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First of February... ya'll better get ready to remember me.

And read this as a rap verse like it's the seventies and rap is coming quick it's bound to be def and leet! Double time has crept in and the streets are busting left and right and cemeteries heavy be. With Smith & Wesson victims. Life all but heavenly.

It don't matter if you turn to your religion - we all bear the cross of our forefathers loss, and their cost, we'll keep paying every day until we're seventy.

And so the generations switch but yo: hundred words: hold my bowl.
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Trying to make these things an early morning routine again. All my writing gathered at one time during the day: the morning. Except diary stuff. And blogs. And correspondence. And you know writing really keeps going the entire day anyway but here we go now...

I'm a bit tired lately. Like there's a constant cold trying to break through. But when I last got it, I managed to get rid of it (knock on wood) in just around a week. From last Sunday to this one. Still a bit tired but... the snivel seems to have left me.

That's it.
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Did I mention I'm doing daily challenges all year this year? Plus one for each week that goes?

It started with a glass of water, and has grown to encompass morning crunches/push-ups/cold showers, thirty minutes less technological bile (computer time) daily, and sugary drinks only on weekends or special occasions. So far... mostly so good!

It started great, but I caught a cold and missed a cold shower, and since then I just haven't been as disciplined. Still going with most things, but no cold showers for a week now

And I think I missed more pushups.
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Still. I'm feeling pretty good about myself.

I think I'll get back into the cold shower routine too (technically it was just added in this week so I haven't been missing it for more than a couple days - it's just something I started with even before these weekly things were a thing), and all of that other stuff adds up nicely.

Thirty minutes of computer time is easy to cut out, and sugary drinks ditto, and I feel I'm on a roll with most things recently so: good things on route.

Just need to get some real work done too.
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Hey hey hey! A hundred words every day... it takes a toll on you. That much you're told is true. You have to hold your cue. You can't just go out blue. I mean just go out back. And with a snack relax. Inside a sojourn pool. You've gotta hold your fuel. You've gotta go into. That daze creators face. It's all too common place. But there's no common space. No place for common traits. It best be strange at best. And then when strangeness sets. Then maybe you can let it: rest.

I'll leave the rest to you, seven.
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I've been feeling a bit stressed lately. A bit incapable of keeping up with the tasks I set for myself. Though it's not just tasks I set for myself myself, but of course also: my boss. As I'm not the 100% solo freelance artist I might wish to be just yet...

All in due time.

For now I juggle a multitude of projects all of which the incompleteness of is somewhat unsettling.

Both at work and at home. Both with site and offline. Both with blogs and poetry, and lyrics, and diary, and all things that inspire me!

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Got up reaaaal early today. Real early. As the sun rises: jump out of bed and do my daily exercises. Eat a couple scrambled eggs. Do my bathroom thing. Off to the train I go...

Coffee tasting.

It might've been the double cups of coffee there, but it might also be that I simply slept relatively well, am relatively well-nutritioned and have moved around relatively much the past few days, but I actually feel okay. I usually get up a couple hours later, but it's cool to realize I can manage earlier times.

Like normal people do.

It's possible.
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The days fly by lately, they just blaze, they just slide, they fade, they disappear, they hide, I don't know where... re-occurring frustration.

That I'm not making progress? That I'm not getting anywhere? Re-occurring fear.

I'm not into the cult much. I've been out of touch with scary movies. I'm not particularly into the supernatural, but the actual: mystery of life? That might be answerable. That might be passable. That - like interest in a bank - it might amass and all.

And don't you get stuck between the four walls you build up. You're still such. A thrill/rush.
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Rush rush rush rudimentary! All-encompassing. Glove compartment. Brain storm till you leg sprain. Play more. Dinosaurs playgrounds. Legs bound. Play round. Get stuck in a bondage. Crawling on a pond cage. Like icing on the surface. Ice it seems so worthless. See through it and all it's curvature you can certainly learn for sure...

It's elementary. You live and then get sent to the cementery. Hell the penitentiary. You've spent your free. Repent and bleed. Eternal, eternal, eternally. Infernally. Internally. Burn. But failure lets you learn! I'd rather be an intern in Hell than: be in an urn.
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Ten. I like that number.

I can't think of a useful follow-up. No writer's block. I can rhyme like glocks can shoot shots, criminal skill and all, elude the block cops that all pop rocks and stick to the shops in case stick-up's.


In life. In the way I write.

Can't form a sentence, I can only play with rhymes.

Been listening to podcasts so long I feel less place in mind. Less space to take in new knowledge. No sayings. Old recordings. Keep playing. So rewarding. Deep fakes. Cheapskates. You can't make me slide.

