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I enjoy work and by dayís end I am over the depression of the last few days. I decide to make a chart of how I am feeling to see if it follows a pattern. I make a mushroom and baby spinach omelette for tea and do some knitting. I talk to Andy on the phone and, quite perplexed, write a dear john to my bf on my moby. I will send it in the morning. I complete the washing up. I message my sister about going to Orange on the weekend. I have a bit of a stomach ache.
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I wake early again and look up the bus timetable. I take the last limited stops bus to work. On the way I send the SMS to Andy. I feel lighter having done it. I arrive at work almost an hour earlier than usual. I go for a walk to Broadway at lunch time. I have a Greek salad and chips in the food court and read for a while before walking back. It feels good to have a lunch break. Andy phones and we discuss things. Iím not sure he understands but he might when he thinks about it.
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I wake early and have some toast and make a sandwich for lunch. I wash my hair (every day now because it looks so bad the off day). I catch the bus to work again and read. I take my knitting and join the girls at lunch time. The bus is too hot and I feel sick and canít read on the way home. I cook ravioli in cream sauce and after tea I examine my vegetarian cook book, wash the dishes, then watch lots of TV while I start to crochet a dish cloth. Thatís another day over with.
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I snap awake at 5am, too early. Andy texts he is missing me like crazy. My brother emails siblings@ that he has left his wife. I walk to Broadway and buy a cordless phone and some toiletries and ointments. I sound coldy and have aches and pains in my back and groin. I tell the guys I can feel swine flu coming on. I go home and drive out to the bottle shop for a case of Crown. Mellow goes for his first walk. I cook chicken kebabs but Nick goes out for dinner in Newtown. The pets eat well.
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I wake at about 4am every day and it is making me very tired. I think about some philosophy I read in the bath last night and ideas I can relate to. I want to talk to Andy. We meet at lunch time and are very happy to see each other. I leave work early and do the grocery shopping. Nick has been home all day because he says he felt like shit. I unpack the groceries and drive to Andyís. Same as him, I have decided to be vegetarian for the most part but eat meat if on offer.
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I donít want to leave Andyís but have to so I do. I pack for two days in Orange and pack some sandwiches and a thermos of tea for the trip. I stop at the Seven Eleven on the way for petrol and I stop at Lithgow for lunch. I arrive at Heidiís late in the afternoon and we drive to Aldi for supplies. I phone Andy, and Sally about tomorrow. Heidi and I eat blue cheese and biscuits with some beers and have bean nachos for dinner very late. I eat far too much and go to bed exhausted.
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I wake late. My jeans are tighter than usual. For breakfast Heidi and I have left-over guacamole on toast with cheese melted under the griller. Angus has three slices of toast with vegemite. I drive to Sally, Colin and Aliceís house. We all go to high tea then a drive around the town after dropping Aliceís friend home. It is quite cold but I am not feeling it as much as I expected to. We have a very nice Hungarian soupy stew for dinner. I knit and Alice crochets while she, Sally and I watch a movie on TV.
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I sleep late again. I wake thinking I am in my own bed at home. I shower and eat a croissant Colin has bought. We chat for a while and I leave at about midday. It is a lot colder today. I stop at Blackheath to buy fish and chips for lunch and they are delicious. I eat them in the car when the traffic is slow. Aaron is leaving after getting some of his things from the shed. Andy comes over and we walk Mellow. His limp is gone. We cook a tomato and vegetable sauce together for gnocchi.
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I try to call the tradesman about Nickís bedroom door that fell off about a week ago. I look forward to the afternoon, when I catch a bus in to the QVB and meet Andy. We walk down to a cafť weíve eaten in before and have an odd meal and odd wine. I donít really mind because itís such a fun night nothing can spoil it. We see the new Star Trek movie at Imax amongst a bunch of high school kids. Getting home is a challenge with lots of up and down stairs looking for the right train.
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Andy goes home and I get ready for work. I take my knitting. After work I buy wine. Nick wants to go out to get KFC and a six pack. I make a potato, zucchini and mushroom omelette for myself. I let the pets in after dinner for the first time in weeks. Both cats sit on my lap and I wonít let Mellow, so he sleeps illegally on the chair in the kitchen. I let Pieter stay in to practice being disturbed during the night, hoping I will not wake up any more if I get used to it.
