BY Loo

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I hear the keys jingling. He's home early. I try to move as quickly as possible while still keeping my silence. "Honey! I'm home!" he chuckles out. I check my reflection in the mirror. I try to fix my appearance while a naked form quietly slips out the window. I throw on a tank top and some shorts I find on the floor. Then quickly stash the other clothing away. "Oh! Hi sweetie!" I say, pretending to be fixing the closet. His smile falters. "What are you wearing?" he questions. "Your clothes, silly!" I respond. "Those aren't mine." I blanch.
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The light turns red. I wait, impatiently pushing the button to allow me to walk across the street. It's getting late, I need to be getting home. The street I was on was notorious for it's nighttime activities. Car races, shootings, prostitution, deaths. From across the street, I saw a man anxiously waving. I turned. There was no one behind me...Was he waving to me? I looked at him. His attire was all black, his white skin glowing from the contrast. His waving turned frantic. I raised my eyebrows. He then pointed behind me. A man with a knife.
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A shadow lurks behind the doors. I quickly draw my gun, ready for anything. Slowly, I step forward, and put my back towards the wall. Preparing myself by using the element of surprise, I hold my breath, and start the countdown. 5. I brace myself. 4. I stretch my hand out. 3. I duck my head. 2. I step out.1. BAM! I open the door, and there, standing all alone is a child. My guard instantly goes down. "Kid, what are you doing here?" I see it's a girl, about 4 years old. She pulls out a gun. BAM!
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The house has an aura of sleep. I sense the sleeping figures. Slowly, I step out of my vehicle. A child turns in her sleep. I pause. How is it that children always know? I shake my head and walk towards the chimney. The small hole seems impossible to fit in, but I do, sliding to the bottom. The fire that had been burning tickles my fireproof boots. I get out of the fireplace, careful not to leave any soot on the carpet. I take out my phone, careful not to speak too loudly. "Jerry? Send down the wrapped packages."
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We walked onto the stage. I was nervous for you and for me. The applause was surprising. I heard yells and cheers. My name was called out. So was yours. Then, while I looked straight at you, I saw someone call out your name. You looked at the audience then I saw your left eye close and open. A wink. You winked. The action sent a shiver through me; a sort of jealous pleasure. I want you to wink at me. I want to be the one to cause you to wink. I want you to wink at me, please?
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I fluffed up my hair. My dress clung to my upper body, giving me the appearance of curves. I had practiced walking in the 4 inch heels so that I wouldn't look awkward in front of you. The gift-wrapped present I had for you was perfectly wrapped; every corner tucked in, the tape invisible. The perfect gift lay inside. I saw you walk down the stairs of the great hall, hung with Christmas decorations. Another woman held your arm. You smiled and laughed with her; the perfect couple. My fists clenched. I dropped the present, ashamed, shattered and hopeless.
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We kissed under the mistletoe. A short and quick kiss. I blushed profusely, my eyes averted. Your cheeks were a little pink as you pulled away. People clapped and cheered. Embarrassed, I walked away from you, toward the food table. The party continued. The chatter became background noise once more. I hated this. Everyone pushed us together, wanting us to become an item, but they didn't know you would never be with me, you could never be with me. You preferred a different team. It hurt that they wanted something I wanted so much. Something that would, could never be.
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I waited at the train station. My bags were packed, my ticket was in my hand, ready to board. My head turned every which way. I did not see you. I waited for you. The clock was ticking. I heard the distant whistle of the train. My pulse quickened. Tears sprang to my eyes. You weren't coming. I lagged behind, hoping to delay the train, to give you more time. The suppressed tears slowly began to spill over. The man boarding the passengers hurried me forward, the last one on board. The train chugged forward as you entered the station.
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"I've fallen for you."

"You can't; stand up."

"I know, I tried! I can't not love you. I can't stand up."

"I'll lift you up."

"I've fallen to far. It's pointless to love you, to have unrequited love for you, but I still love you. I dream; I hope that I can change you, that you might love me. It is not your fault, I knew what I was getting into when I leaped into the hole. I knew there would be no way out, yet I purposefully walked into the abyss. I'm lost, fallen too deep."

"I'll find you."
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I was hiding from you, trying to ignore you, but I knew you were watching. Everywhere I went I felt your gaze on me. It drove me crazy. Why? Was it just because you were my best friend and cared too much? Was it because you wanted something more than friendship? How I hoped it was the latter. As I hid behind some curtain, I felt you. You were waiting, an ambush at the ready. I stepped out.

"Are you still mad at me?" you asked, puzzled.

