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On the TV screen, party-goers were counting, "19, 18...." All activities ceased and everyone gathered.



So this is the new year
And I don't feel any different.

Suddenly, DeathCab's The New Year made so much sense - as I went around wishing family members a Happy New Year, I barely felt anything. My 2009 calendar in the trash, I waited for 2010 to give me something interesting like now...
1, 2, 3... Now!

Okay... Now.


So this is the new year
And I don't feel any different.

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- Do you think I can make it if I try out 100 words?
- Not at all. It's not as easy as you'd think.

So here I am as part of my new year resolution. Welcome world, I am ready to fulfil resolution #3: To try something new for this year. Other resolutions include:

#1 - Exercise regularly on my own (now that I've graduated from school, there's no mandatory PE lesson to train our lazy asses)

#2 - Learn driving.

#4 - Study hard (that is if I even do well enough to get into a university. Results in February.)

Stay tuned.

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A yearly routine we've grown accustomed to: spending hours choosing, buying and decorating a Christmas tree to bring up the festive mood a few weeks before Christmas, only to strip it bare the next year when the house starts smelling like pine (a tell-tale sign that the tree's dying) and take it out of the house for recycling.
As we began to fill the empty boxes marked "XMAS DECORATIONS" with well, "xmas decorations", and shift them to the storeroom, Mother remarked, "We'll see them next Christmas, yeah?"

As On and On played repeatedly in my mind, I couldn't agree more.
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With the bowl of popcorn on her lap, her eyes glued to the screen, she wondered if life was truly that carefree back then. Would her world be monochrome, symbolising the simplicity of things? Discotheques playing rockabilly tunes from the 50s, bowling alleys occupied at every joint, couples sipping soda pop and milkshakes, cozying in the booth seats in diners, cars lining up at midnight for drive-in movies, men wearing suspenders; women high waisted skirts, teens in jeans (like James Dean). And the best part of everything? Elvis was the King.

Indeed, "It's a Wonderful Life!"

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Really, what's the deal if we lose this game? So what if the creeps destroy our towers and the enemy heroes kill me again and again ("UNSTOPPABLE!" "OWNING!" "HOLY SHIT!")? So what if my bloody hand-eye coordination wasn't good enough to counter-attack the enemy/evade their attacks and run for my freaking life, and I was killed in battle for the 17th time? So what if I'm just a noob who barely knows what she's doing? So what if I just suck at this game?

Screw you dota. All you do is make me feel lousy about myself. =(

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Kitchen and hair in a mess, tomato puree stains on her lime-green apron, spaghetti strands on the floor, things couldn't get worse, she thought. And it didn't. As she rushed to the door, she realized that it was all worth it. He stepped in to the oregano-infused house, smiling with appreciation for the effort she'd put in. As he happily twirled the tomato-stained strands with his fork, she knew he was the one she wanted to take care of for the rest of her life.

Cheers, to two less lonely people in this world.

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Sadie watched in anticipation as he puts in his last token into the tiny slot and readies his hand over the joystick. She held her breath as the robotic claw hover unsteadily above the pile of Hello Kitty plushies. After much careful adjustment of the claw's position, he pressed the button and crossed his fingers tightly. The claw lowered onto a Hello Kitty, clamped it, and raised up slowly with it. But just as they were about to get excited, the Hello Kitty slipped through the claw's grip and fell back into the pile. Damn it.

Bye Bye Kitty. :(

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Alice ducked as yet another kid decided to shoot spit at the passerbys below his appartment. This was not what she had expected at all when she followed the rabbit through the hole and down the tunnel. After eating the darn cake, she'd grown so big people were mean to her, including that chesire cat that yelled, "FUCK BACK, BITCH! DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH ME!" when she tried to pet it. Recalling that incident, Alice squirmed a little. Taking a breath, she raced around the mad world looking for a way out of this mess.

Where the hell is Wonder-fucking-land?

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Rly, dear, she texted, i dont get y we can't see eye to eye sometimes. this is lyk the 9th time we hv bn fightin abt this. is it rly TT hard 2 tell me wen ur girl bff decides 2 crash @ ur place for the 12th time? i noe i shld trust u wen u say tt there's nth going on bt u noe i hv self-esteem issues. nw u're getting angry and idk wat 2 do. wdv. end of discussion.

end of relationship, she told herself, wishing she had to courage to type that in too.

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Stringy melted cheese flowing out of pepperoni pizzas. Long strands of al dente spaghetti smothered in creamy sauce. What's the deal with sexually-charged couples thinking they're in for a R-rated Lady and The Tramp moment when they step into an Italian restaurant? Excuse me, but nobody really wants to see you two make out with tomato sauce on your chin or cream on your lips. No, really, please don't, DON'T LICK the alfredo sauce off her li--okay great.

Matt sighed. With the biggest smile he could give, "Grazie. Venga ancora, per favore!", knowing he didn't mean it one bit.

