BY Quanita

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Very seldom do I see an “ugly” woman, but today I did. She was U G L Y.

At first glance, one would’ve seen a very athletic, toned body, with an aging face. The ugly wasn’t external, it was internal. Her soul, personality, attitude, and demeanor oozed U G L Y. No Maybelline in the world can cover that kind of ugly.

As she walked by, I felt like hurling the toxic residues of her shitty countenance back at her, but when someone’s that negative and U G L Y, the last thing they need is negativity sent their way.
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One of my favorite parts to watch at a wedding reception is when the bride dances with her father.

Last night, I attended my delightful nieces wedding reception. When she got up to dance with her father, it was breathtaking!!! She looked like a precious, beautiful doll, dancing with her gallant father. Waves of emotions crashed into my heart, as I realized how much I miss my father. He and I never got to dance the bride and father dance together, oh but how I wish we had.

My Beloved intuitively drew me close to his heart and comforted me.........
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My Beloved wrapped my silky hair around his hand and passionately drew my face closer to his. When he whispered sexily in my ear, “You're going to cum hard, and THEN I’m going to make you cum again while I fuck your sweet pussy.” I knew I was in delicious trouble!!!

I surrendered to wave after tingly wave of decadent pleasure, climaxing with abandon...

Smiling, he strategically pulled away, opened up the Kama Sutra massage cream and began to slather it on his GINORMOUS cock – something he’d never done before - stroking it confidently, and spreading my creamy thighs wide...
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Pesky little virus!!! How did you sneak into my fortress of Sambu Guard and vitamins?

You’re probably some kind of germ warfare against those who vote for Obama. I have a suspicion you were lurking at the voting polls, and attacked me when I opted for the “touch screen” voting.

I do NOT like YOU! No sir, YOU will be destroyed!!! I’m prepared with an army of Emergence-C, essential oils, and Kleenex!!! YOU will go down!!! If I have to pull out the chicken soup laced with garlic, I shall!!! I refuse stuffing Kleenex wads up my nose!!!

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I realized I was dreaming and allowed myself to soar as high as I could in the beautiful lavender pink colored sky. To the right of me were three high peaked mountains. On the right were lovely dwellings of a magickal village.

I felt euphoric and free! I had to find him. We always promise one another, before we go to sleep, that we will continue enjoying one another in our dreams.

I called out his name and watched as a melody of energy created a path of light directly to him. He heard me and smiling brightly looked up.
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In his dream, he was in the space of his childhood that had brought him so much happiness. He outstretched his arms to me causing his appearance to morph from a young boy to the gorgeous man he is now.

Snuggling me lovingly, he nuzzled my neck and said, “I am going to love you for the rest of my life.” Oh how my heart danced for joy, for I knew he was sincere!

We held each other for the most glorious moment then he pulled away and looked into my eyes lovingly and kissed me so gently and tenderly.
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Although Mr. Buddha seems to have two shrunken raisins for balls now, he’s stopped spraying. It was wonderful to come home, from one of my business trips, and not smell cat piss.

His fur seems a lot softer now, and he’s less jumpy.

Without the testosterone in his body, he must feel a lot different. The vet said he won’t have a desire to have sex now. I think that’s kind of a bummer. It’s not like he was "catting around." He’s an indoor cat and his only partner has been Mistletoes who is fixed. (Either she’s relieved or annoyed.)
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“You have to make mistakes to be perfect.” Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone experiences the consequences of those mistakes – one way or another – here or there. I’ve certainly made mistakes that would raise an eyebrow or two. Even now I think to myself, “Why the HECK did I do that?!!!” Well, at the time, it seemed like the best “option” to make. About ten years ago I promised myself, “No regrets.” I stand accountable for my mistakes, regardless of what “others” judgments or perceptions may be. LEARNING from those mistakes makes me a better Goddess and helps with future “options.” NEXT!!!
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The celestial treasure chest was filled with jewels knotted together in a big clump. It took a concentrated effort on my part to shift them into a space which highlighted their individual beauty.

As I handled each piece, I recognized a memory or two of energy. Many of the pieces are gifts given to me by loved ones who’ve crossed over.

At one time I adored wearing silver jewelry with semi-precious stones. Now, I LOVE wearing gold jewelry with precious stones.

A true magickal being wears both silver and gold at the same time, which is the balance of yin/yang.
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I come up with nicknames for most of the individuals I love.

My grandson’s nickname is “Gumby,” because his precious little head had a lump on it from his traumatic birth.

My dear nephew’s nickname is “Grasshopper,” because when he’s around I feel like one of those TV “Kung Fu” characters that say, “Snatch this pebble from my hand Grasshopper…”

My son’s best girlfriend Casie is my “Rebel Princess.”

My grandson’s father is “Mannequin Boy,” ‘cause he smiles like a ventriloquist dummy.

My best friend in New York’s nickname IS “New York.”

