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I have heard it said so often that the current climactic changes and dietary practices that have been effected by artificial experimentation not only will effect the world in which we live but will also have an effect on the genetic makeup of the human species by virtue of how our bodies react to those effects. No one ever mentions the fact that the act of procreation, practiced by all species of living beings tamper with geneticism by creating a byproduct that is as whole as it is but neither entirely like one or the other of its cohabitating creators.
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In regards to the culinary and genetic realteration of organic foods, the human species has always been the resulting payoff to different dietary changes by the animals they hunted and foraged for in hunting. Granted, nature provided the bounty upon which the humans have existed for over four million years but humans, like their migratory trait, sought to add variation in their food supply and ingestion. You could not live on one variety alone. Despite the fact they kept their community in check from outsiders, they did not let themselves be immune to changes within the world they lived in.
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You can get more bang for the buck with balloons when it comes to creating bangs. If you blow up a balloon to the maximum capacity that it can hold before popping and ties of the end, you have something that will make a pop noise that is louder than one thunder bomb firecracker. The added plus is that the pop sounds more like a bang or boom, depending on the size and location where the balloon pops. Of course, blowing it up give you a buzz. Blow up the balloon and let the wind take it where it will.
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Who made it trendy to attempt to forcibly extract the essential carnivorous nature of human beings benefiting of dietary alternatives to what has kept the species alive for some four million years? Be they pet or potential meal, even the lesser species subsist to bite into flesh for survival. Reasons for the desire for culinary change of these sorts range from preexisting reactions to the human body to a personal and emotional bond with life they have made abstract to include anything with flesh, hair, and similar but different anatomical order. Had early humans been vegetarians, they'd be animal food.
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Maybe it ‘s me but it seems that the spur of creative genius, which bears inventors, seems to have diminished heavily since the start of the computer age. After the Industrial Revolution, there were tools and resources improving that period of status quo standards of living. Since the computer age, we have been living much the same relaxed and privileged lives as before the start of the age but with new technological advances that does the work for us. Human hands build the products but the products are the new hands, which the old hands are used to type programming.
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There is an odd dichotomy where there exists the belief that you van make music with almost anything yet not everything that makes a sound that can be used to make music is not always a pleasant sound. This pairing is often made justified by people who hear musical instruments from foreign lands and react opposite of what they would listening to domestic instruments and the music they have been accustomed to their lives. Artists have tried to introduce the old instruments into their ensemble and call them new instruments. The music is experimental until it is given its identification.
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An earth day is never exactly twenty-four hours north an earth year exactly three hundred and sixty-five earth days. Although ancient astronomers assured that the designed temples for which they did their work in was tabulating the calendar with the use of the sky, modern scientists have not yet honed in to the exact measurements to finally give the earth day and year its finite length of time. It's because they're dealing in a science that does not contain all things that finite. It must've taken years to pinpoint the solstices since great ancient monuments are designed to do that.
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It has come to my personal interest that more and more birds are taking up walking more often than they did, nearly occupying this small part of their lives more and more to using their legs to move short distances than they would with their wings. I am not referring to birds like geese, ducks, or swans but warbler, starlings, crows, chickadees, and even seagulls. You will notice when you are driving towards some birds who are in the middle of the street that they tend to walk out of your way more so than fly. Maybe it is evolution.
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One hundred words: This is the one hundredth composition of one hundred words I have written since I joined the One Hundred Words membership in late December of last year. A few days after the new year arrived is when I placed the first few days worth of compiled one hundred word paragraphs. What I have found out as a member and as a writer is that subject matter seems to feel infinite but so is the time trying to find one while thinking at the computer, watching the computer screen, and trying not to write up about the obvious.
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Violent Social-Darwin Drive/ Keeping the nation-state alive/ Organic state of blood & race/ One league & creed to one who'll lead/ Reich of might power play/ Like the gods they portray/ Violence glorified/ Where the blood races pride. Underneath the pulchritude of set prescient vicissitude/ A coded realm & animus survives to make a rule for good/ Edifying commonweal upon their controverted zeal/ To enjoin fervent dogmas deemed the root cause fueling their ideal/ Spirit, voracity, irrational sworn decree, perfect identity, worldly victory. Reich of might power play/ Like the gods they portray/ Violence glorified/ Where the blood races pride.
