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Let me be clear. There has always been, right from the beginning, homosexuals. It was always part of the creation scenario. Homosexuality in the animal kingdom, including Homo sapiens, has not ever been unnatural, and homosexual relationships are found in every phylum in the animal kingdom. Like blue eyes vs. brown eyes, homosexuality is only a diversity, not an unnaturalness.

Homosexuality is a fact of Being. In the human population the ratio of gay population to straight population has been estimated as from one in ten to one in six.

It is a way of Being found in every race.

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I've had a gun pulled on me twice in my life. Survived both.

What needs to be understood about most gun owners is that guns are phallic symbols (even for women). Those who yell the loudest about losing their ownership rights and fight every effort to regulate weapons and keep them out of the wrong hands are those so insecure in their image of masculinity in the eyes of others that they need to be able to brag about the size and capacity of their weapon, need to wave their surrogate dicks in public, without an attending indecent exposure charge.

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I wonder, often, how very little most of us live our lives understanding the history that our lives often are.

We pay more attention, I suppose, when changes directly effect us personally. I am aware of the historicity of the gay marriage moment because it touches a small portion of my world. Amazing how educational the ego.

Not that gay marriage will benefit me- I'm a little old and a lot tired, but same-sex marriage will bring joy to those coming up after me- and for them, I can only celebrate as if the celebration was for me, personally.

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"Some cultures embraced homosexuality and encouraged it. Some decided they were gifted! Some cultures kill them." My Assumption, based on what I've experienced socially and personally- The more Patriarchal, the more authoritarian the culture and/or personality, the more Homophobic.

FYI- Boys don't become gay because girls don't put out. Some older authorities had suggested they may experiment with boys. The only way I can answer that is to say that when boys weren't putting out for me, I never considered girls. I think the experimentation idea is a homophobic fear. However, there is the tricky question of sex in prisons.

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Somewhere around twelve years old, I knew I wasn't like my male classmates. The clue was that they were all excitedly watching our girl clasmmates chests for signs of breast growth under their starched white uniform blouses and comparing growth notes. I, however,could give a shit about the size of female chests. What I was watching, with furtive looks I might say, were my male classmates' crotches. I wasn't sure why, but I knew I had to keep watching so I wouldn't miss whatever it was for which I was breathlessly waiting.

It turned out to be hillbilly Jimmy.

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Every now and then I wonder if I'm too aggressively gay on my public pages, like Facebook. I tend to share every gay story, good, bad and the ugly with my straight contacts. I want them all to understand that being gay is a seminal part of my being, at all.

My fear is that my aggressiveness is some form of over-compensation for my early deference to my family's image. I couldn't Be in their environment. In those days, being openly gay would have brought shame on them. I had to move cross country to find my own personal environment.

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Rupert Murdock now owns England's Richard III's bones. He paid 100 million whatevers to display his role model's remains at his News Corporation headquarters in New York. The former British monarch's bones were recently discovered near the ruins of Greyfriars Priory, in a parking lot; I have not yet discovered why a parking lot is being dug up, but DNA tests confirm the Richard the third bit.

The story, DNA or no, that Richard has been found, feels surreal, especially the part where Murdock is allowed to buy the bones. I'm offended- it's the monarchist in me to the fore.

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Headlines recently declared the Gospel of Judas, an ancient Coptic text discovered, I believe, among the Dead Sea Scrolls, to be authentic. I am assuming what they mean is that they scrolls were written during the early days of Christianity and not a perpetuated forgery. As this version of the story of the Crucifixion of Jesus has Judas as a co-conspirator with Jesus in Jesus' death, it would be a bit awkward for Christianity to explain how it held Judas' betrayal as revealed truth, all these years. They barely survived a credibility crisis over the Galileo affair.

Tough luck, Judas.

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I had this 'thing' about pirates, as a youngster of twelve. To be more precise, it was about pirate captains and pirate captain's cabin boys. My particular interest was the fantasy of my being the personal boy of a captain who always looked like Tony Curtis.

At twelve, I didn't know what the duties of a cabin boy were (at twelve, I didn't know much about lots). It was only in later years I understood my version of them wouldn't have been listed in any public sea-faring manual.

My version wasn't pornographic, but I had an idea of the possibilities.

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There is a news-piece that has been floating around in the gay press about a 7-11(a chain of quasi corner stores in America) employee who was criminally (though amorously) attacked by a customer, another male.

A few days later, the openly gay employee claims, he was fired for being gay. For its own part, 7-11 claims the employee was fired for being drunk on the job. The employee has denied being drunk. In the meantime, the so-called assaulter has not been arrested, or seemingly, even identified.

