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I am exhausted today, as I am most Thursdays. I must do something about the over-scheduling; it's twisted, tawdry and oh so tiresome. The last thing I needed today was a well-meaning friend telling me that we have to trudge through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday so we can truly appreciate the celebration of Easter Sunday. I know, I know. I'm just not about to fly off the mountain again tonight to attend a service. I had a myriad of errands to run today and never connected with a friend for coffee. I waited 20 minutes and left.
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Something must be blooming out there besides my tulips!! (I sneezed a couple of times and my nose needs blowing.) My hubby bought five forsythia bushes for me today, bless his heart. Once full grown, they will be lovely. What I like most about Winter, I've decided, is the lights. Tonight I officially unplugged (and for the first time since I plugged them in in November) the two fake Christmas trees that flank our front door. The season for my Winter lights is over. Time for long evenings with lingering sunlight so--another season of light, just a different kind.
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Oh, what a beautiful morning! Not a cloud in the sky, not a breeze is blowing. The sun is big and bright. The trees are blooming; ah, Spring in Oklahoma. When I rose to let the dogs out at 7:00 a.m.ish, the air and the temperature outside were a perfect confluence of typical Summer mornings in Anchorage. I often get up early there--especially right after I get up there in late May or early June--and I begin my days as I begin most days with my morning cuppa jo and e-mail, temps around 47.
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Happy Easter! He is risen! I went to early Easter Sunday service with contemporary music, not the traditional late morning service today. My hubby, the Easter bunny, bought himself an iPad late yesterday at the Apple store in Tulsa at the Woodland Hills Mall. It was just released yesterday; guess we're first on our block. I stayed home and watched an independent film, "Dakota Skye," and made soft boiled eggs for dinner. I sat at the round kitchen table by the light of the three glassybaby candles, glowing in the dark in luminary red-orange, grass-green and dijon yellow.
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Ahhhh . . . what's this? A nice relaxed Monday morning, full of "Frasier" and "Will & Grace" reruns and I've already made two calls. The a/c is out upstairs; it's 80 degrees up there so the a/c guy is coming out tomorrow at 5:00 after I'm finished with Tuesday Club and a coupe of errands. Then I called the company that comes out to spray the yard for weeds and stick tights. It's such a mess each year when the Goldens get into 'em. Boy, reading over this, my life sounds boring. Oh! Bright spot! I'm baking/decorating cupcakes today!
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First Tuesday of the month and a grand and glorious Tuesday Club afternoon it was. The April Tea turned out fine with the "think pink" theme and scrumptious mix of food: fresh strawberries, ham and chicken open-faced sandwiches, fluffy pink cherry pie filling salad, deviled eggs, my cupcakes, pink lemonade punch, nuts and mints. The four actresses, drama students from the senior high school, were well received and did a fine job. It was a hot and humid day so lots of us were having hot flashes in the clubhouse. Over $600 to get son's car registered and tags.*
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*Tags is Okie for license plates. The "tag agency," Okie for Department of Motor Vehicles or called the DMV in most places I've lived, always makes me feel like I have stepped into another world, a world I can't help but call Mayberry R.F.D.. What this state lacks in gourmet food and fine dining it makes up for in dusty roads and backwards thinking, unintelligible legislatures. One of our Golden Retrievers, the one I often refer to as P.I.T.A. (pain in the ass) kept me awake ALL NIGHT. Pacing. She went in and out constantly.
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Thursday and remarkably quiet, unfettered. Must admit it was a bit difficult to get out of bed this morning at 6:00 so I faced the day at 6:30 instead and was on my way with little trouble. I was a bit sleepy but in good shape. The office was quiet. I met my friend for lunch but decided the bakery downtown was too cold and the line was too long. The cashier was being a chatty Cathie so I suggested we move on. Bought a big bottle of vitamins and minerals and we found another place to eat.
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Aaaah! 'tis Friday--finally! What's this? Another alliteration? Finally Friday. It began relaxed, the way I like to begin my days. Coffee, exercise, reruns of my two fave sit-coms I've mentioned waaaaay too many times before on The weeds sprayer guy showed up shortly after 11:00. For the bargain basement price of $73+ change you, too, can get your front and backyards sprayed. Took off for Owasso with friend and neighbor for a luncheon meeting with another who lives in Collinsville re: LWV awards committee. I was able to connect my friend with someone on Facebook.
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It's snowing in Anchorage. Must say I'm content to be in Bartlesville, OK on the prairie where the sun is glorious this early morn and the temperature is currently in the 50's and will reach 79 today. That's where I prefer it stop. I'd be happy if it never got above 79 all year. Hubby wants to clean the pool today. This will be a heck of a job. I plan to gather items for the garage/rummage sale the women's club is holding as a fundraiser on the first Saturday in May. The day is spread out before me.
