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It's time for the second half of the year. A good time to make mid-new year's resolutions. I resolve to work on the resolutions I made six months ago and immediately forgot. I told myself that beginning July 1st, I was going to eat a whole food diet. That resolution was out the window after a particularly rowdy party where I drank way too much, came home and ordered a pizza and ate the whole thing. Not a great way to get started on that resolution, but there's always tomorrow. I'm going to get this eating thing under control!
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It's the first Monday I don't have to go to work. It feels weird because I know it's not a vacation. When I woke up this morning, I was just lying in bed and thinking about this new phase of my life. It's going to take awhile to get used it. So, this week I'll count as a getting used to it week with a holiday stuck in the middle. It's even more weird because I'm still on the payroll until the end of September. So, even though I'm not working, I'm still earning money. Gotta find a new source.
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I can feel myself slipping into darkness. If I'm not careful, life will become a succession of Saturdays and Sundays. All day today, I kept wondering, "Is today Saturday or Sunday?" I know I'm not on vacation, so why am I not at work? Oh yeah, I'm unemployed. My status changed this week and I joined the ranks. Sorry, President Obama, but the numbers are going up this week. Meanwhile, I'm not being very productive. Today I went through the Saturday routine since I did something else last Saturday. So, visited Helly, went to Costco and came home. Big deal.
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I've been invited to two parties and I am not particularly excited about going to either one. Chances are, I'll end up going to both! Today is a day for barbecue, but it's so bloody hot outside that no one wants to be the one at the grill. The first party is by the pool and they asked me to bring my bathing suit. Well, that ain't gonna happen! If I go to that party, it will be for a quick appearance. Actually, that's what I'll do at the second party as well. Independence Day makes me feel very independent!
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It's just another day. Letting the days go by. Day by day. Oh dear lard, three things I pray. I'm in a mood, but what else is new? After talking to an older man at a party who told me that he needs a part time job, I began to worry about the future. But worrying about the future is like chewing on the hole in the donut. There's no there there. I feel like eating a raw green pepper. I'm leaning vegan. And I want to eat all raw food. Writing that, I just burped. Life is grand, yes.
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The highlight today was seeing two of my oldest friends. We met at Versailles, the coffee capital of Miami. Afterward, having smoked so many cigarettes with the two of them, I stopped at a store and bought a pack. I hate when I buy cigarettes, almost as much as I hate bumming them off others. Anyway, I came home and did little else for the rest of the day. I've been in a funky funky the whole week. I hope I can snap out of it and get in gear over the weekend so next week can be more productive.
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I woke up to rain tapping on the windows. I was awake from about 5 until 6, fell back asleep until 7 and then slept another hour after that. What a way to begin a day. It is no wonder I was out the door extra early. I was early to visit Helly, thinking I'd get to see her while she was still in bed and happy and cheery. As it was, the nurse was already there so by the time I waited half an hour to see her, she was in a foul mood from having been cleaned up.
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A very low key day. We started out with our regular routine of going to the ghetto farmer's market followed by a visit to drink coffee with Raoul's brother. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day he is evicted from his house, but little seems to have changed. We came home and, after making breakfast, laid around the house for most of the day. I took a nap which is usual for Sunday afternoon. After dinner, the three of us played dominos and then it was off for slumber time. A perfectly normal day with no surprises and rather quiet.
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It's the second Monday I haven't gone to work. I have a lunch appointment today to discuss a future position. I'm most excited about a lunch meeting because I love talking business over a plate of food.

It turned out to be a fine meeting and the agenda was moved along. It seems to be proceeding slowly but I'm okay with that. I'm not sure if I'm the right candidate for the job and it seems like I'm being played. But that could be because I'm feeling rather guarded at this point.

I want a job, but I travel first.
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I remember when Mom and Dad would get a little mushy and sentimental about July 10. It was their anniversary. I guess they got married in New York City in 1948. My big brother was born the following February. When I was little, I remember doing the math and it didn't work out. Mom tried to lie by telling me that they really got married in 1947 but Dad couldn't afford the ring for a whole year, so he inscribed it with the date it was gifted. I never bought that story and secretly liked that Mom was knocked up.
