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November 1 is a special day for me. It was exactly 38 years ago today that I went at lunchtime and married the mother of my son. She was three months pregnant at the time. I'm glad that things turned out the way they did. Even though that marriage was a sham, the boy turned out great. He's now 37 years old and I'm so darn proud of him. What a great man he's grown up to be! I'm sorry that he married a witch just like his own mother, but I'm happy that that woman won't bear any children!
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Exactly 1000 words. That's because I've let 10 days pass without writing. Bad me. I have nothing important to say and usually these 100 words are not filled with import. I just type away and get to the 100 word mark and move on to the next thing. Today's next thing is another one of these entries. And then again. And then? Again! It's okay. I really came here to write 750 words, so I'll write 1000 tonight and then in the morning I'll do my daily 750. That can't be procrastinated. It must be done on a daily basis.
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So, today is Monday. That's a good one. A new week begins. That means another week of doing nothing. This week is a wash out before it even begins. It doesn't help that it's rainy weather. The weather makes it even more difficult to achieve. I have no desire to get anything done. I am shunning the bills. There are some that can't be avoided that I already paid. Now what? I suppose I could just lie here in bed the entire day and watch TV. And then I get up around 4 p.m. and start to make dinner.
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It's just another funky Tuesday. The day is a rainy one. That makes it difficult to get anything done. I can go out and get wet, but why. I don't have to. That's the joy of being in retardment. I don't have to worry about doing anything. I think that's a big challenge in retirement is to find something to do to keep oneself occupied. A stagnant mind is dangerous. I don't want to think of bad things but when I have nothing to occupy my mind, it goes to that bad place. I'm going to think happy thoughts today.
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It's hump day. Just another day to lie around the house and do pretty much nothing. Eat whatever is in the refrigerator and take a nap. I did go to to doctor and he told me that if I don't get my numbers down in the next three months that I'm going to have to start taking more medication. I don't want to medicate. I want to be healthy. That means eating less and moving more. I keep telling myself that I'm going to get up early in the morning and go for a walk. We did it on Monday.
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I got in the car and drove around where I think it would be fun to have a shop. I don't know why I keep doing that. I'm not doing any other preparation. I must get busy. It's way past time. The time is just ticking away. I let the days go by. It's been years since I've had this idea and it's going nowhere. I have to make it happen. Either that, or I just have to be content doing absolutely nothing. Those are my choices right now. Am I going to make a future for myself or what?
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Friday, it's Friday. It's just another day of the week for me. The highlight of today is that I'm going to Shabbat dinner at the home of my relatives. That's always a good time. Even if my BIL won't be there, I'll make the best of it. It's a good way to end the week and it's a good way to begin the week. What is Shabbat? Is it the end of the week or the beginning of a new one? I guess it's both. Now I'll have to look that up. According to Reform Judaism, it's the seventh day.
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I told Ricki to come over today so I could spend some time with her. I haven't seen her since August. The way I got her to come over was to promise to buy her lunch. I think that's kind of gross, but it worked. She got here about half past nine and we went walking on Lincoln Road for a few hours and then ate lunch on Washington Avenue at the falafel place. It was fun. We had a good time. And now I don't have to see her for a few more months. Next! What's new? Not sure.
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I just completed a whole week's worth of entries in just a few minutes. I knew it would be a piece of cake. I just type and before I know it, I've put up 100 words. It's not difficult. It just takes time. That's like everything in life. It's all very slow motion but it goes by rather quickly, hence why we're here in the month of November at the very end of 2014. Soon we'll be writing 2015. It's not that big a deal, eh? The beat goes on and the pace quickens. I'm going to take a nap.
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Wow, this was one of those days where we did exactly nothing. It was a rainy day so we stayed inside and noshed and slept and watched TV. That's a good day in my book. I need to get up and go for a little walk now and then. That's the most important part of my day these days. If I just get up and walk for at least one hour nonstop, I'm golden. That's what the doctor said. And then I'll go back in February and get retested and see if my numbers improve. Just a quick walk daily.
