12/01 Direct Link
Fell on
The ground
Knees scraped
When you
Scraped me away

Amber sky
When you were around
I smelt deeply of roses & lilacs
The air was crisp
& I could push through anything

Push hard fall over
Change my face all over
Scrape me off the ground
You never could wash me away

Hail on
Rained down that day
Sign of you pelting down on me
Warn away
Black won’t stay
Darkness chips away
As hail pelts down & removes

Layers & coats
Mystery & notes
Doubt & hopes
Dreams & floats

Lock away, lock away
Desires, fears, chain.

12/02 Direct Link
Never have one
only the sun
darkness gone
morning’s rays
falling on everything
Revealing silent moments
Inhaling forever

Slow ease
Over limbs of trees
powers what courses through you
sends a wavelength to me
shaking that forces me to fall to the ground

never have one
as the true color of eyes are revealed
as souls long to never have to peel
cut from everything
revealing glistening
inhaling everything

Slow ease
Over limbs roots grow
what courses through you
only feel
shaking.. forcing its power on me

never have one, but
wavelength’s on me

12/03 Direct Link
Roll on, travel
Hues & nooks & shadows
The hands of the clock
Before you can grab them

& you swift behind
Like my own personal shadow
& I seem to collide

& its like fate gave us eternity in a second
You rushed through & I rushed you
When all we wanted was hours
A day or two

Roll on gravel
Speeding, passing under shadows
The hands of the clock move
But we can’t hear them

& you swept up behind me
Lurked in my shadows
& we seemed to collide

Wait, still…eyes…
unseen mammal

12/04 Direct Link
Treaded through wilderness
Lead by moonlight
Thieves & robbers behind bark & trees
Branches hitting my face & knees

Before me everything looked endless
Beautiful reckless
& I loved to not know the way out

To peer around
& feel for the way
Keeps the adrenaline up
& boredom at bay

Loved the darkness
But now the stars glimmer
Looks hopeful as chances get slimmer

Morning light might be nice
Sunrise is a rarity
Earlybirds get the worm
& this time I’m willing to pay attention to my alarm

Step & keep eyes open
“always be aware of your surroundings”

12/05 Direct Link
Treading through
It’s hard to see

I love the air, so crisp
Like its silently screaming
“A new day is coming your way”…

Possibilities are in your soul
Around you

So I trash fears
& feel the way
New day

I can hear every single thing
So alert,…so awake

After you killed me
Intense timing, so alive

Walking through
I’ve shed your skin
Shaken you loose
& now I’m coming through

Lead by new flowers that bloom
Scent so overpowering

So natural ,
So real
For me to tread through
Looking back,
I walk past you
New day

12/06 Direct Link
Same tactics
Ready. Start this.

Pull you in
Push me up against the wall
Walk, sway
Shh..Even drunks can’t walk this way

Savor it all
Till we erase
Farther than liquor would trace

You want to give it a name
Give me the same

What exactly is it
You want whispered, if not your name?

Don’t care about your labels, names
& I’m not insane
You think I’m untamed

To melt me down
You have to heat me up
& savor each bite
So much that I forget from where I came

Savor it all
Till we erase

12/07 Direct Link
Look up,
Never felt so small.
Everything can be so big..
One can stand still forever in wonderment..

Look around.
Can’t believe it all;
Someone hit fast forward..
…In seconds we’ll all fall!

Can I find pause to think of my actions?
Rewind is something bitten away;
Maybe I should think of what I do today.

Look down:
Remember below.
How stable you think you are!
Even ground shakes & crumbles all,

Humor us, then destroy us.
All we have:
Eyes to look…
Souls to feel…

Remember as kids,
How we wondered
“Am I the only one that’s real?”

