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I have so many memories
I want to hold in my head
After having such a good time
With people so fine
A time to remember
To store in my mind
To hope they will come again
Along in my life,
I will miss certain people
Along the way
And there'll be others, I suppose,
Who I'll be glad cannot stay
But all the good memories that I've collected
Will stay in my heart,
forever protected.

There's so much to say in so little time - I wish I could have more time with more people, though many I can't. Why?
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Just in case anyone happened to read this and be wondering, I wrote the poem yesterday. We're carrying on studying these poems in English for our language exams and they are pretty bad, in most people's opinion... But then you find yourself in a situation (like I found myself in at the end of Year 10) when you have no way apart from words or music to let your feelings out of your head to circulate in the world. I personally prefer playing music to writing, but the words just seemed to flow. Maybe poetry isn't that bad after all...
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It's so weird thinking back to the first day 4 years ago and thinking how big and old all the big people were. And now it's me. I don't know what I'm going to do about all types of people this year - there's a few certain people who are just grating, you know? And I really want to spend more time with other people I haven't seen in ages. I really missed them. Why is it that on the weekend I go all antisocial? And I would have to swear that someone went red after looking at me today. Hmmm.
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Hmm, what is there to say... You may be thinking that it's a bit weird not being able to write something on the 4th day, but actually it's the 23rd September and I'm going back to days I haven't written so I can publish this batch. I can't even remember what I did on the 4th September... It must've been the first weekend after we'd gone back for two days... Then I probably did nothing and stayed at home all day like the socialite I am. And according to certain sources, apparently someone mistook me for a 6th former today.
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Hallo mein Schatz ich liebe dich,
Du bist die Einzige fur mich,
Die andern find' ich alle doof,
Deswegen mach' ich dir den Hof.
Du bist so anders, ganz speziell
Ich merke sowas immer schnell,
Jetz zieh dich aus und leg dich hin,
weil ich so verliebt in dich bin.

Manner sind Schweine by Die Arzte is such a true song, I like german music, not better than english music, they're both kind of the same. But I definitely prefer old english music (1960-90), if you call that old. It was the music people cared about then, not the singers.
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There are a few quotes that I have seen around that I find very striking:

It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain.

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.

Music is what feelings sound like.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

What is a life worth living if you look back and say, what if?

Courage is not the absense of fear, merely action upon the realisation that something is more important than fear.

Well, I like them.
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It hasn't even been a week yet. I have to say that my years seem to get better as I progress, apart from this year I'm not allowed to learn the double bass - humph. I had to choose one instrument out of Piano, Guitar/Bass and Double Bass. I chose Piano because of my Music GCSE even though I really enjoy playing it I REALLY WANTED TO PLAY LIKE THE STRAY CATS. Oh well, there'll be other oppurtunities. I'm lucky in seating plans too - especially this year, in most lessons. The people are what makes life worth living. Yes, really.
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I spent the whole of today being amused by the fact that it is 08/09/10. This won't happen after 2012, because there is only 12 months... I'm sure I'll find other things to be amused by - I'm just that sort of person... it's quite easy to be amused when you're high on the people around you, my friends just do that to me.

I just realised that anyone American is going to find that first point really strange 'Hey, it isn't the 9th of August today..?' No, it's the 8th of September 2010 and my life is Awesome.
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I had forgotten how often I get assulted by sexual innuendos over the holidays. Mostly because my family have never heard the words 'That's what she said' mentioned in conversation. School is just a minefield of innuendos waiting to come out (no pun intended) and in my case, that is very often. The thing is, even if you think about what you say, it sounds totally innocent until someone around you goes "EW THAT'S DISGUSTING, HOW COULD YOU EVER SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT??" and then you realise that you could have been a bit choosier with your choice of vocabulary.
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Six months ago I got hit in the face and maybe broke my nose, then I, incredibly skillfully, managed to fall off a friend's trampoline and faceplant the floor. I went to the doctors who sent me to get an x-ray, but the hospital wouldn't do it because of NHS cuts. I went again today because I still get rather agonising pains, which make school extremely fun.
^^I think spending time with sarcastic people is rubbing off on me.

I wish my body was less buggered up and painful. But I want a lot of things, including another cake.
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I habe gedenkt dass ich diese Einträge mehr interessant machen soll. Dann hab' ich gedenkt dass ich auf Deutsch schreiben konnte. Wahrscheinlich ist es dass ich viele Fehlen machen werde, hoffentllich schriebe ich gut. Ich frage mich ob ich die Endungen auslassen soll, ich bin zu faul um die alle Endungen zu schreib'. Deuctsh ist eine tolle Sprache, die ich sprechen mag. Im Moment, versuche ich Russisch auch zu lernen - vielleicht werde ich ein Eintrag auf Russisch schreiben, um es besser zu lernen damit ich mit Leute überall kommunizieren kann.

