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Happy New Year to you all. I hope that you make this your best year yet. I plan on changing a lot this year for the better. I want to lose weight (or at least make it a point to exercise a lot more often). I also want to be a better housewife (do more chores and all that stuff). I want to get better at my art journaling and use different techniques and stuff. Maybe I will start making things to sell throughout the year. I donít know. I will just have to think about that. Happy New Year!!
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I had a sleepover last night with my little brother and our cousins. I am having them over tonight for supper with their parents so I just let them sleep here. It gave my mom the night off because they didnít sleep over there. I am cooking ham, rice dressing, bread and green bean casserole. Like we need this much food so close to the holidays. Oh well, it will be fun to have them over. I canít wait until they come because then I will get to play with my cousin K. She is adorable and so much fun.
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I am working on a new video for you tube. I am really liking it. You tube is so much easier to upload to than just to my blog. I hope that I can make many more videos in the future. I am also watching my hubby paint. He likes to do paint by numbers, but the difficult ones. That is just not my thing at all. It is too tedious for me. I like to be able to just do my own thing and not follow a pattern. I have always been like that. Even with knitting and stuff.
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I think we will go to the movies today. There arenít a lot of them that I want to see, but it will give us something to do. I donít know what I am in the mood for. I think I want to see a comedy though. Maybe I will invite my parents to come along. I think they would like that because they arenít doing anything at home. Maybe they are bored like us. I will just have to call and ask them. I just called them and they said yes. I am glad they are coming with us.
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I have gotten like at least 5 of the books in the mail that I ordered. I am really excited about it. I have been reading about art non-stop. Some are about doodling, some are about techniques and some are about reaching your inner child. I think I am really going to learn a lot. Some of my new books will have to sit on my shelf for a while because I canít read all of those books at once, but I will get to them all eventually. It will just take me some time. Iím glad I read fast.
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My hubby is watching a movie right now and I donít want to watch it. I will be totally bored just sitting in the other room by myself. Oh well, maybe I can do some more art or something. I donít know, I also need to do some laundry so maybe I will do that too. I have tons of clothes to fold and some to save. I also need to put some more in the washing machine. I hate doing laundry, but it is necessary to life. Ugh!! Maybe I can just wait and my hubby will help me.
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I am just watching TV right now. I took a two hour nap earlier, but I am still tired. I am sure that watching TV isnít helping either. I donít know what to write about today. I guess my mind is kinda blank today. Like a big, opened, blank paged book. I tried to do artwork, but I really didnít feel like doing that either. My mind couldnít even think about what color to paint even. It was terrible. Now my mind is a blank just trying to type some words. I think that I need a change of scenery.
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It is dark in here. I donít usually even get up to turn on the light. I donít feel like getting up, so I guess I will stay in the dark. Itís easier to watch TV in the dark anyway. I think I need to take another nap. I am still tired. Maybe I wouldnít be if I would turn on the light though. I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully I can relax this weekend. Maybe we will go camping or something. We got invited to go camping so we might. Iíll have to think about it.
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I have been doing art work like crazy in my journal. I donít know why. I guess I have just been totally bored with everything else. If I sit at my desk long enough than I will think of something to paint and that is whatís been happening. Maybe today I will read some books instead or maybe we can actually go somewhere to have some fun. I have no idea where though. I really donít need to shop and there isnít much else to do around here. Maybe we can find a movie to watch, but I donít know.
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I woke up early today even though it isnít a work day. My hubby got up too. His sinuses are bothering him and he couldnít sleep either. Itís crazy how you wait all week for the weekend to come so you can sleep late, but then you donít sleep late at all. I know, we are nuts. It happens to me all the time. I am just an early riser. I always have been. I think I got it from my mom. Sheís an early riser too and I always wanted to get up and see what she was doing.
