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Mmmm, this is exhilirating. A new month, a fresh slate.

Happy International Joke day!

The sky is a light blue almost gray color but is obscured by dark clouds. The universe creates the best sound ever... rain and thunder.

Babysitting "The Little Devil" wasn't to terrible. We baked banana bread. Yum... I love fresh bread when it melts in your mouth like a piece of candy.

I've started looking for a college, it's more difficult than expected. I assumed there would be a huge flashing sign telling me which college. Turns out no such sign exists...

P.S. Mom = New Job!
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South Africa
Tidy House
Enduring (Synonym for Patient)
Very Conservatively Liberal
Educator of his children (Especially with Driving, Science and Math Homework)

Beautiful / Handsome
Red Hair
Obscure history
Win-Win Attitude
Notable Coffee Drinker

Happy Birthday Dad!

He's funny because he's a modest person. So I called him today and he told me "it's just another day" when its not. This day only happens once a year! Birthdays are my favorite thing each year. Unfortunately I can't be with him to celebrate, but we'll do it later.

Birthday Present = New grill, since our current one won't light on its own anymore
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Happy Birthday Alishya!

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

I would write without worrying that its terrible, I would sing boldly and proudly, I would stand up for what I believe in, I would express my true personality all the time, I would dance in church, I would draw and paint, I would be going to the school I wanted next year, I would be living the life I've always dreamed of...

We leave for vacation tonight. It'll be fun, but my camera's broken. So I'm taking my old camera and a disposable, which might be kinda fun...
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Independence Day, or better known as the fourth of July. Most people watch fireworks.

Fireworks... they are such an odd thing. It's the one thing that actually brings our country together. Everybody watches fireworks in wonder and awe, whether you hate or love America, you still watch the fireworks crackle in the sky.

I think the coolest thing is to watch adults "ooh and aah" just the same as little children. Fireworks have something magical about them I have decided. Hearing them crackle and pop helps me to remember all the great things about our country.

Summer is quite wonderful!
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Today I stood in four different states at one time. Pretty cool huh? I also drove through a wind storm from hell. I wore white shorts and they officially have a brown tint about them. Oh and my hair feels like dreadlocks from all the sand. But I bought some pretty sweet stuff. I got Alishya, Carly, and my dad all birthday presents.

I bought Alishya a ring, Carly a shirt, and Dad a beautiful pot.

There's really nothing else to say about this day. The views were gorgeous and I took lots of pictures. But that is about it.
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We rode a train into a small old western town and shopped. I got an awesome jacket and delicious fudge. My brother got a pooping bear keychain... We also sat in a piano bar and listened to rag time.

The train ride followed a river, so I took about a million pictures. I love rivers, it was so beautiful. I also drank chai tea for the first time in a few years. I forgot how delicious it is.

But, Lyn went psycho and decided my dad wasn't right for her, so put all her effort into having a terrible time.
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We went to a National Park and one of the tours included climbing a thirty foot ladder. Well Lyn was being a bitch and still determined not to have fun. Unfortunately my brother follows her every move and wouldn't come on the tour. But my dad and I had a fun time anyway and I got some really gorgeous pictures.

That night we went to this vaudeville and melodrama play. I've never seen anything like it, so it was fun and hilarious. I really like local acting, because it seems more real. The actors were the waiters, which is cool.
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We just hung out today. So that means I went swimming twice, played scrabble and mini golf. Lyn completely ignored us and pretended as if we didn't exist. She also horded my brother all day, but he did play scrabble with us and went swimming. Of course I whooped them at scrabble and just barely beat my dad at mini golf.

The only unfortunate thing was since we didn't have to go anywhere my dad drank all day, and by that evening he was drunker than hell. He couldn't walk straight and it was quite embarrassing. Nonetheless a fun day.
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My dad apologized to Lyn for whatever this morning, so she started recognizing our existence which was nice, since we drove all day. We stopped at this gator farm which was quite interesting. Basically it was this red-neck-hippie "farm". A guy with blue hair convinced me to hold an alligator and get my picture taken. We watched two turtles have sex... an interesting sight.

The guy with blue hair needed to catch a female because she was fighting, so he comes out smoking pot and jumps in the swamp that has 18 alligators and starts walking around. It was insane.
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We played more mini golf this morning, and walking up to the course Lyn got chased by a snake. My dad won this time.

We went to another park; it was really lame and boring. But my brother had tons of fun, so that made it better. Lyn bought me salt water taffy, which is like my all-time favorite.

I ordered a veggie burrito for lunch and you'll never believe, they smothered it in pork chili! I ordered a vegetarian burrito. People can be so stupid.

