BY Loo

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The walls were sound proof. Any commotion outside would be muffled and would become a light buzzing. Any commotion inside would not be able to escape. A girl lay on the floor of this sound proof room. Her eyes were closed, her heartbeat stilled. A man stood before her, his hands holding the murderous weapon; a knife. His expression was one of panic. He was being haunted. The young girl that he had killed had screamed before he slashed her neck. Her voice, even after her eternal silence, reverberated through these walls. His hairs stood on end as he listened.
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An invisible rope tied me down. The door lay before me, wide open. The golden framing and handsome knocker called to me. I reached for it, but again, the rope held me back. I was inches away from grazing the mahogany door engraved with gold filigree, centimeters away from the future that lay beyond this threshold; the brighter of two futures. This rope however, limited my reach. I struggled against it, but to no avail. The door slowly closed shut. As it disappeared, I realized the rope was gone. It had not been real, merely a figment of my imagination.
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I see you. Every morning, when you wake up you rub your eyes tiredly. You head to the bathroom at 5:40 am. At 6:15 you're out and get dressed. Sometimes, your lucky to have breakfast. Your say goodbye to your mom and your nieces. Your sister waits outside for you in her car. Still tired from the night before, you get in and head to school. I see you. As school drags on, you grow more tired. After school you walk home with your friends. You only enjoy the company of one specific friend. I see through you.
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It was supposed to be love. It was supposed to be forever. Neither of those were true. His face tainted my past. His actions still hurt my physique. It was never love, more like mutual fondness. After it ended, he asked for more. I just wanted him to disappear from this world. I hated how he treated me. I hated how he looked at me. I hated how he spoke to me. His words were never kind. His whole act was a facade. It had never been love. I had disliked him from the beginning. The pangs of despised love.
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They were shouting again. Their voices muffled through the walls were still enough to let me know that they were arguing. I opened my eyes and covered my ears. My sense of sight suddenly took over. The stucco ceiling was full of irregular bumps. Some were larger than others. Why? How would it be if all of the bumps were the same. Not one stood out taller than the others. Not one stood out sharper, but blended in a sea of sameness. Love is supposed to be about the imperfections. If it were true, then my parents loved each other.
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Two years later, I won't remember you. I won't remember your face, I wont remember your eyes. I won't even remember how your long eyelashes brushed your cheek when you blinked. Or how the thickness of them caused the appearance of eyeliner. I won't remember how I got butterflies when you would lick your plump perfect lips. Or your smile. You hated your smile, but I loved it the way it brightened up your face, the way it made my smile slowly grow. I won't remember. Yet I will never forget. Time will never dilute my affection. It won't; can't.
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To Whom It May Concern;

I have decided to take the coward's way out. I've been a laughing stock and have failed in so many ways possible that the world would be a better place without me.

Don't miss me, don't cry for me either. I don't deserve your tears. Forget me like the shadow I was.

Don't blame anyone but myself. I choose this. I choose not to go through life, I don't want to endure its whips and scorns. I know I'm being selfish, but, please, bear with me; It will all be over soon.

Forever Dead,