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April showers bring May flowers. March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. June, soon. July, nigh. August, must. September, remember. October, over. I wish it were so. But it's way too early in the year to start awfulizing over hurricanes. They're going where Hashem knows already. It is written in both the books of life and death. I like that. You know who's boss. Get it on and use your promo code. There's an app for that. I wish you knew where I was coming from but I don't either. So, there we go again.
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So, it was just another day in the merry, merry month of May. I was taken by surprise because I didn't think it would rain quite that much. That was a torrential downpour. I'm glad it's over but the air is super saturated and the mosquitos burst forth upon the scene. I'm chewed upon and sweating like it's summer time already. But we've got another almost two good months before summer officially begins and why am I so gosh darn sweaty? I can't get cool enough. The air conditioner runs and runs. And the beat goes on. And the beat.
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It's weird that I can't let this day go by without talking about Regina Ann Ehling. She was born on this day in 1952. She left this planet in 1974. That's a short life. She's been gone longer than she was alive. I miss her so much. I wish that leukemia research had come a lot further back in the '70s, but it wasn't meant to be. I can't help but wonder why that happened to someone who was such a beautiful person. Is that all there is? Those were the days my friend. We thought they would never end.
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It's just past midnight, so this entry just barely qualifies for Saturday. There's another 23 and a half hours left of the day. I'm going to go to bed and stop watching David Letterman. Maybe I'll stay up late enough to watch Craig Ferguson. And then I'll sleep for about seven hours and then I'll drive to Mahli's where we'll have gluten free bagels with cream cheese etc. I'm going to finish that project and just be done with it. I'm going to use my iPhone to photograph the paintings that aren't done yet. I've already made up my mind.
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Hello Kitty by day, she drops the "O" at night to become Hell Kitty. We have four cats in this house. Two live inside and two live outside. The two inside are practically the most neurotic cats on the face of this great green ball. They go out every morning after eating a plate of food and are back in the house soon thereafter to use the litter boxes. Yep, they go out and come back in to use the litter box. They're rude and inconsiderate, meowing in the morning to wake us up. But we love them very much.
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Ugh, Monday. I'm in a new rut and I don't like it. I'm not going to work and it's getting me down. I've been smoking like a maniac. Today I spent most of the morning just trying to keep myself out of trouble. It's not easy when you're doing nothing. I should just stay in the house and work on my hoard. It's not going to clean itself alone. I'm discouraged because the warehouse lady didn't call me back and now I'm back at square one. Why is it so difficult to just get a warehouse to unload this crap?
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I'm just beginning to see. Now I'm on my way. It doesn't matter to me. Chasing the clouds away. I drove all the way to Sheridan St. in Hollywood to go to Home Depot today and it was worth every minute. I bought all the blinds for the upstairs apartment and that was close to a cool $300. Then I drove down the boulevard to Men's Wearhouse to pick up my tux and it wasn't ready. I was steamed. Actually, I still am. Because I have to go back to pick it up and then another time for drop off.
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It's very early Wednesday morning, like 0515. I usually get up this early to write 750 words but I came here first. I was behind, not having done Monday and Tuesday's words so I'm in the process of typing out 300 words and then I'll go over to 750 words and spew out some more. I'm not happy that I have to go back to MW to pick up the tux. I wonder if they'll have it ready today or if they're going to make me nervously wait until tomorrow. Que sera baby. I'm okay with whatever happens. That's life.
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What happened on Thursday, June 9. I don't remember. And today is less than one week later. That's really bad. I've been letting the days go by. I have noticed that a new imperative for me is to be out of the house before the first appointment arrives. I don't like being stuck in the house and having to go down the stairs when someone is in the salon. That's supposed to be an incentive for me to clean the back stairs, but for some reason, that ain't happening. So, I just remember last Thursday as just another day. Yay.
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Oh now I remember what I was doing on Thursday. I went to lunch with Holly at a new place in the Grove. We had Greek food and then I dropped her off at the school so she could wait for her grandchildren. I drove back home and went to a kosher wedding at the Diplomat. It was fun but I really wish I hadn't gone. I was pressured into going and it didn't make sense for me to be there. I did take about a dozen photos so I have some memory of the occasion. It was very nice.
