feel the burn. Am I burning? No, I'm not on fire. What happens when you get bored? Think of something to do!
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Friday, yay. I don't have to work today. I go to work on Monday and then I have Tuesday off. That's a good deal. Who knew that Jews observe Christmas? Well, it's considered a federal holiday. Go know. Christmas has become so secular that it's not even considered a religious holiday. Folks still celebrate it as such, but it's a secular holiday. So much so, that it's become a de facto holiday. Merry Christmas, dude. It's all going to be a fantastic holiday. Take it easy and let yourself go. I'm not smoking pot any more. That's a good thing!
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On Saturday, I normally go to Costco but not today. I just laid around the house all day. I like that. It's called a wasted day. I have to take a shower to get that cologne off me. It's suffocating me. Is it winter break already? I didn't know. That means that most folks have off work for the rest of the year. I'm off on Tuesday and that's it. I get next Tuesday off too. Whoopie! I had a bunch of days back in September when the Jewish holidays were every week. That was a good thing. Yeah, baby.
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I went to the movies with Holly today. We saw a relatively funny movie. Afterward, we went to the Titanic Brewery and drank a couple of beers. When we went back to her house, she gave me some Christmas presents and I had nothing for her. Luckily, we have tons of stuff in Justin's old room so I can go shopping in there. I will take her presents on Christmas Day. That's the ticket! I just thought of that idea. I have to go get ready. It's time for me to stop tippy tapping into my laptop and get busy!
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Monday is good to me. I just cut up a very large boniato and it's boiling away right now. That thing was huge! It stained my shirt. I hope it washes out. G-d bless us everyone. It's Christmas Eve. That's the ticket. If I get busy I can go to the post office before I hit the office. It's a day of work, but I can handle that. If we took a holiday, time to celebrate, just one day out of life. It would be so nice. Sing it, Madonna. Time to run out the door. See you tomorrow!
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Merry Christmas, dude. I started the day listening to my Alexa play Christmas songs. I think today is the only day that Christmas music is appropriate. I was thinking that next year I am going to become a militant vegan, but people are turned off by that shit so never mind. I told Muriel last night that I have gone the entire year without eating meat or dairy and she was surprised. I don't make it a habit of telling people. I just do it. My sister and her husband are the most hurtful when it comes to that subject.
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I have a friend who only uses VRBO. It sounds like it stands for Very Rich Business Offerings, but it's Vacation Rentals By Owner. I think it's a little better than Air BnB. That doesn't surprise me. I had good luck with ABB but I heard some real horror stories. Before you open your eyes, the world has changed. There was a lot lot lot of wind last night. It was slamming the neighbor's gate. Funny thing, I was lying here thinking what are they doing going out at this time of night? I was awake since 0300. I'm tired.
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Soon it will be New Year's Day. This is the Olympics of talent. America's Got Talent is a good show and I just don't care about it. What else can I write about? Whatever I see on the morning news! It's partly cloudy to sunny with some serious winds. We are experiencing wind gusts up to 30 mph. That's just plain cray! It was so windy last night that HRS said he couldn't sleep. I felt bad, but then I realized that I was awake since 0300. What the hell? I went to pee and never went back to sleep!
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It's Friday and I don't have to go to work. So, why did I get a phone call from the office? They are cray! I fixed the problem and I can move on now. I have much to do before the kids get here tomorrow. Are the coming in the morning or the evening? I have no idea. I just sent a text message to the boy. He will give me some sort of vague answer. It's okay. I'm glad that Holly is coming over to go through old photos with me. I'm gonna have a good old time. Yeah!
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Soon it will be New Year's Day! Justin and Sandra are supposed to be coming today. Yay for that. They're going to stay for about three days. That is just perfect. I don't know what we will do but we will figure it out! I know that a trip to Goodwill will be in order. Holly is supposed to come over this morning. We are also going to the Goodwill. She told me about the one on 8th Street. I wonder if that one is as good as the one on 79th at Biscayne. Well, the day holds much excitement!
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Oh my, it's the end of the year. Today is just another day. But it's the day before New Year's Eve. I have a lot to do but I don't want to do any of it. That's typical. I'm just a big old slug. I quit smoking pot and cigarettes. That's a good thing. I will probably get cancer now that I've quit. I shouldn't think like that. I sent in the forms for my retirement money a week ago and I haven't heard anything yet. We went to a fish place today for lunch and then to Lorenzo's Market.
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Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Why not? Forget those old acquaintances! It's time to make some new friends. Justin and Sandra are here but not really. I like that they're not mixing with us too much. Isora is here and they gave her a ton of shirts that are all Disney themes! She loves them all. That's so darn sweet. I went to visit with their tuxedo cat but she's so old that all she does is lie there. I gave her some catnip. I wonder what that did to her. Oh well, gotta run!