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I am so excited because I have been getting a book in like everyday. I ordered like fourteen of them from Amazon and am totally happy about it. I just have like three left to get in the mail. Hopefully I will get them in next week. I am really enjoying reading all of my new books. Of course, I can only read one at a time, but I am reading them as fast as I can. My brain is just bursting with new ideas for my art work, but I canít do art work while I am reading. Ugh!!
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I havenít been doing much lately except art, work and TV. I did get some sleep in at night too. I hope that I have more ideas coming to me as I have been working a lot on my art. I am afraid that the bowl in my brain is going to become empty soon. I donít know though. I will just have to keep up with painting and stuff and hope that ideas just keep coming to me. I might have to start using my ďidea bowlĒ to get some new things to paint. Maybe I will read more.
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I had to work in the kitchen today just like I have been since before Christmas. I will be in there helping out until probably sometime in February. My co-worker had surgery on her back and neck area so I am taking her place until she is well enough to come back. The doctor isnít ready to release her yet because she is still hurting so I am still helping out. I like working in the kitchen. I get to get off of work around 12:15 everyday so I get the rest of the day to myself. I love it.
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I think I missed my show this week. I hope that the DVR recorded it because if not then I will be upset. The show is in its second season and I really like it. It is full of drama and stuff between mainly teenagers. It is really interesting and I canít believe I missed this weeks. I think she might go into labor soon (on the show) and I especially donít want to miss that. I think that will be the most exciting part of the show. I need to start typing my journals. I am getting so behind.
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I hate when the internet isnít working. The electricity blinked on and off yesterday, like a power surge or something from the company, and now our wireless router isnít working. We have to go and buy a new one because the stupid electricity wanted to blink on and off. That aggravates me, but I am glad it isnít something expensive like the fridge or something like that. I guess I can think of it that way, but still. I wanted to get on the internet this morning. I am whining. Oh well, I will just have to go do art.
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I am watching TV again. I am always watching TV. I donít know why I watch TV so much. I guess because I am a lazy woman. I did a lot of art work this afternoon and now I am just sitting here. Maybe I can watch a movie later. I donít know. I have a few movies that I need to watch before I have to delete them. Right now I am just watching sitcoms. I really like a few of them, but not many. The good show I like is on Monday night. I watched it last night.
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I think my sister in law is coming over tonight. Her husband is sleeping over at his work because heís on call. She is scared to stay by herself at her house so she is going to come and sleep at our house. I donít really mind. Sheís cool. She is going to have to sleep on the couch though because I donít have a bed in the guest bedroom yet. I hope that is okay with her. I will have to ask her before she comes. Maybe I will make my hubby call. He is her brother after all.
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My hubby is doing dishes now. Thank goodness because I really donít like doing them. I did some clothes yesterday. I need to fold and save them. I really donít want to right now, but I guess that I will do them later. Maybe I can make myself do them tomorrow. They are probably already wrinkled so it doesnít matter if I do them now or not. I am tired. I think that I am going to go to bed early tonight. Weíll see though. I might end up staying up later than usual. I took a nap this afternoon.
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I think I am going to stop writing these one hundred words for a while. It isnít a lot of words, but it is so hard to think of something to write about. I figure that people are bored of reading what I right. Oh well, it doesnít matter what other people think of my writing. I guess if I want to write boring stuff than I can. I always end up writing boring stuff, even in my own journals. Well, I donít think that all of it is boring, but it is my writing. Blah, blah, blah. Iím bored.
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I went to work today. I helped out in the kitchen again today. I like working in the kitchen, but only because I get to get off at noon. I like coming home early because then I can do art work all afternoon if I want to. Sometimes I like to take a nap, like I did today and then I did a lot of art. After I finished my art work then I jumped right on the computer. I like to check my blogs and stuff. I have been checking my e-mail. I have a lot of e-mail today.
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I am done reading like two of my books that I recently got in. I am just waiting for one more and it should have been here by now. I hope that it didnít get lost in the mail or anything. Our mail carrier is not that reliable. He/she does not know how to read. We are always getting someone elseís mail in our mailbox or someone else is getting ours. I canít stand that. I really wish they would pay attention more often. I know they are busy, but it is important that people get their own mail. Ugh!!
