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The seat numbers were read out in class.

"David ... 41"

I realised David was missing so committed his number to memory.

"Isaac ... 51"

I wrote it into my book.

After the lesson I met David and told him
"David... You're 41" :)

The day of the exam arrived

"Hmm... I need to get my seat number"

"OH OH It's 41" *smug smile* "and mine is umm... 51"

I walk into the exam and sit down...

"Umm... Isaac, my seat number is..?"

"41 it's umm... oh"

I stand up and walk the way from 41 to 51...

OH ****

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This depicts, portrays, shows, represents, describes, reveals, exposes, demonstrates, illustrates, explains, proves, confirms, is evidence for, presents, displays, reveals, makes obvious, states, articulates, conveys, directs, communicates and expresses that I have, encompass, possess and own nothing to say, speak, utter, declare, pronounce, state, cry, exclaim, shout, proclaim and affirm … other than... I don’t really like thesauruses...

So 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words. To this may be added around 9,500 derivative words included as subentries. Apparently. So 228,132 words. That means that if I write 100 words *calculates* there are ‘Error Two’ or ‘Math Error’ possibilities.

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So yeah, before we go any further I would like to explain my obsessive life. I get these random obsessions with things for no reason and can go on for months with one before changing onto the next. Like Toad in ‘Wind of the Willows’. I have obsessions with swearing, grammar, carrots, pi and now 100 words.

It’s funny, in both senses of the word. Everyone gets them though. Right?



But the point is, I am possibly one of the weirdest kids in school; in a nice way. Loads of people know me – but mainly for knowing pi.  

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My mum’s driving home and notices something odd out the corner of her eye. She looks down at the passenger seat; it has started to catch fire.


She pulls over and grabs her laptop from the back of the car – prioritisation – and puts out the fire with a tea towel.

Now you’re probably wondering why my mum has a tea towel there, maybe one day I’ll ask.


She rings up the garage…


“My car has just caught fire”

“Right, bring it here and we’ll have a look at it”


“… … … drive slowly”


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Isn't it odd how some crimes are OK? Like 'He stole my heart' or 'I could murder a bacon sarnie...' I’ve always been taught not to murder and not to steal. Yet, in some contexts, it’s ok… apparently. At what point did words start to lose their meaning? At what point did metaphors fill out the application form and become a member of modern language? (Yes, that was deliberate)

Language causes so many problems. The world needs to become unified under one language. Sure, keep your old language for ‘culture’, but world peace needs unity. The world needs one mouth.

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As my French teacher once said, 'Isaac, you've changed' At that point, I was like 'Umm... no.' However, now I am starting to realise that I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I still would be happy to sit with a Rubik’s Cube for ages, solving it over and over again. And I’m still very awkward in social situations or just girls in general.

Nevertheless I can at least talk now.

A whole new world has opened up to me; a world of TWO genders.

But they are so CONFUSING. Do this… no not THAT…    


I think I might change back…

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I'm not a huge fan of pets. I don't mind them, but the lower the maintenance, the better. A fish or snail would be fun. I think..?

Hmm… maybe I should try something less alive…

Three steps to a life long pet…

1. Get an 'empty' jar
2. Put a lid on the jar
3. You now have your very own 'Quark in a Jar'

There are loads in the jar to choose from so you can have one for everyone in the family. They don’t die or leave mess and are portable.


I need to get a life?

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I'm writing this in my creative writing class. Apparently the music department didn't know we were going to be here (the head of music comes in most weeks so make of that what you will) A group of celloists are 'playing' very loudly behind me.

"Let's try from bar 8 again"

No... let's not... please?
I agreed to your company because I wanted music not the sound of a dead cat.
Still, they're young and they are practising.

And thank goodness its not a recorder ensemble...

WAIT... they've stopped.. they're packing up and leaving.
Maybe there is a God afterall.
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I'm not religious and I don't think that I’ll ever be. Yet, after talking to two of my friends, let’s call them… David and Sean... no... Mr. Budd and Mr. Dunwoody...




Anywho, (I always go off topic and in 100 words I never return to it - sorry), they’re THE nicest people. EVER. They’re polite and funny, I’m amazed I have them as friends.

But it’s made me think.

I did an RE mock recently (forced). The attitudes that some people have are exemplary, I can’t help thinking the world would be better if more people copied them. Thank-you.

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Some thoughts on rules


Rules should be changed not compromised.

Break a rule and it becomes void making it pointless and invalid.

If a rule is wrong or stupid then it should be changed or thrown out.

Rules were not made to be broken – they are there for a reason.

Rules are boring and annoying but they provide more good than bad.

Alone, people should not have the power to make or change rules.


But should you break rules to change them? At what point does doing the wrong thing become doing right?


Sometimes life is too complicated to understand.

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It had been a strange winter’s day.

Misty, cold and slow.

Looking forward,

Nobody noticed it pass


Pointless lessons at school,

Work finished – nothing new.

But a mind craves information,

Someone happy with life; with the world.


