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I canít believe it is December already. Itís crazy. I need to start shopping for my Christmas presents. I have tons to buy, but I donít know what everyone wants. I am going to have to get lists from them. Maybe I will make some of the gifts this year. I donít know. I will just have to decide what I am going to do. I know I am buying some gift cards for most of the people. I donít like to, but it is just easier. You know? That way, they can go out and buy what they want.
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I had a good day today. I had to go to work in the kitchen this morning so I got off at 12:15. I was excited because I got to come home and have time for myself. I spent all afternoon making paper. It was fun. I made several pieces. I also made a big mess. It took me forever to clean it up. My hubby helped me thank goodness. I had to use my momís food processor because I couldnít find my blender. It worked pretty well though. If you want to see the process, head to my website.
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Today I got off early. I came home to check my blogs and to do some artwork. I got stuck watching TV though. I am addicted to lifetime network, especially now that they have Christmas shows on. I am going to have to tape some though because I canít watch them all in one day. I donít want to miss a single one. It is the only time of the year that I get to watch them so I take advantage of it. I have several taping in the other room. I get to watch them at night before sleeping.
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I tried to shop for clothes today, but I ended up putting everything back. I decided that I didnít deserve any clothes. I am not exercising or doing anything to help get my health at a better place so until I do, I am not buying anymore clothes. Weíll see how long that lasts. I have a closet full of clothes, but nothing fits me. If I would just lose weight then I would have lots of clothes to wear. I donít feel good about myself and that sucks. I am doing my best to change my own mind though.
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I just finished doing artwork and making videos of it. I am now watching some TV and checking my blogs. It is a little cold in here. I think I might just have to turn up the heater later. We are babysitting tonight and I donít want the kids to be cold. I donít know what we will eat for supper because Iím not cooking and I donít know what the kids want to eat. Mabye we will order pizza or something. I will have to ask my hubby what he wants. I will ask if he wants the pasta.
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Today we just hung out at home all day. I was totally bored. I ended up sleeping until like almost eleven. I donít know what my problem was. I guess I was just really tired. My cousins ended up coming over later in the day and they cheered me up. I went shopping for veggies and fruits and she helped me to cut them up and put them away. After that I read my book and I also went visit my mom and dad. They have a Christmas party tonight too and I have to watch my little brother. Fun!!!
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I am just sitting here watching TV being bored. I am waiting for my brain to think of something to do. I know crazy right, but I really am bored. Maybe I should take a nap or something. I am kinda tired. Actually, I think I might try to go and do some artwork. I made videos of myself painting and stuff so that I could put them on my blog. I will have to do that this afternoon when I get off of work. I will have to work on finishing my video, if I feel like it later.
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Today I have a dentist appointment. It is just for a cleaning though so itís not so bad. I actually like to go to the dentist. I like when my teeth feel clean after the dentist. I hope that I donít have any cavities. I donít think I do because none of my teeth hurt, but you never know. Sometimes I have cavities and I think that I donít. Itís crazy. After that, I have to go back to work. At least I will get off at twelve though. I donít know what I will do when I get home.
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I finished Christmas shopping today. I was happy about that. Now I can get to work on wrapping them all. I like to do that. The wrapping part is fun. I am one of those weird wrappers. I like to put small things in big boxes and wrap the same gift over and over again with different kinds of paper or sometimes I put a heavy thing with just a small thing to make them think it is a big, heavy gift. It funny to see there faces when they open something and itís not what they think it is.
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Today is cold outside and it is raining. It is a really yucky day. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and read a book or watch a movie. I picked up my cousins this afternoon and they did their homework over here. Tonight we are going to put up my momís Christmas tree. We have to do it as a family because it is a tradition. I like looking at all the different ornaments and lights. Maybe this year it will be my turn to put the star on the top.
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I think I am going to wrap gifts today. I really need to and I totally have time so I might do that while I am sitting in front of the fire place. It is cold outside so I need to light one so that I can stay warm. I donít like being cold, but it is better now that I have the fire place. I also bought some new coats this year so I am glad to be using them. I think I buy new coats every year. I just love to have a new coat. Warm and fuzzy!!!