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I didn't leave the house once today! Sometimes looking back and realizing that makes me feel kinda weird, but for some reason I'm quite proud of that fact. It was a shut-in kinda day. I just laid in bed the whole day alternating between schmying around the Internet and watching television. I even took a very brief nap. The best part of the whole day is that I wasn't in the kitchen grazing for the most part. I wouldn't call it a complete bust, but it was a nothing sort of day. I like to have those days occasionally.
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When one is unemployed, the days just melt into each other. Thursday is pretty much the same as Monday. When working, these rhythms have a distinct cadence. But being free, the days are just there. It's a fine feeling. I've grown accustomed to it rather quickly considering I've only been unemployed for 12 days! But it's amazing how much I'm enjoying doing pretty much nothing. I have plenty of projects that need to be finished around the house and I haven't done anything about any of them. It's very easy to be caught up in the everyday needs. Time management.
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I've always noted the existence of Friday the 13th. I have never put much into the superstitious meaning. I didn't even realize today was one of those days until about halfway through the day when it suddenly dawned on me. It was another one of those lazy hazy days until late in the afternoon when I decided to run through the Saturday routine late Friday afternoon so that I could spend some time with a good friend on Saturday. Mainly because she invited me to visit with her Mother in celebration of her 99th birthday. We will be the party.
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I spent the day with an old friend and visited with her Mother. Raoul called while we were having a very late breakfast at the Ham and Eggery and asked me to bring home KFC for dinner. After Ricki and I ate breakfast, we walked next door to the Krispy Kreme and I bought her Mother a birthday doughnut. We had a very short visit and then went for a quick shopping trip and back to her apartment. I brought home the KFC. Later, I went to the art walk with another friend. It was a large day after all!
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I didn't realize how lazy I could be on a Sunday. I got up early with Raoul and went to the ghetto farmer's market. While he shopped, I drove around Wynwood and shot some photos. Afterward, we stopped by his brother's house for some Cuban coffee. We came home and I made breakfast and then we played dominos with Isora. Afterward, I took a nice long nap. Now I'm watching a National Geographic special about Stonehenge. We'll soon eat dinner of fish sticks and caesar salad. The rest of the day will peacefully pass and I'm ready for another week!
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I realized today that travel agents earn their money! I've been trying to book a flight for my Alaska cruise at the end of August and I swear to Buddha that I spent the entire day on the Internet trying to book something decent. There are so many options! And why, when one wants to fly from Anchorage to Seattle, must the airlines insist on flying to Dallas/Fort Worth first? WTH? After many hours of trying many different combinations, I finally got two flights for a little more than $550 round trip. Not bad, but the return is grueling.
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Just got back from a follow-up visit. I swear I was in the waiting room longer than in the dentist chair. The dentist was removing stitches he put in my gum last week after treating the implant he placed there two years ago. It seems that I needed a new bone graft to hold the thing in place. He was pleased with the progress after a week and told me I could start flossing there in two more days. No follow-up necessary until the next cleaning appointment in November at which time I won't have dental insurance anymore.
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The dog days of summer are dragging. It's hot. It's humid. I want to sit in the house all day. If I take a walk to the corner, I am drenched in sweat. The work on our street had moved all the way down the next block when suddenly they returned to in front of our house and opened a very large hole. Yesterday when I was on the phone, someone asked, "What's all that beeping?" I told them it was the very large tractor in front of the house. Earlier, the room was filled with diesel fumes. Good times.
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Today is the birthday of my ex-wife. I asked The Son if he had talked to his Mother and he said that he left a message but she hadn't called back. It's not easy getting older. It's funny how I remember birthdays of the most obscure folks. Next week are the birthdays of Sandra and Raoul. I think it's funny that they sent each other a $50 gift card. It would have been easier to just buy a card for themselves and save the money for the greeting card and the postage! But these are the breaks. Break down.
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Raoul decided that today would be a good day for a haircut, which means that I have to cut his hair too. Well, as soon as he finished mine he got out the shaver and told me to shave his head. He is now bald. Says it's his summer look. It's been awhile since he did that. I've always wanted to try it out but never had the courage. I'm so psyched about the Alaska cruise. It's all I can think about. Still have to book the rooms in Vancouver and Anchorage. Once that's done, I have to start packing!
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Saturday has come to mean a trip to the devil's warehouse and a visit with Helly. Sometimes Ricki joins me and other times I go it alone. No one wants to visit a nursing home. Raoul and Isora used to go with, but as Helen has deteriorated I've had to go by myself. This week was one of those weeks where Helly was not up to par. I understood why she was in a funk. They had chopped off her hair and I'm sure it was totally against her will. I hope I never have to go to a home.
