BY Raven

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I have absolutely no idea what to write. I just know I've got to write something because I'm nineteen days behind because I just signed up.
I should be doing my homework right now. Prealgebra, gotta write a summary from a current science article and look up the definitions for about a dozen words. But, instead, I think I'll spend the rest of the night trying to catch up on this STINKING website...Why do I have to like to write so much??
I can't stay away from websites and competitions like this.
And...there's a hundred!
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Day two...Only not really. Just five minutes later.
Let's, the sun's setting. Isn't that just wonderful. I need to write words, so here I go: pizza, cheese, food, yum, homework, algebra, grades, due tomorrow, dinosaurs, wallet, mail, letter, letter opener, calendar, behind, way, WAY BEHIND, stereos, plaza, festival, avenue, leonardo da vinci, mona lisa, history, study, test, friday, go, ace, hopefully, writing, words, still need thirty more, red, blue, tree, Percy Jackson and the Olympyans, Howls moving castle, harry potter, books, school, book report, read, must, post it notes, coins, money, shopping.
There, I'm done
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"When life hands you skittles, chuck them at peoples faces and yell 'taste the FREAKING rainbow!'" I should try that one day. Probably get some funny looks. Right now I hear lasers and lightsabers(my brothers' wii game), my dad's tv, a slight breeze, some birds, cars, my brothers talking, desk chair creaking under neath me, dog barking, another dog barking back and my homework calling to me from the other room. But I'm not done yet and still have sixteen days to go until I'm up to date. It's what you get for joining a contest nineteen days late.
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Howl's Moving Castle is a great children's book! I'm reading it right now and it is SOOOOO good. I can't wait to rent the movie!
Speaking of movies I can't wait to see, PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS:THE LIGHTNING THIEF!!! Comes out Feburary twelfth. I'm gonna see it the day it comes out!(Hopefully).
And now my mom's talking to me. How helpful. I can't think straight! Except maybe it is helpful because now I'm writing words.
I can't wait until I'm up to date, because this will be so much easier.
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I don't remember why I'm even doing this anymore. I guess it would have been more fun if I hadn't waited until nineteen days into the month before I even started. But hey, better late than never!
I can't believe I can't think of anything to write! During class, I write in a notebook all the time. Whenever I'm NOT supposed to write, or at least not being forced to, I write like a maniac. But now, when I'm actually supposed to be writing something, all I can think to write about is haw hard a time I'm having.
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Need is a heavy burden which you must constantly carry around, Want a heavier, more bulky accessory. With Need on your shoulders, want becomes ever increasingly hard to hold, and you know that sometimes, you must lay it down. But not always, and so you continue to attempt to carry it for as long as you can, and set it down as scarcely as possible.
Only someone wise will know when to set Want down and when to keep it with you, and when it is the right time to shove it forth and make what you Want happen.
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He's done it again and I 'm there as a witness to prove that it's him. And look, here she comes, to ask who it was who has done it again, and why it keeps happening.
"It was him," I say, and point towards him.
"Of course it was, Raven," and she walks away, not believing that he might have done it. Why, I don't know. It seems so obvious--doesn't he seem like the type? To do it again and again and get out of it everytime? I sigh, shake my head, and just walk away, again.
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A wave rolls in. It licks at my toes. I step back, the cold water stinging my feet. I look up, the sun, setting, is taking a last peek over the flat horizon. I wiggle my toes in the sand. Another wave comes in, I step back. Where I stood just moments ago, crabs scuttle about, confused after being swept up by the wave. Seconds later, they're gone, under the sand. The sun dips under the horizon, leaving me in dark. I hear the waves and the last seagulls, singing themselves to sleep. I wave and turn to walk away.
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WORDS:fly, bird, plane, frog, amphibian, reptile, infection, ouch, pain, band aid, cut, glass, window, transparent, glasses, my mom, loud, uncle Ray, games, taboo, balderdash, game night, late, sleep in, tire, car ride, trip, fall, spring, bouncy, tigger, one of a kind, me, special, strange, sierra, spacey, Star Wars, my brothers, wii, now, playing, football, steelers, didn't make playoffs, no superbowl, lame, homework, need to be doing it now, not, forget it, fights, crying, sad, mad, happy, smiley face, sticker, brother, shcool, homework, it all keeps coming back to that! I really should go do it now, but not yet.
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"Every cloud has a silver lining,"

Yeah, if you're COLOR BLIND! 'Cause, you know, I'm looking at a cloud right now, and I'm not seeing any silver lining--just a whole lot of grey. It's gonna rain. And I'm gonna be at the dentist. What a great day.
Oh, and I'll have to explain to Mr. Hall that the only reason I didn't do my homework is because I had to write 2000 words and didn't have any time for his pointless homework. Hmm, for some strange reason I don't think he'd like this entry very much.
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Did you ever have that feeling where someone was watching you? From behind that door, through the window, around the curtain...
And you get that shiver up your spine? And you look around and over your shoulder and then look again just to find nothings there...
And you tell yourself to forget it, you force yourself to laugh at yourself? But really, you know, that it's not real, and you laugh again a make yourself think of flowers and ponies and butterflies and bees.
And you look around and get that feeling that someone is watching you...
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The backspace: a writers worst nightmare.

