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Today our son is 18. Funny . . . that expression "turned;" has his sweetness just suddenly turned sour, like a bottle of milk forgotten on the kitchen counter, or a stick of butter which has suddenly turned rancid? Have we now lost our voices and all our validity? Will he not listen to us for about seven more years until he realizes how much we've learned since he was still a teenager? 18 years ago, he came into this world on a Sunday morning in Alaska during a snowstorm (surprise!) It was the first day of both Advent and Channuka that year.
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Something's gone awry with this month's 100words calendar; it begins with December 2. Will it count as a completed batch if we are can't write something for December 1? Time will tell. Yesterday was our son's 18th birthday. He went to a basketball last night, received a nice monetary gift from us (and a card,) a call from one sister and a text from his other sister. Yesterday the S.P.C.A. gave a wonderful program to the Tuesday Club. They really pulled my ass out of the flames when a musician--who'd been previously scheduled--couldn't make it.
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Just another manic Thursday--or should I stick with alliteration and say tiresome or thrilling or tumultuous Thursday? Enjoyed working the info desk at church this morning and then went to Second Street Baker for annual combination lunch/business meeting with friends. Visited a friend and joined her for tea while she had a delicious bowl of homemade turkey soup. Then it was time to dash home and pack up a spaghetti dinner I had prepared last night (thank goodness!) and deliver it to a friend and her hubby just as she was finished having an in-office medical procedure.
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And today was another birthday, that of a close friend. We celebrated by driving to Tulsa for a celebratory lunch at Garlic Rose in the Brookside area of the city--upbeat and fun. We then drove to see "An Education" and grabbed a leisurely latte in one of those big box bookstores before getting on the freeway for a ride home. The weather has become very cold very suddenly this week. Winter arrived after a warmer than usual November. Many are expecting a frigid, freezing and foreboding winter. Winters that drag on endlessly are so tiresome on so many levels.
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The beginning of a weekend comprised of relaxing mornings. Must admit, it's nice to drink coffee and listen to NPR without having to rush out the door someplace. The house is clean, there isn't a lot of laundry to do; I can enjoy my house at times like this. Decided to go see "Everybody's Fine" starring Robert DiNero. It was, in a word, fantastic. I have never seen DiNero in anything better. Tears were pouring down my cheeks. I wasn't prepared for a cry fest. Kudos to DiNero; I rarely cry in movies. Don't like being manipulated by violins. Nope.
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Relaxed today with coffee while listening to NPR again and caught up with e-mails and phone calls. Spoke with a friend who's leaving OK soon for Colorado and another friend from Alaska who now lives in Colorado. Wrote a blurb for the local newspaper about last week's Tuesday Club meeting. That was nice to have off my plate. Then I jumped in the shower, washed and dried and curling ironed my hair, tossed it up in a barrette, threw on clothes and jewelry and makeup and ran out the door for performance of Handel's "Messiah." Kudos, B'ville Choral Society!
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Tulsa welcomed our little group (we call ourselves "the fab five") with wide open arms today. We arrived before noon and had a most delicious lunch at The French Hen. It was the most expensive lunch i've ever eaten. Well . . . we only have one life to live; may as well live it up! What is a women's time out in Tulsa without some shopping? We spent some time in two stores and very few purchases were made; most of us were on our good behavior and didn't let splurges get away from us. One store served us wine and margaritas!
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Another day, another dinner out. But first, a morning spent on the computer catching up with e-mail and then paying bills at the kitchen table. Filed things away; that's always nice. Took a shower and put on makeup and clothes and dashed out the door to get my hair highlighted and shaped. Stopped at the mall to pick up an assortment of shower gels and then went grocery shopping. Will stay in all day tomorrow as the wind is supposed to be 35 mph and the temps in the teens. Took neighbor out for yummy dinner for her birthday.
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How heavenly a White Square Day can be! It was way below freeeezing outside today and I had fully anticipated staying in all day. I only stepped out to run to the grocery store and dashed home very quickly. It was a day set aside for laundry and e-mail and addressing Christmas cards. I never did get 'round to the latter. I began at 3:00 p.m. as planned to try out that new recipe for beef stew with mushrooms and it was fabulous. I'd never cooked with shallots before. Shared some with a neighbor. She loved it!
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Busy, busy Thursday has come again. I was up shortly after 6:00 a.m. and on my way to my little volunteer job at church by 8:15. Had a wonderful sandwich someone got for me at Arby's and ate in the church basement and attended noon Bible study with the group I've enjoyed there for years. Visited a dear friend and shared laughter, tea, frosted brownies and frozen yogurt.This is my favorite part of each and every Thursday. Tonight I'll be attending our son's 7th annual Christmas orchestra concert. He's a senior; it might be the last.