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A train whistle blows in the distance; it sounds close. I wonder what the hell that's about. We can hear trains from where we live but not that loud! I over-slept. I guess one could really call it sleeping-in because I am unhurried and unfettered with no have-to-do's or have-to-be's today. The house was perfectly quiet this morning; a very civilized way to commence the week. I cleared out flowerbeds yesterday; put down some fresh cedar mulch. i love the smell! Today I'll finish bagging the leaves and putting down more of the mulch.
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What a lovely white square day it's been. Exercised and watched "Frasier" reruns and then listened to Diane Rehm on NPR interview Anna Quindlen. Washed out the dog house, one of two I'm donating to A.R.F., and took a shower. Then began a full day of laundry, putting away and doing more dishes, cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer, took care of mail and watched a couple of episodes of "Brothers & Sisters" on the web I'd forgotten to watch. The doors and windows have been open wide and allowing fresh Spring air to fill the house with light.
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Shopping therapy; it's as wonderful thing! Our first stop was Stonehorse Market--a little oasis of civilization in Utica Square where we each bought a loaf of ciabatta bread. Then we strolled through two boutiques my friend had never seen and I was happy to show her. She found a scarf in one where I found a bracelet. The second one had a long white tunic top and large necklace with her name on it and a pink blouse for me I didn't buy there last time. We inhaled pulled pork bar-b-q at Elmer's; attended lecture at TU.
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After shopping therapy yesterday, I slept like a ROCK. The lecture subliminal and not so subliminal messages gleaned from back lashing and back stabbing reality T.V. shows that have propelled the medium backwards to the 1950's. Well attended. I just read that John Steinbeck wrote 2,000 words a day when he wrote "Grapes of Wrath." You know, that seems doable. He wrote it in a small "outhouse" (I think the author of this meant "out building") which contained only a bed, a desk, a gun rack and a bookshelf. (A gun rack??) He finished it about five months.
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So, what IS the future of print journalism? How long before the end of small town newspapers informing their readership who ran a home run in the T-ball game last night? Will there still be a place for this, and will advertisers still see this medium as a viable delivery system for their wares? Will the Internet take over as the place we get the news, along with T.V. and radio? Well, for many, it already has--for the big stuff. 24 hours a day, the news is spewed. We'll keep reading, until it's not in print anymore.
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The house is quiet. I like this time of day--late afternoon. This has been such a relaxing week, full of enjoyment and NO RUSHING AROUND LIKE A CHICKEN WITH MY HEAD CUT OFF. It's raining and I LOVE the rain. It was predicted many many hours ago and finally arrived at around 2:00 this afternoon, quietly like a hint or a breeze or a nudge or a whimper, not with a loud clanging crash bang boom. It's a soft rain sans thunder, sans lightning. The prediction is, it will last all weekend and that's okay by me, really.
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Is it too lame to even THINK about going to go see "Date Night" with my husband tonight? I've just eaten a really terrific dinner I made for the family and a friend of our son's who stayed for dinner, too; my fantabulous beef stew with mushrooms served over Amish egg noodles--oh yeah! It simmers in red wine and beef consomme with shallots and garlic; need I say more? Are you drooling? I've been reading Anne's latest book, "Imperfect Birds." The day has been without haste, without waste, without phone calls--without anything much at all. And that's it.
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This was a pretty nifty Sunday. It drizzled all day long. Nothing like a leisurely morning in bed, reading a just-released novel by my favorite author. I had decided to get to church just in the nick of time for the sermon this morning--kinda like making an appearance at a banquet, skipping cocktails, appetizers and dessert but getting there in time for the entree; I can go for that! Chatted with folks after the service. Attended a women's tea and testimony at 2:00. More time to read during the late afternoon, dinner out, and watched "Brothers & Sisters."
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Had a difficult time getting back to sleep last night even after listening to NPR for an hour. Finally did and so slept until 8:30. It was a morning of exercises, watching the sit-com re-runs I love and making several phone calls. Son came home for lunch so we ate together watching a show he was interested in; that was nice. Called a dear friend in Alaska and joined several friends from Tuesday Club at a local coffee house for chat time and laughs. Will make roasted chicken for dinner tonight, then watch "House" and read more.
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A most extraordinary day of staying home and getting a great deal accomplished. It's absolutely amazing how that happens. After exercises, re-runs and my shower (I still have my priorities lined up in a row!) I finally removed the POINSETTIAS from the kitchen window's flower box and filled with purple iris. Did six loads of laundry. Up and down stairs A LOT taking things from our chase lounge in bedroom to closets upstairs. Hung pictures on the walls; this was waiting for me since the house restoration in September. Grocery shopped and went for bar-b-q with neighbor.
