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First day. First entry. Why am I doing this? To see if I can maintain the discipline to write for one month and to begin to get back to daily writing with the vague thought that it will one day lead to actually writing something creative. A brain dead first day may not be the best start ever but that is ok. I am happy I have started. I am happy I remembered to start. This may be pure luck rather then good management but I will take what I can get! Final thought - so much harder then anticipated! 

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Last day of work which means 17 days to come of pretending to be a SAHM. I think this is a good description. It isn't really "holidays" - only from the paid part of my life and unlike most mums I know I am excited about school holidays. If only for the sleeping in I am planning on doing in the mornings! Oh, and spending time with the girls of course. Today I am happy I have a paid job I love and that it is flexible and I am very happy about holidays and some home time.
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I am sure I am really too tired to make any sense, but I am determined to do this so here goes! Awesome day today. I went to my first AFL game - so much fun! It was hypothetically the first day of my "holidays" although it hasn't really felt like a holiday yet. My plan was to allow lots of free time over the next two weeks to catch up on all the stuff I don't get a chance to do during real life. Instead it looks like I will be doing so much catching up with people! Even better.
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Today I slept in. I spent the morning in bed reading. I napped through one movie in the afternoon and then watched another movie. The girls were angels and played happily together all day. I ate yummy food. Lemon cheesecake. Chocolate omelette (which sounds odd but was strangely nice). I am thinking a nice glass of wine to finish off the night. Lazy day. A day of indulgence. Today felt like a holiday and it was fabulous! Tomorrow I am planning on being very constructive and after a day of rest it is actually exciting.

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I am so sleepy. I meant to do this hours ago but I got distracted. I would like it on the record though that I did not forget! I just did not quite make it to the computer. Today was a catching up with people day in amongst housework. Yay for mulit-tasking! I got a fair bit done. Not as much as I would have liked but it was awesome to catch up with friends and to hear all their news. One thing I need to do though is make sure I drink more water when I am at home.
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Argh! I can't believe I am writing this entry less then 8 hours after the last one! I am up early today, getting ready for a road trip and I don't know if I will get to use a computer again today. However I have followed the rules and I have slept in between writing yesterday's entry and today's. Maybe not as long as I would have liked to though. First learning experience gained this trip: get at least 10 hours sleep the night before your leave and finish packing before you go to bed. Wish me lots of luck!

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Adventures down South with my baby girls! So much fun. We may have gone to the world's best playground yesterday. Then a long but leisurely drive. We stopped at another playground just so the girls could play. They humoured me by letting me take photos of them with all sorts of random things. Mostly the "big" things Australian towns seem to have. Lesson to the world: if you feel you are missing objects of interest in your town put up "big" things. I am living proof it works! It was nice to take our time and stop to see things.
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We had such an amazing time down South visiting with the girls' great-grandparents. They are beginning to realise Nanna and Grandad are old and may not be with us forever. While I am sad in so many ways that they have worked this out, I am hoping it means even at this young age they will treasure the time they have with them. I am also loving the fact the girls love second-hand bookshops almost as much as I do. I can see this helping for a harmonious home for years to come! Like Mummy, like daughters.