I mean really. It sits there, so appetizing, tantalizing you with its beautiful arrow and elegant words,so fine, 'backspace,'.

It screams to you, telling you you're work is no good, and if you delete it he'll keep it all safe to be taken back whenever you want. and you reach out, believing it, and throw it all away.

And the backspace, it keep your lost words all imprisoned for the rest of eternity, never to be seen again.

You have got to hate that backspace.
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You're knees are knocking together, the moment almost come. Up on stage, the dance is nearly over and you, behind the curtain, long for it to continue for the rest of eternity and never to get to the next dance.
But now the dancers are filing off the stage and the director's coming out to introduce the next piece.
Your stomach is flip flopping, the director is done speaking. The music starts, loud and clear, a single flute, wavering through the silent audience.
You part the curtain, put on a smile and step out on the stage.
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It's raining. Again. It's so cold. So wet. So grey. Every day. And Snow. There's still snow on the ground from one day, a month ago. And there's snow. Still snow. They say it will get warmer. And it did. For one day. And that afternoon, guess what? It rained. And it's raining. And raining, and foggy and gray and it's cold.
Windshield wipers, umbrella's, coats, boots, four socks, two pairs of pants, three shirts. Everyday. For a month. It's so cold and rainy and foggy and grey. Every day.

I am so ready for spring.
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It's there for you. It's wise. It helps you when you trip and balances you out when you begin to topple over.
Alongside you, silent, a friend, always by you, at your command. Willing and caring, listens to what you have to say.
When you need it, it's there, at your fingertips, ready and waiting, strong, yet gentle and loving and lovable, the best friend possible.
Knotted and old, peeling and gray, crooked, and lonely without you.
With you it has life and can take any shape that you wish.

A Walking Stick.
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Vampires sparkle? Really? What is the world coming to???

Unluckily, we all know the answer. Twilight. The worst thing since...I don't know what's worse. I guess it's better than a sharp stick in the eye...just barely. Real close. Like, really.
And really, Robert Patterson is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better as Cedrick Diggory than Edward(I mean EdWIERD). In Twilight it looks like a demon vacuum cleaner got hold of his head and had no mercy! OH, and he SPARKLES(sarcastic eyeroll, overly loud voice) which makes him a vampire. Awesome.
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I think this is one of the coolest things I've ever done. Write a hundred words, everyday, for a month. What a great way to build skills and remind yourself how much you really like writing. I mean, I've gotten an idea or two for a longer story, even a novel, off of this batch. And it doesn't have to make sense at all because nobody is going to read it like a novel, and no one is going to expect perfection and I really love this. I'm going to do this for the rest of my life. I swear.
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A computer, they call me, a Toshiba laptop, a Dell Mini, an HP PC, a Mac notebook, whatever.

I answer to, "Hey Calculator,". Texas instruments, Target brand, one with lot's of buttons.

Encyclopedia is my nickname, volume one, volume two, volume three, volume four.

Some refer to me as Dictionary,a vocabulary whiz, Websters or Student's Best.

Then theirs Spell Check, a spelling freak.

And then, of course, there's Textbook, with pages and pages of knowledge stored up inside my brain.

But mostly they call me their friend.
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In one part of your consiousness, your doing your algebra homework. With the next, your cleaning your room. With one, your writing your essay, another your using the broom. With one you type up your book report, with one taking medicine for a pain. In one you look up what 'Agliff' means, in another your wracking your brain. With one your writing a novel, with one your practicing soccer, in one your composing poetry, and in one your trying to open your locker. With one you are checking the mail, in another realizing it's starting to hail.

01/20 Direct Link
I did my homework and all i can think about is MATH and SCIENCE and MATH and SCIENCE and MATH and SCIENCE and now I'm starting to think about catching up on 100 WORDS and so I'm just writing words, what comes to my, head, not thinking, assuming, eventually, that I'll get one hundred and then I can go back and do more and at the end I'll come back and see this runon sentence that makes hardly any sense and think about how tired I was at the time when i did this very long sentence of an entry.
01/21 Direct Link
Through the window all I see is gray. And black. And white. And gray. Rain. Fog. Clouds. Wind hurling through bushes and trees and shrubs causing it all to fall down, sprawled about, on the ground.

A storm. With wet rain, howling wind and a thick covering of clouds. And slush on the ground from more than a month ago.

Rain pattering on the roof used to be a pleasant sound, but now it's become torture to my ears when all I can hear is the rain and the wind and the storm.

01/22 Direct Link
Squishy carpet, silent rooms, angled lights, quiet whispers, explanatory plaques.

