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Today is November 1st. I am waiting for my little cousinís birthday party to start. We are going to have a lot of fun. We are going to do makeovers and order pizza and stuff. We are having a sleep over. I plan on sleeping over, too. She is turning 10 years old in a few days. You would think that she is on the verge of being a teenager though with her attitude and she knows it. Oh snap!! Watching TV right now. I was doing artwork though. I just finished wrapping her presents. I hope she likes them.
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I donít think we are doing anything today. We might go watch a movie, but I donít know which one. We had so much fun at my little cousinís party. We made little pizzas and stuff. She loved her camera that I gave her. She took pictures all night long. We also put on tattoos and carved a couple of pumpkins. We had fun eating all the pumpkin seeds too. Itís 10:00 and they are still up. We told them their deadline to stay awake would be 12:00. They werenít too happy, but we are tired. Itís bedtime for us.
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Here are my 100 words for today: I am tired. I am tired. I am tired. I am tired. I am tired. I am tired. I am sleepy. I am sleepy. I am sleepy. I am sleepy. I am bored. I am bored. I am bored. I am bored. I am bored. I am tired. I am tired. I am sleepy. I am bored. I am dazing. I am dazing. I am spacing out. I am tired. I am bored. I am sleepy. I hope you arenít bored with me. I am tired. I am bored. I am spacing out.
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I have just been a little crazed lately. I donít exactly know why. I guess itís because the outside of our trailer is not finished yet. The guy is still giving us the run around. The skirting is up, but not the siding. He said he would maybe come tomorrow or Sunday or Monday. I think heís the crazy one because he needs to just come and finish the job so that he wouldnít have to hear from us again. My hubby is tired of calling him. I am tired of hearing his excuses. He needs to stop being lazy.
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I am watching a show about the human brain right now. Itís talking about dreaming. I dream so much during the night and I always have very weird or scary dreams. They are talking about storing memories through the brain and stuff like that. The logic part of the brain gets shut off so that you can dream up new things that might get turned into ideas later. I think that is so cool. I donít usually know what my dreams mean though. I guess I donít have to know though. I just have to enjoy my dreams. Good night!!!!
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I am so excited this morning. Last night my hubby surprised me with an IPhone. I am loving that I have the internet on it and that I can be connected anywhere I go. I am not exactly loving the cost of it though, but I guess if you want nice stuff then you have to pay for it. I have been checking my e-mail and I think that I will use it for Twitter stuff too. That way people will be able to keep in touch several different ways. I hope that I can learn how to use it.
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My mom taught me how to knit the other day. I canít wait to keep at it. I know how to crochet, but knitting is different. She warned me that it would be harder, but I was up for the challenge. All I will have to do is keep practicing and I will get it in no time. I think I will start out making scarves (no afghans for me yet). Thatís what I will be doing today, just knitting my little hands off. I guess I will have to take a break eventually though, a girls got to eat.
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I am going crazy right about now. I have lost one of my art books and I have no idea where to even look for it. We still havenít unpacked everything yet, but I have checked every box we have left and it isnít in there. I have looked on my bookshelf several dozen times in case I may have overlooked it, but still no book. Maybe I will ask my mom if I left it at her house or something. Of course it is one of the books that I wanted to look through today. Iím loosing my mind.
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We are going to my grammyís house today. She is going to make us all a dessert and we are going to pick names for Christmas. I donít really like picking names because all we end up getting people are gift cards. My mom says all it is is everyone just exchanging money between us. We would like more homemade gifts and gifts that people have actually put some thought into. I guess that is whatís wrong with Christmas these days. I think that we need to remember the real reason that we celebrate (Jesus) not just worry about gifts.
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Today was kinda boring. I went to work for most of the morning. After I left work I went to Target to go shopping. I was just walking around and looking at different things, just to pass the time. Right now I am watching Look Whoís Talking. I like this movie. It makes me laugh everytime. The little baby is so cute. John Travolta isnít too bad to look at either. I think I am just going to make a frozen pizza for supper. That is easy enough. I also got ice cream for dessert. My hubby LOVES ice cream.