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I leave the heater on all night and wake to a cosy room. I walk to the shops at lunch time to buy headsets for work but find none. I renew a library book. I go to Medicare unprepared, and drop in the slot my claims held together with two bobby pins. I drive Nick to a friendís place on the way to the Metro. I eat a plate of vegetables, rice and fish, and buy flannelette sheets from K-Mart. I meet up with Andy. I put the oven on to heat the kitchen while I pack away the groceries.
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I have to be at work early for warden training and Andy catches the early train with me. There are no seats together so we stand up. I go straight to the training and then to my office for a few hours before meeting Andy at the Pumphouse for lunch. We have salad and beers then go to the markets for herbs, to the newsagent and the chemist. I stay at work until the usual time then go home. Aaron phones and I we talk about dinner on the weekend. I go to Andyís. Itís cold. I sleep in PJs.
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We sleep in and get up to have coffee and cereal. I say I am going home to mow the grass as soon as I get out of the car, and I do. I have a shower and potter around the house a bit. Andy comes over and we walk Mellow and get home in the dark. I cook lentil and spinach soup with toast. We lounge and sleep on the couch in front of the heater under a blanket. It is very cold. Andy goes and I stay up for a while on the computer then go to bed.
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I sleep in a bit then shower and drive in to Broadway for a haircut and colour. I plan to do some clothes shopping but donít feel like it. I spot some shoes I like, that I might go back and check out another day. The rain starts again and Nick gets the washing in but it is wet already. I walk Mellow and drive Nick to the studios. I make a chickpea, pumpkin and tomato stew, with rice because I donít have couscous. I have Nickís share in the oven ready for when I pick him up at 11.
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I wake early and go back to sleep but feel tired today. I have a lovely trip to work on the train with Andy. I meet Kam for lunch and have left-overs from last night. Mid afternoon I walk to Broadway and finally buy a head set, as well as some fish and bean sprouts for tonightís seafood laksa. Itís nice. I think I like it better than the chicken one. I watch some TV (Adam Carter killed in Spooks and Shameless has gone all weird). I put the new sheets on the bed and add two more pillows.
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I wake in the early hours again. I text Andy to go without me because I am waiting for the handyman to repair the door, who arrives on time and patches it up. He says it will probably not hold because it is quite damaged and it is up to the real estate agent to replace, if they feel like it Ė or something. I go in to work about an hour late and skip a lunch break. I go home and start to cook and leave the front door ajar because I wonít hear Andyís knock over the kitchen noises.
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Andy leaves and I get in the shower. I eat an orange with breakfast instead of having a coffee so my body can take up the iron in the breakfast cereal. It is raining again. I go to knitting at lunch time and Jane joins us because she calls for a coffee just as I am about to go. I buy a six pack of Becks. All the dogís rugs are out in the rain. I put on a load of washing and heat Aldi Indian and seafood entrees from the freezer for my dinner and make hamburgers for Nick.
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I sleep well and wake late. I shower and wash most of the dishes and have a cup of tea. Iím not hungry and donít have enough milk for cereal or coffee. I put the washing in the dryer and wash Mellowís dirty blankets. I buy an egg and cheese mcmuffin and coffee on the way to work. My left wrist has sharp pains when I continue to use it so I stop after I drop something into the shopping trolley when my wrist is too weak to hold on. Andy wheels the trolley and Nick helps unpack the groceries.
06/19 Direct Link
I wake early to let Pete out the window. He comes back in and purrs under the blankets. I have a coffee early and cereal later. I donít know how long the gap between caffeine and iron should be. I catch the train in to work with Andy and meet him at the Pumphouse. We have a beer and eat at a place in Dixon Street. We do some shopping on the way back and at work I am asked if I am interested in another job. I say Iíll think about it over the weekend. I sleep at Andyís.
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The rain is still falling There are big pools of water on the golf course and, for a change, no golfers at all. I go home to wait for the roof man, but he cancels because of the rain. Mellowís doona is wet and dirty. I do loads of washing and put them in the dryer. I vacuum the house. Andy comes over later than usual because we donít walk Mellow. I cook chicken drumsticks and roast vegetables for dinner because Nick says no to roast vegetables only. We have strawberries and ice cream for dessert and Andy goes home.
