BY PiZak

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Limericks i've entered as answers in exams.

Take two points A and C,
Use them to make angle B.
The angle at O,
Will be double you know,
'Cause they use the same points QED.

To get an odd as the sum of two primes,
You don't subtract divide or times.
Add an odd and an even,
To be honest i'd leave 'em,
But 2 and 3 works and this rhymes.

When writing a limerick for fun,
It’s good to add in a pun.
In order to pass,
Just do the maths,
It’s easy to get the ‘Work Done’.
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Step into the sea of life.
Let the ripples of your actions spread throughout the waters.
Every movement you make,
Sending great waves from the centre of your being.
Those nearest to you hit more,
Then less,
Then less,
Then less…

Why don’t you try standing still?
Sink into the waters until you are totally submerged.
But no,
It won’t work.
Ripples of others bend round you,
Contort. Warping them into a new shape,
Just your presence affects the lives of others.

So return to the surface.
Stand straight,
Stand tall.
Send the waves out,
And comfort them with your existence.
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A Short Story

Wind laughs as she tosses ice and snow across the low lying fields. Stalking across her ever increasing domain she views her subjects without mercy. Pitiful. Nothing moves without her knowing, using the snow and ice to batter anything in her path. Even the trees seem to cower away from the onslaught as the weather worsens and the light fades.

Yet, as night slowly creeps into the world, lengthening the shadows and eventually blotting out the night, there’s movement. A survivor. A patch of snow, slightly off coloured from the rest emits a low growl.
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A pelican lies, still and cold in the snow. Slow short breaths condense in the air around it. The only signs of life in this, otherwise bleak, landscape. The pelican doesn’t move, its feathers drooping and eyes closed. It has seen many winters worse than this one, but somehow it knows that when the wind returns, it won’t survive.

Not that it matters. There is nothing left anyway. All the other birds flew off ages before the snow and ice came, with Wind in their wake. The youngest bird had flown with no idea of the world he had left behind.
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Wind; running back across the fields, the movement of snow and the smell of rotting fishing alerting her to the forbidden life. Hunting without the need of sight, cackling as she rids herself of the stain, this small ray of hope in a desolate world…

Wind feels the pleasure of power, the control that she has over everything in her realm. But with it? No sense of purpose. No point of life. How can you rule over nothing? So she stops. Subsides to nothing and finally ceases to exist at all.

Wind dies, leaving a trail of stolen life in her wake and one deep, imbedded feeling on the emptiness left behind; loneliness.
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Missing Together

They sit in silence.
Fingers intertwined.
His arm around her body,
Her head on his shoulder.
Their heads almost touch.

They start to talk,
About thoughts.
Sometimes important.
Sometimes not.

Remembering the time,
In a crowded room,
When their eyes met,
And smiled,
Then pulled away, to a new conversation.

A different life entirely.
Together they watch the sun rise,
And set.
They are oblivious to the world.
The world is oblivious to them.

This poem i wrote about my girlfriend or at least, with her in mind, before we were going out. It's pretty self-explanatory.
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The next few days are a matter of memory. They contain many different things that i've learnt for no reason other than boredom since they are clearly not that useful.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet...

Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whisky X-ray Yankee Zulu

For the next two days will be Pi to 198 decimal places. Sad i know... but slightly cool too? If your into that kinda thing... I started in year 9? but I have learnt more than 100 places in year 11. 
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3 . 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 8 9 7 9 3 2 3 8 4 6 2 6 4 3 3 8 3 2 7 9 5 0 2 8 8 4 1 9 7 1 6 9 3 9 9 3 7 5 1 0 5 8 2 0 9 7 4 9 4 4 5 9 2 3 0 7 8 1 6 4 0 6 2 8 6 2 0 8 9 9 8 6 2 8 0 3 4 8 2 5 3 4 2 1 1 7 0 6 7
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9 8 2 1 4 8 0 8 6 5 1 3 2 8 2 3 0 6 6 4 7 0 9 3 8 4 4 6 0 9 5 5 0 5 8 2 2 3 1 7 2 5 3 5 9 4 0 8 1 2 8 4 8 1 1 1 7 4 5 0 2 8 4 1 0 2 7 0 1 9 3 8 5 2 1 1 0 5 5 5 9 6 4 4 6 2 2 9 4 8 9 5 4 9 3 0 3 8 1 9
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Heart Monitor Blues (For best results sing in a low pitch to some bluesy music)

I got cancer in my stomach
I gotta tumour in my head
I think i'm gonna die here
In this hospital bed

I got nothing to lose
Singin' those heart monitor blues

My headache's worse than a world war
I don't have anymore to say
I've been feeling this ill
For a week and a day

Might have something to do with the booze
Singin' those heart monitor blues

Everythin''s going blurry
My hands are going numb
The nurse's just come over
I gottan injection in my bum

