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My husband finally noticed tonight my hair is different. He didn't say "It looks good" or "I like it." Oh, well. Today is Thursday and I told him it had been cut last Tuesday, nine days ago. Men! At least he noticed. As I sit here writing this in our family room while watching "Grey's Anatomy," my dogs are snoozing peacefully and--GASP!-- farting up a storm! ( I'm ready to get the Febreze spay or the pumpkin and spice candle and fumigate the room! Lordy!) Most of the actors weren't even born when I was growing up watching "Dr. Kildare."
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This beautiful early Fall day is before me like a blank canvas before an artist who is ready to roll up his sleeves, breathe in breathe out, and begin painting. The cool morning is glorious. There's a breeze, the sun is shining and the temperature is in the high 40's/low 50's (heaven.) I'll be heading to Tulsa with a friend in little more than an hour. I am on a mission to find old doors. For eight years I've wanted to close off my office from the dining room and the entry hall. This will be an adventure; hooray!
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For almost two months I've had in my heart and mind the intention to attend the premier of a movie this evening at the Tulsa Community College Metro Campus; I promised some people. Then, as un-luck would have it, I did not make it. I wound up going to Tulsa earlier today to look at a phenomenal lumber/hardware and salvage place in an area that is known as Dawson on the north side of Tulsa. My husband and I had gumbo and beer at White River Fish Market. Looked for doors at Home Depot,Lowe's. Didn't find anything. :-(
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Today's been the kind of Sunday that is filled with anything but rest. I had to attend church as I am a volunteer attendee at the Welcome Center a few times a year and we offer coffee and cookies to first time visitors. Ate lunch at the Rib Crib. At 3:00 I went to book group and we discussed murder mystery novels all written by the same author. I rushed home and remembered I had to buy food for our son while we're gone for a few days. I paid bills, watched "Brothers and Sisters," and packed my suitcase.
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Early this morning, my husband and I boarded the corporate shuttle in Bartlesville which delivered us to the Tulsa International Airport to catch the corporate jet--"the ooooonly way to fly." We landed in Houston and were greeted with sunshine, heat and humidity--but the air conditioning in the jet on the way down and in the hotel when we arrived had us freezing. We ate a wonderful lunch at Lupe's. Three of us shopped at an outlet mall and then we changed clothes for the awards banquet which took place at the Omni Hotel where we stayed. Great time!
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Day Two of our Houston Excursion: The spouses were able to sleep-in. (This seems to be really of great import to people of a certain age.) We chatted in the lobby, enjoying our lattes. We left the hotel around 11:00 for the Galleria. This is a mall that outdoes any other mall I've ever been in. I used to say Denver is the shopping capital of the world but no more. Move over, Denver. The a/c was not set too low in the mall and we were comfortable checking out $900 shoes (but we didn't buy any.)
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Flying home from Houston, I read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein the entire flight. I finished it on the shuttle between Tulsa and B'ville. Great read. We were all tired from busy days and late nights but it was most enjoyable. It's good to get away for short jaunts to other cities or other towns. I spent the day at the hospital visiting with my friend who had surgery this morning and her adult son who was there to be with her. She did very well and will probably go home tomorrow. Thank You, God.
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Today was truly a scintillatingly soggy and soaked day through and through. Perhaps we ought to build an ark, summon Noah's spirit and ask his advice on matters of surviving endless rain and flooding. Actually, the streets are not that bad . . . yet. I'm sure that some streets in Oklahoma are already rivers but my son and I were lucky when we were both driving home separately between 3:00 and 3:30; no rushing water, no washed-out roads. The high school's homecoming parade will be cancelled tonight. Tomorrow's night game? I hope the players have wetsuits and waterproof shoes.
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I just finished writing today's 100words, carefully edited the entry and . . . poof! Forgot to press SUBMIT THIS ENTRY so it is lost in the abyss forever. Oh, well; it wasn't so hot anyway. I'm tired beyond belief. I'm so exhausted. I am so tired of using the word "exhausted." I feel muddled, foggy and frazzled. Actually, I feel like I am standing in a washing machine tub while the agitator jerks me from left to right, left to right. I just begin to do something and get jerked to something else. Turn . . . JERK! Turn . . . JERK! Well, happy birthday, John Lennon.
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An amazing day which began early enough but not too early and was fun and fulfilling in so many ways. The wedding scene in the not yet released independent film, "The Death of Kevin Frye" was shot today and I was an "extra." This is a wonderful experience. I've met so many great people while I've had the opportunity to be an extra in three scenes. The whole movie has been filmed in Bartlesville and today was c-o-l-d. We froze our asses off for the sake of art. It was an outdoor wedding and very, very beautiful.
