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stretching my long toes downward to fit in any gap they left between their bodies, occasionally catching a flick of a tongue or a swish of a tail on my ancle or toemaking sure to keep my legs straight so they could not snap at the fleshy part of my stomach and body.

The best way to survive the day was to aviod conversation, but I was caught by a frillneck lizard leaving the supermarket running bolt upright with bags clutched in its two little arms. It wanted to know how I was and how the streets (continued 02/03)
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were, if there was anything it should know before leaving the perfectly controled shopping environment. I said 'no' because no matter how hard I tried I could not get the propper hissing s when I said yes, and I didn't want to give myself away. But the frillneck lizard was not happy with the answer. It was reptile day, and most of the reptiles never missed an opportunity to say yesssssssss, they would lie to their lawyer just for another reason to say it. I had stumbled. Already my costume for the day (I had run to (continues on 03/03)
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the shore where thankfully there had been a crude spill and I managed to bathe in thick viscous crude oil to give myself a glossy black coat) was starting to leave black traces where I had been, thankfully only marking the occasional shoulder or leg of a dozing lizard or gecco. But frillnecks being what they are cared only for itself and ran on upright and pompous into the crowd of reptiles stepping lightly on anything that was in its path.
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I remember life. Do you want to hear about it? I can only tell you what I remember, and that mostly is like a movie in fast forward: unnaturally jerky, full of suppositions, and generally without any sound from any of the characters. There are parts that stick out strongly, like I can still touch you as you walked away that time, or when he was born, or when those things moved in, or anything that was unusual. Otherwise everything is just the same stacato shuttering of going to and fro to work and home and holidays to this now.
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How do authors approach characters without making everything about themselves or reproductions of themselves? One way is to know interesting and unusual people - to go around stealing from everyone they meet, a train of thought here, an insight there, a walking style, a philosophy there. Essentially writers then become nothing more than cultural scavengers taking from everything and only leaving behind a distillation, little droppings of a greater life out there somewhere. The other way is to be interesting or have a way to grasp the basics of humanity and be able to twist and alter them at will.
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At an intersection through the shade of a tree
two lovers found their performance infront
of others. Dancing and laughing they crossed
infront of Sunday afternoon traffic, crawling
to a stop and a smile for they
----------------------------- (only a couple)
had light feet and a quick step and all the time
in the world on a calm Sunday afternoon where
they were the only lovers on street moving
between leaves and wind
and the shadows waiting (a low growl) to move
from the intersection after lovers had gone
with nothing more than a gentle press
of their foot on the accelerator
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It is great this place.
What's so great? It's hard to get around and everything's expensive.
But the variety. Imagine that you could have one person a day to talk to. There's more than a lifetime's worth.
Why would you want to do that? Surely most of them will say the same thing.
That is the problem with the interviewer.
Ok, how are you?
Oi, over there, how are you?
I've just come up with a new way to represent time as a fluid element in four dimensional space that should allow for a real world presentation. I think...
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How to make the perfect

At any time take a long walk and smile
to no one along the way. Hold those
inflections of the mouth for private times
alone in a giant house with the echos of
footsteps made by sharp stillettos on tiles.

Cut little grooves in gums by brushing hard
at any opportunity. Scrub away the plaque
before there's a chance to build up and make
bigger problems and potentially a need
to replace all your pearly white teeth.

Sleep in so that dreams become rose
tinted in a room lit by sunrise
through thin curtains.
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They march around saturday afternoon as if each leisurely step grows heavier, infront of windows where their reflections shadow what should be anything but dreams draped over manequins and signs that say mothing but 'sale, sale,' into the breeze cutting and jibing through the heavy breaths of the heavy footed crowds all going and opposing in the same way seeing the same things. over coffee there is a slight pause and lightlylaced a breath with the cup settling upon a vaneered table, trying not to make a sound outside of the crowded cafe and crowded streets, for just some peace.
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The city as some sort of garbage disposal
or the way things move if you choose

Sitting on the steps I thought of you
simply walking and simply being the best
you could, or thought to be, moving
through the streets with slight steps
in a sort of trance past endless windows
all displaying the perfect outfit the perfect
house the perfect library the perfect school
all the things you past on your way
to the place where the walls always seems too
short like the ceiling was made to keep a reverence
or knowlegde that your heights are touchable.
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He woke up blind, not as a bat or a badger, or as one of those fish that swin deep in the ocean, but more like rage or mass hysteria, at least that is what his neighbour thought as the sounds of smashing glass and falling books ,pots, pans and pillows could be heard through the walls. She thought about knocking, walking up to his door and forming her frail hand into a fist and tapping three or four times on the aluminium screen, waiting wondering if he could hear her through the noise of destruction coming from the apartment.
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How to dismantle a human being

