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It's a girl! It's a boy! It's a bundle of joy! It came into this world with a clean, blank slate, free from all sins, innocent. Its tiny eyes shut, as if it could not bear to see this tainted world, this world filled with ignorance, immaturity and lust - oh the lust. The lust that brought it - this burden - into the world. Where it will soon, like its Mama, repeat this sinful act, and bring yet another one into this world. The cycle repeats again and again. Don't blame us - it's human nature.

It was an accident.
It's a mistake.
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I watched as she sauntered her way across the road, hand still waving at the bus coolly. She slowed down as she reached into her purse, taking her goddamn time fishing out her bus card. She got up and WITHOUT ANY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OR APPRECIATION for the bus driver, made her way into the middle of the bus. I looked at her, contemplating if I should stand up and tell her that the world does not revolve around her. That was when I noticed something: and I felt like I got my revenge already.

She was wearing her blouse inside out.
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Ladies, there's really no need to yell your viewpoints across the entire space - after all, you are sitting beside each other and if you took the time to look around you, the bus isn't very crowded. On a separate note, we do NOT wish to hear intimate details about your life, especially not about your bowel movements as a result of what you ate last night. I guess you probably think you can do whatever you want given your old ag- seniority, but a little more control, please? Mother once told me, "Things get better with age." Really, Mum, really??
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200 miles away from home - She takes the last match from the box and strikes it. A burst of tiny sparks accompanies the small but steady flame, bringing life to this rubble of shards and splinters. The cool air in the night hints of autumn, reminding her of cinnamon and candied apples. She forgets about the bodies surrounding her but only for a while; the smell of death is overwhelming. She trudges away from the scene, away from the shattered windows, the burnt bedposts and the boulevard of broken dreams, clutching onto that match with the flame dying inside her.
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"Happily blowing up the past, or at least recognizing where changes are needed, can skillfully lead to fresh experiences and ideas with the New Moon in Libra on October 4. This begins the monthly lunation cycle that usually flows gently in this gracious sign. However, tense connections of the Sun and Moon with transformational Pluto and Uranus suggest anything but a smooth takeoff. It's likely that most of us will be resisting the destabilizing forces that threaten to upset our lives, which is natural, but fear of what's to come will not prevent change but only make it less manageable."
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Feeling low? How about checking out Dr. Funke's 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution? I thought I'd made a huge mistake when I went last week, but it blue my mind! Produced by Gobias Industries, the band members are actually family. When I listened to their music, particularly the awesome woodblock accompaniment, I swear I could cry, but I couldn't spare the moisture. 

Best of all, it's free! Not like you'd be worried though - after all, there's always money in the banana stand. But here's $10 anyway, now go see a Star War.
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So I've been listening to the Taxi Driver OST album for the past few months and I think it's getting to me. The slight giddiness of being swept away into the rainy streets of New York, where the neon lights reflect off the tiny puddles, creating this air of sleaziness. Yet, underlying this wave of nostalgic jazz lies a hint of anhedonia, building slowly towards depression, anger and hate for the world.

Diary of a Taxi Driver gives me the chills every time I hear De Niro's "Listen you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore."
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Interests: Music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, custom art and craft from Etsy, backpacks, homemade beers, pretty hair braids, vegan cupcakes, synth music, heart-shaped glasses, holga cameras, handmade cable-knit sweaters and floral headbands

Bands I Love: The Bed Heads, Less than 3, Touch of Gold, Look I'm a Walrus, My Polyrhythmic Xylophone Wonderband, Stephanii Smyth de Jinx, BONGO TANGO, Deepsdog-Godspeed, Saint Chameleon, Jenny de Rocco and the Travelling Circus, What the Fudge, Verb the Noun... Basically, I listen to bands that don't exist yet.

(Pretentious asses.)
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He watched her onstage: the flood lights made her reddish brown hair even more shiny and beautiful. As she moved about the stage with calculated steps and precise movements, her hair flowed smoothly along, falling neatly into place with each movement. At one point she made a sharp turn and her fringe flipped over her face, covering her eyes; she simply brushed it behind her ear nonchalantly and continued her pirouettes. Wearing a black slip dress like the other girls, you'd think he would lose her among them.

But his eyes were only fixated on her - his flame-haired goddess.
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The buses, the cars, the honking, the angry drivers, the clueless pedestrians, the faceless passengers, the insane cabbies, the flashing green, amber, red, MORE angry drivers, the yelling, the cursing, the swearing, the idiots on the bicycle taking up the first lane, the bumper-sticker-enthusiasts, the lane-cutters, the bird flippers, the road ragers, the vespas, the ever-violent truck drivers, the jaywalkers, the road hoggers, the streetlights, the peak hour, the toll gates, the road taxes we pay to face this. every. goddamn. day.

Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the earth.
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RECIPE: Pumpkin pie spice (makes 2 teaspoons - enough for a pumpkin pie)

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground clove
Step 1. In a small bowl, mix together cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Store in an airtight container.

Who knew something so simple could smell so good? I've been loving The Body Shop's Pumpkin Spice body wash. The smell of autumn penetrating my bathroom is amazing! This feeling is short-lived though: once I step out of the shower, I dread my day ahead in the scorching sun and heavy clouds.
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This hipster movement is killing me: Coachella (which, by the way, is starting to get too mainstream for hipsters), the post-folk movement, bands-so-obscure-you-probably-have-not-heard-of-them... the list goes on. When did music become an image? Everytime a lineup for a music festival comes up, people gush to comment on it by typing the most obscure, hipster-sounding band on it in CAPS, like their whole life depended on it.

"(Bleep) The Lumineers and all these post-country-twee-(white folks)-drankin-beer-at-a-festival bands." I couldn't agree more.
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I could throw rocks at her window, lift the stereo above my head just like in Say Anything, or better yet, get Josh over here to play some Fall Out Boy emo-romantic-punk song with his guitar while I sing like Pete Wentz with my guyliner and crazy hair... No, no, Taylor Swift will do it. Yes, like in her music video where she's all geeky and stuff and sending nonsense messages to the guy across the window. Oh, can't you seeeeeeeeee you belong with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

He's got a great imagination but it's the cause of all his problems.
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Is it weird that it's not even Halloween and I'm already listening to Christmas songs? Okay, in my defence, blame iTunes for shuffling to Ben Rector's White Christmas. Plus, it was a really rainy night and the raindrops against the light from the streets looked really festive and... nostalgic for some reason.

I'm.... dreaming... of a White.... Christmas....
LA LA LA LA LAAA LA LA LA LAAAAAA~ (I never really got the lyrics, and hell, I'm too lazy to check it).

So one song led to another and now I'm all "let it snow, let it snow, let it~~ darn."
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It's 2am and as I'm typing this, I await the sound of thunder and the slight drizzle before the sudden downpour happens. During this rainy season, it comes like clockwork - the rain hits against my window harshly, making a loud rapping sound. It's kind of scary in retrospect, but I'm under the safe haven of my covers and Putin the giant stuffed rabbit is next to me so I'm good. I've been staying up and looking forward to this rain every night. The idea of snuggling up under the covers during such times always makes me feel warm and safe.
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Step one: Notice the way she tosses her hair in your direction as you catch a whiff of her coconut-scented shampoo.

Step two: Start a conversation. Make a stupid joke (content doesn't matter) or sing a few lines from a familiar song. You KNOW she'll giggle.

Step three: Hang out like "buddies" because keeping casual is vital to have her eating out of your hand.

Step four: At this point, you're on auto-pilot. Let HER initiate stuff so at the end, she only has herself to blame. Enjoy the ride, thank me later.

Step five: Rinse and...
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So, Miley has made twerking mainstream, Rihanna has shown us that Twitter can be used not just to expose your nekkid self, but also to tip off the Thai police (good job, you), Kim and Kanye got engaged AFTER having their daughter North (West. Haha, we get the joke, guys!), Taylor Swift has finally (finally!) realized (or so she claims) that she needs to be alone for a while.

Oh me? Oh I don't know, I'm just doing my research on stem cells in hopes of contributing to science and society - definitely not as interesting as what they are doing!
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Dear friend,
I know we haven't talked in a while but isn't everyone always "busy" these days? Friendship requires commitment but really, who has the time? I guess the promises to "meet up soon" were as empty as our friendship now. As I watch you move on to your next phase of life, I can't help but recall the good times we had in school making up games as we watched the world go by. These games were just a quick way to pass time though, as I now realize that I never knew the real you at all.
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He took a final look in the mirror. Collar buttoned, shirt crisp and well-pressed. He thought about how he would soon leave the world in this outfit, with a pool of blood slowly forming from the center of his chest, spreading out till his shirt turns a deep, crimson red. His trench coat is loaded with the magnums and pistols he'd gathered from the past few months. This will go according to plan.

"Now I see it clearly: my whole life has been pointed in one direction. I see that now; there never has been any choice for me."
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You stare at him blankly as you feel your blood vessels constricting, your throat tightening and your heart beating so fast it could explode. Little goosebumps begin to appear on your legs, your arms, chills down your spine. You suck a little breath in as you held your tears as much as you could. Your face twitched a little as you kept your poker face as still as possible. Deep, rapid breathing. Soon, your body gives into your emotions. You choke a little before letting out a tiny sob.