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I am so cold! Don't get me wrong, I love winter but today I am freezing. I don't think all the driving in car with a broken heater is exactly helping the situation either. On the plus-side, we are getting lots of rain and it is perfect weather for pyjamas and curling up in bed with a good book. Since I bought lots of these (books I mean, not pyjamas) this week I feel it would be irresponsible of me not to take advantage of the weather. Have I mentioned yet how much I am loving holidays?
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So much stormy weather at the moment. June was cold but dry. Rain is fabulous and I love winter so I definitely not complaining. After the major storms earlier in the year I have to admit all the wild weather now makes me a little nervous. This makes me sad, because normally I love storms and rain. I especially love rain on a tin roof. It is just one of those special sounds that just is. You can't re-create it. You can pretend and you can't plan for it to happen! Somehow this makes it very special.
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I have decided that Christmas-In-July and Quiz Nights are two of my favourite things! I have just had the most amazing weekend full of fun, great people, way too much food and even a little bit of brain power. I always enjoy Quiz Nights, but tonight's was even better because we came third! I've never been on a table that has done so well with people my own age. We must be getting old. The Christmas-In-July was a just for fun thing at a friend's house, but it was one of the best evenings!
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Today was a day for staying at home. If you think this might mean doing nothing or maybe catching up on some housework you would be wrong. Not very wrong, but still wrong! I had coffee with one friend, someone else dropped round for lunch and then coffee with another friend in the afternoon. And cupcakes! Have I mentioned I love cupcakes. Especially pretty looking ones. They are just nice and girly and pretty and individual and they taste good too! It was fabulous to catch up with these people but I really do need to do some housework soon.
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Today I feel brain-dead. Not sad, or particularly worried about it. Just tired and uninspired to write anything that may actually be worth reading (and clearly I am humouring myself that on other days I may have actually managed to write something that might be mildly interesting). I think this might be my first writer's block of the month! It has been a quiet day today. Coffee with my sister-in-law, so I got to see my nephew. House stuff in the afternoon. I am looking forward to going to the movies with some girl-friends tonight though.
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Lazy day today. I went to Fremantle and had coffee with a girl-friend. I love my girls and I love her children (I am God-mother to all four of them!) but it was so very, very nice to have some time just with her. Hot chocolate and second-hand book shopping. What more could a girl want? I would like to note here that it is important to remember I am in the process of two weeks of holidays from work and the girls are on school holidays. My real life it so much more chaotic. Trust me!
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I am having a case of creative-envy. Today my (ex)mother-in-law painted an amazing mural my daughter's bedroom wall. My ex has been dabbling in painting at long last and has done some pretty cool pictures in the last few weeks. One of my best friends sews awesome stuff. I don't know if is me justing wishing I could do what they do or if it is really me wishing I was brave enough to give creativity a go. I'd love to write something worth reading one day, but I am scared to try.
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One more weekend (and a Monday) and then back to the real world of work, school and after-school activies. Two more weeks (and a weekend) until uni goes back. Note to self: at some stage in the next twenty-four hours I actualy need to draw up a weekly schedule. Hopefully now I have written this down I will actually do it and not forget. Today we went ice-skating in the morning and watched the girls' Nonna finish the mural. Tonight I have some girl-friends coming round for movies and wine. Perfect end to the holidays really.
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I had grand plans on writing first thing this morning, just for something different. However my plans were foiled by what I assume is the time difference between Perth, Western Australia and wherever this project is based. Not that it matters! I am just proud of myself for trying. My inspiration at 8am on a Saturday morning was my daughter wanting to do some sewing (don't ask) and by my reluctance to get out of bed and find her a needle. Her solution was to ask if she could use a toothpick instead?! (I didn't ask about this one either). 
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What a day! I went to a friend's housewarming last night. I had a great night with a few drinks but not too many. Chatted to some new people and got to see some old friends. I stayed the night so got to sleep in and enjoy a lazy morning of coffee and gossip. Perfect really. Then I went to pick up the girls from their dad's place. While we were both there, Miss 9 manages to split her nose swinging on a tree. Cue afternoon in the Children's hospital. This is most definitely my two worlds colliding.  
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Lazy day to finish off the holidays. After the day of dramas yesterday we slept in, watched cartoons in (my) bed and then went and had a pyjama day with friends. Mid-afternoon hits and the holidays are officially over. Dancing starts today and between the three of them they dance for 3 hours and forty-five minutes on a Monday. Back to school (for the girls) and work (for me) tomorrow. Normal times at their dad's from next week and uni (for me) the week after that. Welcome to my real life!! Insanity, but I love it!
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Did I mention I had a fabulous day to finish off the holidays yesterday? Well I did until I went online and saw they had moved the day and time for one of my classes. I'm so upset. It sounds silly but it can be a juggling act between paid work (I work 27.5 hours over four days), the girls' lives (including general Mum stuff) and uni. I hate complaining and I hate that it upset me so much but I am really upset I need to re-shuffle and ask work to change my hours again.  
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I am thinking about "karma" at the moment, or as one of my friends put it "pass it forward". I just gave a friend a whole heap of clothes that are now to small for my youngest. They had to go somewhere and I was excited I had someone to give them to! Just got an email saying how much she appreciated it. She is a very new friend but she is one of those people who is always there to help out and I know she does that for everyone. It was nice to do something for her. 