Being nothing more than flesh
bones, fat, electrical impulses
and collections of time, memory
and promises, it's easy to say
'You are. There. You are
there. There
you are.' And nothing
more is needed. No touch
to spark a flash of something
that might have happened
while awake - eyes dry - trying
to focus clearly on the entire world
pulsing. With connections made
through almost infinite parties
on screens reversed like mirrors
but only there when the world is lighter
than all those pixels and sites. Words
not shared - stolen and given.
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We found them lying asleep in the morning's sunshine drying off, steaming piles of cloth, skin and hair. For a second they looked like fields of the dead letting off their spirits for some ritual that we were interrupting. It was only when one let out a clouded sigh and stretched their arms that we realized that they were alive, just resting. We decided to givethem some spaceand set up our camp a little way away so as not to disturb them when we woke, as ---------- liked to do before the sun rose and the birds started making noise.
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And then I found myself floating down
the same river that many have gone
before, pouring water into a bath, shaving
in the basin while whiping away the steam
and getting ready to go out to see you, as you
were once before there just ahead up the aisle
amongst all the otherthings calling out
for me to lookand to touch ans to feel
more than what was displayed on the glossy
wrappings. You were more than a percentage
of salt and sugar and water and fats
Flowing through machenery to combine
and become more than a compination
of parts.
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Have you read...


You don't even know what I am going to say.

If you are going to ask if I have read anything the answer is always going to be 'no'

How about a birthday card? Have you read the birthday card I gave you?

What did I just say?

Surely you read the card. I'm calling bullshit.

Nope didn't read it. What is it going to say? Anything new?

No, well maybe, how do you it didn't?

The only reason that it might say something new is because I haven't read it.

Hasn't anyone killed schrodingers cat?
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They met at the usual time (just before sunrise) at the usual place (the carpark nearest the esplanade). He was usually the last one to arrive. It was their routine and it made everything just go smoother, maintain the routine and the world will right and anomalies, but this morning as the sun rose and he pulled into the carpark there was nobody else there, and there were no cars. He parked and got out and decided to wait for the others to arrive before getting ready. So he waited kicking used syringes around the tarmac. He waited for days.
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Let me lick from your fingers the syrup
from the flesh of peeled grapes. Let me
roll my toungue over each knuckle and
under each nail to get all the sticky
juice and all the grit and dirt hidden
in every crease and every wrinkle. Then
with the soft fleshy centre held in your
cupped hand let me bite softly and lift
it to show how delicate I can be. Take
it from me with yours and bite hard
share with me this one grape - this ball
of sickly sweet juicy purple flesh,
and feel the pulse of my heart.
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Where was this street yesterday when we walked, guided by the hair fine strands of the morning sun through avenues made by falling leaves, and rolling rubbish, and the never ending breeze carrying the smells of of the suburbs waking up (bad breath, shit, sweat, semen, cats piss, rotting, perfume, blossoms) and the sounds of sheets, and the last whispers of dreams creeping out open windows?

Where did we stretch our arms from the nights stiffness, where there was enough space and our elbows didn't scrape the coarse face of red bricked walls, and tarmac roads?