"Kinda," I tried to walk away, but your hand closed around my arm.
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Another child! The news of the Lecher family traveled swiftly through the town so that by noon, the news was known in every household. That was the 15th child born this month. Although the small town of Palpay was not recognized by the king, its provincial townsfolk made up for it in soldiers. Palpay was well known for its many male births. All of the men in Palpay served in the King's court, as a laborer, a service man or a soldier. The female population was overwhelmed with men. The news of a baby girl had certainly become great news.
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Darnell Lecher was a blacksmith. He had been apprenticed by his father at the young age of 3. Once started, he couldn't stop; he fell in love with the fire and metal. He yearned to have someone who could share his passion, and one day 15 years later, his yearning paid off. His father had been requested by the king. King Jonas was interested in a new sword, and Raj, Palpay's highest official, had suggested Darnell's father. While in the castle, Darnell wandered while his father and the King talked business. He meandered through the halls and fatefully met her.
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At 8 feet tall, a man (if it can be called so) had his arms around a young woman. His arms were almost twice as thick as her neck, and could easily crush her. She was unconscious. Her dress was torn and bloody, her body lay limp in his arms. He flashed his teeth at the people surrounding the two. He hissed. The man's eyes showed outrage and inhuman capabilities. He was a danger to everyone; a threat! The man looked lovingly at the woman, at a loss, as the mob that had gathered charged forward to kill the monster.
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A face. One in a hundred. A hundred in thousands. Thousands in billions. To find that one face would be impossible. The search would take decades, not years. Not days, not hours. Decades. The possibilities are endless. One face, two eyes, one nose, one mouth. The shape of the face, the color of the eyes, the size. The length of the nose, the width of the nostrils. The plumpness of the lips. The set of the mouth. The color of them. And each face is different. The variety is endless. One face would blend in the infinitely sea of sameness.
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The Vampire Revolution has begun. It started out small, but I recall exactly when and how it started. Vampires have always been a beautiful creature of the night. But thanks to Stephenie Meyer's books that will become movies, that creature of the night became part of a love story. That's where it began; with the premiere of the movie. Then more movies followed. The merchandise sold immensely. Crazy fan-girls became enamored with vampires and the media gave them more. Movies; books; magazines; shows. Today you cannot go 5 minutes without seeing some form of vampire paraphernalia. It is everywhere.
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To be or not to be, that is the question. To die or not to die. To exist or not to exist. To have a life, or to end it. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them. Is it nobler to suffer what life throws at you and take everything lying down or to fight against the greater forces that seem impossible to defeat, but by revolting to end them. To die, to sleep; no more. To die.
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Prudence Lecher was originally born outside of King Jonas the Second's kingdom. Her mother had worked as a cook for years and had taught Prudence all about cooking. She grew up inside the palace walls, learning the tricks and manner of the King's household as her mother had been Head Cook. One fateful evening, Prudence was preparing supper for the King's nighttime guards, when a boy around her age walked into the kitchen. He had burns on his arms, but they didn't seem to bother him. What captivated her was his beautiful gray eyes. It was love at first sight.
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Darnell and Prudence had 3 children. The oldest, Vance, was 28 years old and worked as a guard in the Palace. The middle child, Cole, was an apprentice to Darnell, and spent most of his ours with metal and fire. The youngest was Sam. He was only 12 years old when he ran away and was never heard from again. And now, Prudence had given birth to another child. A girl. This was the first girl in Palpay in six years. Some said it was a miracle, a blessing. Others thought it was a waste. What good was a girl?
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Her name was Emily. Emily Lecher. Everyone knew her name and who she was, even if they had never met her. They knew that she was a sweet child. Petted by her parents, adored by the neighbors. With her golden locks and her beautiful gray eyes she was seen as an angel. She put a smile on many people's faces just by being present. Her smile was contagious. But she was protected. Since she was a little girl, she had never been outside of town. She did not know about life, about death, about love. She was still a child.
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Although all the townspeople adored Emily, she was lonely. She had no friends. All the boys her age were training to become a knight or a guard, or a laborer for the King, and they spent their time learning. She did nothing. All day she helped her mother. Prudence had given up her job as a cook to become a mother. She traded spices and food for money. Emily was never allowed to go to the Square to see the trades. She always stayed with the neighbors. Finally, at the age of 13, she decided to get out and see.
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As soon as her mother left for the Square, Emily put on some shoes and a hooded cloak. She opened the door and ran out, following her mother from a safe distance. The walk was full of different sounds and sights. She loved it. People who knew who she was waved at her, smiling. She waved back. As soon as she entered the Square, she heard a trumpet. People were chatting excitedly and pointing to a distance far away. Her curiosity perked, she followed the pointing and found herself in front of a giant horse in which the King rode.
