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The New Year, is here!

I hope to make it awesome. Way more than the last. I'm riding through the routines of the day this morning, but not feeling as bad about it as I sometimes do. It goes fast when you just go through it and get on with the day, and maybe it's not so strange I'm late with my rut as I woke up... twelve.

Okay, alright, I waited in the new Era yesterday, so maybe it's alright to sleep in just this once, but from now on I'm getting sleeping habits in check! Happy New Year.
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The second day of the New Year, and as always I'm as fixated on amounts as always! I guess that's just what happens when you battle for stats, but I'ma... switch this up and let you all be lab rats. I'm a rap yeah I'm a rap but you can read it as you want it! I'm sitting home today and happy that my house aint haunted! I'll go far, far in life! Far in all: get all I've ever wanted. Worry null. Just go, go, go, and jump into. The New Year do something new. Yeah. What I'll do.
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I'm skipping lunch today, because I decided to eat some bread for lunch, and I need to bake it before I eat it. It's in the oven. 70 minutes to go. I was late before I started this project, and by the time it's finished it'll be time for tea, and I ate breakfast just an hour ago so... just a hunch: I'm skipping lunch. No woe for me! I'll go for tea. It's not called brunch so... Whatchamacallit? <-- That's the name of a bar. Woke up early this morning. I'm hungry. I could for some... gum. Tea. He.
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This was the day I planned to start with a "There's so much I wish to do today"... but that didn't happen. I think I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I had to do on this one particular day, and ended up not doing any of it. Or at least not more than a small fraction.

I was already falling behind with my 100 Word posts too, so this wasn't really that day, but it was a day like this - a few days ago, on which I thought I'd catch up this particular day. And now I am.
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I have a plate of tortilla chips before me. That's what they're called. These pointy, triangular pieces of corn that are also commonly called Dorito's - when spiced with cheese and presented otherwise.

I like Pringles too, though I avoid them now because they really aren't healthy. More so than other chips: than the types that are peels of potato rather than a molded, flawless, form of starch and salt and bad stuff. And potato.

I could eat so much chips. I could just eat and eat. I could never stop. I mean: I could eat forever, but I could. Stop.
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Catching up on the New Year...

It's barely started, and I'm already falling behind. On my diary entries. On my daily words. On my blog. On my movies. On my projects (even last year's). On my music. Basically everything. I'm falling behind. I don't know how I do it! If it's a talent it's one I'd rather not have... but on the other hand I have a knack for getting stuff done, too, and catching up. Sometimes. When I really have the will to. And I really have that will today! Just a few more posts to go, just two...
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So many days. So many many many days. It seems they fly away. They fall away. They go in blacks and whites... and sometimes grays.

Today is cloudy. Today is winter. Today is snow. Today is: going out to get a roll.

Today is silent. Today is cold. Today is winter. I'm growing old.

Today is solace. Today is home. Today is plastic floors that feel like they're set in stone.

Today is brandy. Today at least: maybe I can let myself out, and have a feast. Just roll around. Just loaf. Just smile. A while. The world. Is perfect.
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I wonder how many typos I've made in these hundred word posts of mine.

I don't really re-read them in full. I write them in a rush, and sometimes I skim them and catch a few when I'm done; at the brink of posting. Other times I start skimming, but feel like there's probably no errors in the latter part of the post, so I just post it, and as far as I know I haven't looked back on those posts to see if there really wasn't...

Maybe some day, I'll go back, and make a count. Some day.
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So I thought I'd be working today, but instead I'll be sitting at home; getting things done! It's not my call. It's my client. Normal people might be irked at the loss of work hours, but it's OK really. I had things to do, and I can earn my keep in other ways. Some days would irk me more than others, but not today. Today is OK. Today the sun is out, and I need a walk, and the skies are blue, and I have to make a support call to a bank. It's the most opportune moment to stay.
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I finally caught up with the Walking Dead.

Not that they move fast or anything. I just haven't been following the series. I blew through the entire seventh season in two days, so here I am again, waiting for the next season, that's coming out in just about... a year.

The delays just keep growing longer and longer, and with each delay my interest drops. It's come to the point I don't even feel the urge to continue watching as soon as it starts again. Instead I wait a while... and then go through it once. And wait some more...
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Work. I been there today. I been doing that. I did that. I thought things. My mind drifted. I ate lunch. I returned. I worked some more. I checked my email. Quickly! Back to work. Work. Work. Work. Work it work it.

