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It's rabbit rabbit day. I was awakened way too early (0530) by the garbagemen and that put me in a foul mood. I woke up and wrote my 750 words and then I went back to sleep after having coffee. I blew off work for the day and just had a really funky day. Another one of those lost days where nothing really matters and there's not a lot of reason to go on living. I completely my Saturday routine today and that left me feeling hollow and useless so I came back home and slept away most the afternoon.
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I went to work late today and then left early. Finally, after about half a dozen tries, I had lunch with Phil and Mauricio today at Cooper Avenue. I was kinda surprised that my lunch ended up costing $40 but it was a totally frou frou place and I'm glad we went there. After lunch, I came home and blobbed about until it was time to go to Marc and Danee's for Shabbat dinner that I invited myself to. It was a totally subdued evening and for that I was grateful. I was home early and went to bed early.
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Raoul started the day wanting to go on a day trip so I was immediately thrown off thinking it was Sunday because we would never take off on Saturday, which traditionally has been his busiest day of the week. When I realized it was Saturday was when his regular client showed up and he acted all surprised. He never knows what his own schedule is! I blobbed in the room for awhile until he returned a little later and we were off to Islamorada. It's an easy 90 minute drive and it was totally worth it for a getaway day.
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A nice quiet day. That's the day I like it. The bad part of the day was when I fell asleep for a little nap and Raoul came home and turned off the TV and the lights. When I woke up at 6:00 I didn't know if it was morning or evening. I was glad when the computer announced 18 hours. I realized I had another 12 hours to f--- off! So, I've been schmying around the Internet for the past two hours. Now I'm ready to go back to sleep. This is going to be a fun week.
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Tomorrow is election day. I'm hoping, along with at least half the country that Mittens doesn't steal the election. We need at least four more years of Democratic control. It would be nice if President Obama had himself a Democratic Congress so something could actually get done. The last four years of Republican gridlock have got to come to an end. It's time for this country to move forward. I fear that the Republicans just want to foment war and that is their solution to propping up the economy. Let's have a peace time effort to make things better, eh?
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It's election day. I'm treating it as a non-nail biter. In my opinion, President Obama has it in the bag. The media would like us to think otherwise, but my hope is that American can see through the liar and his lies and re-elect the man who promised hope and change. Yes, we need another four years to finish the job and then hope that a decent Democrat appears to run in the following election. Maybe if we can elect Democrats for the next few elections, this world could be a better place. No more wars, guys. Okay?
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Humped. Humpty. Humpity hump hump hump. It's just another day, n'est-ce pas? It's how you say? I don't know. What's with me? I'm rehashing old sleights. Thinking of former haters. Don't be so hateful. I'm right with you. Tomorrow's another day. This hurts me more than it hurts you. One minute, an operator will be with you shortly. There's more at the door. When is it too much? How much does it accomplish? Good evening, I'm your Fuller Brush Man. Please watch this demonstration and then we'll discuss financing. Little or no money down and 100 easy monthly payments.
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Another lost day. Did I even leave the house? Oh yeah, that's right. I was a shut in today except for the times that I was whipped into leaving. I could easily be a true shut in. Those are good days. It's the days that we go out and do that I'm just tired at the end of the day. And what's weird right now? I'm tapping out 100 words at 11 p.m. and His Royal Smallness is lying next to me snoring away. The cats are in a ball next to him and I have a sliver here.
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A big day. Sis arrives. We go to Shabbat dinner together. I am prepared to be run around by my baby sister for the next three days. I do not mind, but I'm not especially looking forward to the prospect. I'm going to go with the flow. Shabbat dinner should be a lot of fun even if ALisa is not there and I'm almost positive she won't be there. We'll be there with the family and that's all that matters. It's going to be a fun-filled weekend and I'm ready to enjoy. More arrivals tomorrow. I can hardly wait.
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At least we got to go to Captain Jim's for lunch. It was very good except that Candy's sandwich was so overcooked it had to be sent back. The replacement was quite good and cooked to perfection. I had a buttload of fried shrimp so I was quite happy. It was embarrassing to get to Costco and realize that I had forgotten my wallet. We went back home so I could get it but by then it was too late to go back because we had to get ready for the art walk. Candy bailed at the last minute though.