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I have tons of new art blogs to check tonight. I like to add more blogs to my favorites. It gives me something to do and I like to see what other people are doing with their time. I donít know. I guess I donít have much of a life. I usually just sit here and watch TV. I also love to be on my computer and check blogs. I work too so I just donít sit around all day and do nothing. My husband helps me out a lot too with chores and stuff. Heís great to have around.
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I am sitting here watching TV. I am watching Clean House. I canít believe that some people let their houses get so messy and cluttered. I am so glad that eventually I end up cleaning up my messes. I organized my art room yesterday. Now I can actually work in there. Well, I will try to work in there when I finally get some ideas for something. I have been so tired lately that I havenít wanted to do anything. I will just have to force myself to do something. Maybe I will just splatter some paint over the pages.
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I donít know why one hundred words is behind a day. It is actually annoying me. I guess my OCD is coming in on that one. Oh well, I will just keep typing. I am watching TV now as usual. I think I will also be checking my blogs as usual. I have been wanting to do artwork all week, but now I come home and I am a little intimidated by my journal. I am having no ideas as usual. I am going to the movies tonight. I donít want to though. I already went to a movie today.
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I got out of bed early today. I woke up at 6:30 and decided not to go back to sleep because I was having the same bad dream over and over every time I woke up. I hate when that happens. When I wake up the first time, I want the dream to go away. I hate that it continues when I go back to sleep. Anyway, today I plan on just hanging out and doing art. I donít know exactly what I will be doing yet, but I will think of something. Maybe I will use shapes all day.
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Today I am going to visit my mother-in-law. She is cooking and invited her mother over so we are going. My hubby needs to get a haircut first and I am deciding if I want to get a haircut or not. Do I want my hair short again or do I want to grow it a little longer? I donít know. I change my hair all the time and I am never satisfied with a haircut for a long period of time. I donít know. I guess I just like change, especially when it comes to the cut and color.
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I finally put all the pictures in my computer. Now I actually have pictures to put on my blog. I am watching you tube videos now. I am pretty bored just waiting for my show to start at seven. The Biggest Loser is the show. I really like that show. It makes me jealous of all the people who lost weight on there, but I sure donít want to work out for six hours a day so I am not that jealous. I just donít think I could do that. I like having a life and doing what I want.
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I have to work all day tomorrow with two year olds by myself. I really donít like being by myself in a room because I donít have anyone to talk to except the kids. Oh well, I am glad that I work all day because we have a workshop that night. I really hate workshops. You just sit there listening to someone who thinks they know it all, when actually us teachers know exactly what they are talking about. It is all just a big repeat about things that we do everyday. These people think we need to be reminded.
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I could sit here at my computer all day long. I donít know why I have gotten so involved with it. I guess I really like reading my blogs. My mom got me started with all that blog stuff so I think I will blame it on her. I have tons of blogs to read by other people and then I have my own blog to write. I also like to check out new sites and videos too, so the computer takes up a lot of time in my life. I guess itís okay though because I love it. Sigh!!!
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I canít believe that I am up this early. Well, I can kinda. I am not really a good sleeper. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and canít go back to sleep for almost an hour. Thatís why I got up at 5:30. I wouldíve had to have gotten out of bed by 6:15 anyway so I just figured I might as well get up. I fixed me some hot chocolate because it is cold this morning. I tried coffee, but it was gross. My hubby is still asleep. He could sleep through anything. Snore, snore!!!
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I am watching a movie right now. I really like to just sit here at night and chill while watching TV and reading lots of my blogs. I am tired right now. I got up at 5 this morning. I totally should be in bed instead of watching this movie, but I am hard headed and I donít want to. I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I love the weekends. I donít have to do anything if I donít want to. I just like to lay around and do nothing, at least for a little during the weekend.
