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So the biggest thing today was that everyone was extremely elated that CPS had their first snow day in a while.

There's no school tomorrow for me.
There's a few things I have planned to do tomorrow. That being homework as well as other minor things...

I have to write a journal entry for homework. Something about my day; and it has to be a page long. I'm not too sure what I should write. Whenever I jot down things in my usual diary, all that comes out in words are personal feelings of hatred or disbelief in a person.
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Well, today was pretty... blinding.

The snow on the ground looked like fluffy majestic pillows. It was so white.
I ran to the windows to see the snow this morning. The brightness shunned my eyes and I fell over.†
We ended up shoveling the snow. I hurt my wrist and my legs went numb after shoveling for hours... My mom kept whining about crap...†My brother and I were mildly irritated, but we knew that it was a job we had to do anyway. I gave up several times and dived into the snow.†
My butt's numb.

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I woke up around 10, I think, and only left my room around 3. I spent those hours playing Rhythm Heaven, only to get five stages ahead. I wanted to go to Microcenter today. But, because I decided to play that game for about six hours, My dad had to go work and I got no ride.†

My brother could drive too, but there's only two cars out of the four we have that still work. Well, the van's working, its just that it's only used for vacation or long distance events.

I didn't get to do my homework...
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Why can't people just be respectful to one another? Ugh... Another useless fight with my dad... He yelled at me for making him wait about 45 minutes.
He left me alone in worser conditions for several hours at a time, yet he bashes me for only 45 minutes?†

Whatever, I'm just dropping it. I've already let my rage go and stepped into nirvana... I guess.

There's this student teacher in my brit lit class, or an aide or something. He looks like a kangaroo. No sugar-honey-iced-tea.

I've got homework to do, still... better start crackin'.
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I donít think people really understand what theyíre saying.

My mom was in a crap mood and she told me to ďstop worshiping that laptopĒ. She used it as if it meant "use/using".

Sure, I use the computer and the laptop often, but I donít worship them. I donít have a shrine of electronics, candles or burn incense whenever I see them.

What I do have as a shrine would be of Jesus in my room, not my iPod, my computer or laptop.

This was like I was punched in the face by a hypocrite.
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There was a game I played a long time ago. About five years since I was last serious about the game. It was a game called†Trickster Online. I made memorable memories, good laughs and made even better friends worth my friendship.

Here I was, my pitiful lion, the lion who raged through the old beta days where lions could only be accepted as gunners. I never carried a gun.
The ones always in my type were so irritable; not a day went by without at least one of them saying I†had†to hold a gun.

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I feel so impatient right now.

Thereís a chance for me to buy an UGC at a walking distance. But, right nowÖ The snowís still on the ground. Not just any snow, though. Large, massive clumps of snow.
My parents donít even approve of me walking to a store down the street; theyíd flip and get pissed if they find out that Iíve decided to walk on down to a†Blockbuster†in weather like this. Man, I wish I could get one like right now.

I guess all I can do is wait.
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I feel kind of scatterbrained.

Iím kind of happy of what my dad did today. He apologized for hisinconsiderate behavior†and treated me like a person worth saying sorry to. I was so happy my eyes welled up in tears.

I was in the mood to finish up some old stories I left undone from my last job. Well, thereís not enough time to do that†and†homework. I guess I gotta choose wisely now, since I blew off three hours doing nothing. I guess Iíll do homework first... Only because it's due tomorrow.

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Iíve been too distracted by games these daysÖ I get all into my work when Iím at school, but when Iím at home, I donít want to do it anymore. All the enthusiasm I had before, all the planning and the schedule I work out just†doesn't†help anymore.†

I try to not get distracted, but I find myself sitting around aimlessly staring and wondering about something else. Then I look at the clock and itís already my bedtime. I really hate this. This is what always gets me to my downfall.

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I feel kind of scatterbrained.

Iím kind of happy of what my dad did today. He apologized for his inconsiderate behavior and treated me like a person worth saying sorry to. I was so happy my eyes welled up in tears.

I have a lot of homework, and I was motivated to do all of it until I started playing a game and started googling random stuff, andÖ Well, you all know how that goes.

