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The world becomes dark early now. Winter is on the way. It is the time of year outdoor chores need to be done on the weekend because there is not enough daylight after work and not enough motivation or energy to do them before work. It is dark now, and a month ago there would have been about an hour's more daylight at the same time. I like seasons. It is getting cool too and I look forward to that but find myself not wearing warm enough clothes from time to time. Soon I will get out the woolly jumper.
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There is something beautiful about the first couple of days of the month. There they sit, pristine, day one hopefully completed and greyed out, day two waiting for an entry. They hold the promise of satisfaction at being on top of things, with the future still unknown, still to come, unburdened and not a burden. It is a fresh start, a genesis. It could be anything. It is a brief window to be whatever you want, and to be whatever you want for the month ahead. It is scary when you look in and see a block of dark blue.
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Hover cat hovered over the town, quite high up. He was not visible from the ground. There was no line anchoring him in place, preventing him from flying away. He truly hovered, high over the town. The sky was huge and he was in little danger of being hit by a bird or by an aeroplane. He could not see very much of the town, either, from this height. It was a conundrum - to hover lower and be seen or to hover high up and be unable to see anything interesting. He hovered away looking for a less populous place.
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The little cat with three legs hopped along, her long fur and huge tail giving her the appearance of wearing robes. She was black and white, the little black-robed thing. She traveled quickly, as to travel slowly would mean falling over. When she stopped, she would flop over onto her side. If fighting another cat, she would flop onto her side and bat at the air with her two front paws. Other cats were wary, not really knowing if she was a cat or some other animal. Her shape and lope were strange and called for a cautious approach.
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If successful this will be the first entry I make using my smartphone. My laptop won't load. The wifi is slow. I have a phone with a stylus which should make it easier. I am using swype which is working better than usual. The new Killer Sudoku arrived today, late. I was worried something had gone wrong. It was on my list to look into. It is Friday night. I have a long to do list this weekend. I am glad I did the grocery shopping already. I bought a huge piece of corned beef. Might need to freeze half.
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I am tired of all my favourite hobbies. I guess I am not compelled to continue with anything I am no longer interested in. I might take up a new hobby of cleaning and tidying for a while. If I had to move house it would frighten me, there is so much to do. I can get into it while the weather is cool. I have thought of a way to get rid of the old bike. I plan to take it out at night and leave it in a nearby park. Someone will claim it and fix it up.
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Weekends are the sleep or night as weekdays are day or being awake. That's why we need weekends, to recharge. Not taking days off will wear you out. I had that sage thought this weekend when I was happily taking two days off work. I tried to move the green waste bin back into place while full with one hand, the other hand holding the gardening implements. The bin tipped over. Luckily I was not under it. How easily accidents happen! I refilled it and used both hands to wheel it on a level surface back to where it belongs.
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I wear my usual work clothes which include a shirt with 3/4 length sleeves and a light jacket, also with shortish sleeves. My arms are cold and I think I should have worn my long gloves but then I think it is not cold enough. By the time I have walked the fifteen minutes to the train station I am feeling quite cold. I pass people rugged up with beanies and scarves. I sit down and look at my phone and am shocked to see it is only 8 degrees. No wonder I am so cold. It is cold!
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It's Tuesday and it's chilly. Especially in the mornings. Beautiful during the day but I don't see it. Busy doing that thing to earn money, working. Lucky to have a job these days. I have begun walking to another suburb's railway station in the morning to have a longer walk. It takes about half an hour which is over twice as long as the other walk. It is also free of traffic and quite pleasant. I get an excellent seat on the train and it is win-win, except for the person who used to sit in this excellent seat.
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I employ my new hobby of listening to podcasts whilst walking the longer distance to the more distant train station. I wish I had discovered podcasts earlier. My tinnitus is playing up though, I'm sure because of my constant use of earbuds. Maybe if I got some headphones it would be better for my hearing. It is very relaxing, as was listening to the audio book. I have to read the new book club book and apart from the chore of carrying it I find reading it hard work! I will persevere. Used to love reading. Now I love listening.