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I am sitting here tonight just watching The Santa Clause. I really like this movie. I am so glad that I am able to start watching Christmas movies again. I have lots of them and sometimes I feel like watching them in the middle of the year, but it feels weird. I am also watching my fire place. I have a little log burning just to warm up the living room. I really like watching a fire. It really is soothing and relaxing to me. I like the orangey color and the way the flames look like ribbons. Itís beautiful.
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I have been feeling very strange lately. I have been feeling like I am not all here. I maybe think it is because I have been working every single day now and I havenít had a day off to rest in a while. I mean, I have the weekends and stuff, but I feel like they donít count. I have been off so many afternoons this month that I kinda got used to it. I guess I will have to get unused to it. One of my co-workers will be out for a couple weeks because she had pneumonia. Whew!
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Today we went to my mother-in-laws house. We just went to visit for a little while. She cooked spaghetti and garlic bread for us, for lunch. It was delicious. I love her spaghetti. We stayed a little longer than I wanted to, but it wasnít so bad. We got home in time to watch TV and chill out before we had to go to bed. I ended up doing some artwork too so that was good. I usually like to get some kind of art done during the day. It makes me feel productive I guess. I need that time.
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Today we went to my mother-in-laws house. We just went to visit for a little while. She cooked spaghetti and garlic bread for us, for lunch. It was delicious. I love her spaghetti. We stayed a little longer than I wanted to, but it wasnít so bad. We got home in time to watch TV and chill out before we had to go to bed. I ended up doing some artwork too so that was good. I usually like to get some kind of art done during the day. It makes me feel productive I guess. I need that time.
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I am cold right now. I should be putting on a fire right now, but I donít feel like staying awake until it finishes burning out. Tomorrow though, I wonít be so cold. I will be camping in front of a fire with my family and itís going to be awesome. I like to camp. At least I do the one time of year we camp. Maybe we will go camping again next weekend to with my hubbyís cousins, but I havenít decided yet. I think that he wants to go, but I just donít know. Weíll have to talk.
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Today we watched the guys ride their 4-wheelers again. They had such fun doing that. Some of them had dirt bikes and boy, were they dirty. It was unreal the amount of mud that could get on one person. We had to strip them down outside and hose them off. They were really cold. It was to be expected though because it was 60* outside most of the time. It was really windy a lot of the time too. That is what made it pretty cold outside. We had to stay in for a little while because of the rain.
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We went camping this week. It was so much fun. We had a campfire and we sat around it all night for 3 days. It was great. We also cooked a lot for supper and things since it was Thanksgiving and all. We had family to spend time with and a cute toddler to play with it was wonderful. It ended up being really cold a couple of the days, but we got through it. We sat in front of the fire and put on lots of jackets. The guys rode the 4-wheelers and got totally muddy. It was gross.
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I am watching a Christmas movie right now. I am a little cold too, but I wonít be later when it is time to go to bed. I canít wait until I can snuggle under the covers with my husband and just spend some time together. Since we have been camping we havenít been able to spend quality time together. We slept in my auntís camper and we had to sleep separate and I miss being with him while I sleep. I miss my backrubs too. I need one to go to sleep and I havenít gotten it. Iím spoiled.
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I am so bored. I am just sitting here watching tv. We have been watching a lot of Christmas shows and I love it. I watch these shows every night. I donít like when I miss them. I also like to have a fire lit and some hot chocolate in my hands. I am really enjoying that this winter. Now that we have a fireplace and a new trailer we are much warmer this year for the winter. I am loving it. It will be hard to enjoy the fireplace during the winter though. Itís time to watch the fire.
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Tomorrow I have to go back to work. I really donít want to though. I think it is time for me to have a day off. I have been working like everyday and I just need some time to go Christmas shopping and stuff. Maybe I will be able to take off next week to do that. Weíll see. I will have to ask my boss if itís okay, but I might be back in the kitchen by then and I wonít have to ask. I am half a day when I am in the kitchen. I love that schedule.