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Luisa, Claudia, Silvia, John, Emily, Duy-An, Nobuhide, Dalena, Tiffany. Maria, Abraham, Carlton, Ana, Naomi, Jeannette. Brandon, Martha, Dennis, Joseph, Helen. Carlos, Linda, Nestor, Juan. Kimberly. Joseph. Estevan. Jorge, Darinka, Christopher. Nancy, Randy, Lydia, David, Veronica, Ellice, Sally, Elmer. These are the band people of 2009 to 2010. Next year the most valuable players will leave. Luisa, John, Emily, Dalena, Maria, Carlton, Brandon, Helen, Carlos, Estevan, Jorge, Randy, David, Elmer. These are the seniors that will leave. The section leaders are Luisa, Maria, Jorge, Brandon, Estevan, and Nancy. Five out of six. There goes the heart of the Marching Band.
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As we lay down on my bed, your arms wrapped around me, we whisper. The lights are off, the heat is on. We cuddle. Even though I cannot see your face, I speak directly to you. I tell you of a flower. This flower is not like the others. There is only one hour a year in which it blooms. The violet hour. In this hour the flower opens up to its extent, stretching farther than any flower. This hour, however, only happens once a year. Tonight that hour will occur. And I will spend that hour, blooming, with you.
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It was not supposed to happen. As a prince, he is subject to many woman, all of which have royal blood in them, all of them very beautiful. Yet he falls in love with a girl who lives in the poorest of villages. She is not extremely beautiful, not physically. She's pretty, yes, but its her personality that captured him. He had fallen in love with her. But nothing could happen. They were of different worlds, doomed to their separate destinies. These two lovers died not knowing what would happen if they had never let duties get in their way.
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The clearing is lively. The small pond in which a few coy fish can be clearly seen is surrounded by strange creatures, watching the fish's movement. Their great giant orbs of eyes glitter with an unknown emotion. Is it love? Is it hunger? The creatures, with their slimy pale yellow skin, are frozen still. Foxes and rabbits wander about this clearing, ignorant about the hidden danger. Birds dance around the sky, casting shadows to pass over the creatures. A little bird decides to land on a presumably yellow rock. The creature lashes out, and takes it down. All is still.
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He loved her. She loved him. Yet they were not together. He was the guy you found outside of the school, ditching classes and smoking behind closed doors. He wore black clothing, his hair across his face, skinny jeans on his thin legs. Because of his friends, he denied his feelings, and missed out on an opportunity. She was the complete opposite. She wore colorful skirts and could be found in the classrooms talking with teachers. A straight A student, she would and should never be found in the company of a skater boy. Her friends made sure of that.
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How I wish you could see what I see. Everyday I fall asleep thinking of you. I wake up anxious to see your face. If you could see how I see you, you would understand how I feel. Is it love? I do not know. I do not believe in it. How could anyone know what is love. Sure the words are there, but is there meaning behind them? I do not know. But if you could see what I see you would know the extent of my feelings. I do not love you; I can't. I feel something though.
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The days you're not here are the hardest. Physically you're present, but not emotionally. You ignore me completely; hide away inside of yourself. Is it me? You don't talk to me, I do not know what is wrong. Is it you? Would you explain? I hate this. This emotion is not one I'm used to. Love and happiness have always been the same to me. With you I'm not so sure. I love you. Do you love me? Why am I not happy? I'll give you anything just to make things go back to how they were. Anything at all.
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Five years from now, the starts will be there. Tomorrow, they'll be there. Even when my life has changed to the extreme, I can always count on the stars. During the winter Orion can be seen standing proudly over the sky. His bow and arrow at the ready. His handy belt securely around his waist. When my family is gone, when I am gone, Orion will still be there. Wherever I go after high school, Orion will be there. It will be the only stable thing in my life. When I see it I'll remember: The bad can't last forever.
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The gate was still visible from where I was. Its grandeur clearly seen. The line that awaited entrance was long. Perhaps the line's length was what caused people to walk away. I was anxious. Would they ask any questions? Would I answer wrong? Time was not an issue here. I could not sleep, so I did not know the rate at which we were moving. Many people were turned down. There was a stairway that led to an unknown region. The people who entered were never seen again. Head down, I walked toward this staircase; to the pits of hell.
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A creature peeked out from behind the branches. Her long hair as mahogany as the bark of the tree in which she hid. Her expression showed curiosity as a man in a white horse stopped before a lake. The horse drank as the man looked around. Suddenly he spotted her. She jumped. He called out to her in a language she did not understand. Then he took a step closer to her. She ran. He followed. She was lithe and quick. Suddenly she jumped into a tree. She transformed into the branches and the leaves of the tree; hidden forever.