Question: When did the employee report the attack, and upon what evidence does the company make its claim?
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I've never held that disobedience alone is what got humanity tossed out of the allegorical Garden. Original Sin is a compound of sins with failure to take responsibility for their actions, i.e., scapegoating, as the lease-breaker. If someone had said I did it, I was wrong, I'm sorry, Homo sapiens might be experiencing a whole other reality.
Instead, Adam and Eve chose to shift blame for their decisions to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil on someone else (that I object to the idea that God would want to keep us ignorant? Not now, another time).

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The Roman Catholic Church's refusal of the right of gay people to marry is not an isolated instance of their denial of any rights, let alone human, but their own. I offer as an example James Cardinal McIntyre, archbishop of Los Angeles.

In 1964, a priest in his archdiocese, petitioned Pope Paul VI to remove McIntyre from office for his failure to support the Civil Rights movement. Two years later, McIntyre suspended Dubay from the priesthood for publishing a book challenging the rights of the hierarchy. After suspension, Dubay married and moved to Alaska. McIntyre continued as Archbishop until 1970.

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The American Catholic Church, as an institution, never played a leading role in the Civil Rights movement. Many bishops, with important exceptions such as Archbishop Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles, generally supported the idea of equality and racial justice, but never had the balls to implement these ideas within their jurisdictions. Because of the ideal of separation of Church and State as stated in the American Constitution, many bishops were afraid of being accused of mixing politics with religion.

Interesting how, concerning the Gay Marriage issue, all those considerations cited during the Civil Rights Movement, seem to longer matter.

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Speaking as a gay man (but only for myself), I don't understand the worship of the gargantuan dick among my brothers. Hanging to the knee dongs (for me, that's anything over eight inches soft) are visually off-putting, freakish rather than sensual. I can't imagine the possessor of such an over-sized phallus ever being satisfied orally and I sure wouldn't let them near my buns. We won't talk about their problem of off-duty storage.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate the male body; I love loving the male body (including the mind), but the whole is greater than the part.

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Bombs went off at the Boston Marathon, near the finish line, today. Ten minutes later another explosion went off at the JFK Library; I heard a rumor that a fourth bomb was found and exploded by the bomb squad. The investigators have not put forward any names as possible suspects and no one has been reported as claiming responsibility. However, the use of ball bearings in the bombs suggest a terrorist attack. The question is who is the terrorist.

Two people have been killed and forty plus people have been reported injured. Our penchant for war has finally infected American streets.

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I have begun reading a novel called The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri. The novel seems to be about a man dying (and living) on a staircase landing in Bombay, his memories and his relationships with the people who live in his building. I've only read chapter one and am already mesmerized.

I have no idea how this book ended up in my library, but it seems obvious it was meant to cross my attention. Of course, a statement like that raises the esoteric questions of for what? and by who?

I'm an agnostic; don't ask; haven't a clue.

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"First and foremost watching with emotion the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing that happened on Monday. I had a few friends who were there but were not injured in the blasts. This is really a horrible and frightening time and I hope that whoever is responsible is punished for it."

Agree with everything said. I would, however, like to comment that mentality behind this bombing is the same type of mentality responsible for unmanned drones against "the enemy." To excorciate one while ignoring the other is hypocriscy.

Not that this realization is going to change minds towards the good.

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The recent incident at The Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri, is ample evidence of why the so-called protection that legal Civil Unions offers vs. the full legal protection offered by legal marriage is unmanageable and, more importantly, a denial of full legal respect and protection for same-sex unions. A spouse was removed from the side of his husband even though he held all the proper papers and declarations of their union instead of the patient's younger brother with whom he was having a dispute. He was removed despite the pleas of his husband that he definitely remain.

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A question I've never heard asked before- are we still in the process of the Big Bang? I mean, given the fact that we are, or so I've heard, still expanding, I suppose that we must be.

Where will we end, or rather I should say, how long will the expansion continue, will space turn in on itself and begin contracting?

Will Man be here to see the end, or shall we have long before made ourselves extinct on the planet?

I, myself, am betting we will have offed ourselves sooner rather than later.

And, pray, who will mourn? WHO?

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"I haven't come here to relate my Ramayama to you."

From the surrounding context, Ramayama is akin to history, but Romance wants to suggest it as something deeper and more mysterious, like soul.

There is one and then there are endless versions of history. The first is what happened- the dish broke. Everything else is personal interpretation.

Each person who saw the dish break will have seen the breakage, cause and aftermath, differently, and those who only heard the dish break will have a differing story, even as those who saw, among themselves.

Clear Ramayamas are romantic fiction.

So it is with each of our personal histories. Even our own stories change as age adds and subtracts from memory.

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In The Death of Vishnu, by Muri Suri, a character wonders whether gods, as gods, are allowed only heavenly bliss, if earthy, human pleasures, that physicality offers, is beyond their reach.

