BY Lisa

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Growing up my friends always chided me for how much ketchup I took in those little cups at McDonalds or for the fact I dipped my chips in it sometimes. I also love to eat sandwich meat without bread. When I was younger, my mom would roll up bologna for me, and I would, big surprise, dip it in ketchup. To this day I can still just go grab sandwich meat out of the fridge and eat but people look at me weird when I do it. However I find it amusing because I have so many food issues myself.
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At lights, I find myself staring at my rear view mirror watching the people behind me. I always wonder if they can tell. However, my person watching habit craves this so I continue despite the fact I think they can see me doing it. You can see a lot of crazy things and I always wonder if someone looks at me and thinks the same thing. However, at night I try to avoid looking in it because there really is no point as my mirror has a self-adjusting feature for lights and darkness so I canít really see anything anyways.
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Iím sorry for treating you the way I did. I couldnít tell anyone at school how I felt because they all made fun of me. So I took it out on you. I donít really know why. It was convenient I guess. Thatís not an excuse but I truly am so sorry for everything. You are amazing do you know that? I am super jealous of you at times. You lead a life I wish I would have the guts to. Anything I ever said in anger was never meant for you. If I could I would take them back.
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I wish Americans put more effort into design and architectural integrity when designing buildings. We donít get much like the Chrysler Building in New York anymore or any of those ďiconicĒ masterpieces in building. We are all about the cheap, the fastest, and the easiest ways of doing things now. Itís all tied to our collective laziness. We as Americans live in a world where everything is given to us so fast in most accounts. We donít value the time it takes in designing a building like that. I think we all just need to stop and smell the roses.
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I find it terribly amusing that I canít roller skate anymore. Well at least I couldnít last time I tried. Rollerblading became such a big thing for kids my age growing up that I think we just forgot how to. How I miss those skating parties at ďThe RinkĒ though. Every now and again I run by pictures of them and catch myself longing again for those times. Getting glow in the dark necklaces and clip-on earrings that you put in the freezer when you got home so they might ďkeepĒ longer. They didnít. I think I am always longing.
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My favorite memories are always my trips to Italy. I love spending the days being lazy and shopping and doing whatever. I love seeing my family, because I donít often get to. I was always mad at my friends when they would say they were dreading dinner with grandparents, because my fatherís parents still live in Italy so I rarely get to see them. Do you know how gorgeous Italy is? Oh my god. The Amalfi Coast and Tuscany and Florence? AMAZING. I have always dreamt of moving there. One day. I miss them but my memories keep them close.
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Sterling 10. One time my friend Laura and I went to see Ladybugs. It had Rodney Dangerfield and a boy who dresses like a girl in order to play on the girls soccer team. I remember it so clearly because an older lady had got a free poster for it and gave it to Laura. The song, ďRegulators,Ē every time I hear it I think of that theatre. I donít know why that songs sticks because clearly I heard lots of other songs in the bathroom but I always remember singing that song in front of the mirrors with Laura.
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I guess Iím always checking out other peopleís hands because I am left handed. I always notice when someone else is, even actors. Like one of the reasons I love Jon Stewart is because he is left handed. Iím also noticing hands because Iím not the biggest fan of mine. Thereís too fat. I can never buy costume jewelry rings because they never fit me. Even the ones in the store that say they should be my size arenít. Also, hands always make me think about Seinfeld. That episode where he dates the woman with man hands. You know which.
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I donít know exactly what my definition of what old is. I know Iím constantly correcting Jerry because he always is calling people old and they donít fall into my definition. I know that in my mind someone is old when they canít do for themselves anymore. I donít want to get old. Iím not a fan of nursing homes and all of the sort. They make me think of death. Death is my biggest fear. Yes, I understand Iím mortal but I donít really want to die. When my grandparents were dying it was so incredibly hard for me.