Walking home in the cold,

The young boy lifts his hood,

And inside the clothing,

It is a sharp mind that glistens.


But people can sense it,

They cross the street,

Thinking something is wrong,

They do not trust the dark figure.


And in the cold and the mist,

Behind the mask,

On the shadow of his face,

They saw a hoodie. Cry.

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I’m amazed that I’m nearly half way through this month and I’m still not behind. I was sure that I’d have given up by now, or had some reason why I couldn’t do it. But strangely here I am typing away happy as Larry.

Hmm... I’m being told I have to go as I need to go to my mum’s house now... oh the joy of divorced parents.

So, as a final thought, I'd just like to point out that today is the only day this month where the date is written correctly for me in Britain and Americans.


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I have a problem getting stuff done. For example I’m awake now just to write this and I’ve been sitting at the computer for 2.5 hours at least. It’s not like writing this is going to take me that long, more like 5 minutes, but I’ve been sitting playing ‘FreeCell’ and ‘Minesweeper’ (140secs Expert)  just to pass the time. I never used to stay up so late but I can be up until 2 in the morning just trying to do 2000 word essays… that I’ve written 3/4 of already. Well I’m tired and this is finally reaching 100. Goodnight.

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Again I’m up late and in the moment of 'What shall I write?' that I’ve experienced most days this month, I realised just how much I was missing.

Little things like the humming of the computer, the rattle of the wonky desk as I lean upon it and the clock, ticking away oblivious to the fact that it’s two and a half hours slow. How I wish it was 8.30 again…

People miss these things, small things, and although they aren’t that important it’s amazing how much you miss, trying to look past the things in front of your eyes.

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Hi David

Hi Isaac

I've run out of things to write.

We all do. Deal with it.

Well thanks for your help. I'm only writing half of what I usually do.

I am blunt and to the point. You wouldn't want me any other way.

I am not sure this word count is accurate David...

It's not. To be frank, it's rubbish.

Who's Frank? Is he like Larry?

You are hilarious.

I try.

Yet so often fail.

I... umm... I think I’ll finish the 100 words thank you...

Well... If you feel like that...I'll shove off.

I've finished now anyway...

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Today has been dull. The weather is somewhere between snow and rain - favouring the coldness of the snow and the wet of the rain. I have biology to do and have realised that I write 100 words much quicker when it is about me and my actually quite boring day, as oppose to why animals are amazing and shouldn't be killed or 'used'. My maths teacher still hasn't marked the mock paper. As the ‘Year 11 Maths Nerd’, I feel I have a duty to always get the highest mark - and James laughs at me if I don't… 

12/17 Direct Link

MATHS EXAMS RETURNED! I got 66/66, meaning my status as math's nerd is still intact. Phew.

It snowed today. People get funny when it snows. Perfectly sane, mature people are suddenly 5 again, usually with the response, 'Oooooh it's snowing!'

I don't want to come across as grumpy (I probably am) and who knows, hopefully there won't be school tomorrow.

Anywho, I have LOTS of biology homework to do and I’ve just worked out - In the past 40hrs, I have been awake for 90% of the time (36hrs). Probably won’t get much sleep tonight either…



Please let it snow…

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December 18th is not actually that interesting a day in my life. If I were you I’d skip this entry and go find a more interesting one.


Fine, you’re going to keep reading… I better write something interesting then.




This is like when Anna is bored so I tell her ‘something interesting’.




My ‘ability’ at drama began when I was little. My playgroup performed ‘The Nativity’ and I was cast as Joseph, no doubt the ‘Leading Role’. To cut a long story short, I hid behind the manger, mumbled my lines and peeked out every so often. Oscar?

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I left her at the station. She got on without a fuss, resigned to her fate. It was odd seeing her behind the glass. So close, yet still unreachable.


The doors closed and the train began to move. I raised my hand in a kind of wave, seeing her eyes, her face, her outline… then nothing, her shadow disappearing into the darkness.


Each passing carriage felt like a blow to my chest. The coldness of the station became noticeable again. Half of me walked back home.

My body had remained at the station; my soul had left on the train.

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I made a promise to Anna, ‘I will not buy you anything for Christmas’… therefore I got her three things.


  1. My step-mum bought her some art things.
  2. I bought an allotment from Oxfam for people in Honduras.
  3. I wrote her a poem.


The reasons why I didn’t break my promise…


  1. ‘I’ didn’t buy it…
  2. The allotment wasn’t bought for Anna.
  3. It wasn’t ‘bought’.


She’s going to hate me because she hasn’t got anything for me, but to be honest I don’t think you can win with girls. You’re just further up the negative scale…

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I hate the days before Christmas. I just waste them sitting around and getting excited.


I’ll do Homework later.

I’ll do 100 words later


Everyone else has finished, well the two people I know have. Well I’m nearly done. This month has not been particularly good for 100 words. Oh well.


Anna has gone to Germany today and I won’t see her for ten days. She comes back boxing day, but I go Christmas Eve. I come back on the 29th. She goes on the 29th.


It’s like a younger version of my parents. Organising everyday to be with them.