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Is the cause in cause and effect similar to the cause one follows as a personal principle? It can be when it is looked at thoroughly. In cause and effect, you have Newton's law of motion to provide the physical scientific perspective of action/reaction. Cause by that notion is an action perpetrated towards something in which some internal impact creates an effect or reaction. A cause one follows possesses its own effects prior to impact but the method is the same, except matter in physical science hold no motive when it creates the reaction whereas cause following is premeditated action.
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As the tradition goes, a child who loses a tooth can place the tooth under the pillow of the child's bed and when the child awakens, there is money in the spot under the pillow where the tooth was the day before. Responsibility it always placed on the Tooth Fairy but like Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy will in time be exposed to be none other than the parent of the child. Now that times have changed with retention of this childhood practice, do kids expect the Tooth Fairy to deliver greater amounts of money than a quarter or dollar?
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Log cabins are considered to be structures of a long lost time in history only revived at national parks and wildlife refuges where people visit to get in tune with nature. People who can afford summer homes in the woods may have one built with the structural requirements but attach modern implements to provide a tie to the world they left for peace and solace. Of course, with the fireplace and natural earth-based insulation, there are no heating bills although you had to labor to provide those shelter necessities. Unless you hire someone to do it, it's hardly a change.
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Although it may seem a disappointment to a child's expectations, the lack of angels or a heaven to be seen on the clouds when a child looks out an airplane window and looks upon the clouds to find nothing of a semblance to the kingdom in the clouds they have been raised to somehow believe exists. Maybe the designers of that illusion used the dream format where clouds surround the view like a portrait and the soothing feel of that presence reminds us when our heads are in the clouds. They usually are when we are in planes inside clouds.
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The point one makes must have been called a point because it is narrowed down to a point, it can be piercing, and it is centralized into one direct coordinate that is one point on a graph. What if a point is not so precise, narrowed down, piercing, and to the point? It would not be a point at all but something resembling what could be considered a nub. A nub may be something that was intended to be a point made but it was not correctly operating by the standards of what a real point is. What's the point?
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There is a disappointment that comes to people as part of a cathartic anticipation because of reality and the obvious difference in the time periods when it comes to looking at the typical Christmas card that shows one pristine, peaceful, solitary view of the picturesque sparkle and glee that emanates from the portrait. Even during the season, to look at that picture creates a desire to absorb tradition yet you have to look up and outside and not see the joyous couple and friends on a horse-drawn sleigh, brightly colored gifts aboard, Santa flying above, and carolers a-caroling. Need wassail?
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Despite being a killjoy for those who enjoy a beautiful day, thunderstorms are just as beneficial and enjoyable to witness as a sunny day. For those who do not agree, give a spell of continued heat, humidity, and drought a try for over a week and see if I am wrong. I'm sure plants and animals would say otherwise. Repeated thunderstorm presence does put off the vim and vigor beautiful days provide but you would be surprised at the resulting nourishment the environment suddenly gives in return that you can bask in through the greater greenery, providing more oxygen output.
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There is no real way of playing the ukulele without looking strange. Useless advice can still be used. A kitchen fire is not a pleasant form of a housewarming. A dog kennel is a dog show for all breeds, even those the outside the American Kennel Association. At the right angle, two deer horn locked tight can be bagged with one bullet. You can only carry a gallon of water in your bare hands after a heavy snowfall. Stick, stones, and words can all hurt if pelted hard enough. Cigarette lighters are now only called lighters since they light anything.
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Seagulls, stand tall, fly high and far for the dunes and the waters of the bays and oceans. In quest traipses your being for you acclamation and brood. White-gray guardian and overseer atop a dune mound like ocean foam on the waves, which caught in your sights, crash upon your wading place, your nourishment from the sun outside the shade. You cry out your call in the symphony of splashes, crashes, sea breezes and the others flocking the open air you sail in. Gather all you brine feathered friends, the scavengers and scourers of our litter and nature's own jetsam.
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I drop the can at stream's start, open end up to speed its transit over the graves of others like it. The tin body takes the hold of the ripples strains, directing it into course, narrowly getting caught by a dipped bush branch which it rebounded from to settle mid-drift to an unblemished still of slow mobility to react and rock rapidly over the rapids that sucked it through to the widened marina for tadpoles and guppies, spinning back end front, jostling into the underbrush of the hurrying curve, levee-bound. Pushed from the deluge, it continues down the narrows, disappearing.