My son is “smoke-a-hontis,” which is self explanatory.
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It’s been over two years since I last shared time with you Twinks. I imagine you’ve thought about the tree house as often as I have. THANK YOU for all the many important lessons I learned by being with you.

If you asked me if I still love you, I’d say, “Yes, but I am not “in” love with you.” Of course, you were never “in” love with me, so I guess that makes us even. The cool thing is, someone is “in” love with me now, and I AM “in” love with him.

You’re my 44, he’s MY 88.
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The Cedar Mansion is hidden deep in the woods of Verona, surrounded by mystical beings and delightful magick. I open my car window to inhale the fresh air scented with the healing aroma of trees and foliage. I’m especially watchful as I drive up the winding path, for the fairies and brownies who welcome me each and every time. Here, I am loved and accepted unconditionally. This is the sacred space where I am nurtured and made whole. The doors of the Cedar Mansion open, peace and tranquility beckon me in. I am safe. I am loved. I am home.
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Okay, so I learned an important lesson, “If you get waxed for years, DON’T ever use a shaver!!!” GEEZ!!!

Because I had skipped an appointment with my esthetician, and needed to feel clean under “there,” I decided to take a quick swipe at it with a shaver. As the hair grew back – blunt and sharp at the ends, instead of silky and soft – I was covered with ingrown hairs!!! YIKES!!! Pimple mania I tell you!!! It took a month to clear and pop the annoying follicles! My esthetician later chastised me, “NO razors for you!!! You’re skin's too sensitive!!!"

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The room is filled with expectations. I enter knowing I just have to be "present." I look around the room, a few faces are familiar most are not. I take a deep, cleansing breath and close my eyes to center myself and pray -

“Dear Heavenly Father & Mother, THANK YOU for the blessing of being able to be present at this Gallery, where individuals are hoping to connect with their loved ones on the other side. Assist me in receiving the messages clearly, without ego, so that the souls present will be comforted and healed…”

I open my Seer eyes...
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I love when he’s inside me. It is THE most exquisite sensation. The motion of his moving in and out, in and out, in and out, drives me into a state of complete abandoned bliss. The rawness of our silky flesh rubbing and grinding against each other spreads me wide open to ecstasy beyond my imagination. He's relentless in his sensual pursuit to make me insane with passion!

Sucking... Fucking... Licking... Caressing... Fingering... Penetrating... Rubbing... Thrusting...

Dipping in each time to coat his cock with my essence, and still he wants more, until my back arches, and my clit succumbs.
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I realize I am in the best position possible in my lifetime. THIS IS WHO I AM. I don’t have to be anyone other than “who I am.”

I don’t have to pretend to please anybody. I AM my own authority. I give myself permission to do “this or that…” The only person I answer to is me, myself and the Divine.

I am a genuine and authentic Goddess. I don’t have to do anything to get attention, I just have to be present and enjoy.

Every day is an adventure to me, and I am happy, loved, and empowered.
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One thing I learned a long time ago, romantic relationships may change, but your true friends won’t desert you.

My ex-husband use to be angry that I had so many friends and demanded I NEVER see them again, well, THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!!

I won't give up my friends for ANY man or romantic relationship. My friends have been with me through “thick and thin” literally!

That’s what I LOVE about My Beloved now; he LOVES and appreciates my friends, and wouldn’t think of asking me to not share time with them. Thankfully, he enjoys them as much as I do!!!
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Mistletoes unexpectedly went into a Grand Mal seizure. It FREAKED me out!!! One minute she was lying peacefully on her kitty bed, the next she was puffed up and writhing. It all happened so fast, that all I could do was watch in disbelief and make sure she didn’t hurt herself. I immediately began to send healing white light to her aura, believing it would protect and fortify her, and almost instantly the writhing stopped, and she laid helpless, like a little rag doll tossed on the floor. I gently picked her up and cradled her, softly speaking her name.
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Mona’s the best massage therapist I know. I’ve enjoyed massages from others, but I’m convinced she’s the best! I feel FANTASTIC after she gives me a massage, and the effects lasts for months!!!

Because I’ve been seeing her all these years, she “knows” my body, and is able to identify when something “pops” up. There’s this one spot on my back that I saw a black dragon spirit emerge out of during acupuncture, and it was still bothering me. She located it immediately and asked, “What’s this?” After she worked on it and I feel much better!

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She surveyed the human environment until she found a delectable morsel she wanted to taste.

He was tall, quite gawky, and obviously “underage” to be at this bunny ranch. She chuckled at the prancing of his heart beat as she approached. Oh how she would delight in sucking on his heart, until his heart beat became hers.

Rubbing up against him hypnotically caught him off guard. His blushing was truly flattering to his inexperienced demeanor. All she had to do was say the words, “Cum with me…” and he followed like an obedient puppy dog.

Straddling his face seemed appropriate...
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The holidays are around the corner and I am “making a list.” I LOVE giving gifts to the people I love and enjoy, but this year I’ve vowed not to go into debt in order to do so. This means, even if I am tempted to use a credit card, I won’t.