But I bet you couldn't understand what I mean.
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It was 9/11 yesterday - Pff Americans and their stupid date system.
I actually WANT to be with people right now, typical me. Whenever I want to be alone, people call me up. When I actually want to do something, I don't. Now, you may ask why I don't call up myself... it's because I cba. This isn't really the best of attitudes, but the thing is, I may as well have my alone time and then socialise during school.Yay. I should really be doing russian right now instead of spending my life in front of a computer screen...
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I love sport, I would actually die if I couldn't do any sport - I'm so glad I can run. I haven't played hockey in over a year so it was a bit weird today, we also have rugby which is one of my favourite sports along with athletics! I think I like things I'm good at, for example, I don't like tennis.
Oh, and my speech went great - I knew I could do it, i just don't like doing it.
It's weird how some of these 100 words things end, it sounds like it should carry on, like an unfinished cadence...
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You know what really annoys me? People who fill up my facebook homepage with extremely pointless status'. I would like to say that I have an interesting and varied enough life to be able to type some fairly witty and interesting status'. I had a really good day today. Latin is an enjoyable, yet vaguely pointless, subject, especially as we get to sit where we want and I sit next to some very nice people :D - the people you sit with make the lesson I find. On the other hand, SPE is a waste of time and totally pointless subject.
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Some people's eyes are actually amazing. I know two people with amazingly piercing blue eyes and a few more people with amazingly deep brown eyes. You'd think brown eyes'd be warmer than blue ones, personalitywise, but I think they're both the same. Though some with icy eyes can still be icy, then can also be as warm as fire. You can get lost in both of them, and especially the blue ones can see right into your soul, at least that's what it feels like. Blue or Brown? Also, people with grey eyes most definitely don't have a grey personality.
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The school goes too far. This time, it's fences. We aren't animals, it's like RAB all over again. It's a running joke now, the waste of money. I actually didn't embarass myself today. - "Why aren't they pure copper, is it because it's too expensive?" "Yeah, because Hartley's spent too much on fences." Oh yes, I went there. And I actually thought of a witty comment at the time, not 10 minutes after the conversation, for once. It's nice making people laugh, maybe even better than laughing yourself. It makes you feel appreciated, as do friends, anyway, laughing hurts my nose.
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Everyone's starting to think about the ball and yearbook already and it's only the start of the year. It's all going to go SO quickly now... I realise now, that your schooldays are some of the best of your life and we all really need to make the most of them. I actually love my life at the moment, I've got the right people in it, the right attitude to it. I hope it continues, as I hope I don't go to the ball alone. I can't remember wearing a dress - it's going to be extremely weird. Seriously, me, dress?!?
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Love in the movies is most definitely not like in real life. It's just up to date fairy tales where things always work out in the end, apart from '500 Days of Summer'. Not only is that real life, but it's also a great film. You never get what you want, even if you go and get it; why do we bother? I wish life was more like a film, that way you would get the guy and live happily ever after. Package deal. There are no fairy godmothers in real life, so all you can rely on is yourself.
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Дстраствуй, Я пису по-русски - хорошо! Я говорю не много по-пусску, потому что я не изучаю по-русски много. У меня есть на короткое время по-русску изучаю.

25 words of Russian. Hellz to the yeah! I'm rather impressed with myself - I've never written a word of russian myself before. I bet half of it wrong, it's so annoying because, like Latin, Russian has declensions - what stupid person came up with that? Or at least, why don't we have them in English so things aren't so confusing!?!! I could do fine without declensions, cases or wind. I have a strong dislike for wind.
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Some things are too confusing for their own good. Boys are one of them. They are so straightforward and then you try and work out what they're doing and get all confused. They're great as friends, maybe even better than girls, though I would NEVER trade all my girl-friends for all boys, girl chats are needed sometimes! It's just it gets a bit boring talking about the same things all the time.