I'm a wanderer. I think I'd rather just wander the world than sit at work and wonder. I don't like sitting when it's not by my own choice. Actually, I probably don't like sitting at all, but I have obsessions that keep me seated whilst at home. But really, I'd rather spend all my life just walking. Around.
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Blue skies, tall grass, and the wind's in my hair so I'd better haul ass... is how one of my song's started, but whatever happened to that song? I don't know. Fall back.

Today's a good day though: above applies. I sit in my office chair and look out at the azure skies. I wonder why I sit inside when I could go out, and grow cloud, a cotton-candy dandy-blend but here I am again!

My ambitions go over self-purpose. I've self-surplus. I've too much ambition, I should tune out and listen... when the world speaks.
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I was so tired today I kept nodding off on the train back from work. I usually just close my eyes to rest my eyes, and to avoid looking at other passengers when they happen to not be focused only on their phones, but yesterday I was actually so tired I couldn't sit straight. Embarrassing nodding off like that. In spasms. I didn't feel like I was ever really about to fall asleep, but it seems like my body felt otherwise. And what do I know? What does falling asleep really feel like. I made it home though. Good night.
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It's a day of preparation today.

Plotting for guests to visit, but where are they? They're not here yet. Nor their cars.

Their personas flare on the airwaves. I hear them. Whispers of ghostly creatures floating overhead.

Yonder dread. Ponder fear. Get out where all is clear... but cold. Winter: ice, but little snow. Plenty wind. Time it goes. Time continues and begins. Where there's snow we keep living, we keep going with our things. Live like kings.

Cause only leisure takes away our sense of purposeless...ess. And maybe just a little NES, yes. The game is our world.
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I'm feeling pretty hopeful about today!

The sun is out. I woke up early. I'm done with my routines before eleven. I feel good, I've eaten breakfast, and I have the day free. There's no pressure! I feel like I can do whatever I need to do, and not worry about anything else, and have time over for walks, and contemplation, and all of those things you should spend time on, on a Sunday like this.

I wish this is how everyday was, but if everyday was like this: then everyday couldn't be. It's because most aren't: it is now.
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I thought I had it figured out about now... I thought I knew what I'd spend my time on, yet not everyone else knows how they wish to spend theirs, and their lack of planning collides with my planning, and we lack the correlation of said plan and lack there of, respectively, to mutually collaborate and enforce a middle way.

With a grunt, I trot upstairs, and the energy I was about to spend my venture runs out of me. Goes elsewhere. Like ice cream it floats down the stairs. Melts. A headcase. My cranium. Brain inside. Here we go.
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My computer's making a strange whiny noise as I write this...

The past few days it's been the same noise each day, though it goes away  after a while each time. The sound persists a while after I turn on the computer, and I wonder if a cable's in the way of a fan, or a fan is slightly lose, or if it's... *god forbid* the hard-drive making sounds of early death. O_O

But then: it disappears! And I stop worrying about it, until a new day comes around aaand there it is again! Hope it's not all bad.
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What a day.

I don't really know what to say about it. It's just been... tiring. It's not really over yet, but I'm taking it easy. I'm home. I'm comfortable - as well as I can get, and prepping for tomorrow, which by the looks of it will also be the kind of day I can sit down, and relax, and say "what a day" about when the day is over.

So here I am: with a milkshake in hand, and a couple of rice cakes. Ready to play a game. And maybe shower. And such things. See y'all tomorrow day.
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So... it's a new day, again.

Actually it's all over already. I've been to a restaurant today. I met up with my big brother. I was kind of nervous about it all, for some reason - we don't see each other often, but it all went well. Great to get together if just for a few hours, before he caught a flight back to where he was going, and we took the train back home. Work's been good. All's been good. Games... are awaiting now. And maybe some bread. It's in the oven. Fresh. One hour. Can't wait. Good night. Peace.
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Looks like I missed this day!

But no: I didn't miss the day. It was a busy day. Maybe the busiest in a while... maybe it'll go into history: into my diary, as the busiest day, on which bliss was made, on enriching ways, so I lift my eyes through the veil of shade and see something new: like a poem or a bright haiku... that I think I made.

I like this life. It's taste has shifted from... bitter lemonade, to sweeter such, with a tinge of grapes. Was it one I made? I run down the shade. Today.
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I had a pretty weird computer issue this morning.

I booted up as usual, opened my browser, and entered my three social sites, and then tried clicking some of the tabs I have bookmarked to open those... but they wouldn't open. Right-clicking and checking 'open in new tab' worked, but when I accidentally opened one in a new window instead I couldn't close that window.