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Today I go to the mother's day markets looking for a late birthday present. I buy something and also a scented candle and a wrap-thing for myself. The week is crawling along. I am too hot most of the time because of dressing for the cold mornings and then being too hot when heading to the station in the afternoon, but it is cool again by the time I walk home from the station. I have decided I would rather be too cold than to roast! I am still enjoying the longer walk to the station. A good walk.
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Friday. Out for tea tonight at a pub near work. I always get lost looking for this pub and tonight was no exception, but I found it easily because I remembered where I went wrong from last time. It is a nice dinner with friends then I detour via the ABC on the way home to show my nephew the tardis, and take his photo with it. I eat too many chips lately. I need to find a way to eat fewer. It is hard to resist them when they are on the plate, can't resist when they sit there.
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Saturday and the weekend is in full swing. Two days of freedom. I go clothes shopping, to take advantage of the mother's day deal at my favourite clothes shop which happens to be local. I spend a lot and get some nice things. I need a proper wardrobe. With the restructure I have moved from the News Division to the Finance Division I need to not look too casual I think. I buy a potted succulent garden for the front porch. Happy mother's day to me for tomorrow. It is a glorious day. I go through my wardrobe and cull.
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Sunday, mother's day. I receive an SMS from my son at some stage "happy mother's day, mother". He invites me out for dinner next week. I can't wait. I have a lazy day and am not very active. I was up late last night watching TV and end up watching Rage which means it was VERY late. I spend some time with the hens this afternoon, tidying the hen house and sitting in a chair watching the sun go down, then lock them up for the night. I make soup. I watch Doctor Who and that's it for this weekend.
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I can work back a bit because I am going out after work but I tire of it and go early, too early and decide to wait in the cold darkness of Newtown station rather than go have a drink first. We go to a Mexican restaurant I have seen many times from the station - lovely lights make it look like some kind of fairyland. It doesn't disappoint. The food is lovely and the atmosphere good, everything is good actually. My son has good news about his job and it is a jolly lovely evening. Back home on the train.
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It is my favourite day of the week, movie night. I buy a bowl of wedges with sour cream at the pub, even though I note there are salads on the menu. I have to stop ordering chips. It's ridiculous. The movie is disappointing, one of the rare times that is the case. Neither of use like it. The movie experts seemed to like it, goodness knows why. One of them even laughed out loud in a couple of spots. I could tell it was supposed to be funny but I didn't find it so. Trying to be too clever.
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Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine. After Monday and Tuesday even the week is WTF. I intend stopping swearing. Now I know it is a substitute for crying, it is an emotive language (of course, no surprises there) and it is, I think, a lazy form of expression. I intend trying to find words and save swearing purely for when I absolutely can't help it, for when I am taken completely by surprise by something scary or potentially dangerous. Let's see how I go with that. I accidentally said God in front of a Christian. Sigh.
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I have a hair appointment tonight, to try to have my home-cut hair styled. I take the picture of the haircut I want and the hairdresser likes it, I am pleased to see, and further more and even more importantly, is happy to cut my hair in the style. It is longish and cut around the face, falling forward from the back of the head, cut into layers with soft waves. He does a good job but it will have to be further refined next time because the fringe is a bit short yet to properly frame the face.
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Friday and I don't get much of my book read this week. I give up and go back to podcasts. I also don't want to lug it around, being out every night, so I leave it at work and only bring it home today. I will have another go next week. I have two weeks before book club. It looks like rain this weekend and the sister and nephew are going camping so I hope it is fine. It rains heavily today. We have not had much rain lately, when once it rained all the time or so it seemed.
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I am home alone and sleep late doing the washing too, and going out to buy groceries. The shop is super busy because they have their snow gear specials on. I wish I had bought the textas on special last week because there are none left. I buy a leather tote bag for $40 which is a bit expensive for something I don't really need, but not for the value. I can carry it instead of my old calico bag to work and be a bit more classy, a bit less bag-lady. Tonight I see another movie, Strange Weather.
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I get a lot of work done around the house today and feel very good about it. I cook roast lamb dinner. The others come home in the evening and we wonder when the old folks will arrive as we have news they have business in Sydney. We all watch Dr Who together. It is scary, a bit like Harry Potter (and the characters on the show think so too). The nephew is not scared, perhaps he would be were the creatures dogs. Then I watched Grantchester which I quite enjoy after not having watched it much before recent times.