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Marvelous day of lunching at P.F. Chang's, shopping at Sideways (where we each found beautiful scarves and I found a stunning amethyst necklace) and Libby's (a tunic for me; yea!), picking up bagels in Brookside and having dinner at my favorite pub in Tulsa called Kilkenny's. The weather couldn't have been better; it was supposed to rain but because we both had our raincoats and an umbrella, it remained spectacular. Was not even tired after getting home after eight o'clock. Read more from "Imperfect Birds." Went on the computer for a little while. Didn't get to sleep right away.
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MAYDAY! MAYDY!!! Please send booze!!! After a day of working at the church in the morning, running errands, grabbing chicken salad for lunch at home, going through all the mail and taking care of stuff at home plus preparing a pot roast and getting it simmering in the crock pot, I left to go downtown with a friend who lives on the mountain to register voters at Rogers State University. I fell HARD while crossing the street. Landed on my left boob. Men all over the place helping me up. Hope ribs didn't break. Tylenol and vodka to the rescue.
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Considering I was in a lot of pain, I actually slept quite well last night. Pretty certain that I had not broken my ribs but hurting like hell, I made an appointment to go to my doctor this morning at 10:30. I drove there by myself and managed. Right turns hurt more than left. Six x-rays later, I have sustained no fractures. Doctor said I ought to start feeling better in a couple of days. That sure beats six weeks. One of our daughters called this afternoon and we had laughs. She sounded very good. That's about it.
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Spent the day reclining in a comfortable chair. Took a single pain pill, ate a slice of ciabatta bread toast, drank a small glass of orange juice and a mug of coffee. Somehow, while reclining, I became nauseous. That is always a bad feeling. Kept falling asleep today while reading "Imperfect Birds" (sorry Anne!) Finished reading it this evening by 11:00 p.m.. Spent just a small amount of time on the phone. Kept up with e-mail and Facebook. Our son went to rehearsal and then came home to nap. Took flowers to the ballerina in tonight's ballet.
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Today is spread out before me, not tangled with places to be until 5:00 this afternoon when we go see our son's senior pictures at the photographer's house and choose which ones to buy. Neighbor and friend down the street may come over this afternoon to watch a Netflix DVD of "Up in the Air." We've been wanting to see that. I must wash my hair today; haven't showered since Thursday morning; pain will do that to ya. Rain storms have bypassed us and tornados have avoided us all together, thank goodness! Everything is so green; spring is here.
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Sitting on my bed, MacBook Air on my lap, sun shining outside, breeze blowing, temps in the high 50's. The dogs are quiet and fed and have been let out to do their business; they are stretched out on the family room leather couch. NPR is on the radio as I wait for "Frasier" and "Will & Grace," my new best friends. I'm so bummed that I will not be able to exercise until my injuries are healed; I was just beginning to feel the benefits after almost everyday of disciplining my body--much like the discipline of Ouch.
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OMG! It's nearly 3:00 a.m. and I am wide awake. What am I doing still up, writing on 100words?? I ought to be sawing logs. Got up at 2:00 and popped two otc sleeping pills. What was I thinking, not taking them at 10:00 when I turned on NPR so Terry Gross could lull me to sleep? Attended LWV annual potluck dinner. Must remember NOT to have even two small glasses of red (any color!) wine with dinner from now on. It's the sugar. Had lunch with a friend today. Spiderman came and sprayed for bugs.
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Yesterday was the first day I felt really good after my fall. I didn't need a pain pill all day until I took one before bed so I wouldn't start hurting in the night. Am still wrapped up in and Ace bandage. Today I am looking forward to coffee with a friend who was in the movie "Death of Kevin Frye." We've been talking about getting together for coffee or lunch for six months. Figured it's now or never since I leave soon for the Last Frontier. Beginning to feel a bit sleepy. About time! It's 3:00 a.m..
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I'm tired. It's only 4:25 in the afternoon. I have a choice to make regarding what to prepare for dinner tonight: homemade macaroni and cheese or sauteed chicken breasts cooked in olive oil, frozen mixed vegetables, mushrooms and cooking sherry served over white rice. Which one would YOU choose? We've had wind gusts all week; not good weather for complicated hairstyles. Storms are predicted coming in tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We'll see. Oh, Lord, I have nothing to say. I suppose it's okay to have absolutely nothing to write on today, isn't it? Nothing at all . . .?
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Last day of month nine of 100words. I'm sore. My ACE bandage is wrapped tightly but I chose to put it back on after leaving it off today for the first day. My husband's sister called this morning telling me that my husband's dad went to the hospital this morning not able to move his leg. They do not think it was a stroke. My friend two states away had to put her beloved cat down yesterday. My husband and I had sushi for lunch and attended opening night of the play "Once Upon a Mattress" at the high school.