I was in the mood to finish up some old stories I left undone from my last job, but I've homework...

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I've been too distracted by games these daysÖ I get all into my homework and classwork when Iím at school, but when Iím at home... I just donít want to do it anymore. All the enthusiasm I had before, all the planning... I work out just doesnít come out anymore. Unless if it involves leveling up or doing some quest, Iím not into it. I try to not get distracted, but I find myself sitting around aimlessly staring and wondering about something else. Then I look at the clock and itís already my bedtime...
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I hate it when people call my house phone.

Theyíre always telemarketers, my parentsí friends, or people with no courtesy that it is FOUR IN THE MORNING. They keep calling, thinking that itís nothing-But it does. My connection drops whenever people call my house phone. Iím a very serious MMORPG player. I hate sudden disconnections. It gets me infuriated. I get pissed off and get into a crappy mood. Todayís my dadís birthday. I donít want to be a crabby cat on my dadís birthday. Thatís just douchey.

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I met my cousins today!

We celebrated my dad's birthday today, too. Thank God for another year. Since the family feud before, we barely got to see each other. But, we spent the day watching Rugby and Family Guy, playing games like Rhythm Heaven and went to church. It was such a good day! I couldn't stop smiling. Yes, no one can be like my cousins. I love them to bits, and I'm glad I'm related to them. I'll never get tired of them in my life-- Our childhood memories and idiotic excursions can never die in my mind...

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Throughout this whole stupid day...

All my friends were getting roses from friends and their "other halves". I'm not a scrooge on V-Day, but, for some reason, I felt kind of... awkward. I spent the day pondering about life and what it turns out to be. My cousins and my brother have this day off... Lucky ducks... I kind of didn't want to be here this morn, but... I'm kind of glad I did. This one dude I've been taking a liking to due to his "8-year-old" personality and tall masculine physique gave me a hug.

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Today (or yesterday) was Valentineís Day. We had to present a poem or some sort of saying in French class. It went like,

ďJe tíaime comme le soleil aime le sable Je tíaime, et aussi, jíaime tíaimer.Ē - Henri De Montherlant It means, ďI love you like the sun loves the sand; I love you, and I love loving youĒ. Itís pronounced ďjeh taym kohm leh so-lehl ahm leh sahb-leh; jeh taym ay ao-see, jaym taymayĒ. For all you heartthrob wannabes. It was apparently slap an ass day or something too.

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Yeah, I didn't really do anything but play games right after school.

It's kind of sad to admit that's all I really did. I wanted to leave school real fast JUST so I can reach home to have more time to play games. ...I feel like I'm such a sad person. I didn't even update my blog on anything... Homework is such a drag.

It's not like it can't ever be... Well, I do have to admit that there were some times when homework was enjoyable. If I start off doing French or Algebra Trig, then homework's fun.

02/17 Direct Link
I feel like I should just walk up to him, grab him by the collar and say, "Kid, you better not be doing this ships n' frigates to my heart accidentally!"

Man, I'm really scared to fall in love. I mean, he's a real good friend and all, but... I don't want any distractions in my life. It's my Junior year. I can't afford any mistakes in my schoolwork. Having a puppy-like person as someone who's more than a friend would definitely distract me the most.

It's one of my greatest flaws. I can't be mean to cute things...
02/18 Direct Link
Well, there was a party at Anime Club today, but a majority of the people that are in Anime Club didn't go because they didn't know.

Sometimes I worry about the future of Anime Club.

I had to leave early because my dad had work today. We got our new shirts, and... I don't know, I guess I could say I regret writing "XL". It's like a dress on me. Not that I mind though. I just won't like wearing it in public often. Oh well. Maybe if I get it washed a few times it'll shrink enough.

02/19 Direct Link
Well, today I made a new friend. She lives in Quebec, and mainly speaks French, but she learned English for 10 years.

realized that she was a new player in the game, and that was pretty rare for me. I never met anyone who was new in the server I play on normally. From what I can imply, because the server buttons are rearranged, more new people play on the second server. The first server has a bunch of people who are old coots that used to play 3 years ago. Itís nice conversing with new people online.