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Back to work and I have quite a good day and get a lot of work done. I also have lunch in the break out area instead of at my desk, a bad habit I had got back into. I have a sore back, or rather aches all around. Not sure why that is. Maybe too much living it up on the weekend, kind of. Chips again. This week - no chips. I will see how I go. Wednesday will be the test. I will try to choose the salad. I use my phone to count calories. It makes it easy.
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I have been researching eggs now that my hens have stopped laying. I bought a carton today that looked as though they were healthy eggs if not necessarily truly free range. I have downloaded an app that scans a carton and has cute little animated hens that rate the eggs. The more hens the square metre the more hens in the animation. The eggs I bought are bad (lots of hens crowded on the box lid). I scanned my carton collection and have some good ones. I can't wait to go to a shop and try the app, hee hee.
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Wednesday and movie day, my favourite day of the week. I order a salad at the pub before the movie because I almost always order chips or something with chips. The salad is delicious. There are two others on the menu and two more movie nights so I will try each one. Apparently tonight's movie had a lot of untruths (it was about an historical figure). I enjoyed it. It was very well made, I thought, even thought it had a small budget. I didn't really notice that. The acting and the attention to detail in the set was amazing.
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Thursday is normally the day I go grocery shopping but I was a bit late heading home and so I thought I'd leave it for another day. I was to dine alone so I bought some fish and chips on the way home, which was ironic because I had salad last night to avoid another meal with chips. It was delicious, and I only buy fish and chips about twice a year from the local shop so I figure it's OK. The grand-kitten helped me eat the fish. He is a very adventurous eater for a cat. Little cutie.
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Friday, and I do the grocery shopping tonight. The shop is open late every night, I realise. There is no need to limit myself to a particular day. I buy two pizzas and heat them up for myself and the nephew for dinner. We are the only ones at home. I watch a few shows on TV. I like Friday night TV. I do quite a bit of after-dinner eating. Any diet is a casualty of Friday night. I buy a packet of chocolate biscuits. Now winter is around the corner it's time. I do not open them yet.
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A very lazy day today. I make mulligatawny soup for dinner which sounds like an effort but it is easier to put on soup than something that has to be watched constantly. I have not made it for ages, perhaps literally years, when I used to make it about once a month. It is a shame I have only stale rice because the new packet had to be thrown out as it had pantry moths (Indian meal moths), in the unopened packet. I watch TV including some of the second Lord of the Rings movie. They all look so young!
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Today is the day I have been waiting for for ages. There is a zine fair in my town and I drive in and walk around, looking and buying. I love it that you can buy a zine right there from the zine-maker. It is no different to visiting other market stalls in that way, I guess. I buy lots and then decide to buy some display books to put them in because I have quite a collection now. I walk around the suburb and either walk or drive past some of the houses I have lived in. Nostalgia.
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Winter arrived suddenly following the morning a frozen yoghurt had been lobbed at his head. He had fallen down to the hot footpath and was now waking up in hospital, six months later. Sleet swirled outside but he was unaware of that. He could see white walls. The lights were bright, his eyes hurt, and he closed them again. Someone was sitting on a chair and they stood up and came over to the bed. He opened his eyes and tried to focus on the figure in front of him, the image wavering and blurring, as though he were drunk.
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The visitor had been sitting by his friend's bedside every day that week. The group of friends and relatives took it in turns to be in his room at the hospital. No one wanted him to be alone should he wake. For six months they had waited and hoped, and now his eyes were open. The visitor walked to the bed and bent down to his friend. He leaned over to press the button to summon a nurse and spoke softly to his friend "hello, old fellow, hello". The man in the bed heard the words and tried to respond.
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The nurse entered the room and the visitor gestured to the bed - "his eyes are open!" The nurse bent over and spoke to her patient. She summoned a colleague and together they shone lights, spoke to the man in the bed, and conferred. The visitor asked, "is he awake?" and they said "we will know more soon, but it appears so. Wait over there." The visitor moved aside and quietly texted his friend's mother, then deleted the text. He would hate to give her false hope, best wait and see what happens now. He sat and waited for a verdict.