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I'm glad that Janet went with me to the art walk. We weren't really enthusiastic about it and Janet was glad to see the phenomenon. Today's large event was the Bat Mitzvah which turned out to just be a birthday party with a lot of 12 year old girls and a few boys. Lots of stuck up adults and three hours of torture. At least the food was good and the sweets were abundant. The only thing missing was liquor which would have been consumed in abundant quantities. We came home and had a barbecue which was a total success.
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Today was a holiday, which really means nothing to me because I am unemployed so really every day is a holiday. Actually, I'm going back to work tomorrow (for free) and I will continue to hope that this will lead to full time employment. Today's highlight was a Cuban lunch with Mary Jean at Puerto Sagua. We then walked to Walgreen's so she could buy a pack of cigarettes. Then we sat and had a smoke and she was off. I came back home and vegged for most of the day until Janet arrived this evening. Now I'm caught up.
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I love Monday on Tuesday. Well, not really, but it wasn't such a bad day after all. I went to the MBCDC and "worked" from 9 until 12:30. Then I went to lunch with Janet and Merle. That was a marathon because we were at that restaurant from 1:15 until 4 p.m. Wow. That was very sweet of Merle to pay for our lunches. I came back home and a little later was making leftovers for dinner for Janet and me. We had fish and potatoes with mushrooms. Now we're both tapping into our laptops before dessert.
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Happy hump day. It was a large one! Went to work, had a meeting, and have to spend the next couple of days honing my report. Then went to lunch with Raoul at 100 Montaditos. Took him to see his brother and drove around Wynwood. We came back home and when Janet arrived, she and I went for ceviche dinner and then to watch "Singin' in the Rain" at the outdoor movies. Now, I'm watching the 11 o'clock news waiting for David Letterman and a little bit of dreaming. Raoul is messing with the pillows and the kitties are asleep.
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Janet is visiting this week. We're having a good time. The days melt into each other. I went to work today and she came by for a visit and then we went to lunch with Phillip on Lincoln Road. Later we went for a walk on the road and ate pizza rather late. I went to bed with heartburn. It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is one week from today. Everyone is acting strange that it's a week early this year. It's always the fourth Thursday in November. We just happen to have five Thursdays in the month of November.
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Today is a totally TGIF kinda day. It's been a long week and I'm glad that it's over. We're on that great slide to New Year's Day that began on Halloween. It's amazing how the days fly by at the end of the year. Black Friday is coming but that's the day I celebrate Buy Nothing Day. It's harder than it sounds. I mean it's easy to not go to the mall next Friday, but buying nothing at all for the whole day takes a bit of effort. I always want to get a little something. But I will persevere.
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I went to visit Helen today and it was really sad. I hadn't gone last week so I truly noticed a big difference. She greeted me looking rather fresh and happy but that went away quickly. I noticed that she is clenching her other hand and that brought me a great deal of distress. She lost the use of her right hand after falling out of bed last year and now she's starting to clench her left hand. The most distressing part of the visit is that the home was serving Thanksgiving dinner and she showed little interest in eating.
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Melinda arrived last night. This morning she and Raoul went to the ghetto farmer's market together and soon after we were at the Palms Hotel having brunch. That lasted about three hours after which we came home and crashed hard. All that salty food had us drinking water like there was no tomorrow. Plus we both had a major bout of indigestion. That was a lot of food to digest. After falling asleep I was awake for a lot of the night. Raoul gave me a Xanax to go to sleep and I was completely knocked out for the night.
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I'm glad that I was scheduled to go to work late today because I woke up with a really bad Xanax hangover. I took twice the regular dose and it really affected me. I went to work late because we had a late meeting at work. The meeting went well and I'm pretty pleased with the way things are going. I'd be a lot happier if I was actually on the payroll but I have to be patient. At least I'm getting unemployment money from the state even it's only $275 a week. We haven't reached the bottom quite yet.
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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Winter weather has arrived in South Florida! That means that we're having temperatures in the 60s and today is a really gray day. As long as the rain doesn't begin to fall everything will be fine. I'm going to work late again because there's another late afternoon meeting. Since I only work about four hours a day, I see no reason to go in the morning and stay the entire day. I have a lot of work to do to get ready for the new building that's supposed to be ready early 2013.