02/20 Direct Link
I woke up from a dream of playing video games to reach for the laptop to play some more.

Do... Do you know how sad that sounds? It's addictive...

I was able to get off from playing for long hours by finding Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights playing on TV when I went to quickly eat. It was a good movie. But after church and eating, I went back to play some more games to end up still awake at 4:38am to Monday. Thank the good lord I don't got school tomorrow or I'd be screwed.

02/21 Direct Link
There are a lot of things I couldíve done this weekend. I couldíve caught a movie with a friend, talked on the phone or do something productive. But instead, I waste itĖagainĖby playing Trickster Online. I don't know what I'm trying to prove by playing so often. It's just leading me to ruins. Literally. I always feel exhausted... I feel really tired. I donít know why I keep staying up to do nothing but play games these days. It all seems like a waste of time. I can never get my priorities in line anymoreÖ
02/22 Direct Link
I hate it when I mess up.

Especially when I make a mistake that could only be fixed with money.

Itís kind of minor but itís irritating to know I couldíve hit harder on the enemies I fight. Iím just waiting for the time when I could buy it without having it be regular price.
Yes, Iím talking about eTO. Yes, I think itís stupid to waste real money on a nonexistent virtual items, but, you knowĖ fix now and donít regret later. Itís a good thing, I guess.

02/23 Direct Link
I feel like the biggest wangerdoodle ever.

There was this one kid who had this fruit snacks stuck in the vending machine and my friend and I took them by using an extra dollar she had when he left.

I feel like the biggest hypocrite ever. I always say I go mentally and physically by the saying, "Do onto others as others do onto you".

I sure wouldn't feel quite happy if someone took the food that was rightfully mine. I'd be irritated. Feeling guilty isn't good enough. I wanted to repent but I lost my chance.

02/24 Direct Link
Why aren't the days going by faster? I'm irritated that I have to do so much crap today and that I didn't do anything productive. I feel like a pretentious liar. I hate feeling this way. It's already 9:41. I have to sleep at 10:00 to wake up at my usual time of 4am.

I've gotta start getting my head in the game. If I keep this up, I'll eventually have a zero by the second quarter ends... And that's a whole heck of annoying. It'd be like school, but in the summer-- or Summer School, really.

02/25 Direct Link
I bumrushed an essay this morning. I feel so badass because I ended up having a pretty darn good paper despite it being written half asleep.

It's so easy to not do anything when you're already fixed to doing it... For me, it's just the usual of brushing teeth and putting rubber bands on my braces. I feel so tired and bored right now. My lion can't get the things he needs and it's overpriced in shops. It's also my friend's birthday today. I have a surprise gift I'd want to give her. Ughh... I'll just.. sleep...

02/26 Direct Link
I'm supposed to hang out with my friend Veronica today. But, she didn't respond when we're going to see Gnomeo and Juliet.

I also have the option to go to Microcenter today, but no one's moving in the house. I hope I don't just sit here and play games. That's not fun. ...Well, anymore, because I like playing games and all that. I mean, I'm even willing to waste 30 bucks on a Ultimate Game Card for my stupid game, hahaa. I know I should wait for a sale, but... I'm so impatient...

02/27 Direct Link
Well, it's the end now.

It's not like I hate going to chorus, it's just that... I don't have any motivation to sing with them without my brother. My dad told Mrs. Camile that I could play trumpet... What else could they do?! Not only that, but one of the older ladies is offering to drive me to practice--so I won't have any excuse not to go. I'm not trying to avoid them, it's just that they're restraining me. Just let me do what I can, and I'll do it. Don't throw Roman, my trumpet, in the mix...

02/28 Direct Link
I wish people could remember my name. It's not that hard, it's not even complicated. Call me by my name-- don't just look me dead in the eye like a deer in headlights or call me "girl". I have a name, and a name is something I'd like very much to be called as. We had Korean club practice today. Because our Taekwondo section sucked, they threatened to take us out of International day. So, we tried to fix it to make it better. ...Too bad it just doesn't work out like magic... I wish I could've participated more often...