Me skates.
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I'm currently trying to listen to some self-betterment podcasts, and with that I mean the Gettin' Better Podcast, with Ron Fudges. Currently #77, starring the great and powerful Conan O'Brien... as Joe Rogan might say it. How has he not been on that one yet...?

I found out about this one via Joe's podcast, the first one I ever became seriously addicted to, and now it seems like I might have another one on route...

I don't know a thing about Ron except that he likes wresting and has an amazing laugh, even after a few interviews.
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But that's enough.

Ron Fudges.

That's enough to get started with this brand new podcast, cause who doesn't need a contagious laugh around? And who doesn't need to get better? And who doesn't enjoy listening to a very chill and introspective; slightly overweight individual speak about the ups and downs of life and the motivations you just might be able to fetch on it?

Well maybe there are people out there who'd rather be martyrs instead, and wallow in a sense of comfortable misery... but not me. No no. I want some new podcast addictions instead.

And motivation. More. Yes.
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It's frustrating when things just don't work out how you want them to.

I moved a hosting plan between accounts. First time using WHM Transfer. From a dedicated to a VPS, both with cPanel, but otherwise probably very different infrastructure, and it's just not working.

I learned a bit about DNS, A and MX records along the way (relearned, rather), how to change IP addresses in WHM, how the Transfer works, that it compresses files first so you need additional free space for transfer...

Now Internal Server Error. Can't log in via FTP.

No idea how to fix these things.
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Valentine, and consequentially also my dad's birthday. 77 years. Long time. Old age. Venerable accomplishments.

I hope I'm using 'venerable' in the right context there... let me check...

Yupp. Respectable. Esteemed. Worth a mention. Maybe oddly phrased, but still. It's good enough. it's good. That's what it means.

Having aging parents is strange. it's like a dream... but not always a good one. You remember how they used to be when they were younger and see them change - more rapidly with age - and you know it's a finite process. Some day they won't be around...

But let's celebrate when we can shall we? Let's be present in the moments we're given. Let's cherish them. Not throw them away.

I took the day off today. Best make it count. Each count. 77. That venerable amount.
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Whatever happened to that early morning routine thing, and typing in all of these first thing each day? Let me tell you why that didn't happen. It's very simple.

1. I can't type these on FireFox, since either the browser, or my configuration, or one of the plugins I use: blocks the 100 Words form. So I can't use it.
2. I like using FireFox.

3. I don't usually turn on the computer first thing in the morning anymore. I take the time to eat my breakfast, shower, and get ready, and finally:

4. We use Chrome at work.
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Sometimes I wonder if saying things as they are is really always the best way, cause you never know who might see those things you write in earnest, and that said individual might not always agree with you doing as you say.

So let me just say this. Complementary to the previous day:

1. It doesn't take much time to type a hundred words.

2. I usually take a shorter lunch break than I'm supposed to.

3. I haven't logged onto Facebook in over two years and counting.

4. Consider how much time the average individual spends on FB during the average work day and revisit  #3 for further evaluation as to the cost-benefit ratio of time-based savings between this and the former, international multi-million dollar/user platform, that wrecks havoc not only in terms of productivity but also on our sanity and reproach to life as we know it.

5. Consider also logging off FB if you're on it, and never logging in again.
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Stuck in a rut a bit. Some days are great, deceivingly prolific, but most seem to just escape me. Had big plans for 2020 but I've yet to really get started with those... 

I wrote that in a blog response recently. It rings so true I thought I'd post it here too, and see if maybe the dark background formatting follows with it as well.

Probably not. Formatting seems to be removed as soon as you hit the 'preview' button.

I wish things were that simple in life too. Easy to change. Easy to see the essentials. Easy to conclude with, and cut out the bits and pieces that matter most.

Yet all days these days end with ellipses...
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Okay I'm a cheat with this one.

Cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat code.

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Ah man, time...

The days lately have just been stressful like crazy. It's too much. It's not good for my gut. It keeps f(can we use the F word on here?)ing shit up! Gastritis again. Finna retract my ruts. Eat better stuff. Get healthy and buff. Get out in the sunshine. Get wealthy like Puff.

Really though, my stomach's no fun lately. I feel like it's been coming on a long time now, but I didn't fully notice until one night after a big bag of chips, spicy food and a couple chocolate bars I started getting (cliffhanger)...
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...heartburn. And my stomach wouldn't cool down. I drank some water. I went to the bathroom a couple times. I started feeling warm, almost feverish. Didn't fall asleep until five, and somewhere before that I realized: it's gastritis again. Aha.

So I need to go on a diet again.

In a way it almost feels like a relief. That I don't need to eat that crap anymore. Bad consumption habits slowly increasing until: the body just can't handle more.