Where were we then?
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Hello, I don't think we have met before, at least I don't recognise your composition. Let me introduce myself. I am a third of a story and two pieces of a human. I was given all the necessary parts to operate. I can work and I can add. I can read and write. Like you I can do most things, but will never excel. I know this and I doesn't bother me, because, like we say, 'everyone can't excel. After all.' But you, I have a feeling around you, like you mean something more. I've never felt this way before.
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I think we should be dancing. At least that is what the song is saying. We should be giving ourselves up to something above that is making the rhythm say these things to us on the side of the dance floor, us stuck with our leaded feet, not scared nor hesitant unable to find what it is that the words are saying between 'I think we should be dancing.' I think this place is made for more than dancing it is an aviary of the night, lights and lazers flashing and shining as if every beat the sun is risen.
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He traveled to places that were just on the edge of his comfort zone, backpack on his back and wearing a pair of sturdy shoes he marched through fields and over mountains in coutries where the languages were unfamiliar, but the buildings and traditions were just like home. When he returned he told stories about being lost in foriegn places and relying on the generosity that was missing in his own country, never forgetting to mention how hard it is to communicate with someone in a different language. When they left he flew over places he would never dare tread.
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Nestled amongst the whispers of suburbia we hid our bicycles and set off on foot. The curbs and potholed roads had made it too difficult to ride so we decided that it would be easier to explore on foot. --------- suggested leaving everything with the bicycles because we could move quicker and more quietly if we moved without things on our backs. From the top of the hill streets and blocks stretched as far as the crest of the next hills, taking in all that we could see, so we decided that it would be unwise to head off without any supplies into the world as far as we could see it.
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What would you like to see? How much have you got? Oh, that isn't much... how about a glimpse of a first kiss, or a pinch of graduation? Sorry a wedding is out of the question. They are more than you can ever afford. What do you mean yesterday? Who wants to see that? Yesterday's worthless. You can almost have that for free. Almost. I can tell you, looking here, that nothing happened yesterday. I'll tell you what. I can give you yesterday and tomorrow for everything you have got. How does that sound? They will be yours eternally. Well?
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The city of construction

Nothing is quite ready, please forgive us.
There was nothing before just hills
and trees and grass. Over there
was water as pure as from the highest
mountain spring, or a creek that never
runs dry. This road follows wild animal
tracks as we have never seen. They walked
this way to get a drink or migrate
we're not sure, none of us've seen
them, and by the hoof prints we had to cover
up nobody has. But don't worry it'll be over
soon that it will be like nothing
else. It will all be new.
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At the beginning the performers felt their way
by the warmth of the lights and the cold shade
to the place on the stage where the audience
hidden amongst empty seats and coughs
could see the thick lining of their make-up
and the glisten of sweat. They yelled into
the darkness where they expected someone
was listening or paying attention, as expected.
They yelled their lines and whispered little hisses
to the others on stage biting reminders between
themselves and the others hidden in the wings.
Reminding always that the show must go on
the show is always going on.
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Wait for the next to come around
swooping and majectic it calls
to anyokne and to you with
spread wings and open sky
wait for the next to arrive welcome
in the arms of the clouds and the
fingers of the sun stretched across
the prostrate nudity of the hills
too high for trees to reach the top.

Wait for the next to come around
in a never ending twinkle of the stars
singing all the songs never to be
composed or heard amongst the grass
and in the ears of you or of me

Wait as it goes past.

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Just another lonely man

Somewhere out there is a place
where the woods meet the ocean
and the trees dip their roots into
the brine for the fish to swim amongst
hiding from the harshness of the groping
sun. And on the shore there are tents
and cars and families camped to throw
a line out into the deeper parts
of the water hoping for something
larger for dinner or just something
to nibble and make the children laugh
and dance and point and call to thier parents.
And alone a man sits apart just
waiting for exactly the same.
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---------- was the first to recognise the tune, the words were coming from her mouth as if for the first time, like they did the night before around the camp fire, when fresh as flames they poured out into the night. But -------- when asked said that she was the first to recognise it. We decided that it could only be coming from where we had come from and not to follow it beck to the old camp. But ------- wanted to make a note of it for the records so that we would be able to reproduce it again
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The restless wind from the north

It brings with it a time to remember which
Way is which and where we came from and
the honey sweet shit smell of death unstuck
like rubbish and all those early autumn
leaves. Reflections on screens and panes
hold solid images that never fault of branches
thrown in every direction while the water
remains choppy and broken. A man sails
a small boat against the gusts while others
watch him pass against the wind from the
north full of whispers resting on the shore
and shattered memories of what
you would have done.
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Close all the doors and all the windows
let nothing enter or leave these old
buildings of brick and mortar. Trap inside
all those caught unaware and leave them
to breathe their last hyperventilating
on what is caught inside with them.
Streamline the city so that there
are no more still days and the slightest
breeze rips all the little pieces of humanity
away and to the open countryside to be slapped
and bent around the trunks of older trees
and cut to finer pieces amongst razor grass.
Let us pass through from all sides unobstructed
to leave the city.
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They danced through sunrise and sunset, not noticing that anything changed. And through more they danced and saw not that around them mountains and valleys rose and fell, that rivers washed past their feet and left the ground muddy and soft. They didn't see the skyscrapers grow and crumble as great civilisations crumbled and were razed while they danced. There was only the music that passed around and around each time it played itself on through slight variations of what they heard before constantly dragging them onwards. Onwards to the promised resolution just beyond the reach of the next note.