The doctors haven't got a clue
Singin' those heart monitor blues
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The door is still the same after all these years. The marks on the door where the old handle used to be are more faded but visible. The new handle smaller, more rounded, than the other still twists the wrong way. Time has eroded the wood letting light seep from the edges like a halo. The door is imbued with the smell of pine, which fills my mind with the old memories I hadn't forgotten but hadn't remembered either. They cloud my senses and move my hand towards the handle. I open the door to a sudden darkness.
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My mind clears instantly as I stand in the doorway, taking in the entirety of the room. It does not bare a single resemblance to the place I had last seen, standing in that same spot, a late september afternoon, all that time ago. And yet, it is still the same door, still the same room. The furniture has been replaced and there are now posters of girls and cars where mine used to be. The bed has been poushed up against the wall, hiding the cracks. This is not how it was; not how it should be.
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The old wooden floor is carpeted now, but my thick soled shoes block out the attempt to sooth my weary feet. I cross the room, careful not to move or touch a thing and look out the window through the gap in the drawn curtains. The lines of crops I had once seen have morphed into lines of houses; a step, not in the wrong direction, but into the darkness and unknown. I can hear the sound of sirens, never ceasing, their work never finished. The deep thud of bass from a night club, echoes and reverberates around the streets.
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And another sound. The creak of the stairs. The door opens and I turn around. A young boy stands there. His clothes, too big for his body, hang from the wrong places and his eyes seem elsewhere.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" His voice is heavy with an accent, slurring his speech.
"I..." It is here, that I realised. Nobody knew me; nobody knew US anymore. Our generation had finished. My time had come and gone.

Note to self: Since it is my homework to write 100 words a day, I should write rather than copy. :)
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A story i've started to write... it'll probably take a few days to put in so bear with me and keep reading... :)




This is the beginning of everything. I will travel no further for there is nowhere to go.


I see nothing, hear nothing but I know I exist because I can feel the nothing. The darkness chokes me. My body is fighting but there is nothing to fight against. I am impossible here. There is no time and there cannot be existence. Here I am immortal. Here I cannot die.

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And yet… it is my end. It is only me in the way. Every single memory and life mine to own. I have seen everything and know everything; including myself. I have seen my life and I know how it ends. So why can’t I do it? I have nothing to live for and yet eternity lies before me. The entire universe could be mine if only I could leave this life behind. Drift out of the skin of mortality and reside into the ether.


But here I am safe. With the knowledge, that there can be no end if there is no beginning.



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Chapter One

The End


This story begins with the end, for to start at the beginning would be to start at the finish. It also starts with a man. His name isn’t important. It won’t be remembered even by those that know him because, as you will soon come to realise, your life, just like the rest of humanity, is but fleeting.

 The man awoke as the sun reached the point in the sky in which the light shone through the gap in the curtains onto the man’s face. 

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Without opening his eyes, he reached out towards his desk and with the skill that only comes with years of practise hit the side of the table and caught the falling remote with his outstretched hand, hitting the power button as he did so. The music started immediately from the four speakers carefully set-up in the four corners of the room. Smiling, he pulled back the covers and sat on the edge of the bed; another summer day.


As he made himself breakfast he flicked the television to the news channel. For the fourth day in a row the news reporter was warning of ‘a severe heat wave’ and to take ‘precautionary measures’. The man fully well knew when to put on sun cream and to have a drink of water so he turned the TV off and flicked through a copy of ‘Physics World’.
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He felt safe among the rules theories and equations that made up physics. There were no surprises or unknowns as everything could be calculated. He looked at his watch and sighed yet again his early morning routine would be spoiled by his work as accountant. It was only on his first day of work that he had learned that his employers paid him to sit in an office all day. Sighing he closed the magazine, picked up his bag and set off to the tower block that some people called work.

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The walk to work was as usual, if a little hotter. The man always worked to work. He didn’t own a car as he never left the city and public transport was too full of people. Wherever possible the man avoided people. They were too unpredictable. There was no equation that could solve people’s reactions or feelings so he left well alone. His only exception to this rule was the market.

Depending on the day the man chose a different item of fruit or vegetable from the many stalls laid out. Monday’s were green, be it an apple, bunch of grapes or celery. Tuesdays were red consisting of cherries pomegranates or tomatoes. This theme continued throughout the week. Today, thursday, was an orange day.

