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Yesterday everything went fine. We finally had all the supplies and all the workers. It had taken a month to accomplish that simple task. I was surprised when MW showed up to help. It occurred to me that we had enough of the DC09 staff to have our first meeting. AB was surprised when I suggested it and started to put it off. “When will you have another opportunity to get everybody together again?”

After the steak dinner, we gave the staff their special award, an arrowhead necklace. MA came over to us; he was misty-eyed. He hugged us both.
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I went on a hay ride last night. TC arranged one for Session V since it fell on Halloween. The guy had so much fun doing it, he agreed to come back. Everything was going so well and the weather was great, so I went outside Saturday night and helped with PM Games. TC and I mentioned that we wanted to go on the hay ride but there wasn’t time. I said, “We should send these kids to supper and go while they are gone.” She liked that idea and set up a staff-only trip. It was a total blast.
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The baby-baby came over yesterday after we got home from Camp Os. He was in such a sweet mood. He laughed and played more than he has in a while. When he first came, T sat down with him in his lap. I stood over them talking and playing, getting W to smile at me. Finally, T picked him up and said, “Here.” They are letting me do more. I’ve finally been asked to baby-sit for this Thursday. And I fed him while C cooked. I thought she was making baby food for him; turns out she was cooking supper.
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The DC09 meeting was productive. We’ll run three camps one week, two the next. Our theme is Hawaiian Adventure. AB is going to try to get more people to go to DC school. I also announced, again, that I’m not doing Baloo Family Weekend and that AB needs someone to take it. TC volunteered almost immediately. Later, MC mentioned her surprise since she had been asked. I told her that since she had not given an answer, that I figured she probably didn’t want to do it. That’ll learn her.

So AC08 is done. BTW, AC09 theme is Circus Time.
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I woke up yesterday feeling lousy, sore throat & ears, lethargy. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I called Mrs. T and cancelled piano. By noon I had read enough news online to know the end results: Georgia would go red; Obama would win. So I didn’t go vote. R did, for McCain. When I went to bed around 11 pm, the former was done, the latter was a matter of time. I watched the View today to got my official announcement.

We have a new el presidente , Barak Obama. I’m glad Grandmother didn’t live to see this day.
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The baby-baby arrived today at 9 a.m. C was scheduled for dental surgery so I was asked to baby sit. That yung’en moved constantly. He discovered every particle on the floor, ate anything I didn’t get to first, and cleaned out the sliding glass door track. He finally let me take him to the back porch and swing him. He fell asleep watching the puppy pester its mom. He never cried for his parents until after they returned. C was medicated and hurting. He didn’t care. I think he thought she was back from work. It was his time.
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I started my Christmas planning today. I’m doing it the Flylady way, sort of. The first mission is to Clean and Fling. I’ve been doing that in the pantry all week. I plan to get back to the front bedroom next week. I also noticed that my MBR has gotten pretty bad, so I focused on it today. It looks lots better. I straightened my bookshelf and let the dice decide what to read next. It said 1 and 1, i.e., the small notebook I put first in line. I did and then felt led to make it my HCJ.
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The baby-baby came over today. T & C & M went to town and left him with us. R & I were both surprised. We got to play grandma and grandpa alone for a few hours. He never cried for them. I felt so grandma-y that I actually cooked. Meat, two vegetables, and biscuits—home-made biscuits. I haven’t done that in a while.

The dice selected my next book to read, Nobody’s Baby But Mine (S. E. Phillips, 1997). I had given it to Mama for Christmas as one of the 100 Best Romance Novels. It tied for number eight.
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R invited me to go to E & J T’s house today. I don’t go visiting. He knows that. I go shopping, sometimes. I go to piano. I go to camp. I don’t go visiting. Visiting has bad memories attached. A snide remark to my face during or a bit of gossip spread afterwards. I’d rather they gossip about how long it has been since they saw me and what that is all about than to waste my time and energy providing fodder. I learned long ago, anything I say will be used against me. So I don’t go visiting.
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I started writing a new romance yesterday. My goal is 1000 words a day. I wrote 1300 yesterday. At that rate, it would take two months to write a manuscript. If I take the online class in January, that would put me mailing a synopsis in February. I could theoretically write six novels a year. Beginner novels only sell for about $2000 each, but that would be a nice cottage industry. I would finally have a decent income of my own.

The Heroine’s name is Diana. His name is Jason. He is a freelance writer doing an article on cruises.
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I’m sick again. Stomach, this time. I feel nauseous and have no appetite. And I’m sleepy. I could sleep all day.