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I just finished making a book out of manilla folders. I think that I will be using it for my next journal. I put a hard back cover on it and everything. I am really enjoying my moleskin, but they are just too expensive for me to keep buying so I kinda just figured out how to make my own. I just glued a bunch of manilla folders together and then put tape on the end to hold it secure. I will probably glue it into the hard covers another day, after it dries completely. I am excited about it.
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Right now I am just waiting for my husband to get home. I hope that we do something tonight because I donít want to be bored. I donít want to spend a lot of money though. Maybe we can just go to a movie or something. I might see if we can go tomorrow afternoon instead, it will be cheaper then. I donít know. I will have to see if my hubby feels like going somewhere or not. Maybe he will want to stay home. Who knows? I donít think he actually wants to go to a club or anything.
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I actually have been walking on the new treadmill I got. I didnít buy it. My mother-in-law gave it to me because she ran out of room for it. I have been doing about twenty minutes like three times a week or something like that. I canít take much more than that right now. I donít like to exercise, but I am trying to. My body needs me to move so thatís what I am trying to do. I canít lose weight by just sitting on my ass, so Iím walking. I guess I will have to start being consistent.
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Today is Sunday and we arenít doing anything special. I am going next door to visit my cousins because they are coming over. I like when I get to see them. I like playing with my little three year old cousin. She is so cute. I canít wait until they get here. I think I am going to make some cookies for them or something. I donít know yet. Maybe a cake instead. I will have to think about it. She always brings her Barbies to play with and she loves to color with me. We will have fun today.
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I just got back from work and I am on my computer. I think that I am a little bit obsessed with reading my blogs and things. I also really like to make videos with my art and stuff too. I post them on YouTube. I was surprised that a lot of people actually like them. I donít know why. I guess they kinda are fun to watch. I like watching other peopleís sped up art videos so I guess that is why they like to watch mine. I need to go check all of my blogs now. Gotta run!!
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I canít believe that January is almost over already. Itís crazy. I feel like the year just started and itís already the last week. I guess that just means you better make the most of everyday because it really does go by very fast. I donít know. I feel like some of my days are wasted because I stay on the computer or do lots of art, but I guess if that is how I want to spend my day then it isnít wasted. I donít know what else I would do anyway other than clean the house and stuff.
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My hubby is shopping on his lunch hour right now. We needed milk and bread, but he forgot the bread. Oh well, thatís a man for you. You give him two things to get and he forgets one of them. I guess I will just have to go to the store later. I really donít want to though. Thatís the reason that I sent him. Next time I will have to write him a list or just call him while he is at the store. I know itís hard to shop on your lunch hour. Itís hard to shop fast.
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I am cold right now in my house. I think I need to turn on the heater or maybe I will just put a fire on in the fireplace. That should warm things up a bit. My hubby is still sleeping, but I couldnít sleep anymore. I am an early riser and I am glad because that means I can get more stuff done throughout the day. I donít have to sleep until the late morning and feel like my day is royally wasted. I might go back to bed though with a book just so I can warm up.
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I am so glad that today is finally Friday. I didnít think the weekend would ever get here. I am happy that I only have to work for half a day today too. I will get an early start on my weekend that way. I am tired today though so I just might take a nap when I get home. I usually do that around noon. I am an early riser so I get tired in the afternoon. I am still able to sleep at night though so thatís good. I donít think I allow my body to sleep enough.
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I need to do clothes and clean the house today. I really donít want to though. My hubby is going to do the dishes, but I am going to clean the bathrooms and such. I have to fold and save the clothes today, because I finished washing them yesterday. When we are finished all of that stuff, we might be able to go out and do something fun. We might catch a movie or something. I donít know yet. I might want to stay home and just do art work. I will have to see what he wants to do.