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I get up early to be ready for the roof man. I talk to the neighbour after asking if the roof man can go on their property to measure the roof. Nick and I go to Broadway where he has a haircut and I buy some books and things for the house. I take him home and catch the bus back to Broadway to meet Joy and see a movie. We go to a new place for book club when the usual no longer has food on Sundays. I read in bed one of the books I bought: a memoir.
06/22 Direct Link
I wake early and finish reading the book I started yesterday. It makes me quite sad. I feel a sadness coming on but I think it is disconcertion about a possible change of job which is only natural. I go to lunch with a friend and have seafood laksa. I meet about the job and express an interest. I catch the train home and pick Nick up from a friendís place. Heís eaten dinner already so I make toasted tuna sandwiches for myself. Heidi calls about visiting on the weekend. I do some knitting of her cardigan and watch TV.
06/23 Direct Link
Pieter jumps on me and wakes me up. I get up and open the window to let him out. I am up early but donít feel so tired yet. I have cereal for breakfast and also buy a bacon and egg muffin on the way in. It leaves a bad taste which I blame on the meat. For lunch I go to the food court again and have seafood and vegetable soup. I buy a small piece of barbeque pork to have for dinner tomorrow, but I eat it all before I go home. I start to feel very tired.
06/24 Direct Link
Andy goes home late and I shower and for breakfast I eat cold last nightís left-overs of bacon and spinach risotto. I wear a skirt to work. I am enjoying work so much I donít want to interrupt it to go to knitting and I keep working. I meet my potential new boss to discuss the job. I buy some beers on the way home and make a zucchini omelette for dinner. I watch TV and do some knitting. Nick is out at the Year 11 concert at his high school. I wash the amazingly large pile of dishes.
06/25 Direct Link
I wake early because I have left the cat in. I buy lunch from the cafť again and the woman does not read the instruction on her printed docket to toast the sandwich. It is probably better that way. When I eat it I am not even sure it is the sandwich I ordered, but it is close enough. I am tired when I get home and move like an automaton unpacking the car, putting away the groceries, heating soup and making toast. I finish off washing the dishes, wash my face and clean my teeth and go to bed.
06/26 Direct Link
I donít wake too early even though I have left the cat in. I do a few Japanese number puzzles in bed before I get up. I iron my pants and my top and polish my boots. I have cereal, an orange and coffee. I rush to the train because all these things take some time. I go to work and print out the job advertisement. I meet Andy for lunch. He tells me his step-sonís wife is in labour and he will be busy with baby visiting duties this weekend. I pick up Heidi and Angus from Central station.
06/27 Direct Link
We get up early and drive to Oxford Falls. Angus and I drop Heidi off and drive home. I have lots of plans but feel out of sorts and donít do much. I get out a jigsaw puzzle but Angus tires of it, and I am too tired. It starts to rain so we stay in. I have a sleep. I get motivated to cook something and look up a recipe for tonight. Andy comes over and we play with Angus and put a game in the playstation. Angus has been unwell and is tired and goes to sleep early.
06/28 Direct Link
Andy leaves early and I get an SMS from Heidi saying she will take the train home. Angus is still asleep and I make breakfast. This weekend he pats the cats and copies what I say and listens to what I say. He shows an interest in Andy and Nick. He plays with Blackie by following him around. It is as though something has been unlocked. We hang out at home when Heidi arrives. I walk the dog in between driving Nick to rehearsals and picking him up. Aaron has gone up the coast and so does not join us.
06/29 Direct Link
I am awake during night with a sore throat and up early with the 6am alarm. I drive Heidi and Angus to Central Station for the 7.20 XPT. I go home and back to bed for a while. I eat two muffins and walk to the dentist. I have peritonitis in my back molars and that is a bit depressing. I arrive at work at lunch time. Andy visits after work and I cook chicken noodle soup for dinner. He goes home and I put the house in order after the visitors, wash dishes and do a load of washing.
06/30 Direct Link
I wake during the night with a sore throat. I take a quilt off the bed because it is too hot. I go back to sleep until 7am. Work is frustratingly busy and I donít stop at all. I work among the chattering classes, literally. I take the train in to Wynyard and walk to the restaurant for book club. I order smoked salmon at a Greek restaurant. I love lamb, but I donít feel like eating any. I am too tired to wait for a train and catch a cab home. I tidy up and phone Andy from bed.