Che Henry Persival

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Che Henry Persival, a black-and-white tabby, came up in Manhattan's East Village. A child prodigy, heÂ’s the son of a Persian prince and a Jersey City alleycat.

Che began his musical career with songs like "Break Dance With The Cornzee-Cornzee" and "Meow (I'm In The Well)" and has gone on to win numerous awards.

Che often collaborates with best friend Thumby, a plastic doll-child from the deep South, who lives with him in New York. ThumbyÂ’s hypnotic rhythm and elaborate dance routines have landed her dramatic roles in several rap videos.

For a year, Che studied Egyptology in Paris, and now speaks fluent French and Farsi.

Che loves puffins, ocean whitefish, Rumplestiltskin, Poe, tomato sauce, licking his tummy till its dewy, facial creams with fruit acid, sunbathing, and, of course - Irene. His dream is to own a puffin. He just needs $100, or 250 Puffin Cereal boxtops.