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Woah, I woke up to a red hell this morning, seemed like the entire street was on fire, cars laid astray, everything a big bloody mess! My window was shattered, my sheets soaked by rain and waves of heat kept tearing at our small fragile house. I ran outside as quick as I could, spoke to the neighbours, seems like a private airplane had crashlanded . . . in a fule deposit nearby. The firetrucks were screaming in vein, not much they can do, and the fire is still spreading. Phonelines might be cut by the fire soon, so I'm typing pretty quickly, apologies for any typos incased, see blog for more info.
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Oh my, all I can seem to think about speaking about is how much time flies all the time, no less this day either, it just flew away, it blew my mind out, it passed by like a summer storm, like a front of wind heading somewhere far far away from my own silent domains. I've been doing a little bit of everything today, but still not really anything important, "Abstract April" starts, as I call it, in hopes it will be a fun month I keep on going, waking up with one vision each day this month yay okay.
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For the third, I'll hereby write a hundred words. ;) The day started swiftly, at seven thirty in the morning, the sun was shining already then, and I knew I wanted to walk, a lot. I took a morning walk, I took a midday walk, I took a walk with my sister from and to the station, and another walk while the sun was setting down and a smooth chill sweeping over the ground. I played out Advanced Wars two while tanning myself by the window, mid day, and other than that I've been typing stuff like this, and working on a book of mine, good time.
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I remember way back when I was still in school, speaking with a teacher of mine, I happened to mention my lack of realitive configure and musty interest in fiction and philosopy. He asked me whos works I studied, which theories indulged me, and threw over a few quotes from famous deviants residing in a century past. It bothers me that even when it comes to philosophy the founders still bind us, unabling us to set the borderd free and think in new terms of turmoil, always making our way back to the ancient riddles, questioning the questions people always...
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... have questioned, fascinated by their answers, devouring the knowledge they attained, without claiming ourselves a place in creativity. I read the definition for philosophy once, it made me think a little, and since then it was a concept I fell deep into, without resigin on research, I set myself on a new quest for wonders.

Such are the realms of philosophy now, prolonging this post so that it may reach a hundred words, full of vigor and unlessened thought, strength is all the world is tought, nowadays. It goes along, follows with the flow, and blows me away constantly, constantly.
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Seems like this month just started. I have a wide array of things to accomplish today, website work that's been left alone for what seems like decades, studies I really need to start catching up on now, some games I thought I'd sell and get rid of, plus some tiresome scribbling on blogs and poems, not to forget the work interview I had planned on attending to today, need to call in an head if I may do so, soon, feel much more nervous about it now than I did a few days ago, need to stop flunking chances.
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(to delete this Man! Hello when did you lose your mind? wishful thinking I'm a bit of a ### addict. Good luck playing ###. Cya. I want your luck! Click Save all parts) You! Hello I'm new here as well! wishful thinking You had ### yet? Good luck in your ###. part, empty it and Cya. Luck for you! (to delete this jesus! Hello when did you lose your mind? wishful thinking I'll help you find it Best of luck finding ###. click Save all parts) Bye. Bingo!

And that's what a randomly generated sentence looks like.
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I thought about writing a story, splitting it up into parts of a hundred words each, it seems like a pretty fun project, plus it would motivate me to actually keep writing and hopefully eventually get the story done, maybe even published, in a year or so, the plan doesn't sound half bad at all - so it is a plan - starting next month, ya know, I like things that start on a special date, and the first days of each month are always special. Been thinking bout a title to give the story now, and I came up with Abundance.
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So how about yet another post about how time flies, eh? Can't think about muchly anything else right now, it doesn't matter much, doesn't bother me so, I've been trying to sort out a growing and independant archive of Doom files from the original Gamers FTP folders online, really big collection, thousands of files, if not tens of thousands, don't think (well I know I won't) be able to play through all of these new levels but I am hoping some of them will provide me with the oldskool entertainment I am seeking this April weekend. Will be playing aimlessly.
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Man these one hundred word batches are running offtrack now, it seems like I don't write anything worth writing anymore, I don't phrase it poetically, I don't time it accordingly, but I hope you all know why that is, aight? It's due to my constant and eternal lack of time, and the more projects like this one I place upon myself the less time I spend on all of these projects which all do matter to me and with which I would much rather spend much more time with but unfortunately cannot do so due to the tools you knew dude. Woo.
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Woohoo, happy Birthday Dreamhost! My heart was filled with content, yet in my mind the phrase ďAw shit, am I too late? Only 30 accounts left? Have I missed it? But did I really need it?Ē I was relieved when I realized that, no, I didnít. I already have an account for less than two thirds of the price and more space and bandwidth than I can use up myself, so , I suppose everything's alright. But it would have been cool, ya know, unlimited space and stuff, oooh . . .