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The Creation of Jigsaws


Some cavemen are kicking a rock around…


UG - (Wow, this is fun)


UG UG - (Yes, who’d have thought that the other cavemen could be persuaded that this actually counts as a job…)


UG UG  - (I know, paid to kick a rock around…)




UG? - (Why don’t the UGs match to what we’re saying..?)


UG - (Well I don’t think it affects the story in any way…)


UG UG - (OK)


UG UG - (What can I tell her?)


UG UG UG? - (Umm… it’ll be fun putting it back together?)

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…gniyas m’I tahw dnatsrednu nac eno on sdrawkcab siht gnitirw yB


But I’m not keeping it up because it would take forever to write 100 words like that.


23rd… what a good day to start sorting out my Christmas presents. I think I’m done now. (I hope I’m done now) such hassle for a moments joy. C’est la vie. It’s odd how if I’d done work instead of 100 words I wouldn’t have work. But I like 100 words so Miss Mills if you’re reading this…


No, I haven’t done my work. It‘ll get done Monday evening before our lesson.

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I travelled up to the Lake District on the train today. It was only a little late, which is weird for British transport; I bet it will be late coming back though. There is snow everywhere and the sheep, that usually look white against the grass, look dirty against the snow. Crossing the Pennines the ground was white with snow, the sky white with cloud and the horizon blocked out by the fog, producing a perfectly white window in the car. Like a blank canvas. The world would be better if we started again. The politicians wouldn’t allow it though.

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For those who will,

For those who won’t,

For those who do,

For those that don’t,


For those who can,

For those who can’t,

For those who shall,

For those who shan’t,




Or at least try.


Actually, no. Why today of all days should people be nice? I mean sure be nice, but ALL the time. I guess it’s like new years resolutions. They start of great but eventually you hate it and end up worse than before. Oh well, I’m going to go since I’m being told no computer on Christmas day... *logs off*

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I wish I had something interesting to write, but I don’t. My life isn’t interesting enough for 100 words everyday.




*Twiddles thumbs waiting for something to happen*




Name: Isaac

Age: 16

Job: School Nerd

Height: Taller than mum, smaller than dad

Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 step-brother

Hobbies: Anything active (running, cycling, climbing, walking, football), maths, staying away from new people or strangers

Favourite TV/Film: Comedies of any sort (preferably FUNNY ones)

Likes: ANNA (more of a love than a like), sleeping, jigsaws, chips/crisps (salty carbohydrates)

Dislikes: X Factor, cheeeeeese, being social, period dramas… Have I said X Factor?

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Writing is a lot easier with pain. Your thoughts are sharper and clearer. When I do long distance running I always think a lot (not much else to do) and the thoughts are easier to get hold of. Even without physical pain you can think better using mental pain. If you’re sad or depressed you tend to have better ideas. (At least, I do…)  It’s obviously not the most pleasant thing but it works. Apparently falling water helps you to write as well. Your brain gets more oxygen and has clearer thoughts.


Note to self: Go running in the rain.

12/28 Direct Link

My step-mum and dad wrapped the presents for the stockings. I can tell because the elves that do my stocking at mums don’t bother wrapping anything.

Dad had been upstairs for ages wrapping presents and eventually Laura went up to see what was going on…



Christmas arrived and my brothers stocking had very neatly wrapped presents. Symmetrical folds, small amounts of sellotape etc.


I looked down at mine… sellotape everywhere, uneven folds, different paper for each present…

Jacob’s and Jack’s were the same.


Obviously the messy elf had got bored and done our three while the tidy elf finished Nahum’s.

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Wow, I missed a few days over Christmas… I’m looking currently at 9 unwritten days. That means, tonight I’m writing about as much as I have to for my English essay. (Note to self - do Media Coursework)


My second Christmas happened today. This time with mum and I’m glad to say it was just as good as the first. Double birthday and Christmas presents almost make up for all the travelling and organisation needed to sort out where I am and when. Almost. I guess I’m lucky my parents don’t fight or argue… at least not with each other :)

12/30 Direct Link

WOW, I’ve just reread my entries (See 24th) the train yesterday WAS late. Over 30 minutes late. In my sleep deprivation I can see into the future. A bit like Isaac in Heroes, who paints the future. This is weird.


I love it when people say ‘What are the chances?’

Life on earth is just coincidence and so many people refuse to believe or understand it. In the universe there are 1023 stars with an average of 3 planets per star, so 3023 planets (internet-based research). We have bacteria that live in lava, ice and radiation. Life is quite likely.

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Since it’s actually January 1st today (sorry again) I’ll write about today AND yesterday.


Lucas(3) came over and I spent my evening pushing cars around the sitting room and taking the people out at each end.


1… 2… 3… 4… Cars

1… 2… 3… 4… People


This repeated for 30 minutes until I ruined it by adding an extra person in a car.


1… 2… 3... 4… ... People?


No, 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… people, in 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… cars.


*Lucas throws car back in box*


4 cars.


If only all problems could be solved like that…