We got home late, so my dad and I ate dinner at Chili’s, yum…
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Today was my rejuvenation day. Basically, I just sat around all day. I washed Jack the dog, and now he's soft and fluffy. I exercised for twenty minutes, which made me proud.

My dad picked me up in the afternoon and took me to my mom's work so I could go home with her. We had a nice and long talk on the way home, which we haven't had in a while.

We ate dinner with our neighbor friends who are the people I work for. We ordered sushi from a new restaurant in the area. It was super delicious!
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I went to an amusement park today. I really do hate roller coasters... but I always go on them. I have no clue why, but I do.

Why do so many people pay $50 to be thrown upside down and call it fun? It's anything but fun to me, I personally don't enjoy standing in long lines while baking in the sun for a few seconds of "fun" that has an extremely high chance of damaging your brain.

When I leave from there I feel so drained and exhausted it doesn't feel worth it. But the teacups are pretty sweet.
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I worked today. It was nice since I haven't in a long time. I walk dogs and wash out their kennels for my neighbor, since they have ten. They were sweet and lovie today. I helped groom which is lots of fun. Plus, I made twenty-one bucks!

I went to a bead shop with my mom and sister. I got beads for a pink heart pendant I have, and African-ish stones for a pair of earrings. My best buy was a peace sign charm and mix-matched beads for a necklace.

We went to a plant nursery and bought new flowers.
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Today was another lazy day, I seem to have a lot of these, but they're nice. I always feel like nothing gets accomplished, because I usually just sit around. Today was no different; sure I did some important things, but nothing too exciting. Or at least nothing that seems worthy enough to write about in today's entry. Basically I stared at my computer for hours and then exercised and showered. Oh, I did clean a little, but not much.

21 more words. There’s a website I like that has 100 creativity prompts, 21 is hang upside down for 5 minutes.
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I babysat the little devil again today. Parts of it were good and others bad. She woke up at 7:30; I was so sleepy I could barely function. We watched two movies, Underdog and Pirates of the Caribbean. We painted our nails; I gave her a French manicure and painted peace signs on mine.

Oh, we also made this super sweet bed for one of her stuffed animals. It’s a blue cardboard box with yellow wood posts and we glued a wood slab on the bottom to make it sturdy. I sewed her a fleece pillow and made a canopy.
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I went to the eye doctor today. It was very exciting because for the first time ever, my prescription didn't change. My eyes have steadily been getting worse and now it looks like they might stay here. I never realized how expensive contacts were. They said we had $100 from insurance, and I thought that would cover a year supply, but we still owed $200!! I was horrified.

We went to Home Depot, it was cool because my dad actually told me what he was buying and what he was doing with it and things like that, which’s never happened.
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Babysat the little devil, and today she really did live up to her name... everything was going fine, we were having fun, until she started jumping on me and sitting on my head. Maybe I over reacted, but I got pissed when she wouldn't stop, so I yelled. Everything after went downhill. She didn’t want to practice flute because I was listening and making her nervous, she didn't want to clean her room because she felt like a maid, the list goes on....

We watched The Bucket List, I love it, especially since I have a list just like it.
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I went to Carly's today. We had fun, mainly just laid on her bed and talked. She had an orthodontist appointment, so I stayed and did a page in her Wreck This Journal. She has acrylic paints that I'm officially in love with. All I have are stupid children tempura paints. I can't wait to get to hobby lobby or something and buy acrylics.

Steve picked me up and we drove to Macy's. We shared a pretzel in the mall which was nice. For babysitting I earned a new shirt, it's quite gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it.
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Kristen had her wedding shower today. We sat around for a while, finally ate, and then opened presents. After presents was cake, but I had eaten so many m&m's to soothe my chocolate craving, more sugar did not settle well with the stomach. Then Mak did a "How well do you know your bride" quiz, as it turns out, I don't know her very well.

I finally got to meet all of the bridesmaids. There's a big joke, because three of us are named Jessica. So if you need a bridesmaid, just yell the name Jessica and you'll get someone.
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Today was my day to do whatever I wanted. We drove to a local arts festival, they had belly dancing which was interesting. We went to the art museum and looked at the new building. They had many interactive things. I designed my own postcard and wrote a poem. I decided I love abstract and modern art, it’s so intriguing… I could stare at it for hours.

We went to the library and I got Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I started and finished Runner tonight. We went to my favorite book store and got a cool crafts book.
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Once again, a lazy day. And truly that, I didn't get out of bed until 1:00, it was terrible but oh so nice. I started my summer homework which was a big accomplishment. I also started A Thousand Splendid Suns, which was very bad because I won't be able to do homework until it's finished.