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Everyone everything everywhere even when every time each and every one either tries so go. Go? Thither. Hither. Whither. Whiter than white. Hey what's that all about? There's a hither in the whither of your tither as you slither. Come back here. Look at me when I'm talking to you. Who do you think you are, missy? And wipe that look off your face right now before I smack it off. There's a skeeter on your peter whack it off. Now that's just not nice. And who said it has to be nice? It's nice to be nice. It's nice.
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Thanks full nest. Thank thankful nesting and sound off. Wack. Whack. Wack a mole. Guacamole. Mole sauce. Saucy. Salpicon. Meet me on the corner of 8th & 8th. Mom been gone eight years today. Thinking a lot about Dear Old Mom. She had quite an influence. Who knew? It's stronger than strong. And dirtier than dirt. There's a certain how do you say? I don't know. There they go again. And I'm mentally black and blue. Rainy days and Mondays may get me down but a day like today comes seldom and makes me gratitude filled and happy and all good.
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Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Well, actually a lot of folks know exactly what I'm talking about. The day after the night you drank way too much alcohol. It's not that your body can't metabolize the ethanol, it's that you overloaded it! Bad person. What is it about alcohol? Oh yeah, it takes awhile to take effect and by that time you're already blitzed and why stop now. I'm good until I vomit. That's like the reset button. No, I haven't vomited in years. I just know when I hit the limit and I shut it down. Party's over.
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Using this exercise as a procrastination tool. Ain't that interesting. I want to get up and go but my got up and went. Sometimes that's more true than a joke and this is one of those time when it's more true than not. But I also know that Bill and Richard and Richie and Jordan are going to stop by on the way back to Savannah and I just don't want to deal. So, I want to duck out for that reason. Plus, it is Saturday after all and I do have a routine. Why forego that routine? Nothing doing.
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Here we go. It's that long downward slide to the new year. I almost stopped at a Christmas tree lot yesterday to pick up branches because I was thinking it might be nice to make a wreath. But then I wised up and told myself that no one would be worth the effort. I suppose I could make one for our front door. I used to make 'em for Meg O'Brien. Those were the days, my friend. That was back when we used to observe holiday traditions. We haven't celebrated any traditions around here for almost a decade. Ho ho.
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Monday is so good to me. I'm just going through the motions here. I get up each morning and tap out 750 words on the computer that are supposed to somehow motivate me yet somehow end up de-motivating me. I'm DEMO. Demotivated. Oh well. I'm a blind Ragu user. I just go through the motions here. I'm so conflicted about working with the homeless and elderly. I just don't think I'm made for it. I can fake it only so far. But the closer I get the larger things look. Things in the mirror are larger than they appear.
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It's that downhill slide to the new year. We've already made it through Thanksgiving and suddenly I'm craving turkey. I didn't eat enough of it this year. I'm definitely going on that whole food diet beginning in January. I've even tried some days here and there and it's great to do it. I can do this. I like fruits and vegetables. There's a lot to be said about them. Just writing that made me remember that I have to go check on the community garden. It's been at least a week since I've been there and I need to know.
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Hump day. I go through the motions but the motions are hurtling through space. Today was a Montadito's day. We went to our favorite restaurant in Midtown. It was good as usual. The afterward wasn't so great and Raoul was visibly upset at the condition of his brother and the house. We're just watching a slow motion train wreck there. His brother is going down the hard road to a very bad place. It's been apparent for far too long. I'm glad that Raoul woke up to reality. Too bad it was after he practically destroyed his knee. It's okay.
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I took the day off because Raoul made me so confused this morning about whether I supposed to take him to Coral Gables, Alton Road or Meridian Avenue. It's not easy being his chauffeur. I do it grudgingly. The point is that I really have nothing else to do and it gives me something to do. I just resent that he expects it and when I put my foot down he gets all temperamental. I'm watching 2-1/2 Men while I type this and it's almost as ridiculous as what I'm writing. I need a good stiff drink now.
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I'm so conflicted right now! I should go into work but I don't want to. I'm already in cruise mode and I haven't even packed my bag yet. Speaking of which, Raoul and Isora both packed their bags yesterday. Why? Because they're completely mental. And poor Isora, who is literally mental, called the house phone at 0430 today to wake us up and tell us she was ready to go to Disney World! No one ever mentioned that place but somehow she conflated that trip because of the packed bags. Raoul and I go one way, she goes another way.