Encase youíre already sliding on your slippers heading over to claim this cause, no bother.
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Meh. I donít like it. Itís a modern emotion phrased ever so often online, but it pins upon my soul a phase of disgust and uncontrol. It signifies laziness, lack of motivation, disruption of will, carelessness, disregard, low morale, divergence of dignity, and all else that dismembers the sail and lets slice of life fail. Itís core, itís pronounciation, everything about it repulses me. And to think I used to use the world myself but a few years ago, new to the world of wonders online. Never more.
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An open note to those commonly sitting fondly infront of their computers, working with a little bit of everything. The time you spend is time not spent well, Iím not saying it will give you bad karma or send you to hell, but no matter how you communicate you still just sit by yourself, and no matter how much entertainment you may find upon your screen, it gives you nothing of value. The realm within this box doesnít exist, itís surreal, surely, but itís unreal, itís NOT real. Expect yourself to grow up fast and in fifty years or so...
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...(if you survive that long sitting like play dohí) youíll bewondering what happened to your life sitting in a big chair spinning advice for the next generation. Itís not a fad that wonít stop, itís an implicable part of todays life, it wonít last forever, but while it lasts it is something weíve grown so dependent of we wonít be able to power it down even if we wanted to.

This hightech society we live in is part of the world now, itís something everyone has access to, it helps us in many ways, but itís so easy to get...
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Itís a sad day for Sweden, and a large portion of pirates all around the world today. The four people behind the legendary Pirate Bay have been fined roughly $905, 000 each and sentenced to one year jailtime. Itís still a preliminary decision though, so hopefully things will change with the appeal. Hereís some news to read about it, mostly in Swedish. I quote a comment written in response to one of the above that sounded nice:77

ďThe bay will live forever but itís a sad day when the pirates walk the planks.Ē

Brokep, founder of the site gives a
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reassuring twittering as well:

ďStay calm - Nothing will happen to TPB, us personally or file sharing what so ever. This is just a theater for the media.Ē

Since the new law allowing anyone to request information on a certain IP from national ISPs this April arrived internet traffic within the currently suddenly sunk down with about 30%, no need for estimates as to what caused it . . . cowards. All the best of luck to the jailed TPB founders, and if somehow the appeal doesnít come to the correct verdict this time around Iíll be there to help all the way, if
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they start a donation for the funds needed Iím sure pirates worldwide will unite and bundle up a few million for them in a day. In a bright faraway future the corrupt commercial empire will fall and the cultural unity will overwhelm us all, hopes high, until then.

About a week or two ago Google introduced a brand new feature into their already perfected email system, an undo button, one I had previously needed and thought I probably would never need to use again. I realized how wrong I was when I today, just this morning, deleted about 40 important
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emails instead of archiving them, woah, what a relief. Once again gMail saves the day yay.

Looking through old games, I found Serious Sam, one Iíd previously never played before due to it crashing down on my stuffy Windows XP drives. With the new 1.5 patch, however, it works as a charm. I thought Iíd play a level or two, and ended up spending a few (roughly 16) hours infront of the computer charging through the hordes of monsters that came swarming at me as a rampant bull. The scenarios are beautiful, the arenas are large, and the plot is
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clear as apple pie. Of course I didnít take any pictures of the levels I liked best, like the wide deserts, the great port to memphis or the sparkling oasis. Nor did I take pictures of the hundreds of monsters that came charging at me at the same time, spawned by the sands of time (too busy hitting the action button) but regardless, hereís a few screens of the sequence.

Thanks to the great site seriously! I just discovered, I bundled up with quite a few addon maps as well and could probably, if I so desired, play through them
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in another sixteen hours the day after, but eh, I think Iíll pass. Onto the game sequel whenever time allows me. According to the ingame stats I killed roughly 640,000 monsters and completed the game in not more than 6 hours (big lie though, I played from early morning to midnight, lunch/dinner breaks discluded, mustíve died and reloaded at least a hundred times on the last level, even in normal mode this is seriously a crazy game, much reccomended).