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This day has been graciously clear of any have-to-do activities and any must-go-to places. Anything I do and anywhere I go is because I choose it. I chose to bake a rhubarb pie; it's yummy. I have chosen to reorganize the china cabinet and not put as much stuff back into it; hooray! By doing this, I have cleared off part of the kitchen counter. I chose to clean the bathroom--finally. The countertop has needed cleaning for a long time. Planned on going to see the new Vince Vaughn movie but am choosing not to.
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This was a busy day--and it felt like a white square! I took my car to the mechanic this morning and he drove me back home so I could get some things done--and I did. I feel like I am making a little bit of headway in organizing the house . . . and I prepared homemade chili that's been simmering in the crock pot all day. I had three candles burning in the house to brighten up the rainy day. Our dogs will be boarded while we take off for Fall Break this Wednesday; we're heading to Iowa visiting relatives!
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Fog floated up the mountain and drifted off this morning only to reappear and fill in the landscape of the farmland below. Everything was wet outside this morning while I packed for tomorrow's journey to Iowa and caught up by phone with two friends who live far away. Everything remained wet and the rain reappeared mid-afternoon when I left the house to have coffee with a friend and to visit a candle shop before running errands. I made it home just before 5:00 and made pizza for dinner. We drank German beer and finished up the rhubarb pie.
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We were a little late getting off for our Fall sojourn to Iowa today but we finally made it out the door by 9:30. We had to take the dogs to the boarding kennel and then started making tracks. Stopped in Independence, KS for breakfast. I left my purse there and discovered I'd done so 1 hour and 20 minutes later up the road. We turned around to retrieve it. Lost time. Listened to audio book The Outliers along the way. Fell in and out of sleep. I was most uncomfortable in the backseat of the Buick. Got there!
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It rained a great deal today and was quite cold. I was lucky to have brought my dark gray wool Winter coat. We stopped for the tour of the Grotto in West Bend. Manmade cement caves inlaid with rocks and geodes and sea shells, depicting the high lights and low lights of Jesus' life. This was constructed by Catholic priests and many workers. Drove through several towns that my husband lived in and near while growing up. Stopped by the family farm we own. Enjoyed home cooked meals and the company of relatives our son and I had never met.
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And the sky in Iowa today was a canopy of low hanging and dark ruffled clouds. We drove through nine towns (Algona, Bode, Bradgate, Dakota City, Gilmore City, Humboldt, Lu Verne, Rutland and West Bend) all close together, while my husband and his aunt recalled days of years ago in these places. We stopped by the family farm we own to check on the soy beans. Had a most delightful time shopping in Algona with the wife of one of my husband's cousins. Stopped by the Lutheran church where she's the secretary and I purchased a cookbook as a remembrance.
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Last night we took my husband's two cousins who farm our land for us and their wives out to dinner. It was great to meet them after all of this time. The wives and I talked about their jobs, swine flu, our children, authors and books. They wanted to hear about Alaska. Everyone wants to hear about Alaska and we are only too glad to share our experiences and information with anyone who asks. There was more going on in the quiet town of Humboldt, Iowa on a Friday night than there ever is in our little "city," Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
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Riding back to Oklahoma from Iowa on a mid-October Sunday. The weather is beautiful. Tall, golden stalks of corn in a myriad of fields line both sides of each highway. There are cattle and horses grazing and calves and colts playfully running. We make four stops in all and make the trip in 10 hours flat. It takes us almost the entire trip to finish listening to an audio book we started while driving to Iowa on Wednesday. We arrive home and it is still daylight. I am not tired. I unpack my suitcase. Wash face. Relax with mail.
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Re-entry back home. The day was almost long enough to complete all of the tasks I wanted to accomplish. Must admit I made great strides, though. Took the Buick into the body shop for its crunched door on the driver's side. Colored my hair auburn. Paid all of the bills and filed all of the bills-related paperwork. Did several loads of laundry; picked up the Goldens at the boarding kennel; got myself an iced latte at Jude's drive-thru; picked up an eyedrops Rx for my husband. Joined him at 2 Sisters for a business dinner. Missed "House."
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Our dogs both have ear infections so I took them to the vet this afternoon to the tune of $168 for exams and medicine. It was another glorious fall day with temps expected to reach the mid-70's accompanied by gusty winds. Ventured out down the mountain to accomplish grocery shopping. It was pretty much a regular turn around day: whenever I had finished something, I'd turn around and do something else. A friend came by and made iced butterscotch lattes for us to enjoy on the back deck in the cool late afternoon breeze. Tomorrow: my husband's cataract removal.
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Hubby's surgery went very well. We arrived exactly on time and had to sit in the waiting room for quite sometime. Fox news was accosting us from the wall-mounted t.v. and this seems to be the norm in waitng rooms all over now. Perhaps this is because that's what old people most frequently watch and bartlesville is mostly populated with old people! I didn't sleep well last night after 2:00 a.m.; perhaps I ought not to have a latte--or any espresso drink--in late afternoon. Wish I'd taken a Simply Sleep by Tylenol before bed.