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Accomplished! A great day of getting doctor appointment out of the way, having sushi and ginger beer for lunch, Christmas shopping and visiting two friends by myself--with no cell phone at my side or in my purse to cause interruptions. I honestly think folks used to get a lot more done before we all had cell phones. When I pulled out of the neighborhood and realized I didn't have it with me, I was honestly relieved. I found a cast iron Dutch oven I"ve been wanting for years at Peter's True Value Hardware store in Dewey. It's RED!
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OKAY! This is the half way point from December 1 and Christmas Eve. Ha! And I thought I'd be so busy this Christmas season that it would be impossible to keep up with during the merry merry month of December. I've had a craving for oatmeal all week so I went to Eggbert's with our son and the service was slow. We bought my husband's surprise Christmas present (his big one he bought for himself a few weeks ago--the sound system.) I grabbed a latte at the drive-through, bought a few groceries, then baked a cake.
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Better to write in the morning since the holiday season will get only busier and busier. As I look out from our master bedroom, there's a comforter of fog covering the landscape to the east. NPR is on the radio, we've finished all of our coffee. It's Sunday, unhurried, gray, not listless but not energetic, either. A small black cat walked on to our deck and the dogs didn't even notice . . . until they did . . . and then they both freaked out, wanting to chase the poor thing. We didn't let them out to do their fierce canine thing, pretending macho bravery.
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The temperatures were supposed to be in the high 40's today; what in the hell happened?! I left the house to run four errands and--yikes! The thermometer on the bank read 31 degrees and the wind was so COLD! Had a very productive rest of the day at home. I wrapped many Christmas presents and ran to the post office to mail one box. Tonight was the easiest dinner yet: chicken salad sandwiches. I'm exhausted thinking about tomorrow: four parties that will run from morning until night, 11:00 a.m.- 9:30 p.m.. That time of year!
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I have a saying about Bartlesville, OK: "Nothing ever happens here EXCEPT it all happens at once." Today is one of those days. The reindeer games (Christmas events) begin at 11:00 a.m. and I'm dressed and attired in my bobbles, bangles and beads. It's in the teens out there; arctic weather. I won't have an ounce of energy left this evening so thought i'd write this in the morning. It's going to be a non-stop food fest, which is always kinda fun.The month of December is almost half over; where does the time go? Gee whiz.
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Slept well, thank heavens! Woke up earlier than planned and was ready to go get my friend for our annual dermatology appointment. When I reached her place she said, "Is my watch wrong?" We had coffee at her place and I made friends with her two cats. After our combined appointment, we went for oatmeal at Eggbert's. I had a couple of stops to make at the mall and came home to enjoy my house for the afternoon with Christmas lights on and candles making the family room cozy. I watered the plants, made some calls, vacuumed and did laundry.
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Felt like an old woman today. In fact, I have been feeling like an old woman since Saturday with a sore left knee that appeared out of the blue and a sore right shoulder. 23 1/2 years ago I had a bad case of bursitis and the doctor told me it could return in other parts of my body. Guess the only way to find out is with an ex-ray? I'm seriously running out of time to go to the doctor before this year's insurance year runs out. I just found two Bengay patches to put on tonight.
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It's sushi Friday in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Meeting a friend at the local espresso cafe/health foods/massage joint to feast on raw fish later today. We'll rendezvous at 1:00. That gives me the whole morning to get things done re: Christmas--if I am so inclined. I could very likely wind up frittering away the four and a half hours I have left before we meet. Then again, maybe I'll really get with it. Christmas is one week away. Hardly seems possible. Wasn't Christmas 2008 just a few weeks ago? Women's Network dinner party is tonight; not usual potluck.
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So Saturday rolled around and I woke up early after a good night of sleep. The Women's Network Christmas party was very nice last night and two friends and I went to Frank and Lola's afterward. Had oatmeal at Eggbert's this morning with another friend and we exchanged Christmas presents. I was so content to be home in my office with one lighted candle making the room smell wonderful while I wrote out several Christmas cards and paid several bills. Spur of the moment, another friend and I decided to go see the latest Hugh Grant/Sarah Jessica Parker movie.
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Good thing I checked the date! Thought I'd already written today's 100words. Sheesh! Accomplished a great deal today, considering it was a white square day for me with absolutely nothing on the calendar I had to do, no where I had to be. I spent hours writing out more Christmas cards, and I wrote thank you notes, too. I made a couple of calls and did at least three no-so-large loads of laundry. My hubby marinated and grilled steaks and I put together a Caesar salad and baked sweet potato fries for a nice, down home yummy dinner.
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It’s still December as I write this. Christmas vacation has just begun and we are getting ready to leave for New Mexico to be with our daughter. Most of the cards have been sent and all of the presents have been bought and wrapped. Those that needed to be mailed have been mailed for quite sometime now. Hubby and I had eight errands to run today. We managed to do this in three hours. This included stopping for lunch at Outlaw’s and getting the oil changed in the car. Soon enough we headed back up to our house.
