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A Certain Thing...

Somethings I just do not understand people, I believe that certain people come into your life because you are missing something in your life.

Which is a good thing and sometimes a challenging thing. When challenging things come into our lives sometimes its good to work through them, but sometimes the challenges bring confirmation to our intuition.

We nature are told things through our intuition, our small conscience voice that let's us know what is going on with us. Our hidden truths, or things about us that we have choose not to discuss about within our past.
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Tell me...

Tell me a secret, tell me your inner desires. Tell me why you see me the way you do.

I am looking at you and you do not see me for me. You do not see my layers and my charms. You do not see me for what I am. I just need a reason to feel good and ready.

A reason to bring you into my domain. I reason I need a purpose. Why are you not giving me this? Why are you not taking me seriously. I am one of many layers because I have substance.
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Sitting in a moment of bliss...

Sitting in within the rhytms of sounds, playing from the guitar. I am a surround my peace's blanket. I am aura of trouble thoughts leave my mind and become a melody of my conscience thoughts.

Healing comes to me in the form of a meal brought down from the heavens and into the Mother's Earth's Lap. Sometimes I sit thinking about what the Moon, Luna wishes to say to me.

Her mystery's come to me and bring me a new purpose of life. To bring me a moment of calmness. What is my belief, my relm of resistance to go forth into unchartered territory.
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There is some music that gives you this great vibe of feeling beautiful inside and out and removing your worries away.

For me that music at the moment are with the words of "No woman no Cry" by Bob Marley. I think the words of positivity, sharing nothing but love. I wish sometimes that people would just take a moment to sit down relax and listen to Marley.

To imagine that we are taking a moment to sit down and think that we are on an island feeling the sweet breeze that paradise has to offer. Just Peace.
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Is this love?

Many question as asked when we are infacutated with someone. Then sometimes reality sets in and makes us realize that emotions that we are feeling maybe love.

Sometimes love does not come in a form of puppy dog eyes and candy hearts. If comes with a connection that may have been there but has been pushed aside for reason.

Sometimes we refuse to look at what's in front of us, and instead look at what we wish to see in our fantasy, of that perfect person. I guess sometimes you want to choose your soulmate, then settle.
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First Time

We all have had our share of our first times. Be it walking steps as a babe. To our first word, to our first major achievement or dream come true. But depending on what our needs are first can be a great or terrifying thing.

What if we are comfortable with never going for what we want, the moment we choose to get out of our comfort zone and into a moment that pushes our boundaries and Ego's.

There is a difference in just trying to find an edge. But rather a different route to avoid our growth.
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The town in the desert...

Dust clouds sprinkle the city and the sound of the wind wrestles with the abandon leaves left from the fall.
The lights shine ahead, showing the sign of life coming up ahead. Small buildings built for a small community of young birds and gents walking around town with laughter in their hearts and lust in their loins.

A small lake shines with glimmer of the Moon's rays, and ripple is shown from the effect of the rock thrown into it by a couple making a romantic wish for the night to never end.

The dry weather blows and hits the back of my neck living me to suck on nothing buy dryness, exhausting my throat, and craving the need to moisture.

I push the pedal down and roar of my white mustang is heard, and we start to fly through the concrete ground and off into the darkness.
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My father's hands

If the mountains were to turn their strength into the form of the human body, they would turn into my father's hands.

Like the mountains, that can be majestic and strong, my father's strength can be shown with a firm handshake, or firm point when making his case in an argument.

But yet his hands can be as gentle as the first petal blooming from a rose, like when he lifts up his newborn son, or closes his hands upon his face in mourning.

Mine are not as physically built in strength but I have my father's strength, his heart.
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You're asleep. You're not home

Resting my tired eyes, I began to fade away into a new existence. I feel my body's presence fading from me and the weight of my physical body is faint.

My sorrows laid to rest and my heart feels light, I feel as if my own existence is beginning to cease. I am thinking that at some point that I will no longer exist.

Frighten of my realization, I turn away from raising above and try to bring myself back to the ground, to Mother's Earth core.
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A Certain Thing...

Somethings I just do not understand people, I believe that certain people come into your life because you are missing something in your life.

Which is a good thing and sometimes a challenging thing. When challenging things come into our lives sometimes its good to work through them, but sometimes the challenges bring confirmation to our intuition.

We nature are told things through our intuition, our small conscience voice that let's us know what is going on with us. Our hidden truths, or things about us that we have choose not to discuss about within our past.
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I still don't Know...

Love...I still don't know what my true purpose is. I don't know why someone people exist or are allowed to live.

I still don't know why we have pain and suffering, what's the big deal about racism, sex, drugs, life, death, and religion.