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Palindrome (well… sort of) #1 on Procrastination

Well, maybe tomorrow
Andi thought
With her lazy ass glued to the bed
Plans to pack her room filled her mind but
The sky was getting dark
The clouds grew puffier and the sun disappeared
Earlier plans to swim to be ruined as
With her heavy head on the pillow
She stretched and yawned aloud
Limbs writhing about the bed
As Nuthinduan Waltz plays on repeat
She covered herself with the quilt
Enjoying the bliss of nothingness
Come on, Andi, she told herself
Andi, you can be more productive than this

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Cream the softened butter and sugar with a mixer. Add the eggs and mix until well-blended. Stir in the orange rind and orange juice. Combine the flour, salt and baking powder. Add the dry ingredients and cranberries (and walnuts, if desired) to the cream mixture. Stir well. Preheat oven to 190 deg celsius. Drop dough by rounded spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake in the oven for about 12-15 minutes, until the cookies are golden brown. Let the cookies cool on a cooling rack for about 2-3 minutes. Store in an airtight container. Makes about 60 cookies.
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At a school fair:

Concerned father of child (CFC): So what's the school like?

Michelle (M): Oh, we have a good academic programme: students work har-

CFC: That's good. I want my son to go to a school where there're no good-looking girls so he can focus on his work, you know. I mean, compare the girls here *gestures to Michelle* and that neighbouring school, the girls here are more, you know, studious, and the girls over there are all pretty and wearing short skirts. I think it'll be better to let my son study here.

Excuse me, WHAT?!

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A month to Valentine's Day and he's got it all planned out... six weeks ago. He'd take her to the rooftop of Esplanade, present her with her favourite flowers (he has yet to find out what they are so let's keep that in view) and play her her favourite song on the guitar, which he'd taken months to learn and practise. He hasn't planned what he wants to say to her exactly, knowing he'd probably end up stammering and stuttering a lot. He says he'll call and let me know what happens after. I'm crossing my fingers for good news.
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With our feet soaked in the cold river water, we waited in comfortable silence for the fishes to appear. I like quiet moments like this with you, moments that I rarely experience with friends, with acquaintances and strangers, because it's too difficult to convince them that I'm not the live wire that I'm often portrayed to be - They'd probably think it's just another joke. I know only you could understand and appreciate this real side of me, the side where I'm just an ordinary, calm and quiet person.

"AHHHHH FISHES!" I yelled, and you jumped.

Okay, not ALL the time.

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God that was strange to see you again.

Lyrics from Stars came to mind after that random encounter with you. We've not seen each other for the longest time, despite your various unkept promises to "meet up soon!" via text messages. In real life, however, you seemed cold, distant, uninterested in continuing whatever was left in our awkward and just plain sad conversation. I wish I could tell myself that you were just tired or that I'd caught you at a wrong time, but I know better.

I'm not sorry I met you
I'm not sorry there's nothing to say.

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"Hey! I didn't know if you'd got back from China so I wasn't sure if I should text you so here's a birthday wish via email! Happy Birthday! Keep in touch!<3"

Liar, she told herself, you knew she was back ages ago, you found that out by yourself via her facebook status ("I AM BACK GUYS! LOOKING FORWARD TO CATCHING UP WITH ALL MY OLD FRIENDS!:D") You were just too lazy, too caught up with your own life to even send a "welcome back" text. You really ought to make it up to her!

"Are you free this Sunday?:)"

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I don't get the idea of dubbing. Why ruin a good show by changing the original language spoken so the characters' mouth movements don't match the words they say? Dubbing is artificial: it hides one's acting talents because we can't hear the actor's real voices, we can't hear the angst, the joy, the pain, the emotions that their facial expressions and lines are portraying. What's worse than watching a Korean show in which the characters get married in a traditional Korean wedding while saying their vows to each other in Taiwan-accented Mandarin? My parents watching and ENJOYING said shows.
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Another old lady tripped and nearly fell right in front of your faces, yet your asses remained superglued to the priority seats. Yes, you two snuggy-huggy lovebirds living in your own damn world filled with roses and honeysuckles. I believe the sign above you says that you should give up the seat to the elderly, pregnant women and the handicapped. Thinking about it, maybe I do see why you're sitting there: Girl is fashionably-handicapped (turtleneck sweater with FBTs? Really?) and Guy is blind for actually wanting to go out with her.

Get a room, not a priority seat!!

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Dear ex-classmate of class '06,

OH GREAT. So here's what I've been hearing about you since we parted ways and headed to different high schools:

#1: You're not the nice, kind and sweet girl the class used to love anymore.
#2: You're dating the trash my friend used to date and DUMPED because he was being well, a GUY (if you don't know what that means, read: HORNY ASSHOLE.)
#3: You've lost all your old friends who went to the new school with you. More importantly, you've lost their respect.
#4: Two words: horny slut.