12/08 Direct Link
Smooth & watchful,
Like silk pulled across a bed.
keep yourself,
yes, by lowering your level;

circus ensues around you,
chaos & laughter, tricks & rarities!
everyone turns a new face,
if in a different place!

foretting the quiet ones,
speaking well of the humble ones,
respecting the wise.
envious of the intelligent,
eying the beautiful,
speaking ill of the blessed;
& vengeful amongst the rest!

be content behind the scenes;
there, no evil eyes
cast things.
no piercing tounges,
slash backs, break rings;

smooth & watchful,
like silk pulled across a bed.

keep it down;-
others would kill to..

12/09 Direct Link
Ship ready <
Sea calling <
Finger feeling for air <
Headed everywhere & nowhere. <
We know <
Storms a’ brewing <
Sky showing <
Air blowing. <
Anticipate. <
Calculate.. <
Act hard. <
As you could.. <
Avoid. …<
Our souls <
Feel,..amongst nothing; <
Our ears <
Hear,.. amongst silence; <
What must be must- <
There’s nothing else to it. <
Show bravery; <
Head-high! <
Walk tall. <
Yet, can you look me in the eye? <
As conditions worsen, <
Storm brews inside; <
Courageous don’t hide.. <
But let’s keep our pride; <
As our fathers-<
Family, unity, loyalty. <
Keep to your own, <
& bravery be shown. <
These waters are icy cold, <
The refined turn into savages <
12/10 Direct Link
My memory stays;
Your sharp gem.
Searching for treasures,
Too bright for your eyes.
Hard to hold,
Whoever does, you despise.

So hard to find,
You’d risk going blind;
& put on,
It’s not the sole thing on your mind.

In order to obtain
Treasure, so vain,
(Crystal you once held),
That you let slip again,
You must play the game..
(Of not wanting anything).

Made your grand escape
Empty handed, strained;

Give it valor
Turned away.
Looking down,
Looking inside.
Remembering the day…

That could have stayed your way…

Map in your face.
Broken compass,
Faces the other way.
12/11 Direct Link
Smell the aroma
Isn’t this wind
Your breaking point?

Now get closer
It gets stronger
So pleasant, so Sweet






A little bit higher,
Now it gets lighter.

Smell the aroma
Don’t you want to steal it? Seal it..
Hallucinatory state
Giving way to escape

Don’t forget to taste
If you forget the taste
Lips should not be wasted
If you forget the feel
Give it another reel

Doesn’t it seem like the aroma follows you?
You think it’s gone & suddenly
You feel it slightly present around you?
Want to find?
12/12 Direct Link
The color of the sky
No longer glistens
No longer a mystery
To why it darkens every night

Just like the moon
He stole light from the sun
& tried to illuminate
A perfect journey,
A simple run

But it was never consistent
Always appeared, yes
Still stealing from the sun’s light
But a different shape
Sometimes full
Sometimes half
Most times, hardly traceable

& the funny thing is
The moon would blame me for not having enough light
Had my path been dark?
I should have searched harder for the moon
Brought my own lamp.

I’ll light my way.
12/13 Direct Link

Walls around me
Surround me
Everything painted &
Planned & washed clean

& I feel
& I know
If these walls were so perfect
They wouldn’t be closing in

Any art secretly painted on
Was taken off
With the promise of a dream
With the promise of everything

Bright future
White slate clean
Anyone would want everything

But now that you’ve done your damage
Where are the promises?
Where is the beauty described to me?
You said if I gave everything
You’d give it back
But all I see is white walls
Closing in on all sides
You deny?
12/14 Direct Link
He has me crashing.
But it’s nothing.
Accusations of another,
Nonexistent air.

My heart does belong to someone else;
But he’s not there.

So bent on someone
Who is leaving now
As you wish
But secretly my heart departs

My lips are sealed.
This crashing would reveal NOTHING.
If there was an air,
You would not be there.

So bent over
So lent over
This crashing has me restless
And rest is what is best
Not enough
Is me not being tough…
Because you promise more than what you show
I continue to give, more than I know

12/15 Direct Link
Breaths &
Stops &
Exits &
Returns &
Sits &
Waits &

Oh what CANT I take &
I wait.
For something more than an air…
Although what you emit makes me smile
Your wavelengths take awhile to sink in.