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So how many times will it take before I remember not to plan something for dinner that must be cooked on a Thursday evening? I am exhausted beyond measure come Thursday evening and all I want to do is relax with a book, watch one show on TV at 8:00, and go to bed. I made lasagna that turned out horribly this evening; the sauce was generic (too sweet.) I forgot to cook the sausage before baking the lasagna so quickly cooked it and sprinkled it on top. After dinner I said, woefully, "I'm so tired of cooking dinner."
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Today's chill lasted all day. The wind was cold and I was glad I had taken my winter coat to Tulsa to attend the Town Hall Lecture Series where Rorey Kennedy was today's speaker. She is the youngest daughter of Robert and Ethel (Ethyl?) Kennedy and has made many documentary films exposing the underbelly of things we would rather not look at from our pretty suburban homes: poverty, AIDS, mental illness to name just a few. Her presentation's content was good but its delivery was rather lackluster. She's not a great orator. Her talk lacked verve, energy. We ate sushi.
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The different seasons' scenery is beautiful from our ridge called Circle Mountain. In Fall, the trees display a fashion show of colors like dresses on the dance floor of a Mexican fiesta before going drab and brown during the dreary siesta of Winter. Only when it snows do they become beautiful in Winter, all dressed like like brides in virgin white. In Spring, the new green emerald jewels once again dress the branches, along with redbud and dogwood blossoms while they await their heavy, overly dressed garments and become a thick forrest comprised of all shades of shimmering Summer greens.
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Today is Reformation Sunday. It is a Sunday that is annually celebrated the last Sunday in October and is as rich and as full of pageantry and praise as any of the church year festivals. There was a bagpipes player dressed in full Scottish kilt garb and a bell choir, an orchestra, a trumpet soloist and the regular choir. "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" was the opening hymn, as is traditional in several denominations, and it nearly shook the rafters. I spent this afternoon interviewing someone for the seventh edition of Taproots and a wonderful afternoon it was indeed.
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Relationships are difficult. Sometimes they just seem to have always been there and are as easy to slip into as an old pair of broken-in comfortable shoes. Other relationships have to be carefully and constantly monitored and tended to--like a nurse watching over a patient, or a mother watching over a sick child, or a storm chaser going after a tornado. Sadly, the the hardest ones of all are those we care about the most with people we've chosen to live with "for better or worse but not for lunch," and with the tribe we've been born into.
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Today was my annual Autumn trek to get a mammogram with my "bosom buddy." Each Fall we go together for our "boob squeeze" and then breathe a sigh of relief and treat ourselves to lunch and a little bit of shopping. Today was a perfect day. It was one of those mornings when I could sleep until rested and I had time to wake up with my coffee while checking my email before hopping in the shower and deciding what to wear. At 10:30 I went to the hair salon for my appointment to just get my bangs trimmed.
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Pooped, stiff, tired and glad to be finished with the job of unpacking the 25 (or so) boxes of stuff that were boxed up to be out of the way during the house rebuild. Whew! I worked on them all morning, carefully unwrapping each item, then carefully found a place for each piece. A longtime friend called from Colorado and it gave me a welcome relief from my task. Then I had to skedaddle and get presentable to meet with my son, his counselor and his teacher for a parent/teacher/counselor/student conference. Made bbq dinner. Finished the boxes!
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This Thursday was not as exhausting as most. Yes, I had to wake up early for my volunteer stint at the information desk at church from 8:30-11:30. It rained all morning and into the afternoon. It seems it has been raining quite often on Thursdays this year. I ran to the Rolling Pin bakery to pick up a slice of quiche to take back to the church for noon discussion group. Then I dashed to the credit union, went to see a friend who wasn't home and enjoyed the afternoon. Attended my son's orchestra concert at school.
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An exquisite Fall day. The sky is robin's egg blue and the wind carries with it the chill of Winter. Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska have been having snow. I think it's heading to Kansas. If that is so, can Oklahoma be far behind? Will we have an unusually early Winter? Not good. Today, our Washington County Health Dept. is giving swine flu shots to children ages 2-18. I've asked our son, who's 17, to get one. I feel that out of all of us, he's the one most at risk. My husband had his first colonoscopy today. Went well.
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It's another spectacular day outside with temperatures in the 40's and the sun highlighting the beauty of the Fall leaves. I haven't bought the Halloween candy yet so I haven't been tempted to eat it before the little ghosts and goblins get here tonight. They seem to be appearing earlier each year, which is fine by me. They stop ringing the bell by 9:00 so there are really only three hours of trick or treat aerobics--up and down, up and down. My husband and I take turns. Our son used to get a kick out of doing it.