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College students live frugally for the most part. This included me. When I was living in Ypsilanti my roommate and I came upon a gorgeous find. This horrific print chaise lounge. We debated whether it was trash or treasure. Did I mention we got it from the people who were about to trash it in our building? We decided we needed another place to sit so we took it. We steam cleaned it, checked it out and all seemed well. So many good naps taken in that thing. You could sit almost any way and be comfortable. I miss it.
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If I had to choose an irrational fear, Iíd say mine was death. I know a lot of people are afraid of it, but Iím ridiculous about it. I am so scared of going to sleep and not waking up or just not ďbeingĒ anymore. I know I am mortal, unless being super lazy is a superhero immortal ability. Of course I would love to live forever and healthy. Seriously every time I get sick I get scared. I think part of it is blamed on those damn books I read when I was younger about kids with terminal illnesses.
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I canít choose when given two choices most of the time and this is no exception. Generally I prefer written directions. Tell me where and when to turn, give me landmarks and Iím golden. This is also how I prefer to give directions. You should what happened when I tried to do the map part of our wedding invitations. However Iím married to man who loves his atlas, so Iíve learned how to read them better and become more adept at using them. By the way our invitations ended up including a map and a much shortened form of written directions.
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Procrastination. Seriously go look up that word in your dictionary, you there yet? See the word example and then a picture of me? Yeah, thatís right. I am your prime example of procrastination. Given the choice between real work and pretty much anything and I choose the latter. I am so good at it itís scary. This has proven to be quite the issue with me; college was something I had to really work hard at to get good grades. In the end I forced myself to go to the library so I could actually do my work and pass.
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Life without TV. Seems incredibly daunting. I know I'm addicted. It's ridiculous. But I can stop any time. I swear. No no I can't. Honestly I don't remember when TV became my addiction. When I was little we had rules about how much and when we could watch. Back then we played outside, did active things. But now, as I write this I am trying to think if I could do it. I honestly think I could. Would I choose to? Hell no, but I could. TV is my relaxation. With everything in my life right now, I need it.
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Running barefoot. Laughing. Pool parties. My birthday. Laying in the grass. Kickball. Sleepovers. Choreographing a show for the neighbors to the Aladdin soundtrack, with props. Ice cream trucks with snow cones and screwball treats. The lady who drove it who always got us something extra. Bike riding to the elementary school and playing on the playground. Camp CJ Barrymore's Movies with my aunt Days that seemed to last forever, nights that held amazing secrets. Summer as a child - If I could have some of those days and relive them. I would. Some of my best memories are from those days.
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Sometimes when times get hard in the money sense, I wish I collected anything that was worth money. The only things I collect are penguin items but not cartoony penguin Ė real penguin Ė they are much cooler. The only other thing I collect is crap. Things just pile up in our place, and believe me they are not worth anything. Sometimes when I hear people talk about the money they make off of ebay because of their collectibles I'm like damn. Then again would I sell or would I be one of those people who has collectibles but doesn't sell them?
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The perfect walk. That implies I know what perfect is. I'd rather like to think I will always be searching for a perfect walk and even to describe what is perfect to me now, that ideal might change. I think the perfect walk is set in fall. That's the most beautiful season. It would have to be in the upper peninsula while the colors are in peak changing mode. The UP in the fall is amazing. It would have to be with someone. A friend or a significant other. Actually now I'm thinking a walk alone would also be nice.
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If I ruled the world, there would be a few things Iíd outlaw. ē Can I outlaw stupid people? ē Asking ignorant questions. Iíd like that one too. ē I think with me I would just want more equality for everyone, just for things to be fair, for promotions to be decided on merit and work not butt-kissing and nepotism. ē Iíd like to outlaw thongs, what purpose do they serve? ē Iíd also love to outlaw The Wiggles, they creep me out. Iím sorry if your kids like them but there has to be a better show out there.
