BY regina

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This is funny. This special one week batch is perfect because this week happens to be one of the MOST stressful weeks. Exams everywhere. Workshops here and there. Editing. Videos. Shooting. Photoshop everything. Look for group mates. Wake up early. Sleep late. Better yet, don't sleep. Study. Attend all classes. Do all assignments. Type a million papers. Research. A lot to do, no time at all. And what little time I have, I'm spending it here in 100words. I seriously need more than 24 hours a day even though all I want to do is lie down next to you. :)
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I envy those who can write like there's no tomorrow. I envy every author who has finished a novel. I envy their discipline, I envy their time, I envy their accomplishments, I envy them. I envy their writing skills, of never giving up on writing and finishing novels. I envy the movie directors who get praised because of their works of art. I envy the painters who can read good reviews about their paintings and sculptures. I envy their inspirations, and I find myself wondering if their inspirations know that they were the cause of such magnificent works of art.
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Top ten things you love about sorority girls.
1. They can somehow manage their time magically.
2. They are willing to do anything for their sisses.
3. They know their worth. They are not afraid to let others know as well.
4. They carry themselves well.
5. They are strong.
6. They do not back down.
7. They can do a lot of things under pressure and still look beautiful.
8. They have their own styles.
9. When hurt, they get up again easily.
10. They know themselves.
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What you learned in kindergarten will help you greatly in life: Look both ways. Never rush into anything. Red never goes well with green, except during Christmas. Santa isn't real, but it isn't wrong to believe. Wishes do come true. Keep off the grass. Especially weeds. Don't pick flowers. Wash your hands. Brush your teeth. Fix your bed. The guys who tease you like you. Never wear your hair in two braids. Smile like you mean it. Never tell lies--or don't get caught. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer. Hold hands when you go off into the world.
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I always knew I was a jealous person. I just never knew how much. I always knew she was prettier. I just never realized how far off she was. I always knew I was clumsy. I just never knew how many things I can destroy. I always knew I can easily be pissed off. I just never knew what my limits were. I always knew I was not as strong as I make it out to be. I just never knew how much I was lying to myself. I always knew myself. I just never knew how well. And you?
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I am angry. Extremely. You ruined my day, and you will regret that. Who are you, to act all high and mighty? Just because you have a name doesn't entitle you to dictate lives. Look at yourself before you preach. Look at what you're doing. Look at the effects of what you have been doing. Ask yourself. Is it right? Should it stop? You know the answer. You're just afraid to admit it. Change your ways before karma comes down on you. Don't act like you're the best and don't make everything revolve around you. We are not under you.
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Beauty is subjective. What is pretty for a guy may me ugly to others. What is pretty for a girl may be ugly for a guy. I have noticed one thing though. Girls appreciate beauty more. My girl friends and I find the simple ones beautiful while our guy friends have stereotypes and are very picky. And sometimes, what is gorgeous to them is not very appealing to girls. Most of my guy friends love girls who are tall, stick-thin and powder-white. They have in their minds, a sketch of what is supposed to be beautiful. How sad.