Love and Kisses XOXO

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I felt someone tap my shoulder: an ex-classmate who stays near me and who I've bumped into on many occasions, but never got beyond a friendly "HEY!" and wave as we were both always in a hurry. This time we finally got to catch up as we took the same bus home. A heartwarming 15-minute bus ride with no awkward silences, just us two chatty young adults talking about old friends and new schools. He was still the same talkative joker as he'd been 9 years ago. As we parted ways, a good sense of nostalgia overwhelmed me.
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Putin the rabbit was dancing on his bed when the prison-guard knocked. He skipped to the door excitedly, ready for his lunch. Two plates of fish slipped from under the door. Fish? But rabbits don't eat fish! Oh well. Putin was good-natured and not one to complain. Kupehehko, however, was not happy to set down his fashion magazine and discover his plate of fish. "CARROTS! Rabbits eat carrots!" he yelled, and in a violent rage he destroyed the prison door.

Five minutes later...

Kupehehko is seen enjoying his grilled carrots (done medium rare!) :D

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When I see the sadness in you, I don't get it. Why do people who deserve less than you live a better life? Is the world that superficial? Is she really unable to see beyond your appearance and like you for your kind heart and great personality? When you told me couples should feel lucky to have someone besides family, I felt a tight twist in my stomach as I thought of my friends dumping guys one after another like it doesn't matter. It does matter, and it hurts that I can't do anything to make things better for you.
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Bad day. Started off with waiting half an hour for the restaurant to open. And when it did? Well, let's just say we were the first to order, but the last to have our food served. Bumped into two people i know, which is awesome since today's the day i decided to dress shabbily (which made me realize: what was i thinking when i buy ugly clothes?!) Queue at the supermarket was unbearably long with 20 cashier counters, of which only 5 were operating. Day ended off with a bang: traffic jams leading all the way home.

Perfect. Just perfect.

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Having not met each other for 3 years, it was amazing how much fun we all had, laughing at the good times we had in French class, our French teacher, old classmates and catching up on life over lunch. T's in the army now, Y has been travelling overseas to organise education plans, M was happily in love with her boyfriend, B just got a role in a musical, A was going to perform in a gig after meeting us, and I was...
Wait what was I doing?

I can't decide which sounded worse: jobless, unemployed, or full-time slacker?

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Attended Andrew Bird's concert and what can I say, is there anything better than watching a guy in a preppy get-up kick off his shoes (striped socks ftw!), whistle, sing and play the violin and guitar almost all at once? Hardly. It was a well-spent 75 minutes with my brother, leaning over the railing as far as we could and watching the spectacular display of hippiness and the cool-indie vibe Mr Bird had going on. His curly hair bouncing with his head tics (think Mika, but more drunk.) kept me highly amused and smiling throughout the concert.
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You prefer texts and talking online to phone calls and real conversations. Yet you talk about society being fake, about feeling alone. But then again, you seem fine on the outside: your life is filled with social gatherings and events, free from the problems one would imply that you have from your random angsty and emo postings. Makes me wonder if you're just making things up to gain attention and feel loved, or if your whole social life is just based on one big fat lie.
You've always been like this, so why am I only thinking about it now?
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- Did you remember all the ingredients?
- Yeah.
- Did you mix them well?
- Yeah, I mixed everything as thoroughly as possible!
- Well... Did you follow the recipe step-by-step? - How else did you think I did it?
- Do you think it's the baking time?
- Well, although the recipe said 30-40 minutes, the skewer was completely covered in COLD batter when we stuck it in the cake, remember?
- So... what do you think the problem was?

I pondered... trying to think of a valid excuse to hide the fact that it's all my fault the cake tasted like bloody crap.

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A nervous tic motion of the head to the left. He took another cautious bite of the grilled fish, eyes glued to the plate in front of him.

- So, you're going to the army soon?
- Uh... Yeah. Next Wednesday.
- More fish?
- No, no, it's okay!
- You don't like it?
- No, no, it's good! It's just that, I'm quite full already.
- Oh okay.
- Yeah.

They continued eating in silence. Tell them, he told himself, tell them now. He felt himself choking. His trachea was closing up and he couldn't breathe.
Why, oh why didn't I tell them I'm allergic to fish?

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Great. Another facebook update: "S is in a relationship with B". Don't get me wrong, I'm not against friends my age being in a relationship. But announcing it on facebook? I'm not usually cynical, but I can't help but wonder what happens when you break up. "S is no longer in a relationship with B". It's just kinda sad that of all places, your friends had to find out about it on facebook. Gone are the days where we'd call our friends to cry about break-ups and they'll be there to assure us that "he/she's not worth it!".
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Something about our road trip: The journey to our destination is always filled with energy, the stereo in the car booming with hippie songs, everyone in the car chirping excitedly about what we'd be doing when we arrive. The journey back, however, felt slow and dull: everyone was sleeping in a heavy, drowsy state; my dad was constantly chewing on something, opening and closing the car windows, doing anything to prevent him from falling asleep while driving. I tried to stay up with him, but the next thing I know, I was sleeping like a log all the way home. =/