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I didn't go see Helen today because I went to Costco and visited her yesterday. Today I was excited to pick up my order from Bee Heaven Farm. I was sad that instead of being excited about what I had brought home, Raoul instead chose to dwell on how much it cost. The two mameys that I bought for him as surprise weren't even cause for celebration because he yelled at me for paying $8 each when he said that he could get them at the ghetto farmer's market for $6. I was deflated once again. I tried but no.
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Today, Raoul had two crazy Cubans come over and whack at the back yard for a few hours. The landscaping has been completely wiped out and even one of the lights was knocked down in the frenzy. I stayed out of the fray and just kept inside and fed them breakfast and lunch. For breakfast I made a really good frittata and for lunch we had grilled hamburgers and chicken wings. It was a fun day but the yard paid the price. Raoul doled out almost $200 for the payment. I'm glad that I didn't have to pay for that.
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It's weird to write about the day when it hasn't really happened yet. It's 0037 and I'm awake getting ready to write today's 750 words. But in the meantime, I caught up on five day's worth of 100 words. That's an easy task compared to writing 750 words nonstop. I get into a groove when I write at that website, just tapping out the words so that I can get it over with. It's very stream of consciousness. This is too, but 100 is a lot easier than 750. This was a surreal weekend and so will this week be.
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This is a "work" week. I went into the office and prepared for a meeting tomorrow. Afterward, I came home and tried to rest. I feel like I'm coming down with something. It's because Raoul and I went to Jackson this morning. That place is a cesspool of germs. And then to make matters worse, we went to McDonald's and ate lunch. Yuck. I hate myself for doing that. I need a new routine. Chinet bakeware. Bake it. Take it. Make it look great. So, what's the frequency, Kenneth? I have no idea. Villa Matti ribbon cutting. Pix on beach.
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Beware the Ides of May. Today I went to the office and had a meeting. It was not satisfactory and I left with more questions than I went into the meeting with and that's not a good thing. Then I came home and ate a gluten free wrap. Afterward, I took Raoul to the nursing home and drove around while he was doing hair. When we came back home, I cooked dinner of chicken thighs, fresh zucchini and quinoa. Then I came upstairs and crashed hard. I'm trying very hard to fight getting a cold. I can do this, yeah!
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Gah, I'm fighting a cold. I was tossing and turning all night and my head is filled with mucous. Yuck. I went to work anyway because I had a project to work on. When I turned in the first draft, I didn't get any kudos. The barrage of criticism threw me off so much that I just shut down the computer and left for the day. His Royal Smallness was at the doctor, so I picked him up and we drove home. I went directly to bed to get some much needed rest. I actually spent the entire afternoon asleep.
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His Royal Smallness has been nagging me for weeks to get the back tire looked at because there is a slow leak and I keep having to go to the gas station and pay $1 in four quarters just to put more air into the thing. So, I drove to our pal all the way down in Kendall and had the oil changed too. That was a two-hour ordeal. I drove to FIU and photographed an installation for a website that has promised to pay me $25 for five photos. Whoop-de-fuckin'=do! Came home and crashed bad.
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It's 0444 and I'm finishing my tasks here at 100 words dot com and then I'll head over to 750 words dot com. I've been tossing and turning all night again. This malaise is taking hold and I refuse to give in. I'm drinking a shit load of liquid and eating very sparingly. I got on a scale at Publix yesterday and I was pleased to see that I have lost a little weight. And this was after I just drank two cups of Starbucks drip. I'm not happy about the bad night and I'm going back to sleep soon.
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I spent most of the day feeling crappy but I could tell that I had reached the other side of this ick. I took His Royal Smallness to the ghetto farmer's market but I didn't shoot one single photo while driving around. I seem to have lost my photo mojo. Anyway, we went to his brother's momentarily and then drove all the way north to Costco for gasoline since I was sick yesterday and didn't do that. We came back home and laid around most of the day. Later, we had guests. I exploded and suddenly felt almost normal. Sheesh.
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I woke up at 0500 feeling very cold. I think the air was on all night because it had been set at 73. The good news is that I'm feeling almost 100 percent this morning. Enough that I'm probably going to "work." I still have to sit down with the CEO and actually beg for a job. I'm a little hesitant about that because the last time I tried, he just blew me off. I don't think he realizes how much time I have volunteered and it's the right thing to do to just hire me and get it done!
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It's funny when I come here and realize I've been neglectful for a whole week. Do you think I can remember what I was doing last week? It seems so long ago. The 21st century has brought about a short attention span for the masses. Is the twitter economy? Or The Facebook Effect? Whatever, I haven't got time for the pain. I'm so tired. Why am I awake in the middle of the night? Is the wind blowing that bad? Or was it that car that slowed down blasting hip hop music at 0330. Yeah, that's the ticket. Sleep now.