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I get to visit with my little cousin today. I am excited. I really like to play with her. She is three and she is hilarious. We played with her Barbie dolls yesterday. She also liked to play with my ball of yarn. I was knitting a set of arm warmers for myself and she was just like a little kitten. She just wanted to unwind my yarn. It was funny. After supper (we had Gumbo) she just wanted to watch a movie. She loves watching movies. She wanted to watch Ice Age, but she only watched a little bit.
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Today we are going to my grampaís house. Mrs. Vera is having a ďChristmas party.Ē She invites both sides of the families and makes lots of desserts and stuff. She just likes to spend time with the family and you canít blame her. She has her ďpartyĒ from noon until about three. I donít know if we will be able to go because my hubby is not feeling well. He woke up and now he is achy and he has a cough and stuff. He took some medicine so I hope that he feels better soon. He is really tired.
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It is cold outside right now. I only like it some days because I donít always like to bundle up. I am going to have to go buy me some more sweaters. I need some more long sleeved shirts too. I donít really want to go shopping though because nothing really fits me. I might use some of my Christmas money to go shopping for clothes, but I donít know. I think I will have to exercise first for a while to lose some weight. That will take a long time though. I need to lose lots of my weight.
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I need to check the recipes for Christmas Eve so that I could go shopping for some ingredients. I am having it here at my house so I need to make sure that I cook everything really well. I am not too happy though, because my hubby has to work that day. Hopefully it only becomes half a day though. He is off on the day after Christmas though. I am happy about that. I have off that day too. Maybe we can go shopping or something. We will just have to wait and see. It might be too crowded.
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I am currently pretty cold right now. I have tried to light a fire and I got one going, but it wasnít big enough. I donít like those duraflames. I have to break it apart to actually make a big enough fire to heat the living room. I also turned on the heater. I had it on, but it really wasnít high enough so I turned it up. If I would be cooking then it would be warm in here too. I donít cook much though. I should have put the crock pot on, that would have made it warmer.
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I went grocery shopping today. I spent like four hundred dollars on groceries, but thatís okay. I wonít have to go shopping for another few months. I hardly ever go shopping for groceries so when I do, I spend an awful lot. I also spent more this month because of Christmas. I had extra snacks to buy and stuff. Christmas is at my house so I am in charge of getting all of food things. Now I am sitting down watching TV. My feet hurt because I have been on them all day. I think I need a foot massage.
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I went grocery shopping today. I spent like four hundred dollars on groceries, but thatís okay. I wonít have to go shopping for another few months. I hardly ever go shopping for groceries so when I do, I spend an awful lot. I also spent more this month because of Christmas. I had extra snacks to buy and stuff. Christmas is at my house so I am in charge of getting all of food things. Now I am sitting down watching TV. My feet hurt because I have been on them all day. I think I need a foot massage.
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An awesome recipe: 2 egg whites Pinch of salt 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar 3/4 c. sugar 1 pkg. mini chocolate chips 1 tsp. peppermint oil Few drops green food coloring Beat egg whites, salt and cream of tartar until stiff. Use a portable mixer. Beat in sugar and food coloring. Stir in chips. Drop by teaspoonfuls on cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Preheat oven to 375 F. Put cookies in oven then turn oven off and leave in overnight. Do not open door until morning! Doubled recipe yields 6 dozen cookies; this will fill both oven racks. Enjoy!!!
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My lips hurt. Theyíre chapped. I hate that. They are peeling. It sucks. I hate that. My lips need chapstick. They need vasoline. They need some coverage. My body needs water. It is too dry. Itís the weather that makes it that way. I need to soak in some lotion. I wish that were possible. I need to soak in oil or something. I donít know what to do. I just need to drink more water or something. My whole body is dry. Dry like the desert. I hate it. I need some lotion, unscented. It will wreck my allergies.