I still don't know why I am more privileged then any other race in the world. I don't know what the big deal is regards to people being sick, people have to die at some point.

I still don't see the problem with staying in ignorant bliss.
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I change my mind...

Because you saw me for who I am and not what you think I am supposed to be.

Because you looked into my eyes and not my breast, you heard my words and not my moans.

That I can be a smart ass, and not that I have a great ass. You see me.

I changed my mind I decided to take a chance...

And so far you haven't disappointed me, only challenged me. I know I will get to where I need to get to but we will see where our hearts lead us, maybe we are the stone to help us cross the river, or maybe we are the roots to each other's tree.
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Something seemed different

within me, I wanted to go there, I wanted to think of things and time my actions with my thoughts. I wanted to take the next steps, but the child within me would not go to that next level.

I just don't know, why I am feeling the way that I feel. It is so funny, how we feel for things and how things are. And how we think that moment will be because we have tied are day dreams into our mind.

I am open like book, and my heart is on my sleeve exposed and I can't seem to cover it up because I don't want to even though I know I will get hurt. Why is that?
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The Jump- Part I

Vivian looked down at her tied feet with horror; since she was tied with someone else she could not break herself free. “Oh God,” is all she could think to herself. Soon her thoughts began to come out loudly in a form of a prayer.

“Dear Lord, please let me live I promise you I will never do something like this again, never, even if I am asked nicely.” Said Vivian in a pleading tone.

“What the hell are you doing?” Laughed Derek, “You are not going to die, ok now on the count of three-"

“No!” She screamed

“What, what?” Answered Derek frantically. “What, what?”

“You didn’t say together.”


“You didn’t say count together you just said you would count to three, what about me?”
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The Love Proposal

Love came up to me and handed me an ultimatum, she told me if I agree to this contract, she will never forsake me again. She would even allow me one to two heartbreaks the most.

And if she at at any moment and time doesn't come through on her part of the contract, then I would have every right to cut her out of my life, and she herself will enrapture herself with hate.

I love over her words and read over the contract twice, I looked into her dark eyes and nodded, and agreed and signed the contract. I decided to give her a chance, and put my heart on my sleeve. And now I am giving it to you.

You only get 2 chances... then you will have me no more.
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The Jump- Part II

Smiling, Derek stroked Vivian’s dark bangs and kissed her forehead, he loved that she was willing to do his wild ideas, and he couldn’t wait to tell her his next idea. Vivian was an interesting girl, funny with her odd moments, sweetly naïve and innocent in her own way.

She had always been one to seek adventure, and do spontaneous things, but her ideas of fun weren’t as wild as Derek, who on the other hand like to do things on the edge, which was funny to her because he would be the same guy who would sometimes just prefer to walk down a park.
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The Jump- Part III

“Babe?” Derek said sweetly.

“Yeah,” said Vivian barley looking at him for her face was buried in his t-shirt.

“Can we count now?”

“No I change my mind, I don’t wanna do this, please can we do something that dose not have to do with heights?” She begged.

“V, you promised, don’t pull back on me now, we’re already tied and on the ledge all we have to do is jump, now come on the count of three”

“No Derek, I am not ready, please!”


“Derek are you even listening to me?”


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Random Thoughts IV

Open book, open page, blank sheet, no writing. Smilies, and metaphors in my mind but no other place, I don't feel like releasing them from my heart.

Young artist, open to life experiences but trying to stop her guard from automatically coming up. I am taking a big chance on something she dreamed as being beautiful and challenging.

Life,What is the true purpose to your presence here in our lives?

Give me a moment to enjoy this point I am at, and help to survive the throws that my heart will receive.
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Love versus Pain

This a short blip in which I would like to you what love is to the moment.

Confusion, sorrow, enjoyment, a wild thought, my heart thumping, nervous wreck, obsession, constantly questioning myself and my actions. Understanding, and sometimes, not wanting to understand and remain ignorant.

This is a short blip about pain, OWWWW, son of a bitch, I hate the feeling of numbness, your an ass, pick up already??? Why do I always have to be the one to make the first move, hate, sorrow, frustration, abandonment... and oh yeah REALITY!
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Sometimes you just have to spazzzz out!! For me its putting on some really good music. At the moment for the that song is Prince's Darlin NIKKI!!!.

I always find music to be my favorite natural healer, when I am feeling bad about anything or sad, happy, heck all my emotions!

I just love the harmonious sound when all the instruments play. Its all my emotions being allowed to flow out of me, and give my soul peace.

If you ever feel crappy and that no one feels the way that you feel just spaz out with some music and you will feel whole again.
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The Jump- IV

“Ohhhhh WHOO YEAH!!!!!”