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I think I need to stop letting my girls have opinions. Not in the greater scheme of things. Despite the fact it is tiring, I love that they can think for themselves. However when it comes to clothes four opinions can sometimes be three too many, especially when the clothes are for me! That said they "helped" (forced may be a better word) me into buying some stuff that I wouldn't normally have looked at and I like it! They all have very different tastes which is going to make for an interesting life in a few years. 
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I have started doing the one thing I always swore I would never do - housework on a Friday night. I remember being horrified that Mum's idea of a good Friday night was us all, including Dad, to be out so she could do the housework in peace. My Friday night habit has turned into a quiet dinner just me or a quick dinner out with friends while the girls are at Guides, then calling one of my girlfriends and spending a couple of  hours chatting on the phone and cleaning. So sad, but I really enjoy them!
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I went with my mother, (ex) mother-in-law and one of my friends to see "My Fair Lady" at a local theatre company. It was a great show. I had a couple of friends in their late teens come and baby-sit the girls. My rule is there can't be anymore baby-sitters then I have children otherwise it is a party at my house without me. The girls and the baby-sitters had a fabulous night. I love that these people value spending time with my girls and that they are real genuine friendships despite the age difference.

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In a world where children seem often unable to entertain themselves (and yes I do realise I sound old) I love that my three can, both together and seperately. This morning they stayed in bed for ages reading. They played happily this morning including board games and schools, weeded the garden with me in the afternoon then were really excited about a trip through the car wash! They read in the car on the way to my mum's and then played nicely with my little sister (she is ten). This was a pretty typical weekend day for us. 
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After being upset for the last few days that my carefully organised plan for the semester had been changed, then coming up with a new plan, I am pleased that it looks like I can go back to Plan A! Plan A was much better then Plan B so this is a good thing. The other good thing is that I was really upset when it looked like I might only be able to do one unit and this has made me realise that I am (hopefully) really ready to go back. One week to go!
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Today I am singing. Specifically "B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o". I went to bingo tonight and had so much fun! I didn't win money, but I won chocolate and I am now the proud owner of a green blotter. It takes so much concentration. I am a little bit concerned over how stressful I found it. My theory is because I am not used to only concentrating on one thing at a time. I am not sure what this says about my study habits though! Great night out with new people.
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Today was such a long, long day. Work was insane, the girls have dancing after school, dinner, baths, bed, homework. Admittedly I like work to be busy, I can't handle being bored at work when I have so much to do in other areas of my life, I am getting to do some pretty interesting stuff at work at the moment, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a long day. The highlight of my day was my shopping arriving! I did grocery shopping online for the first time and will be doing it again.
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We went on an excursion at work today! Talk about flash-back to school. It was lots of fun though. Good "team bonding" and it was especially nice for me because Thursdays are the day I am in the office all day. I also went out for lunch, so nice stuff all round. The tour we did was of all the different law courts including a role-play. I am a fabulous orderly! Someone on facebook suggested the next one should be of the fire station. There would be no point to this except to check out the fire-fighters!
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Usually I LOVE Fridays. I love the anticipation of it almost being the weekened. I love that we can wear jeans to work. Really what is there to not love? Today I had an awful day. I am not sure whether it felt better because it was a Friday (and everything is better on a Friday) or it was more upsetting because it was Friday and usually Fridays are an awesome day. I got back not very good results from some tests the doctor did and my car got broken into at work. This all made me sad.

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Yay! Day 31!!! I am proud of myself for having made it through a whole month. So proud that I bought myself a new laptop today. Ok, I bought the new laptop because I was so sick of my old one taking up to forty minutes to load and it being so slow. I may have dummy-spat and decided I wasn't going back to uni without a new one. Semester starts on Monday so I made it just in time! Now to work out how to connect it to the internet. That might be for tomorrow.