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ďgood old reliable baking soda can be used as a mechanical exfoliant over breakouts and blemishes. Wet your face and mix a small amount of baking soda (about the size of a dime) with your cleanser. Gently apply the cleanser to your face in a circular fashion, being careful not to over rub. Then rinse your face as usual." I was glad when I read this advice. I think it makes my skin feel smoother and that is always a good thing. It really is a good exfoliant. I just need to get more baking soda. I need to shop.
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Some fun things to do when you're bored: Make and send postcards to all your friends. Lie on the grass and look for shapes in the clouds. Mail yourself a letter. Make a list of things youíd like to learn more about. Take it to the library on your next visit and bug the librarian to help you find good books on at least 2 of the topics on your list. Close your eyes and draw a quick doodle on a piece of paper. Open your eyes and complete the drawing. Lie in your bed and ponder what needs pondering.
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I am very excited. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I canít believe that it is Christmas already. I didnít think it would ever get here, but it already has. Itís crazy. It only comes once a year, but it feels like it is everyday. I donít know. I just wish the years would go by slower. I feel like I am growing up so fast and there isnít anything that I can do about it. I just have to keep going and going. I should make the best of it. It will be fun tomorrow. The party is at my house.
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I am gladly sitting here with a glass of egg nog and some sweets. I love Christmas. You can indulge in all the good things to eat and not feel guilty for it. I have eaten non-stop for like three days straight and itís okay. I plan on going on my diet the first of the year and I am enjoying myself now while I can. I figure that I feel fat enough as it is so I might as well enjoy myself while I can. I wonít be able to eat any of that, so Iím enjoying it now.
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I am actually getting tired of trying to write these one hundred words everyday. I think I will take a break from this during January. I will just have to see though. I get tired of trying to think of something to write about everyday. Itís really hard to do and I didnít think that it would be. I have also been really busy lately so I donít even have a whole lot of time to sit here and write these words everyday. I barely have time to write in my own blog much less do both so weíll see.
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Christmas was so much fun. We got to visit with everyone that we wanted to and I got all the gifts that I wanted to get. I got a lot of art things and I also got a mouse pen. I am loving it because it means that I can write e-mails with my own handwriting and stuff like that. I can also draw straight onto the computer through Photoshop and stuff like that. It is awesome. I am having so much fun with it. I also got tons of stencils and things like that. I canít wait to paint.
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Today is going to be fun. I plan on locking myself in my art room and not coming out until I am totally done with some stuff. I am not doing anything in particular, just some painting in my journal and things. I wish I could take off of work all next week to work on stuff too. I have off most of the week though so that is okay with me. I will have lots of time to paint/draw. I am also going to paint on my computer too. I got a new program I want to try out.
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I think I want to go see a movie today, but I donít know. I might want to go shopping instead and spend some of my Christmas money. I think that I will just have to wait and see. I might ask my hubby what he feels like doing today. He will probably want to go shopping too if I had to guess. I think he may have spent all of his Christmas money though. He got himself a new CD player for his car. I hope he enjoys it because he used up all of his money on it.
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Here are all the books that I just ordered from Amazon. I am really excited about it because I love to read new books. I plan on getting really inspired when I start getting these in. I plan on using some new ideas in my art journal and to have a blast reading them. Awesome!!!! How to make a journal of your life Recovery of your inner child Creative license Mixed-media self portraits 1,000 artists journal pages everyday matters 123ís of creative doodling The doodle formula Journal revolution Type cast Doodling for papercrafters Visual journaling Creative journal Find your groove
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Oh my gosh, I just realized that today is Tuesday. I kept thinking today was Monday. I guess that is what happens when you only go to work for two days out of the week. We have off for New Yearís the rest of the week. I am excited about that. I like when I donít have to go to work, but we need the money. I donít know what else I would do with my time anyway. I would like to maybe start selling some art, but then I wouldnít like being forced to do it. I donít know.
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I am annoyed right now. I am trying to publish a video to my blog and it is giving me trouble. I am trying to fix it, but so far it isnít working. I hate when that happens. I did everything just like I was supposed to, but sometimes I just have to do it two or three times before it works. I donít know. I guess we will have to see what happens. It only has three minutes of publishing left. Keep your fingers crossed that it works because if not, then I might throw this against a wall.