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Continued from yesterday's entry: Then a quirky, hokey, Okie little skit played in my head, out of nowhere. THE ORIGINAL TAKE YOUR CHILD TO WORK DAY Setting: Long ago and far away. Characters: God as Paw. Jesus as the Son. God: Well, Son, I think it’s as good a time as any You went down there and took on My work for awhile. Jesus: As you wish, Paw. God: Now, You know it won’t be easy. I don’t generally make things easy but I’ll be right along side You all the way. . . . To be continued tomorrow . . .
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God continues: Sorry to say, in the big scheme of things--the way You and I see things because We’re Big Picture Guys Who see eternity—You won’t be there long. Jesus: Say what? God: Well, I reckon You’ll be able to see just about every kind of human being and every kind of life’s situations the inhabitants of Earth deal with in thirty-three years or so. You’ll meet the rich and the poor and the downtrodden; you’ll meet the high and the mighty and the sick and the thoughtless and the thankful.
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God continues: They’ll make You laugh and they’ll make You cry. Jesus: Thirty three years, Paw? God: By then You will have had it. You will love them the way I love them. You will give them the kind of peace that goes beyond human comprehension. Some will follow You and get what You say, others with spread lies about You and plot to do You in. One dude in particular will take the rap for it. Jesus: As You wish, Paw. God: Now, hang tight. I love them too much to let them go on without You. . . .
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Fourth and final entry of the skit "The Original Take Your Child to Work Day." God continues: Your job will be to remind all people that I love them dearly. Tell them I expect nothing in return but to love Me back, will You? Some will sing about You in the future and come to know You as God in flesh appearing. You are holy and blessed. I have set you apart to show the world I haven’t given up on them. And Son? Jesus: Yeah, Paw? God: Merry Christmas! I’m well pleased with ya, Partner. The End
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After two glorious days of being pain free--on the 23rd my left knee and right shoulder were killing me--out of the blue, right before we went to see a 3:00 matinee of "It's Complicated," my knee blew out again. Just like that--whomp! Excruciating pain. I could still enjoy the movie but could hardly walk out of the theatre when it was over. Kept legs propped up while watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" at our daughter's house and drank red wine. It didn't kill the pain. Put ice on it at bed time. Couldn't sleep well.
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We've been in Hobbs, New Mexico since the 23rd, visiting our daughter who lives and works here as a petroleum engineer. It's a nice town, population around 38,000. Plenty of shops and one eight plex movie theatre. The weather has been clear and sunny and bright with temps in the 40's. There was a little dusting of snow on the 24th. We attended Christmas Eve service at Trinity Lutheran Church where our daughter assisted the pastor with serving communion. After that, we ate dinner at one of two Chinese restaurants in town and had excellent Mongolian bar-b-q.
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One week ago today, my husband's parents were in a car accident. His mother broke six ribs and a clavicle and his dad was badly bruised. Both were taken to separate hospitals as one is where his mom's heart doctor practices. Dad was released the next day but mom's heart--as of early yesterday morning-- went into defib, she has a urinary tract infection and was moved to cardiac i.c.u.. She's on antibiotics. Biggest worry is pneumonia but she's able to sit up to keep her lungs clear. My husband's sister arrived Christmas day to be with them.
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May I utter just a few words about Roswell, N.M.? Creepy. Heebie jeebies. Weird vibes. Okay, I'll stop now. I've probably insulted over 45,000 people in one swoop. It's a strange conglomeration of desert, space alien landing folklore/mythology (probably TRUE, too!) strong military presence, surrounded by oil and oil towns--which are not glamorous but also not short on ca$h--and many of the usual stores you see in Anytown, U.S.A.. We drove up and down the main street--several blocks long--and toured the UFO Museum; looks to be running on a shoestring.
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Keeping up with the December batch has been a snap. I thought it would be added stress to an already stressful month but it turned out not to be much of a stressful month at all. I kept it simple with Christmas gifts/wrapping/mailing and card writing. We skipped being home and have been having a very relaxing time in New Mexico with our oldest daughter while our middle child is sick in seattle with a sore throat and spent the better part of last night in a hospital e.r..That and hubby's mom in hospital are downers.
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Happy New Year, everyone. Ironic that we hold on to the hopes of somehow having a "happy" new year each New Year's Eve, acknowledging that the current year hasn't been so hot and that now's the time for optimism for a better one to come--fully aware that it will bring with it both good and bad, sadness and gladness, successes and failures, sleep and insomnia, war and peace, highs and lows, good byes and hellos. So, now's the time for those who are optimistic to hold on to every last lovin' bit. And that's the way the cookie crumbles.