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The man walked over to a stall and picked up the nearest orange fruit; an orange. Just by picking it up he could feel the sweet juice in his mouth and the soft flesh of the orange held within its rough outside. People were like that, the man thought, as he analysed the owner of the stall. He was wearing a dirty apron over an old football shirt and jeans. The man noticed that the stallholder was also trying very hard to hold a mean look on his face. Unfortunately this hard exterior was ruined by the headgear of a beekeeper held in his left hand.
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The man quickly calculated that the fresh fruit on the market must attract plenty of wasps and that the man was suffering from Spheksophobia. The man replaced the orange, pondering the peculiarity of certain people and walked over to a stall selling vegetables. This owner had a broad smile across her face. It was just a little too fake but he was going to run late if he did not choose soon so he made sure he shared her no pleasantries as he paid for his carrot, a high source of vitamin A and fibre, getting to work at exactly 9am.

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The day’s initial vitality lessened slightly as the man reached his desk, thankfully positioned on its own in the corner of the office. It seemed that people hated contact with him just as much as he hated contact with them; well almost. He sat down heavily in his chair and reread the post-it note stuck to the monitor of his computer. It had been typed on a paper strewn with flowers…


Mona Viersen

Requests your attendance in her office



Shuddering he rose and started to make his way to the lift that would take him to the top floor of the building.
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Only twice before had he got this so called ‘request’ and both times he had thought about jumping out of the window that was positioned by the chair probably for that purpose.

In the lift he watched the numbers slowly climb from 3 all the way to 13. Each ping of the door brought him closer to the one person whom he wouldn’t want to be with. 

- Tomorrow i'm writing something else but the story will continue the day after... Now what to write tomorrow...?
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How Was Your Day?

Ever asked that by a 'polite' (inquisitive) parent or husband/wife?  Try this... start by telling them the story of your day and see how many fictional beasts, odd occurences or random objects you can get in before they stop you...

Well... first I had Life Skills first and that was ok, until SUDDENLY, a DRAGON burst through the window and set fire to stuff and then said 'sorry wrong reality' and popped out of existence... to be honest it totally through the lesson after that...

WOAH.. Isaac. What ARE you on about!?

More practise needed...
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What made it worse was the man next to him trying without success to start up conversation. ‘Clive’ as he introduced himself to be was clearly new as everyone knew that the man wouldn’t talk and as always happened Clive eventually gave up trying. Clive got out at number 10 leaving the man alone with the optimistic music and electronic lady who cheerily announced the floor numbers, making the last three floors almost as unbearable as the first 7. As the lift door finally opened, he walked down the bare corridor towards the two massive doors at the end. At one point this floor had been filled with people but they were either moved to a lower floor or fired.

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An overpowering wave of perfume smothered him as he opened one of the doors into Mona’s office. It had not changed at all in the time since he had last visited. Every available space was concealed beneath a swath of pink cloths and vases. The local florists could have probably made their living from this room alone. The walls too were pink and plastered with pictures of various young animals.  Mona sat cross legged on a leather chair in total contrast to the room at a plain desk. She wore a tight black leather jacket and matching trousers.
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He was shocked every time he entered this room as it made no sense to him that someone would decorate a room as such and dress so differently. He sat down on the only chair in the room and contemplated opening the window to let some fresh air in. He decided against it knowing that the open window may give him the exit he would so dreadfully need throughout the next few minutes.

“Hi Dom“, she spoke with a strong American accent.

“My name is Dominic “, he replied, stressing the syllables and trying desperately not to show his anger and frustration.

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Mona smiled showing her frosty white teeth and giggled at the discomfort that she caused in saying his name. Dominic made sure, along with not speaking to anyone, that he never told his name to anyone, but he needed a job so he put up with Mona’s whining and giggling. When Dominic had first started working as an accountant Mona’s father had been in charge. They hadn’t spoken much and Dominic respected him because of it.

He was brought back from his peaceful memories by Mona drumming her inch-long finger nails upon the table. Like her clothes and hair they too were black.

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“You’re not listening to me Dommy”, she said, her voice working in parallel with her name. “This is important.”

“Air, is important”, Dominic replied without thinking, hastily adding “although I get air everyday. I don’t get to speak with you that often.”

“You are so funny Dom”, Mona giggled again.

It will all be over soon he kept thinking she can’t talk forever. It was weird, he knew this, but somehow he couldn’t believe it.

“But I haven’t brought you here to cheer me up”, she continued “I have a little task I want you to do”

Dominic sighed; he hated Mona’s ‘little tasks’.

“My father is ill in hospital and I want you to get everyone to sign this card for him”

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From under the table she produced a Get Well Soon card emblazoned with the rhyme…


To help cheer you up,

We’ve got you this tune.

We miss you so much,

Please get well soon!


Mona promptly opened the card to start a very quiet and electronic rendition of ‘Jerusalem’.

“Isn’t it good?” Mona asked “I bought it myself”

“Amazing”, Dominic replied, “I’ll get them to sign it right away”

He quickly stood up paced the five strides to the door and left without turning around, glad that he had got out unscathed.