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Does a man have to be gentle to be a gentleman? You never hear much of gentlewomen although they are more prone to gentility. Of course, you have the gentleladies but ladies are female lads. Lads are more playful, rough and tumble, a sort of slap on the knee extrovert. In that exuberance, being gentle does not seem a trait but part of natural manners and instincts like others. A gentleman must be a man and we all have our definitions to that identification of being. You'll hear of ladies and gentlemen but never lads and gentlewomen. Ladies go first.
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It is overly pushed as a symbol of wisdom but the eye has the provided trait of detecting greater detail than the ears, nose, mouth, and the hands. Maybe it is this trait that gives the eye the deserved symbolism when used in publicity to advertise modes of insight and power. Although hands and fists have been in multitudes as well as in the air when it came to showing power and allegiance, the eye graces the forefront when it comes to perception. There's the all-seeing eye, private eye, camera eye, and eye of the storm that only looks calm.
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I was recollecting the beginning of the movie "Americathon" in which the narrator told of a time in the near future where Americans will not be able to afford homes and will have to live in grounded cars conver4ted into living quarters. Of course, you will notice that the cars were mainly two-room domiciles with or without roves, depending on the make. Today, with the luxuries offered to vehicles, it would seem a precursor to the inhabitants of the immobile home units of "Americathon". The near future in the movie was conceived as the future that is now the present.
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Where were doomsayers in centuries past when in came to asteroid collisions with Earth? They were in fear when it came to a meteor entry into the atmosphere, burning up and brightly lighting up their eyes. The brevity of the meteor showers provided very little worry except for where the debris ended up. In the multimillion-year existence of these asteroids, why now do we worry about collisions? There has never been a whisper to a lunar collision but calls about a terrestrial one. The moon's littered with craters from collisions but what about a lunar collision at the right angle?
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There is a long line at the flume ride where the last people on line have to wait about a half of an hour to get up to the top where the start of the ride is. This is the same principle regarding roller coasters except for the altitude to start riding at. The flume combined water sports with roller coasters. However, with flumes, the apex of the ride precedes its end while the apex of a roller coaster ride occurs well within the duration of the ride. Flumes use all-natural propulsion while the roller coasters run mechanically and naturally.
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Flowers are romantic as a gift and beautiful as a decoration. Either way, severed from the bottom of the stem, they are fleeting and die within days. It is never conceived as an omen but symbolically, it can tell a truth when it comes to a short-term or long-term relationship. Potted plants make great gifts so long as the receiver can keep the plant alive properly. The care and tenderness one gives to that plant can echo the skill of the one tending it. Tendencies to die as surely as bouquets or single flowers plucked from the ground provide insight.
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New Age is classical music on Valium. The age described in the label is not new. In experimenting with choral music and classical music, musicians have experimented in the past to maintain the sound but try and different, maybe even modern, with a genre of this sort in minimal quantity. In fact, minimalism sprung from the avant-garde who changed rock'n'roll's effect in pop. The avant-garde experimented with sounds outside mainstream rock. Minimalism tapped into the classical genre and bore what is called New Age. It was merely ambient and ethereal make-out music for self-help supplemental addicted rat racers seeking escape.
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There are three kinds of pimples. There is the whitehead, the blackhead, and the sweat pimple. The whitehead is the common and obvious type by virtue of the visible pus sealed beneath the head. The blackhead is less visible and only can be found through thorough observation of any bump possessing a black dot atop it. The sweat pimple is visible but with no head, often times alerting the person with it that it requires draining by producing slight pain. Some whiteheads do the same thing as sweat pimples. Despite these forms, the concealed pus of the pustule must evacuate.
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Dicks. Men can be proud of them, behave like them, rely on them, and, at times, think with them. To be called one is an insult but to talk to it is amusing. It's a tool at work and play, an exit router that routs to an entrance. Despite its shortcomings and long standing attachment to its owner, it has been affixed a trait of having a mind of its own, being the littler head that thinks for the big head when the owner acts much like the dick he thinks with. What about the secret channel they're tuned into?
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While driving back from work one heavily snowy night, I listened to a radio program contest offering free satellite television installation to the person who could make both disc jockeys laugh together. After failed efforts, one man popped the winning joke: What's black and sits at the top of the stairs? Christopher Reeve after a fire. The severity of the resulting laughter kicked me into a fit of giggles and eyes that were tearing up enough to put me at risk of ending up like Christopher Reeve if I didn't clear my eyes. The duration of laughter was five minutes.