In other news, there isn't much news to come with, the deus is lose so I'll be blunt, bid, your truce in use the truth is fused, combined, kid. ing.
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I have a small group of vicious foes that loyally stalk me since the account hacking over at NG. They contribute with vicious comments on my few blogposts over there and commonly send me quite entertaining randomly generated insults my PM, as well as claiming rights on the hackin. Without evidence though, it doesnít matter much who hacked my account, whatís done is done and I wonít be forgetting the past, but itís nothing I should spend my future contemplating about. As for their commentaries, as they say, ignoring is bliss, the most beneficial psychological strategy possible. What baffles me...
04/22 Direct Link that they first now, after hacking my account and spending hours deleting all my content, feel like posting abusive comments on my blog. They didnít do so before, even though they do claim to have hated me for a long time, so is their imaginative victory going above their heads? Do they feel like they need more credit? Are they sour since Iím not flaming them at all, instead moving on with other newer projects? Or are they taking credit for the hacking as a reason to make me mad at them, not being involved at all? No matter...
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...the reason, I donít let their words catch on, itís just something I was pondering about this morning.

Hacking my account due to content overload still has me confused as well. NG has pretty fresh servers so I am amazed it bothered anyone, especially with the restrictions of multiple content submissions per day that they do have. I uploaded all my music and flash to my own website yesterday. The music section, consisting of 740 loops/tracks didnít take up more than 320MB, and the roughly 250 flashes didnít use up more than 2GB, preview images included. Latter 198 pieces of music not included, they were recited poetical pieces and...
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...Iíll be uploading them to this blog sometime within a nearby future, My hacker gave me a pretty long comment over his reasonings on the hacking through my blog, claiming it was my ďfaggotish style of submission and discussionĒ. I never insult anyone on public communities I like, since it would lower my image massivly (and get me banned, duh, it used to get my reviews deleted too, so I stopped using foul language Ö and started with psychological pressure and ironic comebacks instead), but to some people insults and offensivity is a matter of machoness. Or they just need to...
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...grow up a bit. Or they donít appreciate true art. Or, better theory, they appreciate it so much they just couldnít stand being outclassed by an outcast such as me. :L

Anyhow, lack of communicational activity online has me spending more time in real life . . . or at the moment with my ďreal websitesĒ and studies I hope to catch up with before this month is over. I have two days left. Iíd like to get all my sites fixed, and running quicker without bugs/typos/missing features as well, updates I have been falling behind in lately. Lets catch up.
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For those of you who have no idea what I'm blabbering about above, it's time for a little 100words exclusive. My account on one of the many communities I am a member of was hacked roughly a week ago and since then I have been struggling to get my account back, rebuilding changed profile information when I did and mourning lost entries. I suppose you're thinking something like "that's so silly, just get over it", but it's not just a blownaway leaf in the wind. I had over a thousand multimedia submissions uploaded, complete with unique previews and descriptions...
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..., tagged, categorized. They were reviewed, and all reviews were responsed to. I had blogs, over 2000 of them, with at least ten times as many comments, all of them responded to. I had favorites, buddies, thousands of personal messages and detailed profile information, boom, blown away. Hacker made it into my twitter and facebook as well, and deleted everything there. The facebook I could get back, but not my twitter, their automatic support system had me raging for a few days. I'm just happy I changed passwords for all other accounts that are important to me quickly.
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Like this site, they didn't manage to hack my account here, and I'd hate to be have all my entries deleted. Hmm, think I should make a backup just incase something does happen. Mirror all my entries here onto my own site. For those unaware, I'll start writing a book here as soon as May arrives, it will be epic, legendary, rememebered by everyone who reads it, and especially the one who writes it. I won't reveal the title because I plan on selling it online when I'm done, what a shame it would be if someone stole the title.
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6 things the Internet NEEDS

01. Standard international terms on filesharing, pricing included in bandwidth fees.

02. Fingerprint or voice authorization systems for registration and login on major websites.

03. Integrated browser independant operating systems online for easier backup services.

04. Worldwide centrals for domain and bandwidth handling without national conflicts or law establishments.

05. International net of government-financed groups of united hackers with malicious code on mission chase.

06. A breakdown, towards economical enterprise update and enviornmental replenishment.

If that was everything then it would be great, but there is a lot that can be changed as of late.
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My oh my, another month ends again. The days just fly by, and we never seem to know where and when. It will stop and decide, who comes and who dies, who dives down into the concrete and lives yet another life. In misery, sacrifice, bliss for me, I know not out or in you see, but still I'm truant. True like a mutant footant. Soldier, clip holder, I see you in my mirror please move slower I can't go there I'm not quick enough to shimmer yet I try, I try in mind, I try a thousand times, butt.