I needed something more powerful.
But to need one should submit.
One should do what is necessary
To get one’s necessities-
To survive.

& survive I did,
Through trickery
As did you
Survival but it was weak
As it was not true.

You abandoned me, as I abandoned you.

& we brace on
Half armed…
this life…
It is possible?
12/16 Direct Link
Behind me
You stay so low
Dark unseen
But felt though
We know
When the sun goes

But I can see you
Through corners of eyes
& feel you
You know just what you do

& feelings is all you hinder
Oh I
Can’t help but to guess & linger
Oh and
Feelings hindered
And I have nothing but to linger

Even when the dark surrounds us
Unsure & absent
Astounds us
The stars are comfort

& I
Only wanted a feeling
But things grew harder
And you stayed behind me
So swift & so everlasting

12/17 Direct Link
Untouched has moved
People drift on
Walk on

Breathing heavy
Standing back, watching

If only this could grab me
While time was present

Late reactions cause
Empty moments
But memories
Even as fast as the world turns

Closure with exposure
Feeling what cannot be said
As nature takes course
Thjngs grow, wither, fall
& move on

Should I follow this
& let it turn about me
Or grasp what I can
Before the next season comes

Sick of the open night
Wanting to watch a garden grow
Put in the effort
& Enjoy the simple beauty of daisies

12/18 Direct Link

Accepting these turns
Walking away
I turn a face
Show a back
We all hide the way we feel

No words
Just a normal day
give away
your hopes today

Most were what they said they were not
And I loved them anyway
People surprise you
When they think you look not

Save an amount for me
In your memory…

& I’ll do the same
Let’s exchange a courtesy.

For some departure is pain
For others another, simple day

As reality comes
& persistence sways
We forget to say.
We start our own play.

I admit guilt to this
12/19 Direct Link
Give me wings
To fly away
Into the night
Where I would stay

I’ve been here so long
All the mystery has withered away
Daylight is blinding
But substance is what I crave for

Reality & consistency
Among the mystery

Darkness can be so freeing
To so many endings
Yet its gotten far to old
Leaving the door open for so long
I’ve been here so long

So give me wings
That I can hide

Give me a door
& keys we can share

So I can escape when the need arises
But I have a need
To not go anywhere
12/20 Direct Link

So many out there
Can steal, rob, & sway

Can say anything
To manipulate, Cultivate, Enthrall & betray

So one must not sit & dawdle
Make the most of the hours in your day
Look towards goals, reach.
Search inside for a new way

To be your own glimmer, your own star
Lead yourself to your own way

Look in the mirror
Is your reflection everything you wanted it to be?
Life is not photoshop
Edit in a second is something that cannot be

Take the time, the measure
To give the most important person of all, yourself

12/21 Direct Link

Would you know
Do you
Does it push you
Will this line be disconnected soon enough
To prevent the truth from bubbling up

What must be done

What must be done
To make the urge so strong
To give you the strength you need?
Should I proceed?

Do you…
Know that I knew you?
Can you sense any of this
Or even hear my voice?

What must be done

What must be done
To melt this, so sweet?
To give me the strength I need?
Will you proceed?
Another turn, first mine, then yours
Open these doors
12/22 Direct Link
Only searched
The depths
For something
That could reach depths true

Only found
After the pause so true

Eyes of blue
That rang
Nothing true
But a pool
Of something reflecting

Something far greater
Than what I had planned

Faster than I was swept
Off this muddy sand
What was it
That kept him turning corners &
Seemingly looking
Yet getting me nowhere

I leapt & swept away his messes
To leave a clearing for
“The Dream”
But there was no white chariot,
No knight
Only a pool of blue eyes
Asking for something
Offering nothing

12/23 Direct Link
Strong instant
In an instant you rob me
An instant is all it takes

Rob me from reality.
You were.
An instant is all it takes..