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Today was a very gray rainy day and mostly a lost day. I took a Xanax around lunch time and spent the rest of the day in bed asleep while outside the rain kept falling. At one point, Raoul made guacamole and served taquitos. It wasn't a good idea to get up, play dominoes with them and then come back to bed. I'm sitting here hours later with a horrible case of indigestion. There are certain foods that shouldn't be eaten before lying down. I know one of them now. I promise that tomorrow I'm going to start decluttering things!
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Just another lovely Monday not at work. I did some housecleaning today and had a hearty afternoon nap. I think the last time I was unemployed I really got into the afternoon naps. I had read a story that humans actually need a nap in the afternoon. The way to determine when is to take the time you went to bed and the time you woke up and determine the halfway point between the two and take a nap in the afternoon at that time for at least a half hour but not more than an hour. I'm feeling sleepy.
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Tuesday afternoon
I'm just beginning to see
Now I'm on my way
It doesn't matter to me
Chasing the clouds away.

I used to love the Moody Blues and I remember listening to them on a daily basis. As the years have passed, I've realized just how much I loved ELO as I've listened to their music over and over and over. Today was another paperwork day and I did just a little decluttering. I figure if I declutter for at least an hour a day, I should be done in a few months! Life is good. I'm so happy.
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Today is dollar day at 100 Montaditos and I decided yesterday that we would go there for lunch. Raoul just told me that he spent $40 for four of us, so I wonder what it would have cost on another day. It's all little sandwiches and salads and even the beers are $1. So I wonder how he ended up spending so much! It doesn't matter though because I'm fat and happy and soon I'll be down for a nap. I'm having a hankering for some iced coffee. It's so freaking hot outside and the air conditioner just runs on.
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The dog days of summer are languid, long. The days stretch into each other. Nothing seems to get done. There is much to do but the heat seems to be a preventive measure. One minute a call about an urgent matter is followed the next minute by a text message about another unrelated urgent matter that somehow seems to be part of the previous urgency. The pace quickens and the clock seems to go ever faster. I wish for the good old days of last month, but the future keeps on slipping into the present. I'll just be here now.
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We make plans and G-d laughs. I think I bought into that philosophy so wholeheartedly that for years I've honestly answered, "I don't know" when asked, "What's on the agenda?" So, I try not to make plans for tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come. At least for me. Your tomorrow could be my last today. Hmmm. The point? I did my Saturday routine today because tomorrow we plan to have lunch with an old friend. As soon as I make these plans, I know they will change. Yet I continue through with the change and life is good, yes.
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It's the 116th birthday of the City of Miami. It is also the 61st birthday of His Royal Smallness. I changed plans yesterday so I would be available for lunch today, but those plans changed as soon as they were made. The new plan is to go to lunch tomorrow. That's humorous. I wonder if that will materialize. Meanwhile, an announcement was made that the drinking would commence at 3 p.m. I knew that meant 1 p.m. and sure enough, I saw a glass of wine being poured at 1:15. The rest of the day was downhill.
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The month of July has been a very thoughtful month for me. I've thought about a great deal and I've come to the conclusion that life is just plain good. I could worry about the little things, but in the great scheme of the world spirit, I'm content in my little corner of the world. I just go about from day to day with little to no direction. Although I would have been happier with more fame and fortune, I don't feel the failure. I'm content with what I got and I try not to think about the bad things.
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As the month comes to an end, it will be remembered as the nothing month. Raoul's birthday came and went. We didn't even mention Pamela on the 19th nor any of the other birthdays we used to celebrate in July. We just floated through the days wondering what's next. The car registration was renewed and I received a new passport. We did the usual shopping with a few extra trips thanks to me being home every day. It was a true staycation without even trying to have one. I'm glad it was a nothing month because I'm ready for August!
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It's Tuesday but I swear I woke up all excited thinking it's Saturday. That's the biggest problem of being unemployed - all the days seem the same. There is no weekly structure. I guess that's what being in the moment is all about. When the days have no distinction, every day is a holiday. Life is good. The street is all tore up and they ripped out our tamarind tree, but life goes on. The construction seems to never end, but someday it will and we will too. I'm in a pensive mood today because there are times when that's required.