No form elements worked, though clicking 'enter' instead of clicking them did. No tabs or icons. Was it the browser? The mouse? Something else? I ran a quick adware scan, rebooted, and all's good.
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I keep toggling the tabs. Opening many, and moving through them at a slow pace. Not one at a time, but many, and then back and forth again, and before I know it the day is done and I am over it.

I mean I'm all over the day, so where is it? What are we waiting for, really? Why do we try to achieve so much, even though it doesn't help us on our way? I'd rather drop a cake. And feel good a while. Bake something. Lie awake. Contemplate. Work hard. Play great.Eat grapes. Calm down. Cool.
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A day like today.

It might be great!

It might rain.

It might get late.

I think I like the drapes closed while I fight my fate... but it's nice to have them open too to eye the gates: of life!

I know my mistakes.

I know they come and go, but if you never try you don't, either get pride or fail.

Or succeed. Or make a memory to look back on at seventy, though you can't remember how you feel.

Am I asleep?

Is this life my keep. Please enlighten me. Will I lose it all.

Lucid hall.
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There seems to have been a bug here at 100 Words yesterday, and the day before. A lot of featured posts on the front page showed with no authors, and no content, and nameless avatars. They were interweaved by working features, but it did get me wondering a bit: was the site under attack? Was it breaking down? Were new features being tested? What was going ON?

But today it's back to normal, and I suppose we'll never get an answer as to what caused this mysterious phenomenon. Unless it was... new features! Maybe soon the whole world will know...
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Ohpe, it's another day.

Another day I've spent away, then came home, and then I write a bit... but at night I'll quit, and go to bed, and read some Death Note and sow some dread (it's a good manga) before I fold my blanket and scold my head... for thinking to much and preventing me, from entering, sleep.

But tomorrow I'll probably get up and meet the day and greet it anyway! And feel great. Cause it feels great when you start the day at daybreak... awake. It's rare, but it happens, and more now than before. Till morning.
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So it's another day huh. Another day. Another. A nother. An other, of course. I don't know why I separated that word the wrong way the first time. Must be tired. Even though I slept longer today than I've slept in three days now - a whole nine hours. Third time's the charm right? Then went to work and watched some movies, and now I'm back here to catch up and rejoice, and maybe write something creative... nah, maybe I'll do that some other time. Some day, when the sun rays play in my inner mind. Some such sunny time, sublime.
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It's five days until the next month starts, and already 100 Words is showing me a reminder of things to come. It's like saying your resolutions before the New Year is even here. It's not here yet. Wait a weekend, at least. Don't stress me yet, because I get easily stressed, because there's a lot in life that stresses me right now, because there are things I need to do that I'm not doing, and instead I'm doing things like this... and thus, they stress me out too. Stressful days, these days are. They really are. Stressful days. These days.
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I think I've got writer's block. It's that feeling when you're about to write something, but you just don't know how to start... right? That feeling when you have things you want to write, but just... don't feel like it. Right? That phase of looking at a blank page, and just looking at it rather than devising things to write on it. I'm having a bit of that feeling right now.

Fortunately, I know the solution. Just write. Even though the words don't come out right: just write. Even though you don't feel like it. Just write. You'll get going.
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I'll pick this up right where I left off today: on the topic of writing things for the sake of writing things, and doing things for the sake of doing things, and keeping things going even though you don't really feel like you need to. I can write this post at two hundred words per minute anyway, because I know I can, even when I don't feel like it. I can accomplish more with my life than I ever thought was possible... but maybe I did. Before I crushed my dreams with my own senseless rhetoric. I'm back. Full blast.
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It's one more of those days on which I just fill in this square to have it filled it. Just write to write stuff. Keep on with the routine. i feel like when I've caught up with all the projects I keep dragging after me I should be able to attain some peace of mind, and shed more interesting perspectives on these pages, but for now this is the writing I write. All day and all night. In noise and in quiet. Until... I finish my words and instill in me... a peace of mind... you've never heard. Until then.
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It's that final day of the month again! The last one. The only one that's not only not first - but after each and every other day... and I wonder if I'll be among the first who complete this month this time. Maybe not. It's late. I'm finally home. I'm typing this with tired eyes and slow fingers, and... it's the first of February. Oh well. Viewing the 'members who completed this month' page/section lets you see how many really made the current month if you view it at the end of that one day. But this time... I'm late.