I’m of the opinion if we can bail out banking institutions, they can LOWER their interest rates and keep them there. Credit card companies are legal loan sharks. It’s a racket. I DON’T want that energy connected to this holiday season.

It’ll be fun to be generously liberated!!!
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My Dearest Readers, Yes, I am aware that my entries of the past and those current haven’t been merged. I’ve already e-mailed Jeff several times and I believe they are doing everything possible to correct the situation. I do appreciate your inquiries, and as you, I am frustrated by the separation. Perhaps if I had continued writing consistently, this wouldn’t be an issue now, but alas, I had many adventures and “stuff” to explore and experience, that I chose to take "precedence."

So to all my fans, I appreciate YOU! THANK YOU for your feedback and years of fond memories!!!
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I was sharing time on the phone with one of my best friends in New York; she told me she’d attended a Louise Hay Conference, and one of the speakers, who is a acclaimed physician, spoke about the healing properties and effects of passion. Supposedly, studies show that individuals who enjoy passion in their lives release more nitrious (I’m certain I spelled that incorrectly) oxide, similar to what Viagra does, which stimulates one’s cells to be more flexible, and effects one’s general health and well being. She stated, “Orgasms – LOTS of orgasms are important to excellent health and well being."
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I've experienced many a broken heart, and I’m certain I’ve “intentionally or unintentionally” broken hearts. Believe me, it’s not the first thing on my list of “things to do” in this lifetime or others.

I do believe a broken heart is an opportunity to heal and be loved more deeply than ever experienced before, but NOT by the person who was the heart breaker.

It’s just getting through, processing and releasing the impact and feelings of a broken heart that’s most difficult. Thinking about suicide or vengeance, while experiencing these emotions, ISN’T a healthy option, EVER. Surviving IS tantamount.
11/25 Direct Link
No, no one broke my heart It's just a thought I've been processing while I've been enjoying THE most AMAZING, uplifting, stimulating, sensual, LOVING, and nurturing relationship EVER!!!

My Emperor is so sexy and cuddly - everything I’ve always wanted to share or experience and BEYOND any of my fantasies or expectations!

Now I understand the reason why it is said a man reaches his sexual peak at 19 and a woman in her mid 40’s, to be able to experience this is phenomenal!

Our relationship breaks through all the “stereotypes” of society.

Genuine love isn’t an age or gender.
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Had a little Thanksgiving frozen turkey situation today...

I asked my daughter to pick up a Jennie-O “fresh” turkey, she got a Jennie-O “frozen” turkey, and it didn’t have enough time to thaw, so pulling the gizzards out was like pulling teeth, but we handled it.

It’s a great turkey though! As I was preparing it, I thanked it for sacrificing its life, so we could enjoy a wonderful feast!

I believe the energy which one prepares food is transferred and experienced by those who partake of it, so I had an interesting “communion” with the turkey and am grateful.
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How dare you steal my best friend’s purse, while we’re enjoying watching “Twilight” at the movie theater!!!

Are times so desperate that you feel it’s “okay” for you take the valuables of a hard working woman?

Are you INSANE?!!!

Do you have any clue the bad karma YOU just racked up?!!! Hopefully, your intentions were to feed hungry children or something, but I want you to know I’ve sent a couple of "Flying Monkeys" your way! That’s right buddy, you better hide your bananas, because they’ll be missing soon.

“I’ll get you in the Ethers and your bananas too!!!
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The density of our physical bodies is not a measure of our capacity to love or be loved. Too often, “conditioning” places a priority of choosing an “illusion” of the physical, rather than the integrity of the heart and spirit. If this wasn’t so, a lot of plastic surgeons would be out of job.

Once again, our physical bodies are temporary sacred vessels to carry and protect our precious souls.

Expressions of true love and passion go beyond the physical “moment.”

Developing a deep “unconditional” soul connection raises one’s vibration and amplifies any experience of intimacy expressed physically or otherwise...
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You are a gift to the universe.

No matter what packaging you come wrapped in, YOU are a gift.

You are to be cherished and taken care of.

Anyone who violates you violates the Divine.

You deserve THE best in life and adventures.

You ARE lovable and precious.

You are perfect, exactly the way you are.

You are to be enjoyed.

When someone abandons you, they’ve abandoned the gift of LOVE.

The people you choose to surround yourself with should be honoring and respecting the gift you are. If you feel tossed to the side and neglected then move on.
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When’s the last time you played in the dark with a flashlight?

A flashlight can bring interesting illumination to the otherwise mundane.

Did you ever notice how contorted and sinister things can look in the dark with a flashlight?!

Last night, My Beloved and I got under the covers with a flashlight. It was so silly that we both laughed and laughed so hard, I almost fell off the bed! Luckily he caught me, and the silliness continued. We enjoyed the shadow puppets of the adult kind!…

Playing with that flashlight gave a whole new perspective to my magickal bedroom!