"Cry all you want, because this is the last time." 
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I understand that you did not get a seat on the bus and have to stand for the whole 30 minute ride. But PLEASE, have a sense of personal space. Firstly, watch where your bag is going. I know I shouldn't be complaining since I did get a seat but I do not deserve to get repeatedly hit in the head by your bag (which seems to contain a shitload of bowling balls). Next, when I'm making way for someone inside to get out, do NOT shove your way in before I even have the chance to settle back down.
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And now you're shoved your way into the seat next to me, you must be feeling comfy, eh? Yes, I totally see that from the way you shimmy your elbow about, legs all stretched out and YES I HEARD YOU SIGH (what a relief, i know.) I, however, am not invisible, and do not wish to cop a feel of your elbow, so please keep it to yourself and just... shut it. Just shut it up.

Oh wow. And you got down at the VERY next stop, giving me one last slap ("TAKE THAT!") with your giant bag. Score.
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Hey, stranger. It's been a while since we've talked. To be honest, I do miss the good old days where we could spend the whole night chatting online about anything at all: TV shows, relationships, our love for punk bands, and the future. I remember how we used to make up our own games, gossip about the juicy scandals among our peers, and laugh so hard at nothing in particular.

Well, life happened. As did many other things... I wish you'd held your tongue back then - it's too late now to be as close as we were back then.
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Confession: I get goosebumps very readily from listening to a piece of music, watching a play or seeing something familiar. It's really weird and embarrassing especially in a public place when I'm on my headphones and a whole wave of goosebumps come out. It's definitely visible and I'd PRAY hard that people would just assume I'm cold. I remember watching Les Miserables and having MAJOR goosebumps right from the start of the movie (those orchestral notes!) to the very end. I had to lie to my date that I was cold! Does anyone have the same problem? It's the worst!
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So Halloween is coming and I was watching Jimmy Kimmel's challenge for parents to trick their children that they ate all their Halloween candy. The awesome thing about the video is that you can really tell the spoiled brats from the well-disciplined kids. There's all this bratty behaviour like screaming, crying and throwing of things, and then there are the really forgiving children who're all "It's okay, Mom" (which almost made me cry.) The nature-nurture issue is still highly debated but such videos and families I encounter in public often make me realize the importance of good parenting.
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I love the feeling of being done with a report and watching it being churned out bit by bit on the printer, picking it up (caution: paper cut), neatly straightening the edges before I get my trusty stapler. The sound of the stapler signals the end of all the research and editing and typing for the past few days, weeks, months. Yet, nothing beats the feeling of dragging the 113283360 pdf icons from my desktop into the recycling bin (yes I have the bad habit of filling my desktop with relevant references). "Would you like to permanently del-" YES, PLEASE.
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I want you to close your eyes and picture Starbucks. The first thing on your mind would probably be... Comfy couches? Strong coffee aroma upon entering? Friendly baristas? Fair-trade coffee beans? Customized orders? Vegan hipsters? Apple Macbooks everywhere? Cool-sounding sizes like Tall, Grande, Venti?

Good, now take all this fancy add-ons away, and just think of a simple Long Black, or a cup of tea with milk from Starbucks. No fancy customizations, just pure coffee or tea goodness. Imagine yourself taking a sip of that in a plain, white cup. Does it really taste that good? REALLY?
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Oh, okay, I finally got it!

 I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 
Just like the ones I used to know 
Where the treetops glisten, 
and children listen 
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 
With every Christmas card I write 
May your days be merry and bright 
And may all your Christmases be white 

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 
With every Christmas card I write 
May your days be merry and bright 
And may all your Christmases be white
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Writing 100 words feels like a marathon: you start off the first few days all pumped up, full of inspiration and going, "Yeah, big deal, I can TOTALLY do this! Just once a day!" Day 9 comes in and you're starting to slow down: "Out of ideas. Let's leave this for tomorrow," you'd think to yourself. (Yeah, like you'd be able to write two tomorrow if you can't even do one now!) The debt increases and you feel yourself deep in a lull... until day 28 and you start pushing, writing 232732892 100Ws a day until the very last minute!
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I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of taking an old photo of us, dissecting it precisely at where our cheeks meet, gluing your half of the picture to a piece of paper, using my felt tip pen to scrawl "B I T C H" on the paper, drawing a giant arrow from your face to the word, tossing the paper into the bin, lighting my cigarette, taking a puff, dropping the ciggie precisely onto your face and watching it burn. "Burn in hell," I muttered.
Wouldn't it be easier if we could just get along?
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IDEA: Christmas Before the Nightmare - Santa (think the jolly one from Rise of the Guardians) tries to spread the love of Christmas at Halloweentown (where, of course, our Pumpkin King is mayor). Things get a little too jolly (treats, treats, and no tricks) and of course, Santa would be sent straight back to his home at Christmastown (which is really the North Pole), where his elves are slaving away making orange and black striped candy canes, pumpkin-spiced candles, and cute sugar skulls. This time, Santa saves Jack Skellington from the angry yeti of the North, and Jack revives Halloween!