Is this why- a need to experience the fullness of humanity- so many gods have left the heavens to become human?

Such an idea in Abraham theologies- Jewish, Muslim and most certainly Christian, is heresy incarnate. In Christianity, Christ came to save us from our pleasures, not to be corrupted by them.

Unfortunately, this one hundred word format limits me to only raising the question, not conduct it.

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I have been sidelined, again, by health issues, and have subsequently been placed in isolation, away from my computer and contact with my friends on the web. I am particularly referring, here, to any update about Laureen's surgery. I am hoping that the news is better that even the most optimistic hope offered (although I am not sure what could be better than the most optimistic hope, i.e., perfect health, could be).

Life is a hiccup in the entity eternal. In the end, all is illusion, Maya is all.

I seem to be feeling  defeatist, today.

Tomorrow'll be better?

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The recent tragedy in Bangladesh, i.e., the collapse of an eight story building that killed at least two hundred garment workers, is a perfect example of the error of the political belief that the less government is involved, the better (The question is for who?). This is the kind of government the "American right wing wants and is fighting for.

There weren't any government sponsored inspections (bribery?) Cracks in the building were noticed and reported, but instead of closing down the building for safety concerns, the owners allowed the building to continue to be used. God forbid loss of income.

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The Fellowship of the Ring, the first section of JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, was published in July, 1954, in England. I was almost 12 years old and living in Chicago. Twelve more years had to pass before I connected to Middle-earth through Ballantine paperback books; by then, I was living in California.

I'd already read The Hobbit; I hadn't been terribly impressed, but I wasn't put off, either. Even though the cover art was jarring, I decided to give Tolkien a second chance.

The literature gods were smiling favorably, on me, that day. My reward? Enchantment.

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I was born during World War II and America seems not to have stopped fighting with someone, since. I'm seventy, and I can't remember a time we didn't have soldiers dying in combat on soils whose names I never know until the dead start returning.

I will not be surprised when I hear someone remark they've heard me say the above, before. The complaint has long been a personal mantra and I voice it again and again. Sometimes in anger, sometimes in frustration, but always with the hope that someone will hear me and do something. "Let's give peace a chance."

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Action is an act of judgment based on a supposed knowing of what, and why, action is necessary. The great danger is that the information, i.e., the knowledge base, is flawed, incomplete or biased. Action undertaken upon flawed and/or biased knowledge leads, always, to great injustice. History is replete with instance. The Salem Witch Trials in seventeenth century America is one such glaring, evil instance.

One supposes the past lessons were for the future, but rather than learning to avoid errors of the past, we repeat them (unconsciously?) in every generation. Only sometimes is repetition a conscious and deliberate choice.

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He knew it was redundant but he closed his eyes as Kevin placed the scarf over them and knotted it behind his head. He kept them closed, allowing a gentle, yet insistent hand guide his steps.

There were too many twists and turnarounds for any counting of steps to be useful, later. Any sound cues he might have gathered were drowned out by his guide's loud, steady, tuneless humming in his ears. It was probably best they thought he wouldn't be able to find his way back, later. Otherwise, as the old punchline went- they'd just have to kill him.

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He knew it was redundant but he closed his eyes as Kevin placed the scarf over them and knotted it behind his head. He kept them closed, allowing a gentle, yet insistent hand guide his steps.

There were too many twists and turnarounds for any counting of steps to be useful, later. Any sound cues he might have gathered were drowned out by his guide's loud, steady, tuneless humming in his ears. It was probably best they thought he wouldn't be able to find his way back, later. Otherwise, as the old punchline went- they'd just have to kill him.

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Finally, his guide, and he, came to a halt and he heard a knock on, he assumed, a door. It opened, he was ushered through, and it closed.

When the blindfold was removed, he found himself in what seemed to be a common room; there were perhaps a dozen men gathered around the room on sofas and chairs and tables. He couldn't believe it. He'd suddenly sprouted a cedar-hard "woodie". An old teen-age fantasy of being captured by a gang and used roughly flooded his mind as if it had been designed just yesterday. He cherished the thrill.

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"I'm for fucking, not for talking."

It's curious what the mind chooses to spit, at any random moment, into the forefront of a mind. The quote comes from a Starsky/Hutch slash story I read a long time ago. Everything else about the story, I've forgotten.

Now, thinking about it, I do remember this line was delivered with a tempered anger at Hutch, who had come looking for answers. Hutch had put him, an innocent, among the jackals and he'd quickly acquired a "Daddy" to protect him from sexual assaults by other inmates. He was his Daddy's exclusive piece.

In real life, I am anti-rape, but damn, the quote image- erotic