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Mother May I? What the hell is that all about? I miss Mom. Sometimes, it's a lot worse than others. Renting her apartment after she's been gone for almost eight years can do that to a person. It's amaze balls that we've survived all these years without that extra income. It's going to be weird to have a tenant. It's something we've never dealt with before. But the good news is that it's someone who's tangentially family. I hope. Meanwhile, it's the middle of the night and I'm rambling just to fill in 100 words and get back to sleep.
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I went to the office and was told that I'm still not getting hired. Shiite Muslim? How much longer shall I twist? It's not for lack of trying. I've been half assed looking for a job for a year and see where it's gotten me? I'm in the same place I was a year ago - jobless. This time I'm so much older that I've taken to telling folks that I'm in retardment. It sounds so much better than saying I'm unemployed. The last time this happened I was underemployed for half a year and then I got a job. Yuck.
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Well, here it comes. It's that three-day weekend when Miami Beach turns dark. I think this is the year that the powers that be are putting the clamps on the whole shebang. Street closures and a heavy police presence is enough to make the entire city just go inside and hunker down. Too many dark skinned kids running around and don't you have the fear of a black nation? It's just another day for me, so I'm going to lie in bed and think of things that might have been and just continue slip sliding away. That's the ticket.
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The problem with doing my Saturday routine on Friday is that I sit here on Saturday and wonder what the hell I'm going to do. It's time to do something but I haven't the urge to do anything. I'm satisfied to just make some fried eggs and take a nap. I wake up and cook something for the family and go back to sleep. Wake, eat, sleep. That's my new routine. And it's so boring. Maybe I'll be a life in June. It's the exciting beginning of hurricane season. There's something to awfulize about. Soon it will be Christmas day!
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So very sour. His Royal Smallness asked me to help him transplant a very large plant and when I accidentally pulled off the flower he went mental and I ended up in my room with hurt feelings. Thanks goodness that Danee rescued me and took me away from this house of pain. We went to the Bay Walk and I took pix. Then we went to the Herald and I photographed that but not before a short trip to the very abandoned Epicure Market. Afterward, we had an impromptu picnic at Pace Park and I was back home by 2000.
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Mammary Oral Day. It's just another day. We didn't do anything other than just lie about the house. I took a couple of naps. The usual routine was in order - wake, eat, sleep. I did that a couple of times. Lunch was burgers in the broiler that were supposed to have been barbecued. Dinner was shrimp skewers that were also scheduled for the barbecue. I wasn't in the mood to stand outside over a pit of charcoal so the broiler did the work. I was off to bed rather early because I haven't decided yet about going to work tomorrow.
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Ehrmagerd, I just wrote a whole week's worth of 100 words. That means that I've already written 700 words and now I have no desire to go over to that other website, 750 words dot com, and write more babbling over there. But it's a job and someone's gotta do it. I do write an awful lot but I never get paid for it. It's ironic that I thought I was going to be a journalist until I realized what hard work it was. I wasn't cut out for hard work. I guess that's why I became a graphic artist.
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My, how time flies. Time flies whether you're having fun or not. I guess it was a good thing that I had a five-day weekend. That's what we all aspire to - five days off and two days on! Well, since I took off Friday, Monday and Tuesday going into "work" today was off putting. I spent most of the time talking about my position with Denis. I don't think I really moved my agenda forward, but at least I was able to vocalize my concerns. Afterward, I toured our new building that I'm supposedly working on. It's a beauty.
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Isn't today traditional Memorial Day? I seem to remember May 30 as the date but now I'm confused that it may have been May 31. I'm always getting mixed up about how many days a month has. I think I was under the impression that May is one of those 30-day months. But if I say that poem, I realized it ain't so. Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. And I'm not that excited about June 1st because it marks the beginning of hurricane season. I wish we had hurricane impact windows on our house. Blow on.
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Thirty days hath September, April May June and November. Why do I insist on remembering that May only has 30 days? I think it's because I'm so old that I remember Memorial Day being celebrated on the last day of May and I always thought it was May 30. Or was it actually celebrated on May 30? I no know. But, Friday or the last day of this month was just another day. I'm letting the days go by and I need to snap out of this rut! I'm in a slump here and I wonder what it takes. Breakout.