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Today is Veterans Day. I used to not even care. That's what happens when you get old and you think back to those four years of your life that you gave up to be in the military. I have some fond memories, but for the most part I think it was a waste of time. I wish that I could have done two years or even less. Four years was quite a commitment. I did complete some college hours and the GI Bill allowed me to finally get my degree so some good came of it. Happy Veterans Day, y'all.
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Am I the only one who thinks it's bizarre and just a bit funny that the photo on the main page is dated July of last year and says something about changes coming soon with the word coming misspelled? And why is that such a fucking run-on sentence? Am I coming unhinged? Is there something else going on? Why is this entire entry nothing but questions so far? When was the last time I wrote a day's entry that was nothing but very long run-on questions? Cuz that's what this entry is going to be, okay? That's right.
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Does Thursday the 13th mean something? Are you coming in here?What am I writing about? I just need to write 100 words. That's not such a big deal. It's the 14th year of the new century. How did we get here? This is not my beautiful wife. This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful car. How the hell did I get here? Water flowing under rock. Letting the days go by. And that's all she wrote. I'm not a she but I play one on TV. There he goes again. There goes rhymin' Simon. Ha!
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Letting the days go by. That's what I've been doing. But I'm not regretting anything. I regret nothing. That's the best philosophy. Of course, just as good is, "We create our own reality." I have a friend who debated that with me for years. And it continues to this day. He truly dislikes that concept and no matter how hard I try, I just can't convince him. But it's something I truly believe. We are the masters of our own reality and therefore we create it. Everything is a manifestation of our thoughts. Thoughts create actions and actions create reality.
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What a strange day. Since I went to Shabbat dinner last night and came home completely plastered, I had one of those out of body experiences today. I went back to the scene of the crime. I sat and ate scrambled eggs and sausages. I went to Costco and put gas in the car and was alarmed by the way the gauges were misbehaving. How could my car have totally low oil pressure when I just changed the oil yesterday. If that condition persists, then I will have to take the car to the mechanic and I don't want to.
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It's 0616 and it's still dark outside. The light will come in through the curtain any minute now. It's getting light outside earlier but getting dark earlier too. It's almost the winter solstice and yet the country is buried in snow from the polar vortex. Can you say climate change, babies? It's time to talk about the future. It's all going to be underwater. I'm so glad that I'll be dead and gone. It's hard to believe that day will come when I'll no longer be composing 100 words a day. That's sad. But it's a fact of life, dude.
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It's Monday. I'm cocooning. The weather is frightful. It's been dark and gloomy all morning but the rain never comes. It will pour this afternoon and I will nap. The black cat sits in the window looking at the passers by. His Royal Smallness is in the bed next to me. We are watching TV and just being slugs. This is the best way to waste time. I'm just wondering what I'll make for dinner. Oh yeah, I have frozen fish and romaine lettuce. Fish and salad. Boom. Done. What's next? Oh yeah, it's almost nap time. Life is good.
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I haven't been writing here regularly. What a surprise! I'm doing a little catch up right now. It will take a few minutes and then I can carry on with my day. I don't do much these days now that I'm in retardment. It's okay. I like it that way. I'm fixing to get a new hobby one of these days. I drive around and think. That's my way of thinking. I've been doing that for decades. When I have too much on my mind, I get in the car and drive around. I have a lot of good memories.
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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty back together again. That's a sad story. But it proclaims something very important: don't break an egg if you want it whole. Eggs are almost impossible to put back together again. Actually, I wonder if an egg shell could be reconstructed. I suppose it could happen, but why? I like eggs. Hard boiled, scrambled, fried, sunny side up and even in an omelette. Yes, this is 100 words about eggs. Go figure. Go know. Get real.
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It's just another day! I'm glad that I have nothing to do. It seems that each day has at least one highlight. Today's highlight was going over to Danee's and getting high high high. That's a lot of fun. And drinking. We drank a little too much, but isn't that what drinking is all about? Drink until you're drunk. Go to sleep. Wake up. Repeat. Alcoholic behavior. Suddenly I'm hungry. I've been craving bad food lately. Need to eat something fried. Not really. I think it's about time to get on that whole food diet and stop talking about it.