“Oh God please, please, please I want to live!” Was all Vivian could think of, she was beginning to feel that there was no hope, all the bouncing up and down made her think to herself, “any moment now I am going to crack my head on a rock I just know it! Lord please take care of bobby, Jane, and john, my bros, and sis, mom and dad, my little poodle Joey-“

“V? V? It’s alright its over now, you can let me breath now.” Derek Laughed.

“LAND!!!” Screamed Vivian. Holding her hand to the air she thanked God.
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This is not about...

Other's choices or works in life...this is about what I am looking for in a sense, of my own life. When it comes to the concept of love.

I am not sure what the purpose is to life, I am not sure what is the effect that love can or cannot have. I just know as a human race we cannot live without it.

Even the bachelor's who may not wish to be married wish to be with someone at night to hold, call, or talk about. We do seek to look beyond ourselves for someone to understand us.
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The Jump-V

Stopping in her tracks, she looked over to Derek and gave a small guilty look.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“V! You know what that means, hey my man one more time? Cool Thanks.”

“One more time…one more time for what?” She looked at Derek in desperation.

“You know the deal, you promised.”

“But I did have them opened, they were open half way, but they were still open.”


“Derek, Babe please”



THE END. :0)
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20 Questions

I think that the 20 question idea is kinda interesting. As most people may already know that the concept is to help you know the person a little better.

Questions like:

1) What do you do for work?

2) Where are you from?

3) What is the one thing about yourself that you would like me to know?

4) When was your last relationship and how long did it last?

5) What are you looking for in a relationship?

6) What do you think is the most important value in a relationship?

9) Do you want/do you have any children?
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Symbol of the butterfly- From many Sources...

The butterfly stands for wisdom and everlating knowledge.

In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is "Psyche", which translated means "soul". This was also the name for Eros' human lover and when the two figures are depicted they are often surrounded by butterflies.

From our day of birth we are like the caterpillar which can only eat and creep along. At death we are like the dormant pupa in its chrysalis. After that, our consciousness emerges from the cast off body, and some see in this the emergence of the butterfly. Therefore, the butterfly is symbolic of rebirth after death.
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A Conversation Between Dreams and Reality

"Hey how's it going? Reality says to Dreams "Not much just thinking how well I am going to do today on my test." Dream replies.

"You know that you are probably are going to fail today right?" Reality replies in a sullen tone. "I think not, I think I am actually going to make it. I think, I have a chance to really shine." Dream answer with a smile on her face.

"Yeah sure." Reality smirks, "Why don't you take the test and see how you do, its not like you studied or anything." "As a matter of fact I did, thank you very much, what stick is up your ass today?" Dreams says with a smile on her face?

"Truth." Reality exclaimed bitterly.
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Oww that hurts, your a bitch truth!

I wondering how truth would look like in human form. Ummmmmm... I think it would be some tall muthafucker that would just appear out of nowhere when you and a lie are having a conversation.

Every so often you find each other and a wrestling match and you find yourself body slamming the truth and giving it a count to three to make you change your mind about kicking its ass.

Sometimes I just think its neccessary to have the truth just shut the help up with reality as his favorite shirt. Damn!
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If I was a fantasy character

If I was a fantasy character I would be catwoman, I guess she bares a few attributes that I like. I am appreciate her sense of freedom, her sensual presence, and confidence, and I like that she can kick ass as well.

The arc type to the ultimate woman in my opinion. Interesting that her alter ego, was the opposite of herself. At someone point she seemed like the average woman who often doesn't believe to much in herself, and doubts her true beauty.

Most woman deep inside have a catwoman in her, some choose not to let that part of themselves and some like to dwell in their self pity, but can one blame her?
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Thinking of random thoughts in my mind that forbid the existence of my creativity. The truth I am usually thinking so many things at the same time, you would think there was a puzzle existing in my mind.

Like a Picasso painting, out the images around and you can see clearly of my wacky way of thinking. Sometimes, I think am an old soul with an newborn heart, because my nativity gets the best of me.

I am unsure about the steps I need to take to make this moment more real. Sometimes I forget that I am even here.
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It is very interesting to me but sometimes I wake up and don't even remember who I am. Like all of a sudden I forget that I am presently here. I don't like in the shape of amnesia, but like I freak out!!!

Why am I here? Is that an interesting thought? These are my hands, my face, my lips. As a child I would always look in the mirror to remember who I was, study my face to memorize how my facial expressions look.

Why is that? Certain things happen in our lives and we think that we live in film, our own life story, then reality comes along and bitch slaps in my face.