To make me question
No, this instant not imagined;

I would have never pushed you away
I DID want you to stay
Should have not cared of your aftermath,
Should have let you OD on me
Could have been an addiction for us
You showed symptoms
I felt & hid them away
To cause you less stress today
Strong instant
In an instant you’re gone
An instant is all it takes
12/24 Direct Link
Listen to my song
Hear my voice
If only I could grace you
With my Spanish soprano voice
For an instant

You can’t lead the way
Let’s run from reality
An instant is all it takes

OD together
Then life wouldn’t seem so harsh
Endless, & cruel

It would all be so manageable
If I could have an instant with you

Strong Instant
If only you could grace me
With your musical tenors
You would touch the keys
As you touch my soul
I would levitate
In an instant

Instance is sufficient,
An instant is all it takes.

12/25 Direct Link
When ties are bound
And lines are empty
& we need to breathe

As we stand still, somber
Insides writhing
And in grow seeds…

We release…
Calm air, with smoke, with visible ease…

We are tangled
Dreams against duties
Deadlines against freedom.

At every turn we try to release
Through the wires
Another straps us down
We see too late
Yet we continuously allow ourselves
Extend our arms
For hopes of a better day
chains look ok
But clamped down, too tight
Pain ensues immediately
& from this there is no flight

Lord, ease me through
12/26 Direct Link
I guess
If it were true I would be near you
I suppose
It would be a wise thing to do
As if I were already not a path away from you

If this were true
Irony would have it’s sword
Piercing me as I thank the lord

I would be quiet
& we would be loud
Separately piercing one another’s hearts

Taking this juicy apple apart
Enjoying it slowly in luscious pieces

If this lost art
Were reinvented
Would it be of your own mind?
Would you have percepted it?
When, madness bubbles over this brewing, boiling pot, what…?

12/27 Direct Link
Went on a trip last night
I found
Just beyond the forest
Was a clearing leading to you

Went on a trip last night
You were not that far away

& all this time I wondered
Why you stayed away

You literally, could have
Passed me every day-
& so you did

Went on a limb last night
& your thoughts rang true
Took me by surprise
For you
So you could feel my anxiety, patience, consistency;
So it wouldn’t be dark;
I didn’t catch it in time
So I thought I would try once more
Danger? Fire?....(More?)

12/28 Direct Link
If I could pinpoint a reason
To this whirlwind until now
It would be to savor
To realize it was more than a favor

If I could hear once more
If only a whisper
I’d dare to quietly
Whisper your name

If fear was nothing
This would have been a long time ago
If fear was nothing
Nothing would be.

The strength & understanding
That comes from this now
Is much more
Than any impulse,
Any necessity.

This was my necessity
If I could only
Hear once more, only a whisper
I’d ask, your necessity
If you could only…whisper it

12/29 Direct Link
Surrounds me
Clear me, cool me.

Everything has been
Small attempts
Brick by small brick.

For a stronghold?
Do I have any place trying?

Surrounds me
Clear me, cool me.

I wait & look above
Hoping you feel through the fog

What must be must
But we need valor to escape this, we must

We have been
Small attempts
Brick by small brick

Is it stable?

Cares wither
All is air
Uncertainty is happiness
But I need to know if you’re there…

I give time to the wind
Open window

12/30 Direct Link
As a quarrel ensues
As the year renews?
As I dirty my shoes

You move
We play that game
& you carefully play
As do I
& we are set

Obstacles gone & run through
Ready to confront
All & front up to you

Realizing that quarrels
All have a purpose
As all does in this lifetime

Realizing that you will move
When it works best
Waiting to try one more time

& it feels like the flip of a dime
Leaving it up to chance
Feels so dangerous,
But danger is our nature,
Our game
Call me, my name

12/31 Direct Link
Question in the air
& I left it there
But something in the background there

Subliminal message
But has a purpose

Feel it & act
As the hands of the clock wind
So do the gears in your mind

Slippery slippery
& I wish you would realize
It does not fade
& not criticize

Must be true to my words
But more importantly
Do I act as true as I wish to?

Sick of waiting
For life
Waving as it passes by

Thankful for the avoided drama
But longing for the memories
For which I could have tried