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So, one week from today is the dreaded day when people go out and spend money and give thanks for things. That's after all the eating and binge everything. Life is just a bowl of chairs. I need to get busy doing something. The days just melt into each other. Oh yeah, it's a TGIF kind of day. Every day is like TGIF for me! That's one of the benefits of retirement. Me not worried about work. Just worried that the money is going to run out before we do. That's one of the hardest things about getting old. Oy.
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I used to love Saturdays. Now every day is like a Saturday or Sunday. I could very easily lose track of the days. That's what happens when you don't have to get up to go to work five days a week. But something else happens. And that's the dreaded boredom. I think it's time for me to do something. I don't like this going through the days with no sense of purpose. It's not good for me. I was doing volunteer work but that wasn't cutting it. I'm thinking that maybe it's time to open a shop. That's the ticket!
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I can understand why bacon is so popular. It truly is meat candy. I can't get enough. I'm always thinking about bacon. Should I try it baked. I had some deep fried. The best part about that style is that it cooks amazingly fast and gets so very crispy. Baking it in the oven is okay, but it takes too long! I'm impatient. I understand why there is a version of cooked bacon sold in the store, but for some reason, it really skeeves me out. It's grosser than gross. I'm not a fan of pre-cooked bacon. No way.
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This is the week. It's time to give thanks and eat like there is no tomorrow. I'm making appetizers for the feast. This year, in addition to the sun dried and pesto pinwheels, I added mushroom to the mix. We're also brining mini quiches. The dinner is going to be luxurious and we're going out for it. I'm glad that we don't have Thanksgiving at home anymore. It was always a big headache and it always seemed so hollow. Now we can be hollow at someone else's house! It's going to be a good time. I can feel it coming.
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Went for lunch today with an old pal. I paid. I like to do that. She had my VIP passes for next week's art fair. No matter how many times I tell those people to change my address, they continue to send my passes to my old work place. It's maddening. I'll try again this year. Maybe I'll have some success. I think I may be going to Art Basel for the first time in years. I'm supposed to get passes from a friend of a friend. I can't count my chickens yet. I love the art fairs. So chic.
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Went to Danee's tonight to light a bonfire. Scott said he was going to help, but changed his mind at the last minute. He's driving north in the morning and wanted to get to bed since he's leaving in the middle of the night. I loved that story. Meanwhile, all the preparations have been made for the big feast tomorrow night. Tomorrow I'll be baking appetizers for a couple of hours. It's amazing how much time those little things take and how quickly they are devoured. That's how I used to feel after making an elaborate dinner. Why the fuss?
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It's Thanksgiving. We'll spend most of the day just being lazy. There's a couple of hours of prep work for us to bring appetizers. And then we're off! I went with Bill to the airport today to try to retrieve his lost phone. I have a feeling it got purloined because after about an hour of runaround, we were unable to get it and it seems to have been "lost." They supposedly had it last night but today it's gone. At least, I got a cup of coffee and a little chat at Starbucks while we waited. Have a nice!
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Today is the dreaded day of doing nothing. I don't want to, I don't care to and I just can't. I'm lying in bed thinking of all the things I could be doing. Well, we did put out some donations for the thrift shop. They picked it up awhile ago. Now, I'm just wondering what's for lunch. I've taken about a half dozen dumps! What is it about Thanksgiving food that makes it just slide right out? I think it's because it's made with an abundance of butter. Everything is so rich and buttery. I loved it all. Ice cream?
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OMG, it's already well into the month of December and here I am finishing the November batch. I'm so delinquent. I put things off until they can't be put off any longer. Why am I like that? I have paid delinquent fines for years for delaying bill paying for a month or two. And I don't care. I have been lax. That is my wont. I won't get all worked up over it, but obviously it's a situation that I must address. It's like my personality. There you go. It's what it is. I loathe that expression. I'm done here.
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It's that time of year. Tomorrow begins the shortest month of the year. December absolutely flies by. What with the month beginning with the art fairs, there goes a week already. And then it's time to get busy with holiday stuff. There are the parties and the shopping and all the excitement with visiting and meals and such. I'm going shopping at Publix and I'm going to stock up on vegetables. This year's resolution is to eat more whole food so the month of December will be an early start to that resolution. Here we go. It can be done!