The museum, all original, Baroque and Renaissance. All religious, so realistic, more Baroque.

Inlaid with gold, realistic folds, pick it up, but you can't. Walk down the grand hall, touch the textured fabric.

Sculptures, manakins, guards all dressed in black, simple gates, holding you back.

Chiaroscuro, texture, perspective and more. Candles flickering, people smiling or suffering, royalty and the poor.

All the masters, with their brushes, marked these lines we see today. A fingerprint, some brushtrokes.

The Museum.
01/23 Direct Link

I am braindead.

To much wii(my sims) and movies(Howl's moving castle.

And now my brothers weeping. Loud. Something about no good wii games. Yeah right. We've got about twenty.

Man, he is ANNOYING. He's making my head hurt.

I wish I could draw like Hayoa Miyazaki(spelling?). He's so awesome. His animation is great.

One hundred words are coming slow today. Maybe because nothing happened. Maybe because my brother is STILL crying. Loud. Maybe I'm just really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really braindead.
01/24 Direct Link

It's raining. It's cold. Severe weather alert says:FLASH FLOOD WATCH REMAINS IN EFFECT THROUGH THIS EVENING. Yeah. Great.

The roads are already disintegrating into the river. The plants are already drowning. Everybody's already depressed.

So could it please stop raining!?!? For once!?!?

Please Zeus, have mercy!

The roads a river, the skies are gray, and we're trapped inside, all day, everyday. For real. When it's not raining, its still so wet we can't go outside. I wish it would stop raining!

P.S It's getting harder!
01/25 Direct Link
The sun came out today.


It made me have a dumb moment. I looked out the classroom window, saw the blue sky and said, "Woah, look, it's so SHINY!"

Isn't it a coincidence that I finished my story about rain, and the sun coming out, and then the sun came out? Wierd. I must be a witch.

I guess now whenever I'm unhappy about anything, I just have to write a quick five page story about it. Who knew.

I am so glad it finally stopped raining!

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You know, sometimes, you really want to sleep in. And take a nap. And go to bed early.

You know you're really tired when your teacher asks you "What's seven times eight?" and you reply "uhh, pi?". Yep.

In kindergarten, you never want that half hour of nap time.

Now, daily, I wish I had a naptime. Just time to lay down and take a nap and not have to keep worrying about what class you had to be in and what you forgot in your locker.

Sometimes, you need a nap.
01/27 Direct Link
Finally! It's warm! And not raining!

Unluckily, our glee was short lived.

It's going to snow a foot.

Somebody is out to get us, I swear. First it snowed a ton, then it was sub zero tempetures, then it was RAINY, RAINY, RAINY and now they are forecasting more snow and cold weather.

And now we've got to go buy bread and milk in the crowded store and slip on ice and wear four pairs of pants to school.

Hurry up Spring! It is WAY to cold for me.
01/28 Direct Link
Today I really have to do my homework. I still haven't even started. It's due tomorrow. So, I'll list words.That should be quick. Here I go!

Frog, lemur, madagascar, raft, trees, storm, snow, now, time, clock, numbers, math, class, homework, due, baby, cute, puppy, wolf, zoo, captive, unfair, segragation, Martin Luther King Junior, recently, sunny, spring, winter, now, still, groundhog, shadow, hopefully not, spring, soon, I hope. Calendar, mindbenders, newspaper, article, homework, Mr. Hall, social studies, research, essay, due.

Man, I came across homework a lot. I guess I better go do it right now!
01/29 Direct Link
It's snowing.

A lot.

We were at recess when it started. It was sudden-it wasn't snowing, and then, all of the sudden, it was.

I'm starting to think I'll enjoy this. A lot. Theres already two or three inches, and it's only been about an hour.

I hope we miss school on Monday. And Tuesday. Not, not Tuesday. Special class that day-just Monday.

Wow, it looks awesome out there. You can't see three feet in front of her face. I can't believe I didn't want it to snow.
01/30 Direct Link
It snowed a lot. Like, seven or eight inches. It would've been fun, except for that then it rained so there's a layer of about an inch of ice on top of that and THAT IS NO FUN. It snowd. A lot. I bet we wont have school tomorrow.

Actually, I hope there is no school tomorrow, because we have a book report due and I'm not done. Poo.

I don't know what I was thinking, doing one hundred words. I don't think I'll do it next month. I'm going to start my second novel soon.
01/31 Direct Link
It's the last day of Janurary. Finally. We're almost done with one hundred words. Woo-hoo! I wish it was time for nanowrimo already. That would make me really happy.
OH, my head hurts really bad. Ow, ow, ow, ow,ow, ow!

I went sledding and it was TOTALLY AWESOME!

Only forty five more words and then I'll finally be done with one hundred words. I'll be free at last! Well, until I have to start my book report in five minutes. Dang it.

My joy was short lived.

I'm random.