I called Mrs. T and cancelled for the second week in a row. Which really bums me out. I’m finally in the hymn book. I started last month with #82, “Emmanuel.” I’m slowly getting the hang of #103, “Away in a Manger.” Two notes on top and two on bottom. This isn’t typing music; this is chop-chop music. I’m a big girl now.

I did my thousand words yesterday. Today, I did none. I’ll catch up tomorrow. I hope.
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Negative voice is telling me not to take the day off, that if anyone heard my excuses, they would laugh it off. That I should be ashamed resting when R works so much harder than me. But I know that this is just the depression talking. It always sneaks back when I get sick.

I’m thinking of getting back into the postcard thingie. With Christmas coming up soon, I want to reach out, reconnect. I even bought a postcard backing from The2Buds for turning my 4x6’s photos into pc’s. So instead of getting pre-made postcards I can make my own.
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Missing two weeks of piano has got me playing more. I’m doing old stuff from the books that Grandmother gave me. I discovered a lesson plan that uses some of the songs in the Schaum books. Turns out, they are old songs that he renamed without acknowledging their original titles. I want a piano lesson plan that only using public domain songs.

I joined a site with tons of pd kids songs since I want to play for W. They say singing is good for kids. I want him to remember that Grandma’s house was full of music. And love.
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I had eight people around my table tonight. I had set out pork ribs since I knew the kids were coming. M & R commenced to cooking and pulling things out of the fridge. T & C called her brother RR. Then R showed up with my Krispi-Kreme order and we invited her to stay. I felt like a hostess.

I started back reading the Bible last month, using the Chick system. I started doing it using my PDA Bible, but now I’m doing it online. That way, I can look up words and commentaries. I can study the Bible.
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M went home with T & C so we decided to go out. Dinner and a movie were Chinese and the new James Bond movie. Before he got home, I read from and took a nice shower. I almost didn’t wait for him. When he got home, I asked, “Now or later.” A good time was had by all.

I’m still reading Nobody’s Baby But Mine. I haven’t added to my story, though. I still plan to take the course in January. Maybe it will propel me to actually mail off a manuscript. Then I’ll be a real authoress.
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I’m using the Bible reading plan described in
The Next Step for Growing Christians (Jack Chick).

In it, the Bible is divided into ten groups. The first day you read the first chapter of each group, the second the second, and so on. It takes about an hour to complete the ten chapters.

The ten groups are: (1) Matthew through Acts; (2) Genesis through Deuteronomy; (3) Romans through Hebrews; (4) 1 Thessalonians through Revelations; (5) Job, Eccl, and Song of Solomon; (6) Psalms; (7) Proverbs; (8) Joshua through Esther; (9) Isaiah through Malachi; (10) Hebrews 11 and 1 Corinthians 13.
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I finished Nobody’s Baby and let the dice choose my next book. It was Getting Out of Debt. (Howard Dayton, Jr. 1986). I had first read it back when we hit bottom financially. I read every secular and religious book on indebtedness that I could find. I even asked CBN 700 Club to pray for me. They sent a detailed letter of how to be good financial stewards. I realized it was their form letter, but I was touched anyway. I guess it worked. We now have two houses, land, cars, family. All we need are some sheep and goats.
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I made R take me and M to the library to start the Eagle project. When M told DB his plans, she looked shocked. I explained that it was for the Used Book section, not the main section. Well, LH is in charge of that. You’ll have to call her. I told her, I know LH, and reminded her that I am with the FOL. I just figured since you are the librarian that we needed to clear it with you first. She let us down stairs and into the room. R and M scoped it out and started planning.
11/19 Direct Link
I called LH and told her about our plans to have M build bookshelves for the Used Book Store. After I assured her that it was totally free, she was thrilled. She called F and, when we talked again, had even more ideas for projects that M could do. They want to replace the metal bookshelves in the children’s corner and add more shelves up the walls. She wants to take pictures and do an interview, put it in the paper and maybe even on television.

I love it when a plan comes together even better than I originally envisioned.
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I told R that for my birthday present I wanted the yard decorated for Christmas. He took me to see a friend of his who makes Christmas yard ornaments. I ordered five pieces. He said that he would have them on Thursday but I shook him off, “December 1st is fine.” With a little help, he added up the price, $155. He got uncomfortable asking for half down. I held out a $100 bill. It blew him away. “I-I don’t have my receipt book—” Mrs. M ended up explaining how to write a receipt on regular notebook paper. Hilarious.
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T emailed me yesterday. He and C are tired of being a one-car family. They are still paying on the Nissan, though, so they cannot afford to buy another vehicle right now. Therefore, he wants to get the old truck back. Problem is, R is still using it. However, she has made no payments and is having trouble even keeping it insured. TP is driving her other car. He’s 23 years old and he has a job. He needs to get his own vehicle.