I made The Little Devil a treasure hunt for tomorrow's babysitting task. The treasure is two candy canes and a collage I made. More exercising today too, I surprised Steve, because I didn't do anything all day and then finally before dinner I did it.
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The Little Devil enjoyed the treasure hunt. I was glad because I was afraid she would get frustrated. Steve took us to the thrift store so we could get out of the house. I bought three new awesome pairs of pants and a notebook for my summer homework. When we got home we played a board game which I haven't done in a long time.

After dinner the family sat in the living room, drank tea and read. It was absolutely the most amazing thing in the world. I love the sound of silence with pages turning in the background.
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Steve dropped me off at Driver's Ed. The other girl I drove with was scary, she completely zoned out with no idea what was happening, and she didn't listen to the instructor and almost got us in a head-on crash. I on the other hand, did wonderfully; there isn’t anything specific I need to work on, just practice in general.

My dad picked me up and we stopped at a few stores. I read A Thousand Splendid Suns and sobbed which freaked him out. We saw a local production of Wicked... it was fabulous and had Tamra Hayden from Broadway!
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I babysat my brother today, so basically I laid around the house again. I painted so much, because I just got new acrylic paints. The craft store I bought them at sells a big bottle for 50 cents! I just painted all day, my hands are covered. When I wasn't painting, I was reading my new craft book to get more ideas for other things to paint. Jake drew pictures for our relatives about our vacation, and I painted them cards.

I had an electrolysis appointment. They are looking quite gorgeous; the hair that grows back has become only fuzzy.
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I babysat my brother in the morning. He was an ass hole; I was ready to chop his head off by the time Lyn came.

I did more painting today too. I made Steve a congratulations card for his new job to give him with his late birthday present. I think he enjoyed it. I made him open it while we were eating at a restaurant. We bought him a new swimsuit for vacation. Mak wanted to go bra shopping, but she didn't get anything because she wanted a padded bra and mom won't let her get any padding.
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We left the house two and a half hours later than we wanted, but still stopped at a shopping center to get school clothes and my mom work clothes. At the hotel, I guess we were VIP's because they wanted us to buy a room in their new hotel, so they treated us like royalty. Our room was huge; it had a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and huge bathroom.

When we got settled in, we found a Japanese restaurant and ate sushi. It was delicious. Then we went swimming, it was wonderful because the pool is kept at 87 degrees.
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Mak woke me up at 6:30 which was quite annoying. We decided to walk around a nearby lake in the morning. So mom and I power walked the two miles, while Mak and Steve ran. I can feel it in my shins, tummy, and butt.

We mainly hung around the hotel all day. Mak got antsy and was mad because I kept beating her at the games we played. We watched Hidalgo, which was relaxing. For dinner we walked to a Chinese restaurant… the shrimp was gross. My fortune said "You are going to have a very comfortable old age."
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Mak let me sleep in, and in return I took her swimming. When we got back we had to pack. I hate leaving hotels, because I'm always afraid I'll forget something.

We stopped in town to get ice cream and shop around. My cone was huge and difficult to finish, but I managed. We decided to stop in another cute town on the way home for some better crafty shopping. There was a rock shop we stopped at and a photography store with great African photos. We ate lunch at a cute restaurant. I had a super delicious vegetarian pita.
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Mom left this morning to go on a trip for work, but Brook rode the bus to my house and spent the day with me. It was impossible to believe it had been 8 months since I last saw her. I love Brook so much I can't express it in words. She taught me how to play the card game spit. It’s a lot of fun. She helped me cook veggie pesto pasta with tomato sauce which came out delicious. Late at night we watched Along Came Polly. That's such a good movie, it's so hilarious…we laughed quite a bit.
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We woke up early to go to Mak's tutor, but played on the playground. I made peace with the swings. We explored the school and said hi to one of our old teachers. Then we had to go to my orthodontist appointment. In the waiting room Brook and I watched Scrubs on her iPod. She came back with me to watch and pick out my band colors (Jade and Ruby). We went home and played more spit which we renamed shit-plus-irritated-teens. Then we made collages with Mak. For dinner we ate at my favorite Indian restaurant then dropped her off.
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Oh my goodness, such a crazy day. I woke up at noon and had to start packing. Then I had to take care of Interact which was extremely difficult because I leave town tonight and don't come back until school starts and no one was replying to my e-mails. But, fortunately I think I have it all figured out. Now I just have to work out how I'm going to go to my Choir camp.

But, it’s the end of my first 100 words batch! It’s exciting to have one finished. Next month my entries are going to be different.