But I'm not even morbidly obese. How do they do it? Good thing I get my warning signs in good time...
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Time to take a break! Time to write some stuff before I get back to doing stuff. Time to let the words flow, and the thoughts word themselves, and for y'all to get all weirded out by my monologue. Time to de-stress and destabilize the economy. And to change the world! Who's joining me? Time to grow up and be awesome like Sean Connery. And like Morrissey. And wipe floors with ease. Eat good so you can even lie on the floor for sleep. Not too much fat. Just enough muscle. Always spontaneous. Living the hustle. it's time...
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Maaaan I'm feeling stressed lately, not least about the smart water meter our municipality recently installed in our house, and we don't want those microwaves. If you have any kind of smart meters installed: get them checked.

Some send their messages via the electrical grid (which isn't perfect - do the research if you like - but at least it's wired). Some send their messages via the air. And it's here: you have things to fear.

It's not just via the air, but possibly with not just dangerously high frequency and dangerously thorough spread, but dangerously re-occurring intervals. Transmissions all around, in all directions, all the time. Every 96 seconds.

The worst thing about this all is that it's so unnecessary. We don't need this extra exposure at all.

Smart devices? Not very smart.

Do the research.
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I tried renting a car for next weekend.

Browsed through the selections, checked the time, went for the one with the most ideal price (I had a coupon for 270 SEK) and found just the right one, booked it, went through to payment aaaand... the coupon code wouldn't register.

So I cancelled the booking, contacted support, was recommended to contact another department, contacted them, and got a new coupon code. Expires a few months later than the former. Same use. Simple process.

Wonder sometimes if all the time I spend with superficial tasks like these is really worth it though.
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Movie preview today. Grand night. Two days before the premiere. I think there's a better name for it than that. Preview. It goes well with premiere though. Surely there's a more ideal complement.

Anyway the buddy I'm going to the preview with called in sick. Back pains. He twisted his back in the shower and needs to rest it.

Sounds like an excuse to me. Doesn't really feel like watching a movie after all. Maybe it's too late (we'll be home around 1 AM). Maybe he's depressed. I know how hellish lumbago can be but: it gets better if you move. And it doesn't get worse if you sit down. At say a movie theater.

So... I don't know. A bit disappointed. Choose your friends? Can't always choose your family. Can't change them either. Can only try to be understanding.
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Had a taste testing session today. Coffee and chocolate cake.

It was great. Four tests of coffee, than four of cake. I sipped the coffee and binged the cake. Was getting more and more energetic with each test until finally it was time to bust out of that room and jump on the train to work! And here I am now, and tonight the Fat Tuesday celebrations await....

Of course I'll be eating a Semla. Just this one day of the year. It's tradition. Gastritis or no. It's tradition.

Wonder what I'll feel like tomorrow.

Woe then. Sugar rush today.
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I ran into a Flat Earth believer a few days ago, and have been going back and forth about the evidence or lack thereof regarding the whole Flat Earth Movement, and it's baffling to see...

On the one hand there's no evidence, but on the other they are so devoted to their belief that they find evidence in the most rudimentary details. They question official footage with incredibly scrutiny, finding conspiracy theories in the smallest visual artifacts on low quality recordings, yet don't question footage that forwards their own cause at all.

And why? What would this all prove? Strange trend...
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I had a real scare yesterday. Was sitting the train, playing Pokemon  as I usually do these days, and the battery light started blinking red.

I kept on playing, just a while longer, since I didn't have the charging cable with me, trusting it'd last at least 10-15 minutes more. It went alright, I saved once, made it a bit further, and was just about to save one more time and shut it down when... it shut down. Just as it was starting to save

I've had corrupted saves before, so instantly I feared the worst possible scenario, but I got home, charged it up aaand it was alright. The game reverted to the save before that final try.

Maybe these games have a fail safe now - the last save saved as a backup. Maybe the 3Ds does. Either way I'm super thankful.

Don't think I'll ever play this far into blinking light time ever again...
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What a cozy little city. A forgotten gem by the highway North. When I followed along for the ride back in the day we swiped past and saw the industries in the distance, a small civilization settled in a mass of woodland, and that was that. No sight of water. No sign of people. Not much thought as to the story of this settlement's past.

I took a train there today though, and spent seven hours wandering about the old square, the East and West peaks with their two towers, the walkway by the old saw mill along the canal.

It wasn't huge, but a cozy little refuge, with roots of old. A forgotten little gem, Söderhamn.
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The months go by so fast... damn. Just gotta cope and adapt. Fam. Always close when I need to take a nap,. Sleep comfortable up on the coffee table.

I yap a little when the daylight comes! I go and walk and feel I need to run! I sit and stalk people that see me as a fan! Who I am, man? Who I am.

The Dr. Who, the time traveling mogul. I live life by others interests it feels so dull... sometimes. But what do we do for the allure? The yearning for a more..

Distract ourselves? What else. Sure.