I wish the feeling embarassment never existed. I worked out I go red when I'm scared, does embaressment come under that heading? I go red too easily.
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Oh yesssssss I got a Top 15 playing on Radio Caroline today - Imma be famous, lol JK I bet about 10 people heard it, max. I thought I'd escape double Crawshaw this year, but no. At least I sit in a rather awesome position, I know it won't get boring. Maybe my most boring lesson, though it isn't boring, is German enrichment. Sensemakeage??  I want to do A Level, but I'd rather've done another enrichment ie. Modern World Issues. German was sooooo much better last year. Sigh. I miss everyone. Especially certain people. Agh, why can't things stay still.
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Not many people call me Yollom. But those that do are my closest friends, so why did he say that yesterday? Confuseddd. I should really stop overthinking things. But it's kind of hard at night, even when I have a storytape on, I still find my thoughts wandering. I had to have a photo taken today for PEG&T am I really that good at PE? There's loads of people I'd've chosen before me. We were taking photos at lunch too, I love the way photos capture a moment forever, when I look at a photo I get taken back...
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Sometimes overreact a bit too much, for example today in the lunch hall, I yelled loud enough after a flash on a camera went off and a crisp bag got popped for everyone to go completely silent, turn around and stare at me. That room really isn't my luckiest space - last year in a timetable collapse, I walked into a rather sharp edged bench that was right out of my line of sight - giving me a marvellous bruise that looked a bit like a spider. Everyone laughed at me then too; it's lucky for me I can laugh at myself.
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Ouuuch. I am always the one who gets hurt. In everything. Even though I try not to show it, that's my way of saying that the pain doesn't exist and if it isn't let out into the world, it'll go away and never come back because there'll nothing but my mind to mention it to myself. I say this because today, after a dodgy rugby tackle, I felt like my chest had collapsed inwards. It hurt to laugh - not a good thing considering who I sit next to in English. He's actually going to be a comedian when he's older.
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I just had my music lesson, I love playing the piano. I have to compose a piece for my Music GCSE based on an already existing piece, which I've been finding quite hard.

But then I just sat down at the piano and started improvising.

It's so amazing just letting your fingers weave a piece of music while your brain is free to listen and enjoy it as your fingers waltz over the keys.

It's even better than knitting. Especially since my knitting always ends up t-shirt shaped with lots of holes in it, not so with a piano.
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What would be different about my life if I had been called Anastasia instead of Emma:

1. I would have a lot less mugs with 'Emma' on them.

2. I would probably have been Anne instead of Timmy when we played the Famous 5 in primary school.

3. I would never have read the Sheltie books, or at least not discovered them for a time...

4. I would still have the same name as 10 other people, it would just be 10 different people.

The list probably goes on, but I can safely say I'm glad I'm not called Anastasia.
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We (as in a group of friends) decided to go and see Back to the Future on Friday because they're bringing it back to the cinema, this should be awesome. I shall pop into the Tesco Extra round the corner before going in - sweets in the cinema are SO expensive! I always choose the bring your own option... My family have done that ever since I can remember. Going to the cinema used to be a real treat but now I go so often it's not that special... I even get free tickets for volunteering at my local cinema - Yessss!
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Crikey, the bibs in PE are actually
Note the use of the capital letter.
They smell
They have an aroma of
Worse things than a stewing
Mix of excrement.
They are:

Massively gross.
Absolutely lousy.
Notably horrid.
Actually obnoxious.
Highly revolting.
Greatly unpleasant.
Overly vile.
Direly pestinential.
They are too rank for words.
Hugely hateful.
Entirely repulsive.
Yuckily detestable.
Absolutley foul.
Reservedly atrocious.
Exceptionally henious.
Unerringly monstrous.
Totally loathsome.
Thoroughly abominable.
Extremely odious.
Rigourously beastly.
Literally ghastly.
Yobbishly nasty.
Incredibly shuddersome.
Completely putrid.
Kings would never wear them:
Yes, they smell.

And yes, I did use a dictionary ;)
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I love it *cough* when you listen to a *cough* song *cough* and it reminds you *cough* of a certain time in your life *cough*.

As you may've noticed, I managed to develop a cough over the course of an hour today. So proud of my cough brewing abilities. The last time I had a bad cough I lost my voice, I really hope that doesn't happen again, because I'm not that great at charades...

I can't believe it's almost the end of September - in 87 days it's Christmas, 125 my Birthday and 1 day the end of the month.
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Bring this feeling all inside of me
Aches down my backbone
I got the aches in the knee bones
Aching in the thigh bones
Like I'm
Achin' all over.


I don't like being ill - apart from when I have bad lessons at school, but since I'm doing all the lessons I want to now, there isn't a day I want to miss, apart from maybe one with SPE. I'm wondering if I'm getting the flu or something, it looks like even 12 hours rest last night didn't help. I can't believe it's the end of September already, it feels like life's on fast forward.