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a ad ade ache aft age aha ail ajar aka alarm am an aorta apple aqua area as at aura avatar awe axe aye azure ball bell bill bowl brill bull call cell chill cio cleo cop crop cup cyanide czar day dell dill doll droll dull dye ear ebb echo educate eerie effort egg eh eider eke elbow employ enjoy eps equine err estimate etch eustachian ever ewe ex eye ezekial far fear fib flip fop frock further gar gear ghost giblet glow gnome go grope guppie gypsy gwen habit help high hope hum hymn iamb ibicus ick id
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iamb ibicus ick id ie if igloo illuminate im inmate iota ip irk is it ivy jaw jew jip job junk ka keep kip kory khaki know lame lemon like llama look lump lye mane mean mine moon munch name new nimble now numb oak object ocelot odor oer off ogre oh oil okay old omen one open oreo osprey otter out over owe oxen oyster ozone pain pen phone pill plum pneumonia pompom prom psyche pull pyre quail quell quill quote rain rein rhino ripe rope run rye sam scar sea share sire slam snap sop sport square stare
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sam scar sea share sire skate slam snap sop sport square stare sum sven swam sylmar tab text tip top tuxedo twang tweet twin two trade triple trophy truly try that their this thought thud thy tvede twede tyra tzar uck udulate ugh uh ukelele umpire under up us ute vain vein vine voice vulcan ware were where wire wore wrote wuff wyse xray xylophone xtra xpress xcess xamine yawn yell yip yup yore zap zest zipper zoom zyre Hey, pretty good...what am i going to do the resst of the week? Maybe think of a dirty story? Yes!!!
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lay lab lack lad lafayette lag lala lamb land lap laquer lard last late lauger lava law lax lay lazy lea leb leche ledger lee left leg lemer lens leo lept lesson let lever lewd lex liar liberate lice lid lie life light like lily limber line lion lip liquor lire list little live lizard llama llorona loaf lob lock lode loft log loin lol lom lone loom lope lore lost lot louver love low lox lozenge lub luck lud luft lug lull lumber lun lupe lure lust lute luv lux lyrics lye lyle six words short is better than....
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tab tack tad taft tag tail taj takei tall tam tan tao tap taqueria tar taste tat taurus tavern taw tax taylor taz tea tech ted tee teflon tek tell temper tent tepid tequila terror test tet tex that there this thor thumb thy thrill thrall three throw thru tia tiberius tick tidbit tie tiff tiger tiki till timber tin tip tired tis tit tiz to tobias tock todd toe tofee together token tolkien tomb ton too top tore toss tot toupee tow toxin toy tub tuck tuff tug tull tum tunic twain twelve twine two tyrant down three words
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sabor sack sad safe sag sake sale sam sand sap sarai sash sat sauce savor saw sax say sea secret sedant see seize sill simple sin sip sire sister sit six size sibling sic side sigh sill simple sin sip sire sis sit six size soar sob sock sod soft soggy soil sole some son soon sop soquil sore sot sovenier sound sow soy sub suck sud sue suffer sugar suite sulfur sum sun supper sure suspect sutter suzie scar sceptor science scotch ska sketch skim skort skunk sky spa speck spit sport spurt spy swam swim sweat swum swore
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love above dove glove I eye buy by cry chai die dry dye fly fry fie guy high hi lie my mai nigh nie pie pry ply rye sigh tie try thigh vie why Paul ball bawl brawl call crawl doll drawl fall gall hall loll mall mawl stall small sprawl tall enthrall wall ya'll not bought cot caught dot fought fraught got hot jot lot mott not knot knott naught plot rot sot scott spot shot slot snot sought spot swat taught tot trot thought wraught how bow chow cow dow brow allow meow plow sow tao wow yow