The baby-baby walked. He was playing in the floor tonight and then he just…took a step.
11/22 Direct Link
They couldn’t find R last night so they came back over today since I told them that she was suppose to come by. She took the news reasonably well. She counter-offered $2000, but won’t be able to pay until tax time. But they need the truck now.

My Christmas season is underway. The yard ornaments have arrived and they look great. I’ve been online picking out gifts. I placed an order through Amazon. And we are planning to go to Helen next Friday.

The dice selected my next book: 12 Steps to a Happy and Successful Life-Norman Vincent Peale, 1950.
11/23 Direct Link
The 12 Steps are: (1) relax, (2) meditate, (3)read the Bible, (4) pray, (5) forgive, (6) stop worrying, (7) ) make better decisions, (8) count your blessings, (9) change your negative attitude, (10) be sociable, (11) deal with your depression, (12) get right with God.

I’ve been doing this Bible reading plan for about a month now. I’ve discovered women who do not fit the helpless virgin archetype. Achsah, Caleb’s daughter, was proactive. She “lighted off her ass” when her husband was reticent. There was the female judge and prophetess, Deborah. And then there was Jael with her hammer and nail.
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M’s Eagle Project: I made R & M work on the building this weekend. They grumbled but they did it. I told them to call JB and BS today. But we need the measurements. So I called LH. She had measured all the shelves in the UBS. Long story short, we ended up deciding on four small (3’x3’) shelves and two large (6’ x 3’) shelves. Next step, call JB.

He was not at home and M didn’t leave a message. I’ll see him tomorrow; I can talk to him about it then. So it is on hold for now.
11/25 Direct Link
Happy Birthday to Me! I’m 48 years old today.

R called while I was on the computer and left me a happy birthday message. Mama called later while I was on the computer and left me a happy birthday message. I called her back. Later, I went to piano. When I got back, R & M were gone to do a service project at FUMC. Then I got my real surprise: The kids came over. W was in his carrier with a big bag of M & M’s in his lap. “Oh, I see you brought me a birthday present.”
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Thanksgiving is tomorrow at Mama’s. I’m planning to bring ham, sweet potato puree, and cauliflower au gratin. R is cooking the ham, of course.

The Christmas stuff that I ordered from Amazon has come in already. I hid it in the front bedroom. There is so much mess in there that no one will notice the new boxes.

I’ve been clearing the car out in preparation for our trip to Helen, Georgia. We haven’t been since the boys were very young. We will only be gone one night. We’ll leave Friday and get back on Saturday. No fuss, no muss.
11/27 Direct Link
Thanksgiving was interesting.

There was a good crowd at Mama’s. We arrived around 11:30. T & C & W & R had been there about an hour, but we beat everybody else. The ham was well received; the cauliflower did okay; the sweet potato puree wasn’t touched. Mama had made her sweet potato casserole with the brown sugar and marshmallows, so nobody bothered. I said No prob. I’ll just get a crust and make it into a pie.

W is getting more use to the relatives. He and DTC got along famously. The other relatives—forget it. He wanted Grandma.
11/28 Direct Link
Can you keep a secret. No. So I rolled over to finish my coffee. Okay, tell me. I told him this was a for-real secret. You cannot tell T, M or anybody. Okay. What have I always said about 1-6? That he’s …. He came out to me yesterday.

We left around 9:00 a.m. for Helen and arrived around 2:30 p.m. We checked in and, after a short nap, decided to shop. R said that we were walking, not driving. I wasn’t happy. Fine, Fifteen minutes later, I need my stick. He went back and got it. I felt vindicated.
11/29 Direct Link
I lasted about three hours yesterday. We did lots of shopping. The Magic Shop, the Indian Shop, and a thousand others. Helen is no longer a Christmas town. It is an Oktoberfest town. But it was beautiful after dark. I managed to take pictures of some of the Christmas decorations for future ideas as well as stuff for us to use this season. Then we went to Unicoi for the Festival of Trees. I took tons of photos, including some postcard quality pictures, and we bought more gifts.

We were only there 24 hours, but we had a good time.
11/30 Direct Link
M is still at T & C’s. He may come home today and he may not. They are now a two-vehicle family. On Thanksgiving, T asked R & M to go back to our house and help him work on the truck. I asked RR if he wanted to go with them or stay (at Mama’s house) with the women. He said, “I like women.” 16 said, “Well, with him it wouldn’t be incest.” I said, “16! You’re not suppose to know about things like that,” and burst out laughing. I knew then that the boy was growing up fast.