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Ever since I can remember Iíve wanted to be a teacher. I think you have to have that desire to go into this field but I also think you have to have some amazing teachers growing up that show you how fulfilling this field is. For me, I think back to all of my elementary school teachers. Those teachers I had were amazing, even my fifth grade teacher who at the time I probably hated because she was really hard made me a better person. She showed me how much hard word and dedication can pay off and discipline you.
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The way it smells after it rains. A flower that seems to grow against all odds. A childís laugh that brightens their face. Getting an extra mcnugget in your pack of six. The simple things in life, they help us. They show us that life is possible of so many things. They show us the beauty that often gets overlooked. In our live we are always so go go go, we often forget to stop and smell the roses. We often forget to cherish the little things and the effect they can have on our lives. Pause and take time.
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I need a life stimulus. Not just financial but motivational. I know Iím lazy. I need something to kick me in the butt. On the other hand, I would love an economic stimulus just for me. My student loans? Those would be nice to pay off. My car as well. I think I like so many others are just so frustrated at the state of our economy and donít quite know what to do. I donít know that hand-outs are the best answer but Iím no economist so I canít really say what would work. Any help would be nice.
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I know it sounds clichť, but I am into sports, specifically football. I feel that football isnít typically girly but other sports may be. I love college football especially my Michigan Wolverines. It is amazing to me that I have never dated or even married a guy who likes sports. Because, on Saturdays in the fall thatís what I most like to do is sit in front of our big screen and watch my boys. I also am into video games, albeit some of them are decidedly girly, but my favorite of all time? Mortal Kombat, itís definitely not girly.
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I seem to get sick more often than not. The last doozy was just a few weeks ago, I felt like a truck was just running me down over and over again. What sucks is that my boss is not a fan of people who take sick days so I pushed through and went to work each day and it only compounded the sickness over and over. I went home each night and went straight to bed. I think the final straw was when I got home at 5 on Friday the 13th and slept straight to Saturday at lunch.
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Honestly it would not be that hard for me to choose one food for the rest of my life. I know it seems so stereotypical of an Italian, but I would choose spaghetti with meat sauce. I could eat it every night. My friends think I am crazy but I canít get enough of it. Especially when I get to eat the authentic stuff in Italy. Iíll even eat it at Olive Garden, I know itís not authentic but you get me a plate of noodles and sauce and I will stuff my face until I canít take it anymore.
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I donít think itís any surprise but out of the seven deadly sins I think would be most likely to commit sloth. As previously stated I am a notoriously lazy person. I looked up what sloth really is and was surprised to read that in the beginning the sloth sin was first called the sin of sadness or despair. Only lately has it come to be known as laziness or failure to act. I think though either way I can fall into the sloth sin too easily. I am too hard on myself and also am too lazy to care.
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If you have ever been with me to a Chinese restaurant you know that I take fortune cookies seriously. I am what you might call a fortune critic. I have some criteria that makes a good fortune; 1. it must be a fortune, not a command 2. it must teach me a Chinese word. One time I was with a friend and I got a fortune cookie that commanded me to buy a friend a gift. I was super annoyed at the supreme lameness of the fortune because it wasnít one! I am thinking my best fortune hasnít come yet.
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Oh man, I have a few girl crushes. Anne Hathaway. Jennifer Aniston. Adriana Lima. I tend to find natural girls attractive. I know Adriana is a model but Iíve seen pictures of her with no makeup and she is still stunning. I like girls who look like you could take them home to mom. Pretty much the same qualities I look for in a man. Humor, cuteness, sex appeal, personality. Now donít get me wrong, there are times when I am out and I see a girl and find her hot and will even tell the people I am with.
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If anyone knows anything about me they know I am terribly into astrology. I love my sign. I am a Leo, true and true. I have the best book about it, coincidently enough called ďThe Only Astrology Book Youíll Ever Need.Ē If you are into astrology and you donít have it, you need to get it. I remember when I got that book. Scarily accurate. Iíd also like to point out that I am NOT into horoscopes in magazines and what not that ANYONE could write. I am into seeing where the stars are and how they affect me now.